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Open My Hero Academia - New Generation Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by BonslyJuice, Sep 22, 2017.


Who would win in a Battle Royale?

  1. Deku (Only 5% of One-for-all use)

  2. All-Might (Current underpowered state)

  3. Todoroki (Both sides usable)

  4. Bakugo

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. In this world of MHA/BnHA, the percentage of people with quirks has risen to 91%. Deku is the new number 1 hero, and Todoroki and Bakugo are behind him in 2nd and 3rd place, respectfully. The good news: there are new aspiring heroes going to the Hero Academy and new teachers awaiting their arrival.
    The bad news: new villains have arose with this generation. And have sneaked into the Hero Academy as students, being the proper age and raised by their villainous parent(s).

    1. ALL Roleplay rules still apply, obviously.
    2. You may only have 1 quirk, and it cannot be a quirk already seen in the show (aside from One-For-All, which CANNOT BE MASTERED FOR A LONG TIME; it takes longer than it took Deku in the actual anime, since the stockpiled power is even greater now.)
    3. No overpowered quirks - if a quirk is too strong, I'll give a few options on how it can be toned down or something, and we can work it out. I am not trying to shut down creativity or anything, but I want to make sure that everyone is on a level playing field.
    4. You MAY have the same quirk as someone in the anime IF I okay it - this will be difficult to do, however.
    5. Do not heckle other players in, or out of, the RP. What happens in the RP STAYS in the RP. And try not to make others upset - be courteous.
    6. Have fun and be creative!
    7. Side note: EVERY QUIRK has a downside, and this has to be fair based on the quirk. Like how One-for-All can have extreme recoil on the user, or how Bakugo's explosions are like physical exertion for him. Or how Uraraka gets ill when she uses her quirk too much.

    This RP will be taking place at the school, so I ask that you guys focus it around the school. Also, please have no more than 2 characters.

    Needed information:

    Quirk Name:
    Quirk Details (Benefits, Drawbacks):
    Hero Name (only reference these characters by hero name after we get to that point in the RP):
    Role (Hero-Student, Teacher, Villain-Student, or Villain):
    History (optional):
    Costume (how it looks & what it does for you & your quirk, if anything):

    My character:

    Name: Zachary Lauphage
    Nickname: Zach
    Quirk Name: Panic Attack
    Quirk Details (Benefits, Drawbacks): The more anxious that Dasken gets, the more adrenaline he releases. This adrenaline is different in a few different ways than a normal person's adrenaline;
    - It has no negative effects on his body until it goes away/wears off, no matter how long it remains in use
    - It gives him more of a healing factor the more adrenaline is being pumped into his bloodstream, and more strength and speed than normal adrenaline per ounce - but not by more than 200%
    - The adrenaline is far more dangerous to anyone without his exact DNA
    - When the adrenaline wears off, it takes a toll on Dask based on how long and how much he used
    - He cannot call the adrenaline on command
    - If he becomes extremely anxious AND angry, then the adrenaline reacts to his hormones and increases the output of itself. However, if he's just angry, the adrenaline is far weaker than if he's anxious
    Of course, he still experiences the normal effects of anxiety; both positive and negative and, if he doesn't keep up his focus, he can have a mental breakdown in battle. Due to his traumatic history, he's always in a state of angst and therefore always has a bit of his power active. And if he gets calmed down or underestimates his opponent and grows too calm, he won't be able to fight with his quirk due to a lack of anxiety.
    Hero Name: Stressball
    Role (Hero-Student, Teacher, Villain-Student, or Villain): Hero-Student
    History (optional): Drunk father, dead mother, no siblings or other family to go to, and had to save up to go to the Hero Academy for seven years.
    Personality: INT-J (you don't have to do a Meyers-Briggs personality archetype, but it is a bit easier); quiet, antisocial, anxious (obviously), sarcastic, defensive
    Likes: Powdered donuts, diet coke, training, math, physics, and video games
    Dislikes: Socializing
    Appearance (include age, height & weight): 6' exactly; 175 lbs; tall, thin and lanky, but stocky (densely-muscled); wears sweatpants and t-shirts with funny sayings or pics/quotes from his favorite games. Slip-on shoes and dusty brown hair - nearly mullet length, frizzy and unkept; steel grey eyes and large hands/feet
    Costume (how it looks & what it does for you & your quirk, if anything): A full-body, black suit with a light system (neon yellow lights) connected to a heart rate monitor - the higher his heart rate, the brighter his lights, which are arranged in ring-and-line patterns all over his suit. A motorcycle-style helmet covers his head with the same design as the rest of the suit, and has neon yellow (not lit) 'brass' knuckles made from a special titanium alloy that can withstand the force of his punches.
    Other: When he becomes extremely anxious and angry, he reaches a stage he deems as "Emotional Overdrive". This is him at the peak of his power, and without the suit on, his veins and eyes slowly glow more and more neon yellow (side-effect of his adrenaline).
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  2. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Yay another MHA RP I can join :D

