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Open My hero academia:Future of the world Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Random boi, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. All started when a baby started generate light.since then 80% of society was born with some type of special power.with the reaching of powers we got the reaching of two new profissions. Hero, and villan,

    Hey guys,i'm sure someone here watch boku no hero right?.I decided to do a based RP on it,So what about you fill the form?

    Quirk Weakness

    Here is the mine

    Name:Kyoya Aragami(Aragami Kyoya in japan)
    Apparence:Kyoya normaly uses one White jacket with brown Shooes,Black pants and short black hair,5’4
    Quirk:Freeze:Can freeze time for 0,5 Seconds and freeze people for 0,50 minutes
    Quirk Weakness:If Kyoya use too much his quirk he will stay without notion of time(Example:If someone try punch Kyoya he will only try to dogde minutes later)
    Likes:could placesHeroes,Video games
    Dislikes:Sports,Hot places,Math
    Other:No idea for what putting here
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  2. I'm starting to watch the series by rec from an IRL friend, and I am now wondering what is the plot for this rp?
  3. The plot is kinda the same from the anime but with a big chance of not having SO many events
  4. I'm just starting it, so could you give me the basic rundown, maybe in a discussion?
  5. uh I’m literally in the middle of nothing right now take my child

    Name: Monsuta Kyuti
    Appearance: She usually wears her signature pink tent dress with an also pink and white bonnet over her silky blonde hair. In her hero costume, she usually wears a cowgirl outfit with pink plaid shirt along with yet another white skirt. Note that Monsuta is very short for her age, around 4’4’’.
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Quirk: Subspace: She can open up a portal to her subspace in any small and enclosed area, ranging from baskets to purses. This sunspace can range to be as big as an average bathroom, and she uses it to carry weapons ranging from bats and butchers knives to miniguns and pyrotechnics/explosives.
    Likes: Decieving/manipulations others, finding ways to get money, always looking her best.
    Dislikes: People who see through her cutesy act, strict authority figures.
    Other: I heavily based her off of
    B.B.Hood or Bulleta from Darkstalkers. That’s where I got her split personality and a portion of inspiration for the quirk, the rest coming from Ramona Flowers from the Dave Pilgrim series.
  6. Accepted,Made some modifications in the first post.

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