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Private/Closed Musical Resonance - New Encounters!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by .Frostbitten., Sep 11, 2020.

  1. It was cool morning at the beginning of spring over the forest of eternity as it was known. A stretch of lush trees and fauna that stretched for more than a hundred miles in all directions. It had roaring rivers that intersected through the underbrush. To follow the paths of an ancient human civilization that had existed here thousands of years ago in the past and now stood as no more than ruins. The stone prefaces and structures now claimed by those Pokemon who called them home and perches.

    From the more common Pikachu that ran across the ground, to the Hoothoot that lives in the trees and eyed the burrows underground of Sentret and the other rodent species. In the skies above the forest lured many species such as swarms of Butterfree. The songs of Pidgy in the treetops added a serene element to the landscape. And there at the edge of one of the many lakes of the region, sat a beautiful arctic blue and white colored Meowstic who had been seated on a stone platform.

    To allow her yellow eyes to move across the calm waters of the lakebed. Ahead of herself there was one of the ancient human structures - a temple that had been submerged underground in time. To produce a series of underground tunnels and passages. The walls of the temple lined with beautiful murals that told the story of one of their treasures that had existed here for a time. None other than a beautiful pink diamond that was spherical in design and was named the Heart of the Ocean.

    In her delicate paws the priceless treasure itself, that she had retrieved from the bottom of the lake several moments earlier and was now seated on the stone allowing her furs to warm. To return to a lustrous shade of arctic blue and white as soft as the finest of silks. As she bathed in the sounds of the forest that calmed her senses. And caused her to close her beautiful eyes for a moment to hear the intricate sounds that echoed through the trees and through the breezes from the spring winds.

    "Mmhmmm hmmm" she hummed to herself as a song began to form within the depths of her heart and she opened her eyes once more to stare across the surface of the lakebed. To the clear surfaces of the water that reflected the calmness of her personality. More timid and insecure than most girls around her years, she felt at times that she had the world upon her shoulders. And that made her a lot more shy around people, to the point she could only express herself when all alone.

    In situations such as this one where she opened her eyes once more and raised the pink diamond a couple of inches from her face to admire the design. It was beautiful and had a story of its own that could be told. If one only listened as she continued to hum the song that had been surfacing within her heart since the morning when she had been exploring the temple murals. And as she splashed a little with her feet into the cool water the song began to escape from her lips in pleasant serenade.

    “Do you think the coast is clear?” she began in a melodious tone of voice. “No one to see and no one to hear…?” she continued the song as her feet splashes the waters. “Me sing out my song…?” echoed the voice that was more like that of an angel. “I think we are all alone?” she surmised as her eyes had scanned their surroundings. As she did not care for audiences that made her feel more self-conscious about her performances and limited her from feeling this freedom.

    “I don’t need my name in lights… That’s not where I set my sights…” she continued pleasantly as she set the pink diamond down on the stone platform. In order to place her paws down on the stone for a moment. No oh, oh no, not me…! I don’t need a stage to set me free!” she sang with her voice now reaching elevated heights as she hovered up into the skies. To move about from side to side now that her psychic power allowed her to more or less unrestrained by normal forces.

    “I like the quiet… I like the calm. To turn it up, to sing along!” she began the first portion of the basic chorus to the song from her heart. “I’m not just shy, look close and you will see… There is so much more to me!” she continued as she hovered back and forth now like a performer on the stage. In her movements a feminine elegance that complimented her more delicate physique and the softer nature of her arctic blue and white colored furs that shimmered from the moisture too.

    “I’m just fine rehearsing on my own…” she sang with her voice reaching higher levels. “My tail is my microphone!” she mewled turning to raise her beautiful tails to her lips. ”Lookout now - I am in the zone!” she moved to the music within her heart. “Yeah…! Can you feel it?” she mewled an accompaniment to herself as she floated up to a nearby branch. As if to confirm the presence of a audience member and found the branch empty as she looped around to the next more playfully.

    “I like the quiet, I like the calm!” she continued the chorus line. “To turn it up, to sing along!” as she looped around in a beautiful series of pirouettes. “I’m not just shy – Look close and you will see… There’s so much more to me!” she laughed as she pretended to recoil herself and to touch herself back down on the stone platform from earlier. In the most adorable of fashions possible as she pulled her tails once more back to her face in a playful way to express her shyness.

