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My dragon slayer story.Soz it's not pokemon!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Pokeking of Dragons, May 24, 2007.


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  1. [size=24pt]The adventures of the Dragon slayer!!![/size]


    Jack the dragon slayer fights through tough roads on his way to becoming the worlds greatest Dragon slayer. Starting off by killing wyverns he meets new friends but does he complete his goal?

    Chapter 1

    Jack cried out for help as the * Hornatorment sent another fireball hurtling towards him. He could take no more so he slowly managed to get on all fours in his rags and crawl towards the inky black cave entrance into the world outside. He needed help but what could he do. The rest of the hunting team was way out in other places they would never hear him call. As he made a dry call for help he fell down and knew nothing more.

    Sitting up in bed Jack carefully tried to look around him. He was in a comfortable room in the town inn, The Three Fireballs. There was a grandfather clock in the corner which only had one hand and a small wooden window behind him. He could hear the stairs creaking and as someone walked in he fell back to the pillow behind him squashing the middle in. A face came over him and he knew it was Elliott from the breath full of beer. He whispered in my ear, "it's dead I it was clear he was talking about the Hornatorment. I was far to weak to say much as I hadn't drunk for a long time and all I said was, "good…water please," and he reached out for a jug of water which I gulped down heavily.

    Over that day many visitors came including the other two hunters (accept Elliott) from our group-Alan and Tom-all wishing me a safe recovery as I had almost been killed. That was no surprise as it was a Rathalos. I discussed with them when our next hunt was, we decided next week and they told me to get some rest.


    I went downstairs and sat down at the bar waiting for the barman to come over. I ordered a brandy then joined my hunting team at the table to discuss the last hunt- The Hornatorment.

    "So how d'ya die against it den Jack?" Alan asked sleepily. He had drunk way too much.
    "Yer we almost killed it." joined Tom
    "That we did" gurgled Elliott as he gulped down half his beer.
    "Well…I was being attacked by him constantly and I then got hit by three fireballs…"
    "Three fireballs!" Screamed the other hunters. "You'd be dead."
    "…and the armor I was wearing was the only thing that kept me from being burnt to a crisp" Jack continued ignoring the others.
    "What armor was it?" said another person in the inn as everyone was eavesdropping.
    "Oh just full battle and a vespiod mail and dark metal boots-Battle helm, vambraces and tassett," I answered casually. The conversation was closed as the barman came over because nobody was ordering drinks. We had our drinks, made tactics and went home to prepare for tomorrows hunt-*Horrosking.


    Wyvern: Like a dragon but smaller and without arms.
    Horrosking: A small red wyvern with ears like a satellite dish. It hates noise and breathes fire.
    Hornatorment: A huge red wyvern that has a rough scaly body with horns on it's head. It also has a very intimidating look. It's tail is very long with a bulb on the end that can easily be cut off.

    P.S.Idea from:monster hunter(Capcom)
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