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Private/Closed Musical Resonance - The Show

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by .Frostbitten., Sep 9, 2020.

  1. Hi!

    Here is an idea for a story that I would be interested in doing, and while I would like to keep the number of participants down to a minimum to ensure the story can be fleshed out more. I am open to the nature of the plot as well as the other details of the story, so if anyone does have other ideas that they would like to experiment with than I am all ears and I hope to hear back from you soon!

    Setting: (Locked)

    A coastal mainland starting point that is occupied exclusively by Pokemon, and there is many ruins of an ancient human civilization that dot the landscape. It is a place for pirates and adventurers, and the others who would aspire fame and fortune from the discovery of rare gemstones. There are Pokemon based cities and communities, and the social organization more closely compares to that observed in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Games and/or pre-colonial type of communities such as those observed in 17th Century Americas.

    There would be woodland forests and endless plains, to the north there could be mountain ranges that are covered with snow, and numerous lakes and rivers. If I had to choose one of the pre-existing regions than I would lean towards the Galar Region although I would like to have the world be more focused on Pokemon and avoid the references to humans. Most of the ruins from the lost civilization would also be quite expansive including underground and above ground structures such as temples and crypts and otherwise that could be explored.

    For the Social Structure of the world I had imagined that it could be similar to those in the earliest eighteenth century French towns (think Beauty and Beast Opening). There could be bakers and shopkeepers, there could be merchants and there could be scoundrels' and also pirates and other nefarious individuals. There could be a corrupt criminal underbelly, and/or corrupt aristocratic structure and nobility that exerts power on the impoverished. Food can be scarce to some, and in abundance to others, and most Pokemon "work" for their living.

    Musical Inspiration: World Design

    Character Design: (Locked)

    My character would be a female Meowstic by the name of Harmony, who has aspiration of becoming a world renowned singer. It is a dream that she has had since she was quite younger, and she loves to sing and dance and perform albeit the one trait that holds her back is her shyness. This trait could lead to numerous musical performances (In Post) when alone or in smaller audiences, or whenever the inspiration arises. As an artist she would also be quite self-conscious about her performances, forever condemning them as imperfect and flawed even when told by those around herself that her performance was simply beautiful upon the ears as well as the other senses.

    As for her other personality traits, I am open to discussion here to some degree, although I had imagined she would be more kind-hearted and naive at the core of her being. As she is nobility from a remote region, she would be less accustomed to some of the corruption of the outside world. This could lead to her being more trusting of others who do not deserve the kindness, and could also cause her to be more easily "scared" by bad situations. I more or less envision her as an intellectual who prefers to think the situation through, and to also be helpful whenever she can, even if doing so places her at a significant disadvantage such as her frivolously giving away priceless treasures.

    Musical Inspiration: Character Design

    Primary Character Request: (Open to Discussion)

    I would like for one of the characters in the storyline to be a male Meowstic who could come from any number of backgrounds. The two meet and the male takes an interest in the female either for her beautiful appearance, or her talent towards music and agrees to become her guide (maybe in exchange for something) and throughout the journey would have to help her with her confidence issues, as well as maybe develop feelings for her in a light-hearted kind of romance as well. If the male is supportive, I could also see her having feelings for him over time too.

    For the other characters I would lean more towards other musical individuals, or those who would benefit from attending those performances. It could be those who aspire to become her manager, or those who seek to profit from the tickets that could be sold. It could be for other reasons and otherwise, but whatever the reason, the premise of my interest in story is to play a character who is song-bird driven, and I would like all of the characters in the story to have some kind of connection there as well to ensure they can visit many venues for performances..

    Musical Inspiration: (Contest Themed)

    Plot Premise: (Open to Discussion)

    The Meowstics (and other characters after those two) begin to explore the world, and those ruins and the lost civilization in pursuit of treasures, as well as allowing Harmony the chance to express her artistic side as well. As the story progresses, I was thinking there could be musical competition held in some of the Pokemon Communities that she could participate in, and/or be encouraged to by her male companion provided he is also not musical and that he also does not wish to attend these events as well.

    There could also be added danger of more nefarious individuals coming after Harmony due to her family ties, as well as potentially your character who could also be nobility or maybe from a poorer background with several rising debts. There could be side-quests and side-events that happen and the two could also explore the broader world and the landscapes. For this storyline I had pictured more of an open world exploration with each "Arc" being the time between and in a given place. I am interested in a story over several months to years.

    As for myself, I have been writing for several years, and while I began writing as Pokemon I admit I have moved away from this in recent years and would like a return. I would consider myself more of an advanced writer (this post is my normal post length) and I write several times per week, as well as love the elements of brainstorming outside of the story even if the ideas never come to fruition; and I am always on the lookout for a new home to place down some roots and find new partners!