    “I speak so soft, out in the crowd! I whisper… Am I being too loud?” she whispered to herself in a playful voice. “But when I am alone… the crowd just wants more and more!” she continued to sing. Now more and more into the rhythm of the song as her voice continued to rise. The voice now clear and able to reach far distances. In part due to her formal training in speech projection that she applied to the songs, as she had soared into the skies performing a myriad of spirals and spins.

    “I like the quiet, I like the calm! To turn it up, to sing along! I’m not just shy, look close and you will see, there’s so much more to me!” she repeated the chorus as she paused in the air to then hover upward to a nearby tree with a make shifted burrow. A couple of baby sentret on the top branch. “I like my friends, I like your home! I like to groove, and do pirouettes!” she sang as she flew backward into the air with another series of spirals to match those song words so well.

    “Yeah I am more than shy… I am more than you can see! There’s so much more to me…!” she declared with the song coming to an end. And for the moment clueless to the fact she had during a beautiful performance attracted more attention than only those sentret. From the branches around herself several more flying pokemon had gathered. And there also was some rustling within nearby bushes to the left as well as the right that she noticed now that her voice did not drown them out.

    It caused her to flinch for a moment as she continued to hum the lyrics to her song. As she made her way back down to the stone platform from earlier. To sit down and retrieve the diamond from earlier and to use her psychic to raise a brown leather bag from the brushes of their lake. To place the treasure inside with her psychic followed by her raising some of the other items that were way more ordinary and less valuable despite them each having more sentimental value than the stone.

    "Mhmm!" she mewled to herself with satisfaction as she raised a pebble that she had collected at the moment she been about to board the ship from her home. It reminded her of her homelands that were a set of islands to the south. A pride of more than one-hundred Meowstics from which her parents were the respected elders and the chieftains. And that more or less made her be their beloved princess. None other than Harmony del' Fyiore of the Water Tribe of the Meowstic Pride.

    After the pebble she raised the shell that she had found when she landed on the mainland. As her reminder of her promise to see the world and the landscapes it housed. And from there she raised the worn golden chain from another of the nearby shrines. As well as a beautiful light pink colored ribbon that had been obtained from a human settlement that she had come across as well. To be more or less her most prized possession despite the excessive wealth of her family back at home.

    There was simply something serene about the ribbon as she reached up to secure this around her right most ear for a moment. It had to be aided by her psychic and the reflection of the water out across the lake to position the ribbon in the most beautiful way. And then she turned her head a little from side to side in order to inspect herself and ensure her furs had dried from earlier. Now returned to the lustrous shine and the arctic colored shades of white as well as blue on the paws.

    To stare her eyes upward to the sun over the edges of the trees. “I like the quiet, I like the calm! To turn it up, to sing along!” she hummed to herself the chorus of her original song. And once more returned to the playful splashing of her feet within the waters. To recover her stamina from all of that movement around in the skies. As her psychic allowed her to do for a shorter time when she was most passionate about her musical resonance that set herself free from constant pressures.

    Another series of rustles from the bushes capturing her attention once more. As she turned to a side in order to inspect those bushes more closely. And then found another sound came out the opposite direction of bushes. "H-Hello...?" she mewled with confusion as her eyes darted upward into the branches to note that the flying Pokemon from earlier had flown away. And that had for what she believed implied she was now alone if not for the rustling from her two other admirers.

    Two unexpected encounters that had come across her early into her song and towards the end of the musical accompaniment and stayed hidden. If for no reason other than to avoid startling such beautiful music. Or for other intentions for if she had not ended when she had the Pink Diamond could have easily been stolen if one of the individuals had so chosen. There on display so free and now safely contained inside of the leather shoulder strap that functioned more as an oversize bag.

    Welcome to the Stage! - @Merciless Medic @kyuukestu
    Inspiration Song: "So Much More to Me" by "Fluttershy"
    Artist Information: Hasbro - Friendship is Magic Franchise
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  2. The raw feeling in the young Meowstic's throat scratched himas he drank a good pouch of water. He had been using Echoed Voice to make his voice louder as he commentated on three back-to-back battles. He rubbed his throat, his face laced with discomfort before emptying his pouch and setting his pouch of water in between his two tails to hold it in place. After all the hustle and bustle of the city, he decided to take a break and walk along somewhere. Maybe to the forest nearby and find a berry to soothe his aching throat. Yeah, that sounded like a good idea.

