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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Shiny Pyxis, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Well, as some of ya'll know, I'm obsessed with musics and stuffs, and I'm also a musician, so naturally I kinda want to know who here has musical talents/abilities/skills, be it singing, creating pieces for vocal or instrumental, transposing music, understanding musical concepts well, or actually playing actual music on an instrument. Or, if you're like my mom, you can edit music with a software so it sounds better than when originally recorded. And maybe I'm planning on starting a Pokecharms band... but ANYWAYS.

    I'm a pianist, and I've been learning piano since I was, like, six. I didn't like it much when I was younger, but lately I've had a stronger interest in it and been searching for random piano things on the internet. Lately I've been playing a lot of Bleach-related things (for example, I can play the 6th opening, Alones, and the 3rd ending, Houkiboshi, pretty well, as in fluently, and memorised). I'm currently learning how to play two Mozart pieces and, just for fun, Rolling Star by Yui (the 5th Bleach opening that's OMGSOHARDTOPLAYONTHEPIANO. Dx)

    I also play the viola for about two years now. I started viola because where I live, everyone needs to do some sort of musical class in their 6th grade year, be it band, orchestra, or choir. I didn't join band because it's too loud, and none of their instruments realy appeased to me. Choir, well, I just hate singning. So I joined orchestra. Well, violin was waaaaaaay too high for me and made my head spin when it came to the E string. Cello and bass? Too low, though the cello did have a prettier sound than both violin and bass. But I chose viola. It didn't go as high as the violin, for one, we didn't have to have a bunch of competition, and we didn't need as much complex things as the violinist or cellist. Anyways, being a violist is great; we have so much pride as a group everywhere I go. And I just love playing the viola. XD

    I also has Finale Notepad for convenience whenever I have to change something from treble cleff to alto cleff (violists use a different cleff than most other people), and when I feel like putting some musics that I play on my viola or piano down on paper (when I say musics, I meant things I played that somehow resembles actual songs, if you get what I mean.
  2. When I was...what 7 or 8 I used to play the piano until I was maybe 10 or 11...12? I don't remember x.x' I was pretty good at it, I would say ^^ I quit because my teacher was SO annoying and kept bugging us for money all the time and kept trying to get us to buy stuff from her..

    In Junior High I played Clarinet and I was pretty good at that as well. Every time I played in a concert at the end I would always stand up, then hold my Clarinet in the air like I was at a rock show or something x.X' I'm pretty sure I would scream on occasion and bow with the rest of my class. I lost the desire to play it in High School, but my sister picked up on it in Elementary School. Sadly though she isn't musically inclined xD

    I'm slowly learning how to play Guitar as of now, but haven't really gotten anywhere because I usually learn better with a teacher, and not self taught.
  3. I'm pretty good with the kazoo and harmonica. I used to play the flute, but I sucked at that. I would like to learn how to play an ocarina, but I need to get one first.
  4. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    I can play ocarina pretty well, and although I've never been taught, I can occasionally hammer out a tune on a piano. Badly. ^^;

    I really need to find a musical instrument to play seriously, though. I've always wanted to learn, I just... never got around to it.
  5. I'm about as musical as a fish with no fins, sadly. I used to live in a builing literally filled with people and it had communal piano, so I did play that on occasion. I don't anymore, there's no room for any sort of instrument in my current house.

    We had music lessons at school, but that was just a punch of kids sitting near keyboards chatting more than anything else.

    Still, my favourtie instrument is the piano. I just love Flight of the Bumblebee performed on piano :)
  6. I've played the piano for over four years, and I still stink. My coordination is shot. (As a funny note, I was dropped multiple times as a baby)

    The best I can do that isn't some hymn is the guitar riff from the Beatle's Daytripper.

    Yes, I have learned to play piano based off hymns. I got taught by a friend at church.
  7. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I think that sums me up rather well too XD

    I used to really want to learn how to play an instrument. At Primary school, they were offering after-school Recorder lessons, which I went for. After a couple of introductory lessons, the music teacher made us all play a simple song, while she went round everyone listening and watching. She pointed out a handful of kids, one of which was me, and told us not to bother coming back. I think that's quite mean to say we were only about nine years old
  8. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Music is a huge part of my life, really. I sing and I play keyboard and guitar - I'm much better with guitars nowadays, but keyboard was the only instrument I've officially 'learned' how to play with an instructor and everything. Guitar I'm mostly entirely self-taught. ^^;

    I write my own music too sometimes. >>;
  9. I can totally rock a recorder. Elementary school. Those were the glory days, and highlights, of my musical path.

    I totally rock at simple "Ode to Joy"

    "Hot Cross Buns"
  10. Ahh the recorder... those were the days. But it wasn't the end of my music career. I've been able to play two different instruments, the piano and the tenor sax.
    Piano was what I wanted to do. I did it through like all of elementary school and middle school but I got sick of doing recitals that I quit before high school ^^;. Still think it's like the prettiest thing ever though, and I hate not being able to make something pretty sounding.
    For the saxophone it was basically this: When I was little my older sister was in middle school and was like, "Rachel, your destiny is to play an instrument in band." So I went along with it. She opened up this encyclopedia thingy we had and played the tenor sax. It was love at first note and when I was in 6th grade and could get in band, that's what I played. We rented one and I had to talk to my band directer about it, he was kind of worried that my hands weren't big enough but they were... It was fun throughout Middle School and I'm still playing in the band, in marching band now.
    I can lead music at church and stuff, but sometimes I get off or do a different beat pattern...>>; As for singing, I'm not in a choir but I'm not tone deaf so yeah.​
  11. Some may know, some may not, but I do play Alto Sax. Jazz Improvisation. Everyone also says I'm quite good at transposing music, and personally, I've been working on trying to transpose by sight. I know most of my basic theory as well. Circle of fiths, melodic and harmonic minors, chords and stuff like that.

    Oh and ever want to be really annoying and kill brain cells? Pick up a flute and triple octave (about the 16th note off the treble clef staff) your B Flat. It'll be a pleasure to the ears if you don't play the flute.

    Speaking of which, yes, I do play the flute, though I'd love to play the piccolo as well.

    Oh yeah Shiny. I still go to concerts quite often now. Cause, I just can.
  12. I picked up the Cello in the end of elementary school and kept with it through the beginning of high school. When I started, I was the only boy in the Orchestra, as well as the only non-violinist. I really enjoyed it, even though I didn't put a whole lot of time into it. I really wish now that I had tried harder.
    I kind of wish I still played, but I chose to pursue acting as an art over Cello. As it turns out I've moved back stage recently and just got at art from behind the scenes now. I still try to get out in front of the curtain now and then though.
  13. Music is awesome, but I never really payed much attention to it until my parents got me a keyboard for Christmas a couple years ago. My teacher says that I'm talented and am her best student, but that I'm too lazy for my own good. :p I agree with that. ;D I also started singing this year and the choir director person (what do you call them?) said I had a pure voice or something like that. This year, my friend actually found something she's good at, guitar. She can play really well now and I felt like giving it a shot. (After all, I did show interest in guitar before piano...) So my friend said if I got a guitar, she'd show me how to play. Wish me luck, people. I'll need it. See ya! ;)
  14. Hmm, as far as musical talent goes for me, I can sing. However, only a few people have heard me seriously sing. I get really nervous singing for anyone, but those who have heard me claim to like it.

    I would, however, like to play the upright bass.

    Also, this may not be a direct talent, but my focus for the future is to become a DJ at a radio station, so music plays a huge part there.

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