    If this storyline interested you, or you have another idea for a storyline than please post here and/or send me a message if you prefer to do that as well. I am rather open to different stories, although I do tend to write as exclusively female characters, and only one main character per story.

    Edit: Added additional details to the sub-sections!
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  2. I'd like to be the male Meowstic, and I'd like to reserve a spot. I'll get into more detail later though, as my living situation is under threat of wildfires.
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  3. @Merciless Medic Sounds Good! Please post a character sheet when you have the chance for the male Meowstic, and then I can create a more proper one for Harmony when I have those details. I am also content to do the story between only us if you wanted to focus more on the potential romance element, or keep the storyline request open for others if you wanted for focus more on the adventure components.
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  4. I'd like to do the potential romance element. :) but I wouldn't mind to have one or two more people just to bounce back ideas with and to bounce interactions and get some good character development going.

    Basically, this male Meowstic is in the music industry and sings well, but isn't that great at putting together songs and stuff. He has an ear for voices, but he doesnt have the eyes or the brain for performances or accompaniment. He is a very outspoken individual and loves to goof off and isn't overly serious and is passionate about the visual arts. He is pretty busy, preferring to keep a schedule and trying not to deviate too much from it (because a whole lot of good that did him when he was an Espurr).
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  5. @Merciless Medic I would be content to do the story between only us and focus on the romance element. I think that would be interesting.

    Do you want to post on the main forum or through private messages if it is only between us? I am content with either of these options.

    As for the storyline itself, I could write the introduction maybe with Harmony performing a song that she believes is being done in private or to a select number of other Pokemon from the wilderness, and your (yet to be named) Meowstic could come across her and stay hidden to listen until the conclusion of the song. Your character could then introduce himself, and maybe compliment her performance (which could cause her to become more flustered) and then take the storyline from there in terms of exploring their passions and their interests as well.

    For my preferences, I would prefer to have the story focused on the relationship and friendship between the characters as the primary focus of the storyline, and then the musical performances and aspirations as the secondary focus. And then maybe as a third focus there could be the exploration of the ancient ruins, and the discovery of treasures, and maybe the encounters with more shady individuals such as bandits or thieves or otherwise who would seek to obtain the treasure for themselves, and/or use the musicians in other ways that could make "income"
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  6. If you do decide to leave this open to numerous people, then I certainly wouldn't mind joining. In fact, I'd love to get into a musical-based Roleplay, the last one I took notice in never quite got off the ground.

    Begrudgingly, Youtube videos aren't allowed within the RP thread itself, but you are able to provide them in the discussion thread and then link them in the main Role Play. Of course, if you intend to utilize a conversation you can forgo all the extra steps.
  7. @kyuukestu - As mentioned on your wall I would love to do a story with yourself, and also with @Merciless Medic either independent of each other and see how the threads diverge over time from a similar starting point, or combined and see where that takes. In either of the cases, I'll be quite interested in exploring a romance theme, and for that I would want to know a little more about your character in mind @kyuukestu ?
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  8. Oh - I have written a musical character in the past, and she is to date my most favorite. I had her perform a number of songs in the story at the time, and she even won a number of awards from the site such as "Character of the Year" and "Best Female" Awards. None of these had required musical accompaniment, although I did link the sound-tracks to my partners on separate OOC threads so that they would be able simply to play in the background as they read the post that contained the lyrics and the actions as well as some clever deviations as well.

    It should be most entertaining nonetheless ^_^

    Edit: I apologize for the double post, I had intended to edit the previous post and suppose I am not quite used to the way quotes work here yet :'|
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  9. I'm not a fan of one on one Role Plays :(

    Though I'll have the basics of a character sheet up by the end fo the week.
  10. @kyuukestu @Merciless Medic - Sounds Good! I think we have determined to make this thread a three person storyline.

    At this point I would say begin to write more detail summaries for each of our characters and to see how these all mesh. If it is only the three of us than playing all three of the characters as Meowstic could make sense, as that would also be a leading factor in keeping the three of them together, and could be two males competing for the attention of the female, or two females competing for his attention.

    I know that I would prefer for Harmony to be interacting with two male characters, as that leaves more romance for my character to be explored and her kind-hearted nature could also lead to her being somewhat upset if the two boys are fighting over her attention? The decision ultimately however I will leave up to Kyuukesfu about whether they would like to play as a male or a female character in story?

    Character Sheet: Harmony del' Fyiore

    ~~~ Historical Background: ~~~

    Harmony is a female Meowstic who hails from an island chain that lies to the southeast of the mainland. It is a pride of about one-hundred of her kind, and her parents are the chief and priestess, so that kind of makes her the princess of the domain of three islands. Her family is in the merchant business and many times during her life she listened to the tales of the mainland from those who came to exchange furs and silks for the mineral wealth of the volcanic island chains. This trade also made her family quite wealthy, and had her needs all cared for!