    The Meowstic walked along, leaving the noise of the city and entering the very peaceful, leaf rustling forest. He had been rummaging through some bushes to find some berries, but he was unable to find anything. He found Oran Berries, but they were dry and their juices hurt his throat more than helped.

    That is when he heard it.


    He whirled around to see a Yanma, buzzing about the forest. The Yanma had seen him, locking eyes with the terrified green eyes of Yami the Meowstic. The Bug/Flying-Type thought Meowstic needed something, so the Yanma got closer with a questioning look. However, the Meowstic mistook this as danger. He screamed a high pitched note that hurt his throat even more, but he didn't care. Adrenaline rushed through his system and his ears flapped open, emitting a wave of psychic energy which caused the Yanma to falter back, allowing the terrified Meowstic to run for his life.

    Speeding through bushes and branches, it was amazing that he still had a hold on his canteen throughout all of this. After a few minutes of running through the winding forest, Yami got himself lost and he stopped to calm down and gather his bearings. The trees were larger and denser, which caused enough light to be filtered from the tree tops to cast mostly everything on the forest floor in darkness. Terrified, his throat killing him, and his canteen empty, he trudged about in the woods until he heard some melodic singing.

    Perking his ears to the beauty that was this sound, he chased after it, only finding his way to a brighter portion of the forest. Did he finally find his way out due to this angelic voice? He had to meet whoever was behind this song! The words were muffled by towers of wood and bushels of leaves, but he finally found himself hiding behind some bushes and staring up at the most beauteous sight he had ever laid eyes on.

    A fair female Meowstic, floating in the air and singing to her heart's content. The melody was so beautiful, that he started to see Pokemon perch on branches and slither through bushes to watch the spectacle. He was captivated by the movements and singing, he had completely missed the jewel she had set down on the rock earlier.

    That water looked good, too. Maybe if he just snuck out of the bush and get some of that water without her noticing him, maybe he could get away with this. However, he stepped on a twig wrong and he fell further into the bush, the bush rustling which caused the melodic voice to stop singing and regress into a hum.

    He sighed in relief that she was still singing, but as he tried to get up, he made more noise than when he had tripped. This caused the unexpected voice to resonate at him.

    Was she saying hi? He quickly got up, twigs and leaves sticking out of his well kept furs as he stared at the female Meowstic with embarrassment, getting flustered from the mere presence of such a pretty feline. "U-um, hi." He saw his state and quickly began cleaning himself, swiping the leaves and twigs away with a few swipes of his paws, a blush forming. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop for so long. But your voice is beautiful. Oh, I'm Yami by the way. Your local battling commentator. What's your name?"

    He had completely forgotten about his throat ache.
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  3. The Poke-city city of Tristan: a well-populated trading hub only some dozen-odd miles from the coast. It was a well—and naturally—fortified city: a fertile valley, a cradle of civilization nestled within nature’s bosom; impassable mountains rose to its north, and the vast and boundless sea lapped at its south and south-eastern shores. Between skyward mountain and the bottomless sea was dense jungle and the city of Tristan itself; its surroundings littered with sparse remnants of long-lost civilization; an ancient culture whose temples and monuments, once built to unknown gods, now stood testament to nature’s ability to recover and reclaim. Despite that, the ruin’s depths were still rife with buried treasure: great riches untold, mysterious artifacts of unfathomable power, natural treasures which for decades, centuries, possibly even millennia remained unseen!

    The tales of these and many other great discoveries had become the stuff of myths and fairy tales; their titular characters were living legends: explorers of world-shaking fame and mind-numbing fortune. Of course, their feats were lauded for a reason. Finding any of these ancient wonders was no simple task and required arduous treks through the most hostile of terrains. Slogging through hell and high water, braving hunger and the elements, basking in the respect and recognition of tens of thousands of Pokémon— that was the life of an explorer.

