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DPPt/HGSS My first shot at a competitive team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Razeal, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. So I've never gotten into competitive battling before, due to my general lack of people to play against, but with the advent of Wi-Fi battling, I figure I'd give it a shot. So, here's my team thus far:

    Flash Cannon
    Ice Beam
    Hydro Cannon

    Psycho Cut
    Leaf Blade
    Night Slash
    Close Combat

    Faint Attack
    Quick Attack

    Thunder Punch
    Giga Impact
    Ice Punch
    Fire Punch

    Steel Wing
    Night Slash
    Aerial Ace
    Rock Slide

    Hammer Arm
    Stone Edge
    Poison Jab

    So, like I said, I've never really tried a competitive battling team, so I have no idea if this is any good :-\. I also, as you can probably tell, don't have any items on them since, well, I don't know what would work best. Any advice would be appreciated as I have no idea what I'm doing lol.
  2. Okay, if you are focusing on double battles, I recommend one of two:
    1) Ditch Surf for something else
    2) Don't send out Rhyperior when using it :D

    If your Umbreon is better with Sp. Atk. or Atk makes up your moveset. Dat's all I can do now; too tired to do more.

    BTW, you do know what your doing to teach Ice Punch, Night Slash, Poison Jab and some others ;D
  3. I guess I should've mentioned that it was a single battle team. Never really liked double battles. Love the idea, don't like doing them :-\. Thanks for the positive comments though lol.
  4. Your welcome. My brain is functioning now that I chose to have breakfast. Lemme try again!

    Umm... Giga Impact. I dunno if it was there if it's cool or for a finishing move. A finishing move, good plan. But I think you should store a move to take care of Steel or Rock Types. So Replace Fire Punch with Low Kick. Most Steel and Rock types are heavy, so It'll do quite well I believe.

    Ah... your Umbreon needs a moveset.
    Atk Umbreon
    Faint Attack
    Confuse Ray
    Take Down
    Screech? Bite?

    Well, Umbreon doesn't have a very good Physical moveset. Maybe you should train an Eevee until level (sorry if I sound crazy) 57 so it learns every move it can. Then you evolve it after getting a few cool moves.

    Sp Atk Umbreon
    Trump Card
    Dark Pulse
    Confuse Ray

    It may take a lot of TMs, but if you have them, woot! You have yerself a mighty fine Umbreon! Mostly, Toxic and Confuse Ray together, are there for annoyance. It's quite fun to taunt them like that ;D.

    AL has Tried
  5. Somehow I completely forgot Electivire could even learn Low Kick. Not quite sure how that happened. And I have been having trouble with Umbreon's move set, and after seeing what Trump Card does (I'd never actually taken the time to look at it), I have to say I do want it lol. Thanks again :D
  6. I was just browsing on my first look on the forums, saw this thread and felt I had to say something for the following reasons:

    All your pokemon (with the exception of Umbreon) are set up as Sweepers - this means that they have 4 attacks (in the case of your team) and are designed to be as affective against as many types as possible. This works fine when getting you through the game, but online it will be a different story.

    What really drew me to this though were the inclusion of two fabulous pokemon on your team, Umbreon and Skarmory, however they're not neccesarily compatible. Although the move sets I'm about to show you are pretty standard, they are freakishly effective.

    (Note: Both these sets are much better with EVs. Your welcome to PM me for them, but for now I thought I'd keep things as simple and accesible as possible!)

    Firstly Umbreon.

    Mean Look
    Baton Pass

    Preferably, you want a personality that boosts one of it's defences. This things needs to stay alive.

    How it works is that the effects of mean look can be baton passed. This means that you can change pokemon and the opponent can't escape! You can hit them up with Toxic, to make things easiar for your sweeper too(if Umbreon is in a position to take a hit). A Lum Berry would be a good item here, as you want to preserve your life as much as possible, and something like toxic would be a nightmare.

    You can take this combination further if you wanted - you could baton Pass to a Trick-Bander. A trick bander is a pokemon wih trick and choice band, meaning that the pokemon is stuck using the same move over and over, whilst you get their item. This is a little hard to pull of however, as it's all down to predicting. Fortunately, most of the pokemon that can do this are Pychic, with high Special Defence, meaning that if a Special move, or a non-damaging move (the preference, obviously) is used then you can keep your tricker in. A great choice with your squad would be Mr Mime, as he can Calm Mind up 6 times to maximise your Special Attack and Special Defence, then baton Pass to your Empoleon, giving you a special Sponge like Special Sweeper. Like I said, tricky to pull off, and with your team you'd need to change a pokemon (Which might be advisable as you only have one special attacker if you change Umbreon's set), but fiendishly powerful if it works. I'd prefer a faster pokemon as my special sweeper personally, but it's all down to taste, and Empoleon is a cracking pokemon.