    Now on the dawn of her first birthday, that makes her about thirteen years old in human years, she has set her sights on exploring a world of those tales for herself. It took some convincing, well a lot of convincing, over several months but in the end her parents relented. For one year she was permitted to venture abroad and to learn more about the world before she was to return home and settle into her role as the future leader and queen over her pride. An arrangement for her marriage would be determined on her return, and then that would be that!

    From the perspective of the bright-eyed and beautiful snow-white colored Meowstic the deal sounded fair. It was her chance to explore the world and pursue her aspirations. An adventure that is now as wide as the world itself, and timebound to that of a single year. To find a way to push a lifetime of exploration into three hundred and sixty five days - and the thought filled her with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose as she said her farewells to those from her homeland, and boarded a merchant ship bound for the mainland... and that was two weeks ago!

    ~~~ Physical Appearance: ~~~

    Harmony is a beautiful snow-white colored female Meowstic who is now approaching eighteen months old, the equilviant of her being about eighteen in human years. In those sections of her form that should be darker blue, there is instead lighter arctic shades of blue due to her ocean home. And her unique island habitat with the ocean breezes, has made her furs silken and smooth as a kitten, to more beautifully compliment her frail constitution that causes her to be a burden at times.

    Delicate in physical as well as in condition, her voice also mirrors this frail appearance. It is softer in nature, to the point that she often has to raise her voice to be heard by those who are not nearby to herself. The product of formal training from her mother on enunciation that has helped her to be heard from any direction despite the quiet undertones of her voice that has been trained since childhood. To be used for formal speeches, and reveals another talent that is more special than every other feature of her appearance and background combined.

    The voice of an angel when she is immersed in the natural world and expresses her heart into her songs. It is that one rare talent for vocals that occurs once a century across the whole world. To have the power to captivate the attention of thousands, and to sooth the hearts and minds of those who listen. And despite this talent, the knowledge of her beautiful voice is limited to only a handful of individuals who she trusts enough to have expressed herself to them and to bury the stifling confidence issues that cause her to hide her talent from the world.

    ~~~ Personality Featurette: ~~~

    In terms of her personality, she is an easily flustered and timid type of girl who prefers to hide amidst her books than to be outside in the public and open world of larger settlements. In her relationships she is kind-hearted and trusting of those around herself. To a fault which causes her to be rather naïve and easily deceived by those of less moral intentions. She is charitable and chooses to place the needs from others above herself, a trait that comes from her upbringing as a princess of her pride and being told she was to be an example to them.

    It is for this reason that she has confidence issues, at times, as she feels that she never lives up to those expectations. It causes her to hide her beautiful voice from the world, and to more or less behave as she believes others desire. This is also the reason she chooses to spend endless hours and afternoons with a stack of books on her lap. And has led to her despite to learn more about the ancient civilization for humans that once thrived across the region that is now void of their presence and has become dominated by unique Pokemon customs.

    And being more or less a fifteen year old girl, there is also a bright-eyed sense of wonder behind her eyes. It makes forever look onto the bright side of the situation and on the bright side of people, as well as to be stubborn to a fault when she believes something is occurring that is immoral or improper. If she sets her sights on something that is important to herself, than one would have to move heaven and the earth to change her opinion until she is satisfied, and in that way makes her into a rather normal high-spirited fifteen year old female too!