    Name: Veno Dakrium (lol I make the worst last names)
    Quirk Name: Shadow Manipulation
    Quirk Details (Benefits, Drawbacks): Basically Veno can control shadows and use it as he pleases.
    - It has no negative effects on his body, no matter how long it remains in use.
    - Using his quirk will exhaust his energy, though not for a long time.
    - He can use the shadow as a solid. So it can be a weapon, a body part, and later on: a method of transportation. The most common way he uses shadows defensively is through a shield.
    - He can use regular shadows that can't touch or be touched and move it, but he can't use it defensively or offensively. He also cannot switch back to a regular shadow quickly after he makes it a solid.
    - When he uses it as a shield or other defensive things, it can easily get destroyed by elemental attacks, though it gives him a time to dodge the attacks.
    - Light weakens his quirk and if the light is powerful enough, it can completely make the quirk useless.
    Hero Name: Dark Overlord (he's bad at making names)
    Role (Hero-Student, Teacher, Villain-Student, or Villain): Hero-Student
    History (optional): When he was in a vacation with his uncle and aunt, they were under attack by a villain. The villain killed his relatives and Veno barely left alive. He hated villains deeply since and wants to protect others from harm because of this incident. It's the reason he wants to become a hero.
    Appearance: White hair; Black colored pupils; Black undershirt, jeans, and high-tops. Gray laces and hoodie; Averagely tall
    Personality: Can be hot-headed at times but is usually nice. He stays calm when people get angry at him, but there are a couple of things that push his buttons.
    Likes: Sweet food; friends; training; battling
    Dislikes: A few annoying things; bullies;
    Costume: He got a black bandana over his mouth and night vision goggles on his forehead. His suit was rather dull with some purplish parts but mostly black and grey. He had gloves and hooded black cloak over his suit and hands. (sorry, this is copy and pasted from a rp I used this character with)