    My favourite strategy for Skarmory doesn't quite work with Umbreon, as it revolves around switching rather than keeping your foe in, however I'm including it to give you several options. Here is the set:

    Drill Peck

    So, use spikes, and keep roaring to switch your foes on to them. You could also Add Toxic before you roar and cripple their entire team. Skarmory has a huge defence stat and not alot can hurt it. Plus it only has two weaknesses. This can be one dangerous and annoying pokemon, however it really needs EVs to work, to help it take special hits.

    Anyway, just some thoughts. Sorry if it was a bit long and hope I wasn't too forceful with my opinion! But like I said, I had to comment on those two pokemon: Umbreon is my favourite and Skarmory is a prime cnadidate for a team I'm working on myself. Let me know what you think, and feel free to PM me if I've been really confusing!
  7. I'm loving the Skarmory set up. I've never focused on competitive play, so moves like Roar and Spikes usually get pushed aside for more damaging attacks. I may take Umbreon out, put Mr. Mime in, and do his baton pass you mentioned too. You've given me a couple of ideas I wouldn't have thought of on my own, so thank you very much ;D
  8. My pleasure. Thank you for the thanking!

    Just to clarify though, The Mr. Mime baton Passing set only works with trick banding as calm mind takes so damn long to set up. If you wanted a special baton passer without trying the Umbreon set, you'll want a pokemon that can learn both baton Pass and Tail Glow (Volbeat, although he has rubbish defences) or Nasty Plot (To my knowledge, there aren't any. However, this is all of my own research on sites, so I could have missed something!). The advantage of Mean Look - Baton Pass --> Trick-Banding is that, if it works, it's incredibly safe and there is nothing your foe can do! Not meaning to take control here at all, but just wanted to give you all the infomation, for the most enlightened decision possible!

    Spikes is fantastic competatively, even without Roar, as (especially when you're playing with a Sweeper heavy team) the opponent will want to swtich alot. However, you will want to keep Skarmory alive, incase your opponent has brought a pokemon with Rapid Spin (Gets rid of spikes) along. And trust me, once you've used this on a particular opponent a few times, they will want to train one up!
  9. I've been toying with an admittedly risky strategy for an Umbreon replacement. How's this look?

    Rock Polish
    Double Team
    Power Trick
    Strength OR Earthquake

    The strategy should be rather obvious. Spam Rock Polish and Double Team, use Power Trick to turn Shuckle's naturally awesome defense into super attack strength, hope to God he doesn't get hit (anything would probably take him out. You could poke him with a pillow and he'd die), and take out damn near anything thrown at me. Problem is, I can't decide which move to use, or if this is even worth building up to try. Obviously this would be a last resort option, but it seems like a better build than my current Umbreon, and I figure if I have this and the spikey, toxic Skarmory, it might not be so bad. Thoughts?
  10. For a build like that (and it is a horrifically dangerous one) I would worry about double team as the set up time is huge. Your best bet is to try and force a switch on the turn you plan to use Power Trick, once you are rock Polished up. However, I don't know how much 3 (the maxium) Rock Polishes would increase it's base stat by, so with that shocking speed, would you actually be fast enough? If it does work out, it's certainly fun! Absolutely screwed over by haze, but definitely fun. You'd definitely need EVs for this build though - he'll need all the help he can get!
  11. Speed is my biggest concern with it, but Rock Polish is Shuckle's only speed enhancing move as far as I remember. He'd definitely need EV trained in Speed, and even then it wouldn't help much. I guess I'd have him hold a quick claw, even though I can't remember how much that even helps. I just like the idea of Shuckle smacking something, ANYTHING, down in one hit :p
  12. Excellent choice for a team ;D. However... may I suggest:

    a) Finding via GTS or friend a Lv. 100 Pokemon (like my Whiscash)


    b) Getting a Spiritomb and fitting it in somewhere? Spiritomb has...

    Weaknesses: 0

    Immunities: 3

    Also, don't forget that Heatran is allowed even in Battle Tower, despite it being [size=36pt]Legendary[/size]. Good luck in battling! Don't forget to also make a travelling team knowing every HM! ;)

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