    (I hope that everyone enjoyed reading)
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  11. Species: Meowstic - Psychic
    Name: Yami
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18 (human years) or around 1 year and 5 months in Pokemon years
    Ability: Prankster - Uses status moves faster than most.
    Appearance: Yami is a little taller than the average height for his species and is the proportional weight to match, being 2-feet-6-inches (76.2 cm) and weighing 23.8 lbs (10.8 kg). He has the normal look of a male Meowstic with just two differences: the normal light teal eyes are a bright emerald green and the blue portions of his luxurious coat are a darker blue. His coat is always well taken care of, and his musculature is pretty ripped under his well taken care of coat. While he has no use for these physical muscles (as his only two physical attacks are not very well trained on), he purely did it for aesthetic (and he doesn't see many muscular Meowstic).
    Identifying Marks: His differing eye color and darker blue portions of his coat.
    Personality: He is loud and obnoxious, but at least nobody has to worry about what he's hiding in his crazy random thoughts of his. However, when given strong emotions and when the negative scenarios in his head play, he finds it difficult to say anything. His thoughts, when read, seem almost impulsive with how they intrude in his life, but he keeps a very imposed image of himself on the outside. While he does talk about himself a lot and has a bit of an ego, it is fragile and he understands his flaws to the point of shining light on them once in awhile. He is quite emotional and doesn't think logically unless put in the head space to do so. He is very bubbly and outgoing, needing to be around others to feel whole, as he hates being alone. It makes him nervous being alone with his thoughts and nobody to chat with. He also is afraid of bugs. While Psychic-Types have a rational reason for it, Yami's reason is anything but rational: "They are creepy and crawl all over you and they are just gross" is what he says about them.
    He is also quite the personality, as he likes to announce mock battles and get the audience pumped up. Although, just because he is an announcer and is loud and obnoxious doesn't mean he can't be quiet. Secretly, he has a soft side to him that completely contrasts his outward behaviors. He also, unbeknownst to most, know the harshness of the world around him, and he tries his best to help people immerse themselves into entertainment to give them a reprieve from the realities of the world around them.
    Along with being the battle announcer, he is also quite the musicianist, loving the sounds of instruments and singing coming together to form songs and the dances to emphasize the stories told by such songs. However, while his singing is good and is far from pitchy, he isn't a good songwriter and isn't a good musician or dancer of any kind. He has some experience with a guitar, but the experiences weren't that great, and his dancing skills... We will not talk about them.
    Skills: Is a great announcer for battles, great singer, and has a tendency to annoy those he likes whether it be on accident or not.
    Past: Yami was born to a female Meowstic and male Bibarel. However, soon after he hit a week old, his parents went on a journey together, the three believing they would come back after they had some time away. They never returned. Grief stricken and forced to live with the other orphans mothered by a Kangaskhan, Yami was quite reserved and shy. He didn't have anyone to look up to, besides Kangaskhan, and he thought that his parents had abandoned their only child for fame and fortune, or that was what the other children had teased him about. His parents are a very touchy subject. While he doesn't mind talking about others' family members, he doesn't like delving into this portion of his past, or anything bad in his past really. It makes him upset and it is one of the only times he becomes reserved and depressed.
    After a few months, he began to train himself physically and mentally. While he believed that if he were stronger both in mind and body and nobody would abandon him if he were stronger, he will say he did it for the attention garnered by those who like his muscles and the power his voice and mind carries. However, he isn't that strong physically and his muscles are largely for show (you can have some muscle without actually having the strength behind them). He then began to believe that if anybody wanted him, it was for his appearance, not his personality, as he scares those away who try to get to know him. Friendless and alone, he found himself amidst a battle happening between two Pokemon. They were sparring and the people loved it. Using his boisterous personality to his advantage, he yelled out the moves and play-by-play of the battle, reading the two like they were books. People absolutely loved it and he gathered a following who would follow him to a battle just to hear his commentary.
    After a while, he managed to make a few friends (though they were few and far between and led busy lives), and he found a way to make a living. He would host sparring matches and battles for any of those who wished to fight for sport. He began selling tickets and his third showing was booked completely. He had never thought he'd grown so big.
    With the success came a new hobby: singing and performing in general. He knew that performing on a grand stage for all to see would be spectacular and he wouldn't have to yell out loud so much, he didn't have a clue how to play instruments or dance. He knew how to sing though, and he can pick out notes in the air like its nothing. However, his first singing gig didn't end too well. People said he sang too loudly, so he dabbled in a few genres, with the ones he really liked being Rock, Pop, and Hip-Hop, and they suited his baritone voice. After a few failed attempts, his fifth gig was the really successful one. While he wasn't a very good songwriter and his songs fell flat, he copied a song and changed a few things - a parody, if you will - and that changed his life for the better.
    Now with a successful parody singing career and being a successful battle announcer, there was something he missed more than anything that the number of successes in his life couldn't fill. A need for a family.
    He tried getting dates, but his obnoxiousness (that he learned to tone down in the past year) and his loud behavior drew quite a following but when actually put to the test to get a date, it was just too much. He either was so loud it gave them headaches or he used his facade to try and get the ladies, but they didn't like his dishonesty.
    From all of these experiences, he learned that a woman needed kindness and softness. He also knew women liked surprises and having a dichotomy in a man - something like being strong and brave (and in his case loud) and in the other being mild and sweet and nurturing (and in his case soft and quiet). He also learned from a good friend that if somebody doesn't like his loud attitude, then they aren't for him. Luckily, he was saved from a relationship that could have ended badly in his heart breaking even further with that advice, and made sure to break it off with the person and blaming them for leading him on when they didn't even like him for being himself.
    Now, he is still searching for love, while also searching for adventure, no matter where it led to. He just wanted something else to spice his life and make it even better than before.
    Family: A mother Meowstic and a father Bibarel whom he hasn't seen since he was young. He was raised by a Kangaskhan, who seemed to be the resident's orphan caretaker and treated them all like her children.
    Love Relationships?: He has a crush on Harmony, but that won't be until a little later in the story (still pretty early though).
    • Yawn - Normal | Status | Learned at birth; Yami yawns loudly, his contagious yawning causing others to yawn and feel drowsy. They collapse due to sudden exhaustion and fall fast asleep in several seconds.
    • Psyshock - Psychic | Special | Learned by training; Yami creates shards of psychic barriers that slam into the physical defenses of the opponent. This is one of his main moves
    • Disarming Voice - Fairy | Special | Learned by training; Yami cries out loudly to emotionally tug at the opponent's heartstrings, causing emotional damage. It has a really high accuracy, and it is one of his main moves.
    • Helping Hand - Normal | Status | Learned by training; Yami glows with energy before touching a creature to pass on the power boost.
    • Round - Normal | Special | Learned by singing with a Jigglypuff who knew Round; Yami sings a tune, musical notes being created as he does so that attack the opponent. This attack does more damage when others use Round with him.
    • Echoed Voice - Normal | Special | Learned by singing with said Jigglypuff who also knew Echoed Voice; Yami yells outward, causing a shockwave blast to blow away and hurt the eardrums of his opponents. It gets stronger the more he uses it in succession. This is his one of his main moves.
    • Thunderbolt - Electric | Special | Learned after being trained by a Pachirisu; Yami lets loose electrical energy and shocks the opponent. However, he doesn't have great control over it and it may misfire. He also can't control how much electricity is coming out so it will either be a lot or not enough. This has a chance to paralyze the enemy, or himself if he misfires.
    • Shadow Ball - Ghost | Special | Learned after being trained by a Gastly; Yami creates a spectral pale purple ball of ghostly energy and fires it at the opponent. However, the ball may explode before he fires it or it may misfire, disintegrate before it hits the target, or do not enough damage. This has a chance to decrease the ranged/elemental/mental endurance of the opponent or himself if it explodes.
    • Quick Guard - Fighting | Status | Learned through training physically during the early years of his life; Yami quickly shields his ally(ies) and himself from any fast attack (an attack with heightened priority), dashing around in a blur with a barrier in front of him. However, it doesn't protect from Fake Out if the attacker is faster than Yami.
    • Iron Tail - Steel | Physical | Learned after being trained by Kangaskhan, his mother figure; Yami's tail shines with metallic energy as he swings it around and smashes it into the enemy, having a chance to lower the physical defenses of the opponent he hits. However, his tail may not shine completely or fast enough when attacking, so it will deal severely less damage.
    • Power-Up Punch - Fighting | Physical | Learned after being trained by a Hitmonchan; Yami's fist glows with energy and he punches the opponent. It will raise his physical attack as he hits. However, this may misfire as in it doesn't work or it won't raise his power because he'll just be throwing a basic punch that won't have the increased power of a the actual attack.
    Key: Bold = STAB; Underline = Main attack; Italics = Not great with the move

