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DPPt/HGSS Must get rid of some o' my Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Saya Usaqi, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. [Pearl]Hiya People I am currently over stocked with eevees one of every attitude i have two rash but one of everything else I breed to please if you want an evo tell me ill do it want a certain kind and moves? Ill put them on!!! I aslo am over stocked on zangooses not sure about there attitudes though...but i also will give out some shinys with my [pokemon platinum] I will NOT give out legondarys there to hard to catch I will take only a measly price of a growlithe or houndour and mightyanas so post what you want!

    Note: I need Level "Gender is male"on eevee's so dont ask for females i will post if i get one and whoever askes first gets it. [Seldomnly will i give out legondarys from platinum] most likley from fire red - emeralds are legonds haned from not all the time i will post when i have them up for offer.
  2. Hmm, what Shinys do you have? Cause I got none and owning one would be great. xD I'll breed Growlithe and Houndour for now. And what Legendarys are you willing to give? xD Just a question for future reference. Don't need legendarys atm.
  3. any shiny you want and ledgondarys are usually dialg palkie ect. and mew mewtwo and the rest
  4. Woot, you're on! Well, I've bred my Houndour so I've got an extra now. I'll go breed my Growlithe now so I can give it to you too. Are your legendaries legit? And is Latias one of those in the list? xD
  5. latias is available since your the first ill let you have a legondary ^_^ ill catch it right now :D
  6. Ah. xD I meant Latios, the blue one. I got confused. @_@ But I guess Latias will do too. Haha. Awesome. :3 Oh, and just a question, how about Jirachi..? Since my friend is looking for one.

    Is Growlithe, Houndour and Mightyena really all you want? xD
  7. hmm yeppers he/she is XD
  8. Can I change my mind to Jirachi then if I'm only allowed one legendary? ^^; Sorry if I'm giving you trouble. XD I can get you all three pokemon you want btw. The Growlithe is about to hatch but I still gotta evolve the Mightyena. xD
  9. XD it ok lol you can have both XD i dont mind i have to get my level 40 so i dont kill them XD
  10. Oh, awesome! That gives me time to evolve this I guess. :]
  11. Wow so you can get any legendary shiny? Are you looking for any other pokemon? I would love a shiny also.

    That is if your willing to trade.
  12. ok unnn that tis fine but now im tradein lol ill tell you when im ready ok
  13. Ok that's awesome, no need to rush. Thanks!
  14. Do you have a shiny Chikorita?!?! [or evos.]I am looking for one. :D
  15. just your luck i do and umm it will be a while i ran out of poke and ultra balls XD Ill get to you as soon as i can i willl just beat the eliet four for some money so it will be a day maybe is that ok with you and what would you like him/her named?
  16. No name. But wait; why do you need ultra balls, if Chikorita is not caught in the wild?
  17. oh your right sorry XD i was thinking of something else 0_0 i was thinking about catching that pesky little growlithe ^_^"
  18. Oh. lol What do you want for it, btw?
  19. well its up to you i relly dont mind what i get for the chikorita a measly normal Linoone will be fine
  20. I'll trade you a mightyena for a zangoose! =) any nature! =)
  21. Ok. Wow your like giving away a shiny chickorita? lol Let me know when your ready to trade.

    Also, you don't happen to have a [legit] Raiku do you?
  22. Im sorry no i dont have a legit raikou atm i havnt had the time to find my fire red and capture one if i had it i surtanlly would give you it now a non ledgit i have but you probably dont want that one since you asked for a legit
  23. Ok. Thanks for not just sending me an un-legit one. lol

    Is the chickorita legit?

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