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My Best Sprite/ Fakemon sortof thing

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Bones, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hey guys this is my first post so take it easy on me!!
    Requests not allowed, although suggestions on more sprite type fakemon is incouraged :D
    These were something i put a lot of thought/time in to. I know it looks like just a lot of recoloring but compare to the base pokemon used and you can tell it is a lot more than just recoloring. Thank you and enjoy any tips on spliceing(nice, not rude) are appreciated. Enjoy!!!!! :D Oh and im not good with names so if have any way to help me make good names please pm them to me!!
    [​IMG]Height: 108 in.
    Weight: 30.2kg
    Type: Physic, Dragon
    Info: Found in some caves near the Sinnoh region.

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  2. it could use some work seeing as it goes from bird to wtf to dragon
  3. I kinda agree. The second two stages work, but the beginning is off. Charquil has a cute face, but the talons that in the second stage disappear then reappear on the third are kind of strange. In my opinion, keep the face for the most part, but take away most or all of the fluff, get rid of the beak, and change the feet to something round and small. Maybe give it wee little arms too.

    On the Flarecomon, I was instantly reminded of an Ampharos. Maybe if you shorten or thicken the neck, change the eyes, it'd be fine. Also, I'm not too fond of the name. It just doesn't flow well. Unless I'm saying it wrong. I name my fakemon by combining words or just taking them from other languages. Chowren is pretty much Superman in Mandarin Chinese. Turdira is the word Turtle and the suborder Criptodira combined. Just grab a dictionary or an animal biology book. :)

    The Zeltix is EPIC! Don't change a thing!!!

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