    EDIT: While I do like the love triangle, it is my least favorite romance trope and that's because if we do it wrong, it is cringy, awkward, and it won't feel enjoyable to write (at least for me, and I don't usually find these things enjoyable to write). I never liked writing or even watching/reading love triangles for the simple fact that it is too much drama for me to handle.
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  12. I do enjoy romance though I agree it can be awfully hard to write, however, I'm actually slightly of the opinion that cringy awkward romance is good because, oftentimes, it feels more realistic. I'm speaking from the perspective of a teenager who's still working things out in that regards, I think a good cringe is an indicator that you're doing something right and your actions might've hit a little too close to home on a reader. I'd also point out romance doesn't have to be...drama-filled, just that people do enjoy drama and shows tend to give them what they want.

    After reading over both the characters' sheets I certainly have a bit of an idea on what character I want to make, and I'm certainly not opposed to making a male Meowstic.

    The romance dynamic would need to be...discussed.
  13. Yeaaaa XD Hey though, I wouldnt mind having your character be a best friend for mine. It would be kind of funny and it could be like two "brothers" fighting over a girl (which is slightly better in my opinion).

    Also, I had to add more in Personality and Appearance. I just couldn't let it sit there unfinished. Xd I'll get the backstory done when I have time.
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  14. I support this opinion. I think a lot of the most sincere of romances begin as clumsier ones where neither of the participants know quite how to describe the way that they are feeling to each other. ... As for the notion of a romance triangle, with two boys competing for the affection from Harmony, I would say to simply let those feelings play out naturally and see which of the males (if either) earns her affections in end?

    I do think that leaving the "potential" for romance for either of the males on the table is important however, and that is the reason that I had suggested that we all play as Meowstics since a romance would be easier if they are of all he same species from the onset. I also imagine that Harmony will come across as more mature than her appearance suggests, and that could work for and against her appeal as a love interest?