    And my second character :D

    Name: Hensu Okomogi
    Quirk Name: Telekinesis
    Quirk Details (Benefits, Drawbacks):
    - It doesn't have any physical drawbacks, but it does strain him mentally if he uses it too much.
    - The power of the quirk can be reduced by pressure. I.E. he can't move a ball from your hand if you're holding it hard enough
    - The amount of times he can use it depends on the mass.
    - He can control any types of mass (sorry if this sounds too op, I used a randomizing website to see if I should have this or just solids, also he can just do stuff like move it around wherever he pleases)
    - If he's recommended: He has the power to separate human limbs from a body, but it causes great strain. Strangely enough, things like robot arms are rather simple for him to pull out.
    Hero Name: Psyzo
    Role (Hero-Student, Teacher, Villain-Student, or Villain): Hero-Student
    History (optional): N/A (though he might have one if I'm allowed to make him a recommended student
    Appearance: Indigo combed hair, Yellow sweater. Black jeans and shoes. Mildly tall. Skinny and averagely fit. Purple eyes and pale skin. Bags under his eyes
    Personality: Quiet and usually conservative. Doesn't pick fights but will try to win in one. Isn't cold but isn't optimistic.
    Likes: Silence, games, warm but not hot food. Likes to be in the middle of things.
    Dislikes: Loudness, insults to friends, things or people that disrupt peace (exception is when fighting others).
    Costume: Hensu's costume was a blank and white suit with a pink mask and gloves. (the mask is just around his eyes)
  3. The first character, I would wonder if we can't come up with a more creative quirk name (not needed, but I had a few ideas if you cared to hear them). I assume his quirk is kinda like Tokoyami's quirk, only it's inanimate..? We can make it work.
    The second character... if it means he can telekinetically move any kind of mass, and not necessarily anything else (which still leaves many, MANY possibilities), then I wouldn't see it as too OP. The limb thing... I don't know if that's okay for this situation. Otherwise, everything else checks out just fine! :D
    If you want to replace the limb ability with something else, then feel free to - it just seems a bit OP since he can literally win a fight by removing their dominant arm or leg and make them prone.
  4. I know I can get a bit picky with these things, and I apologize for that, but I want to make sure that everyone'll be on an even playing field.
  5. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    No I understand. I don’t really plan on ever doing the limb thing, just saying his powers can extend to that much. Also by mass I mean stuff like flames and the solid shadow Veno has.
  6. Alright. You're in! :D
  7. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Ok thx. Btw Veno’s Quirk used to be called Shadows XD just shadows
  8. Name: Jax Bringer
    Quirk: Vampiric Heat
    Quirk details: I can drain heat from anything and can steal flame or heat like quirks through my hands as conducters rang of 7 meters and can force steams of fire from my eyes, soles, and hands. Drawback I can't generate my own heat and using my ability drains heat from my reseves.
    - Taking a flame user's quirks upgrades my on quirks while also providing me with a refills my heat also increases my limit.
    - I really weak against ice or water quirks.
    Villain name: Heat Vampire
    History: killed 30 people when my quirk manfested 2 of those where my parents then the league of villains noticed me
    Appence: messy violet and red hair and a red beard stuble. Black hoodie with devil mask and red jean and sneakers.
    Personality: Older brother complex to other league major members and very protective. You calm under pressure and a shoulder to the league. Kills without mercy and loves to do anything to help the league.
    Likes: silence, reading, gaming, and kiragmi (art of folding cuting paper) with flames, and talking with Tomora about killing all might to see him smile.
    Dislikes: Heros, sidekicks, all might, seeing members unhappy or upset, and people hurting members and getting away with it...for now.
    Costume: Black vest with a red tie and black jeans with black dress shoes.
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  9. Maybe drop the number you killed when you discovered your quirk a bit (20, 25), and we have an accept!
  10. ...actually, if that was during the wintertime, then 30 is acceptable. :3
  11. Name: Halt
    Quirk Name: Quick Draw
    Quirk Details (Benefits, Drawbacks): It allows Halt to take aim, and find weak spots extremely fast, and rapidly increases his reaction speed when in combat.
    Drawbacks: If used constantly for long periods of time, his body will become more fragile as his reaction speed gets higher. So he can dodge easier, but if he gets hit, GG.
    Hero Name (only reference these characters by hero name after we get to that point in the RP): Quick Launch
    Role (Hero-Student, Teacher, Villain-Student, or Villain): Hero Student
    History (optional):
    Personality: INTP-A
    Likes: To throw cards, Hacking things
    Dislikes: Getting caught hacking, being offline
    Appearance: Tall and lanky. He has bright blue eyes, and red hair. His body looks decently well built, but he is incredibly skinny. 6'3 feet, 142 lbs
    Costume (how it looks & what it does for you & your quirk, if anything): He wears a light, black leather coat, being body protection is useless to him, moving is top priority. He has on black jeans, and a light grey undershirt. On his right side, he has a pack of cards, sharp enough to cut into steel, and has darts hidden around him. Halt is skilled in a few other ranged weapons, like the bow, but it can be added or removed depending on the situation. He wears black sneakers, and a helm that covers the forehead and the nose. On the bottom, it covers the mouth, leaving the eyes the only thing to show from it.
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  12. How long until your starting it?
  13. We can wait until we get more people, OR we can start tomorrow.
  14. What do you two think?
  15. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    I feel like we have too little to start it
  16. uh I might be a little late but I’m willing to help start this party
    Name: Monsuta Kyuti
    Quirk: Subspace
    Kyuti can open a Subspace portal to a small pocket dimension in any small and enclosed space, ranging from purses to backpacks. She keeps a varying amount of heavy weaponry in said Subspace, ranging from firearms, blades, flails, and explosives/pyrotechnics. This currently does have a limit, with the space being as large as an average tool shed. Drawbacks include some weapons being randomly lost in said Subspace and her varying skill with the weapons.

    Hero Name: Cutie Pie
    Role: Student
    History: Cutie Pie was born into a middle-class family in Hiroshima, Japan. Her Quirk manifested when she was playing hide-and-go-seek with her classmate. Her classmate spent almost an hour looking for her, besides finding a small portal in her backpack. Falling in, she found Kyuti sitting in a blank dark space. They both climbed out, thinking that absolutely nothing of it. She eventually started developing somewhat of a twisted personality, and wants to become a hero for the thrill of beating up villains for money.
    Personality: She can only be described as a two-face. She puts on the facade of a sweet and oblivious little girl when she is in reality manipulative and malicious at times. It is all the better for getting close to her unsuspecting opponents and or targets.
    Likes: Having her way, adding things to her weaponry.
    Dislikes: People who see through her facade, downers.
    Appearance: She has blonde pigtails along with a tent dress, usually pink. She also sometimes wears a pink and white bonnet. Kyuti is incredibly short for her age, at 4’4.
    Costume: She wears a pink ball gown over a blastproof all-black bodysuit, along with also carrying around a pink purse, which she uses to store her weapons.
  17. Hmm...
    Seems acceptable.
    And so you are accepted!
  18. So, I saw this and my curiosity was piqued. Problem is...I've never watched My Hero Academia and can't find it on Netflix(the only thing I have -- I hate using Youtube for keeping up with anime. Learned my lesson from Pokemon. XD). That said, it does look interesting and if someone could explain to me basically what I need to know, I'd love to join. :)
  19. Hmm...
    Let me send you a Youtube link that can explain MHA far better than I can:
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  20. Sweet! I'm trying to figure out a character right now, as soon as I'm done, I'll let you know. :D
  21. Okay, I've got a power in mind but I don't know if it'd be considered OP or not. My character would have a sort of mind manipulation power where she can read the thoughts of others and control their bodies. The drawbacks are that she can only control one person at a time and gets incredibly mentally and physically fatigued afterwards. If she uses her power for too long, she can black out on the battlefield(if she blacks out while controlling someone else, they do too). Another downside is that if the person she's controlling gets hurt, she gets hurt too, and vice versa.
  22. So long as it isn’t an absolute control and they can break free with enough willpower, it should be fine. Also if the body control was a bit limited to start out with
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  23. Alright! I'm trying to create an appearance and personality, I'll post that soon!
  24. Sounds good! I have to leave in about 45 minutes for work. ;P
  25. I've got another character planned(a villain-student), but I'll get my first one up real quick.

