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Private/Closed Musical Resonance - The Show

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by .Frostbitten., Sep 9, 2020.

  1. For posting etiquette, I would simply say that each of us can post as soon as the other two have had a chance. I do not believe that it should necessarily have to be myself and then @Merciless Medic and then @kyuukestu for every "cycle". If the other two people have a post above your most recent post than it is your turn and feel free to post. .... For example, I will only post when the two of you have each had the chance to respond to my posts, and I will only respond when each of you have had a chance to respond to ensure the integrity of a story continuum.

    If that means @kyuukestu posts before @Merciless Medic sometimes, and at other times @Merciless Medic posts before @kyuukestu than that should not impact the story. As the "current poster" will simply summarize (and determine sequence of what happened first) within both previous of the posts. For another example, in my most recent post, I had @Merciless Medic arrive first as he asked Harmony a question, and made sense for her to answer that question as if it was only the two of them, prior to her responding to the arrival of @kyuukestu etc.

    I imagine that it could take a couple of posts each to learn the "rhythm" of each others' posts and how sequencing should happen? I am of course open to other suggestions, but feel allowing more "freedom" as long as each posts I do, etc would allow more posts to happen as if @Merciless Medic is ready to post today and would not be available for another few days and @kyuukestu had not posted but will be able too post tomorrow, than I would say have Medic simply post, and then Kyuu when free, and then myself and then repeat the same "logic".
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  2. Not going to lie, I completely forgot about this xD

    I'll have a post up today.

    By the way, shall we start talking plot?

    Edit & Repost:
    :(:(:( posted in the wrong thread. good thing I noticed.

    Second Edit:

    Alright. My apologies, a bit of school work took me a lot longer than I'd expected. I've gotten a few paragraphs into my post but will have to post-pone the rest and catch some sleep. Do expect a post from me sometime during the day (the 24th).
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  3. In the case of character motivations, Harmony dreams of seeing the mountains, and the plains, and the forests of the mainland. To see all of the landscapes she otherwise would be unable to see on her island home. As well as to maybe overcome her confidence issues, and to focus more on her art so I could see her being open to visiting quiet areas, and also exploring the ancient civilization and otherwise as the boys ask.

    Suisen is motivated by money, if I understood most, so he could be more than open to exploiting her dreams in the beginning (I believe) to sell tickets to her performances without her knowing, or to have her help him find treasures in those ruins. So in that sense, I could see him being more of a driving force in their destinations provided that Harmony does not catch on that he is using her talents for his own agenda?

    Yami by comparison appears more "aloof" and open as well as being musical in nature. It appears he is rather smitten by Harmony's looks so could see him wanting to spend lots of time with her. As well as maybe having a certain degree of mistrust of Suisen if Yami feels that Suisen is simply using Harmony as a means to get rich and is not treating her as special as he feels Suisen should? Which could lead to a little fued?

    ... If the above perceptions are correct,

    Than I suppose the most likely scenario for plotlines would be to have it follow a scheme of Suisen that plays on either Harmony and Yami's artistic talents to make a quick buck, or on Harmony's adventuring side and Yami's desire to stay by her side? What are you both more in a mood for? Exploring ancient ruins and the wide world; OR making a claim on the musical stage, helping Harmony with her fears and Yami in his opportunities; and Suisen aspiring to line his pockets on the little princess who may be too naieve and trusting to see him as a bad guy?
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  4. That sounds about right!

    Since I did do a bit of allusion to mystery dungeons and explorers in my first post then I'm sure you can guess my preference xD Thievery and espionage are what Suisen is built for! Especially stealing from dungeons and princesses. I've been thinking of some sly applications for some of Meowstic's moves, so I'm sure Suisen could show off a bit to satisfy his narcissism in the process.

    If we've voting then exploration is definitely where my vote will fall; but, in most situations, I'll have Suisen play off whatever you guys are up for. I've got a few schemes in mind already to pocket some cash. However, despite my desire to immediately go exploring, I believe that since we've already got a background set up around Tristan and their Spring festival, then we should probably be working around that to some extent.
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  5. If that is your choice, than how about the Grand Prize for the Spring Festival Music Competition (Solo) is a small amount of treasure and that treasure also includes a worn book said to contain the location of numerous ancient shrines and tombs of the ancient human civilization?

    It would be an object of exceptional value to Suisen who aspires to be a treasure hunter and that would more or less serve as a map. More over, as he has no hope of winning the contest himself than that could be where he sets his eyes on Harmony and/or Yami to enter into the contest and win him the prize (or rather "them"). ... It's a Book so I imagine that would be more of an interest to Harmony as well, although I believe that Suisen and/or Yami could have their work cut out for them if they intend to convince her to participate in such a large show?

    For Yami, the incentive to enter the contest would be that he is more musical, and the contest opens a lot of doors to the larger contests in mainland continent cities that are far larger. It could be there are Talent Scouts at the smaller events such as this one, and he knows that as per his activities during the introduction of the story that led him into the forest... And then with the Book (and Treasure to fund exploration) in hand, as well as Talent Scouts on their toes the two could move more inland searching temples along the way, and entering other festivals?

    I am not quite certain at this point what would cause Harmony to enter, or even if she does enter at all... Suppose she could be on side-lines, and Yami could enter and win the prize? ... And Harmony is caught singing in private again by scouts who say she could rival <X> the best female singer on the continant and an icon of some kind. I do not know... At this point I am more rambling I suppose, what do you all think?

    @Merciless Medic @kyuukestu
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  6. I think with the way the interactions have been going, it seems that Yami is most likely to take the lead. Suisen is following him to get to Tristan and I think with Suisen's mention of the Spring Festival that would give a good reason for Harmony to accompany them (assuming she didn't already have a reason to accompany them).
  7. Due to the excessive delay in posting from all sides, and the longer-delays between posts, I am thinking that I will politely back out of this one at this time, unless one of you wanted to move it to more of a one-on-one kind of storyline to allow for more expediate posts. I will leave this up to you both to decide, and if not in agreement than I will simply back out and you two could continue. @Merciless Medic @kyuukestu

    I feel 3-Weeks between responses is too excessive for becoming invested in a character, and while I am not certain if it is due to waiting on each other that is issue, or lack of engagement in general so I thought I would leave this to you both... I do not like to nag for responses lol...
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  8. Sorry about that. Life has been kind of rough and I thought I was able to keep up when in actuality that is not the case. I'll have to back out from RPing on Charms for awhile. High quality posts are very difficult and taxing on me. I'm sorry for getting invested and then not following through. :/ I try not to do that and it happens anyway.

    Anyway, I'm very sorry for not posting as often as we would like. Hope you two have an excellent rest of the year. :)
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