    So I would say build character the way you would like, keep them as a male Meowstic, and see how things play out? @kyuukestu

    Edit: Also, should I keep Harmony with the lighter blue coloration for her furs, or should I alter the coloration to lighter pink, or the shiny shade of golden yellow instead? This may change as I play around with her personality and before the actual first post which I'll do.
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  15. I'll go along with this love triangle. I don't mind the clueless "I don't know what to do" because that makes sense (and I'm planning on having Yami do that). What I am not a fan of is when (usually) a male does something for a girl, he does something stupid, and he keeps going at it like its the best thing ever and doesn't read her face that she's totally not into it, and then blows his chance of ever having her. And then a "redemption" thing happens but it really isn't a redemption thing, its just them kissing or something, enjoying it, and then realizing "oops, they are already taken by someone else, why did they do that" and it becomes a very angsty tense thing going on.
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  16. My immediate impression of everything is this song:

    With that in mind, my first image of a character is more a rogue-ish Meowstic with a penchant for petty crimes like theft. He's not much of a 'bad boy' but more so low-class to draw a contrast with Harmony, and his initial infatuation is more about what's in her pocket rather than what's in her heart.
    I think that level of relationship is one that could be developed over the RP, I think our characters would certainly hit it off with each other xD

    I'm still trying to come to grasps with a set of personality traits and characteristics for my Meowstic so I don't want to commit to anything.
  17. I have no issue with this at all in fact. I think that it is more or less to be expected that at least one person around her would want to take an advantage of her trusting and kind-hearted nature, as well as her knowledge of numerous things learned from books that could lead to say discovery of treasures in those ancient ruins, or cashing in upon her voice if he can convince her to perform for an audience (that he charged).

    I also have no issue with this at all. I think that Harmony would also be the type to misinterpret a boy being kind to her for her attention, as an ordinary act of kindness that she could praise but otherwise not reciprocate with the attention he otherwise desired. And on the flipside when she is complimented I could see her becoming more flustered due to her confidence issues and belief that she is far from deserving of praise.

    If you would like we could simply begin the storyline with what we have and feel out the personalities from that point. As long as we have a rough idea that Yami finds her attractive and wants to form a relationship, and that Kyuu's Meowstic is more after her status as a princess as well as her finances, than that provides sufficient motive for both of them being "kind" to her and wanting to accompany herself. ... and also provide some rival tension between your characters if they realize what the other is after, and feel that the other person is being led astray.

    As time progresses, the relationships could solidify more and more, and the one who pleases Harmony the most could end up earning more of her attention (either the adorable Yami, or the bad-boy only after her for her money); and who knows if Kyuu's character is only after that money, than along the line he could come to conclusion that there is no better way than courting her and becoming a "King"; and those advances could then be successful or unsuccessful, and if unsuccessful could make him question his approach or be more genuine...

    The development of those relationships is what interests me the most...

    As for posting guidelines:

    - Minimum 2 Posts Per Week from each of us (unless otherwise stated)
    - Both other players should have posted prior to your next post on thread.
    - Equal number of posts from us all to ensure no one is being left behind story.

    How do those sound?
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  18. Pretty good. Though, I'll let you know when I'm falling behind. Quality posts are better on my computer than my phone and I hate making lackluster posts. Though, there is hardly a moment where I can just go on my computer and type away without my kid getting my attention every 5 minutes. XD sometimes, its doable. Other times, not so much. I'll find a way to juggle it all together, but if it doesn't end up working, I'll let you guys know and try to make a post as soon as I can. :)
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  19. Sounds fair, two posts a week is certainly a schedule I can get with. I might post a bit less, or shorter posts during exam sessions but I'll notify you ahead of time if anything's going to compromise my ability to post.
  20. I have a busy schedule as well, I can usually accommodate up to about five stories, but I tend to write responses to them all in a 3-Hour type of session at a time, I also find escape for micro-posts more difficult and that is the reason I proposed the rule. I think if we each simply post whenever there are two other posts above our most recent than that should work. For instance, I will post first, then you both, and then I do post, and then you both post when you see mine, and rinse and repeat. This way our posts are responding to the two posts above our own.
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  21. Is the RP now closed to newcomers?

    EDIT: Changed Yami's age, it was bugging me.
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  22. Do you want me to change her age as well to be closer to seventeen or eighteen years old in human years? As felines live shorter lives than humans by about a tenth, the difference between her being "fifteen" versus "eighteen" would be only about 3-Months apart I'd imagine? It more would be conceptual based than a limitation on the relationship of her and one and/or both of the boys seeking her attention.

    Yes - I would like to keep the number of players no more than three players to focus on the unique traits of each of their personalities, and to not leave people behind when some members of the thread want to push ahead. I am also quite happy to do other stories, and/or some side stories between Harmony and one of the boys when inspiration strikes and the third person is not available, and when finished these "sides" could be posted as brief expeditions and adventures with only the two of them and posted in a single comprehensive post to catch up third.