    Name: Camille Burke
    Quirk Name: Mind Games
    Quirk Details (Benefits, Drawbacks): She can read minds and take control of the bodies of others. The drawbacks are:
    - She can only control one person at a time.
    - Controlling others leaves her physically and mentally fatigued, and on rare occasions unstable. The same is true of reading minds, but on a smaller scale.
    - She can't make someone else talk, she only control their limbs.
    - She can't read minds while controlling someone.
    - With a substantial amount of willpower, someone can break free. Note that the amount of willpower it takes will depend on her mastery of her power, but it will always be possible.
    - If she uses her power for too long, she can black out.
    - Any damage sustained by her target while under her control will also happen to her, and vice versa.
    Hero Name (only reference these characters by hero name after we get to that point in the RP): Headache
    Role (Hero-Student, Teacher, Villain-Student, or Villain): Hero-Student
    History (optional): Not much to say here.
    Personality: Can be reckless and dense at times. That's all I really have, XD
    Likes: Sweet foods, days off of school, music, doodling
    Dislikes: Bullies, villains, not having anything to do
    Appearance: Camille has bright green eyes and a fair skin tone. Her hair is pink with a substantial amount of green in there too, and is almost always kept up in two pigtails. She wears a pink jacket that tends to unzip itself, revealing a teal button-down shirt underneath. A green scarf is tied in a bow around her waist. She wears dark teal jeans, rolled up about mid-calf, and pink boots.
    Costume (how it looks & what it does for you & your quirk, if anything): Camille's costume is a skintight pink full body suit(like those things people wear for Halloween, but without the face-covering part) with a smaller teal stripe running diagonally across her torso over a broader green stripe and green cuffs around the wrists. The scarf she usually wears around her waist is now where scarves usually are, her neck, and she wears a moderately short teal skirt. She also wears a pair of tall green boots. This doesn't really have any affect on her power.
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  26. And here's my villain-student!

    Name: Trevor Derrison
    Quirk Name: Copycat
    Quirk Details (Benefits, Drawbacks): He can assume the form of anything and change things in his normal appearance, too(e.g. get rid of a pimple, change his eye color).
    - He can get stuck as a certain form for a while, either fully or partially.
    - If he stays in any one form for too long, he will lose control and go on a rampage.
    - The bigger a creature is, the shorter he can assume its form without losing control
    - He can't turn into fantasy creatures or extinct animals; he has to have seen something in person to turn into it.
    Hero Name (only reference these characters by hero name after we get to that point in the RP): Shift
    Role (Hero-Student, Teacher, Villain-Student, or Villain): Villain-Student
    History (optional): Nope
    Personality: Trevor can be a bit vain and a know-it-all at times.
    Likes: Science, using his power, writing, reading
    Dislikes: His family and any mentioning of them, people in general
    Appearance: In his most common form, Trevor has white hair and black eyes, and he wears glasses. He wears a white button-down long-sleeved shirt, black slacks, and black dress shoes.
    Costume (how it looks & what it does for you & your quirk, if anything): A black suit(the jacket and pants are black, the shirt underneath is white) with a red bowtie. He also has a red mask that's design is that of two triangles with eyeholes.
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  27. Hero is totally accepted. The villain...
    Fir the quirk, can he have to have seen the thing he’s turning into live or come into contact with it? Something like that; like he can’t read about a T-Rex and become one.
  28. Alright; both are accepted!
  29. So when's the RP going to be up?
  30. I’m not sure; maybe later today?
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  31. This week for sure, though. We have enough people
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  32. What about the teachers, though?
  33. The class we’ll be focusing on has All-Might teaching, without one-for-all now since he passed it on to Deku. I can play him and we can wait until someone else comes in as a teacher.

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