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Open Mutant Wasteland

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by FrostCrispz, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Welcome to the year of 2540. The world has gained major modifications since 2017. But, unexpectantly, the world's nuclear power supply erupted. The whole atmosphere turned poisonous to all living things. Forests died, oceans evaporated. The whole world turned to dust. A wasteland.
    Humans didn't just live through this, they evolved. The radioactive substances in the atmosphere mutated the humans but killed other animals. All humans were mutated into animal forms but kept the human characteristics. They formed clans to survive and hunted down others. This has been going on for 3 years now. Can you survive the wasteland?
    Animal mutant:
    Clan: (Not needed)
    Backstory: (Not needed)
    Name: Warren Yeager
    Age: 23
    Animal mutant: Wolf
    Personality: He doesn't have much care for others. He is quite straightforward and follows no mercy. Mainly, Warren tries to survive.
    Appearance: He has an enlarged mouth and nose, and his body is covered in light grey fur. His eyes are bright blue and his ears fold behind his head. Warren wears a t-shirt with a strap holding water. He has light grey shorts, with a long knife hanging on it.
    Skills: Warren has improved smell allowing him to smell water. He has long claws, and he has improved speed.
    Clan: (May make one with someone)
    Backstory: Warren was a normal guy, working as a blacksmith. He lived near a forest, and when the air turned toxic, he changed into a wolf-like creature. Over the years, his form grew more clear and became more wolf-like. He has been surviving for a few years, as the world turned dusty.

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