    And with that I believe that we are ready to begin the story? I could work on the Introduction over the next couple of days and then post to the role-playing board provided that we do not require any kind of moderator approval to post there? I did not see any rules stating this but know many forums have such stipulations. ... For the introduction, I was thinking she could be found singing by your boys, and they could be able to find her at any point from the beginning to the end of the song, to allow them to arrive "naturally" and stay hidden to not interrupt?

    Now I simply need to decide on her coloration, between the arctic blue (ocean breeze based explanation) or shiny yellow (royal explanation), I am leaning towards the shiny yellow at the moment unless there is a strong preference otherwise from one of her admirers?

    Edit: If you had a specific idea for how your character approaches her when she is in song than let me know on my profile page or here, and I can work into post where possible to setup both of your males for a collaborative entry even if one likely arrived much earlier.
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  23. I wouldn't mind if you did that. In fact, I would feel a little better.

    And if you are going to close the RP, it would be best to change the 'Open' suffix in your title to 'Private/Closed' so people don't come in here thinking they can join. XD
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  24. I believe you actually have to change it Private/Closed otherwise anyone can join regardless of your wishes.

    Personally, I like the Royal Yellow, so if you're accepting votes then mine certainly falls there.
    I was going to bring it up but didn't want to make things too awkward with an under-age joke xD
  25. Don't worry, I have heard worse. XD in all honesty, I'd probably laugh at it, as bad as that sounds.
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  26. Sounds Good. I have altered her age to eighteen months, which would be around eighteen in human years for a feline Pokemon.

    Sounds Good. I will likely leave her as the sunshine yellow coloration then, unless I am super passionate about it come introduction time.

    Sounds Good. I have changed the header to Closed/Private as requested, and I appreciate the reminder as I would have forgotten.

    And without further delay, I will work on the introduction post over the next few days. All I ask from each of you is to let me know how you would like your characters to be introduced (e.g. hidden) and when as she is performing a song that she believes is in private. I think that is easiest way to allow you each time to naturally interlude and then pause and enjoy her voice, and make them both have an interest in her?
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  27. I'd like to flesh out the initial setting, i.e. the nearest town, and the surrounding' mystery dungeons' so that I could have a grasp of what my character would be doing prior to meeting Harmony, and in general provide some context for their meeting.
  28. Added backstory and revised the moves learned and how well he can use them. XD
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  29. How about the story begins in a picturesque jungle type of a setting. It could feature Harmony seated on a stone platform that overlooks a large circular lake, and ahead of her is a temple ruin from the lost civilization she had explored that morning. The reflection in the water has inspired her song of the day that attracts the interest of her two admirers (for their own reasons of course)?

    The setting of the location could be about twelve miles north from the coastline that lies to the south and the southeast directions, a large ocean from there and her island chain beyond that point. To the north there could be a range of mountains that extend for hundreds upon hundreds of miles, and form an impassable barrier leaving the only real option to the west, and into the nearest Pokemon City of "Tristain" which could have a population of Pokemon upwards of 50,000 and is about to celebrate it's annual spring festival that attracts thousands more, and features a musical competition that is one of the larger ones this side of the continent, while many more are held in the interior.

    Tristain could for the most part be a peaceful city that is focused on trading, as the bridge from the coastline to the interior, and there also could be a corrupt nobility to "tax" the underprivileged to poverty. The festival could very much be a distraction from those woes, and also provide an incentive to participate if the prize money is more than enough to support someone for an entire year, thus the crowds it draws.
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  30. I'm going to wait until @kyuukestu makes her character and then I'll post.
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  31. Name: Suisen
    Species: Meowstic
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17 (Human years)
    Ability: Infiltrator – Good at sneaking around
    Characteristic: Alert to Sounds (highest IV is speed)
    Personality: Suisen likes to think of himself as a former street rat cat that's risen above his station, that's broken free from a vicious cycle of poverty, that's cast aside the impoverished, scarely opportune lands of home in favor of risking it all for a chance at fame & fortune; and, through a combination of dazzling good looks, beguiling wit, his own incredible talent, and, last but not least, Arceus' heaven-sent favor, he's all but destined to succeed.

    Despite a clear penchant for narcissism, Suisen is not blindly confident. He knows that in a harsh world, battling even harsher competition, only his own raw abilities and hard work can secure the lap of luxury he so desires. For him, the means justify the ends and with his naturally sharp and feline features, quick wit, and swift reflexes, he cuts the figure of a rakish rogue, one who knows a little deception can go a long way, and eagerly deploys his skill to cheat and manipulate other pokemon. However, even (petty) evil has standards, and Suisen has never forgotten the desolation of his home land. Unwilling to take advantage of those too helpless to help themselves, Suisen's targets are often those who can afford to lose a few layers of skin and whatever windfalls he can't pocket eventually spill over the less fortunate.

    Over the short year of his journey, this cycle of offending the rich to support (with whatever he hadn't already pocketed) the poor has repeated a number of times and unwilling to stick around too long—and risk running a foul any competent explorers—Suisen has been 'forced' to lead a nomadic lifestyle; one of (in)famy and (mis)fortune.

    Backstory: -WIP-

    Starting Moves: Mean Look, Role Play, Covet, Charm, Light Screen, Reflect, Miracle Eye, Trick(!!), Fake Out, Disarming Voice, Psybeam, Sucker Punch

    Final Moves (Probably):
    Extrasensory, Mean Look, Trick(!!), Substitute, Nasty Plot(!!), Energy Ball, Charm, Dig, Magic Room, Wonder Room, Pay Day (!!), Dark Pulse
  32. Before I fill out the backstory I had a few ideas that I wanted to pass by you two first since it might dabble into the society at whole and how certain moves might work in RP.


    There's a bit more I want to add to Suisen's bio, but I might need a few drafts to work everything together and as I said, I had a few issues I wanted to run past you both.

    One of the things I had in mind for Suisen's backstory was for him to chance upon the TR for Pay Day, since I think that would be a very good way to justify him managing to come up with funds given his less than opulent upbringing.

    That posed the question of how a move like Pay Day would work. In the games, it creates actual money, but in the context of an RP, one with a functioning society, a move like Pay Day existing would quickly depreciate the value of money. My first attempt at solving this problem is to modify how Pay Day would work in RP. It would create temporary money, a well-made counterfeit though some mystical/supernatural means that would vanish into thin air after a set amount of time. To make things fairer the amount of time the money exists for would be inversely proportional to the amount created. That's to say creating a small amount of money would last for some time but a large amount would quickly go up in smoke.

    Tentatively, I was thinking small values like 10-150 ish Poke would last for maybe a couple hours (Or until the move was used again)? While larger values like several thousand Poke would vanish in a matter of seconds.

    I'm basing this off what I remember about the prices for things like Apple and Oran Berries in the mystery dungeon games. It would allow Suisen to successful swindle someone of an apple or two, but wouldn't be enough for him to swindle TMs or anything of very high value.

    On another note, with the first paragraph of the personality description, I tried to play up Suisen's narcissism but while he is a bit witty, his other attributes are more move assisted. I wanted to play around with the idea of using moves like Charm or Disarming voice in a way that was a direct interpretation of their flavor text and namely use them in situations outside of battle, so he might apply liberal use of Charm to make himself seem more handsome and something like Disarming voice to make his voice more...disarming.

    I wanted to throw the ideas out there first before I finished up the Bios.
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  33. I like the way you made Pay Day work. I have basically the same thing you did, making them counterfeit and they vanish after a set amount of time proportional to the amount made. I'm assuming the (!!) means being taught or TR/TM stuff, right?
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  34. Thanks! I've been trying to do some out of the box thinking with the abilities and moves.

    Oh whoops! The (!!) is actually for Suisen's favorite moves xD
    I was a bit liberal so I went with learn-sets from different generations. His starting move list has no TMs on it, but I'll be adding Pay Day in a moment.
  35. Ohh okay. XD so was I. I look at all the movesets from all the generations
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  36. In my opinion Pay Day would function the exact same that Diance's Gemstone ability functions in the movie. It would create realistic coins for a time that would disperse after a set amount of time, and if focused on hard enough with enough passion than could create a real coin, but the effort for that coin would likely not be worth the value of said coin, and these would therefore have more sentimental than actual value?

    For each of the moves I would say have them function the way that the moves function in the anime, for a base point. If we then decide that we want to use "watered down" versions of them for various applications than I believe in empowering my partners to make that choice. If it works for the story than feel free to do it. As we are all using the same species, we have access to the same moves and the same applications.

    If honest I would say do not even fret about pre-determined move sets. As we play the characters you could decide you want to use a certain move at a certain time for a certain benefit to the story and I believe that we should each have that freedom. I believe that as we post we can naturally determine the moves our characters prefer to use in story... for instance, I suspect harmony will lean more towards non-combative.

    In summary, I personally do not believe in restrictions on a characters sheet. If you feel it works for story than feel free! As far as I can tell we are all matured writers and could make those decisions on our own without discussion needed each time (if that makes sense...)?
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  37. I'll make a post here in a bit. I have just been busy with other things. XD
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  38. Alrighto! Then I'll be getting a post up today (Monday).

    R.I.P yellow, mutant Harmony
  39. Sorry, I thought I had time and I apparently didn't. XD babies are time suckers.

    I'll get to a post sometime today.
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