    Suisen couldn’t have been further from that life, a fact he rued with quotidian frequency. How could someone as blindingly handsome and dazzlingly talented as he have been reduced to such pitiful straights? The Meowstic's fur was matted with dust and dirt; slick with sweat that caused his ears and tails to droop deflatingly. His long travels had left his paws sore and achy; the blistering sun overhead and the humidity of the jungle had come together to produce a shockingly effective « Strength Sap »; his reserves of food and water had been exhausted along the way and currently, a single Oran berry was all the boy could claim to own.

    Tired, frustrated, tired, hungry, and—most of all—exhausted, Suisen loosed his grievances upon a nearby tree, nailing it with a prismatic blast of « Psybeam ». The towering pillar of greenery shook slightly; a rustle emerged from the branches, followed by the snap of branches. Something was falling out of the tree! Lucky! Bright-eyed and optimistic, Suisen raised his paws to catch his fruity gift from the heavens. He could already imagine it, a juicy Big Apple: nearly the size of his head with brilliant red skin that hid sweet, juicy white flesh.

    When the fruit plopped down into his eagerly waiting paws, Suisen froze. He looked into his paws, where his reflection stared back at him mockingly, captured perfectly across the verdant green skin of a large, inedible, Apricot. "Just my luck..." Irritated, Suisen discarded the Apricot. A throaty purr voiced his bittersweet relief as he collapsed onto the soft grass and gave his paws a well-deserved break.

    “Did I take…a wrong turn? I should’ve been in Tristan ages ago!”

    The boy grumbled but ultimately knew that he had been his own undoing. His sticky hands—and even stickier eyes—had gotten him in quite a bit of trouble the last time he’d entered a town and since then, he’d been intentionally skirting around towns and other Pokémon. He had gotten some general directions towards Tristan, but the last time he’d confirmed his location had been several hours ago.

    His sharp feline eyes peered through the leafage, staring at the sky while he rested beneath the shade of the Apricot tree. He wasn’t pleased with the tree’s decision to bear inedible fruit, but at least it was good for something.

    The thought of food provoked a soft warble from his stomach, but Suisen ignored it. It wasn’t the first time he’d gone hungry and Oran berries were highly nutritious; he wanted to save his for as long as he could. The Meowstic distracted himself with the picturesque scenery: the gentle sway of branches in the cool, refreshing wind; the pleasant, almost cathartic, smell of flowers that eased his fatigue; and, the fanciful flight of spinning, spiraling Meowstic.


    One of those things was not like the others. The boy’s fatigued mind took a moment to figure that out; but, as soon as it did, renewed vigor coursed through his body. Within moments Suisen was bounding through the jungle, pouncing upon the hope that maybe, just maybe, the flying Meowstic had been more than a figment of his imagination, a hunger-induced delusion. Maybe she (he thought it was a she) might have food or, better yet, know the way to Tristan!

    As he drew closer his ears began to twitch, picking up on the soft yet strong undertones of a voice deep in the throes of impassioned song. The melody was beautiful and, had he known the lyrics, he might have even mewled along. Enchanted by the voice, the journey to its source seemed to take no time at all and Suisen arrived just as she’d finished singing.

    Now that he could afford a much closer look, Suisen had to admit the (no longer) flying Meowstic was an uncommon beauty. He thought he was pretty good looking, especially after a few uses of « Charm » but even he had to admit that this girl was in a league of her own. His admiration of her beauty was cut short when his ears twitched, and his eyes darted to the source of a soft snap. Another Meowstic rose from the underbrush, and Suisen’s eyes widened at the fellow who seemed to have, somehow, someway, managed to make illegal usage of the TM « Bulk Up ».

    Staring at the feline duo, Suisen's thoughts inadvertently slipped from his lips.

  4. Harmony paused for a moment when the rustling from the nearby bushes intensified. It made the soft hues of the furs quiver and pulsate as the figure emerged. Another of her kind with darker shaded fur around most of his mid-section. As well as darker shades of white around the paws and the ears. In so many ways the mirror inverse of her own coloration if her furs were darker blue. As opposed to more of an arctic blue that blended with her more pristine snow-white colored furs around most of herself.

    Then came the voice that had a heightened tone to the voice. It was more adorable than alarming she decided as she noticed the traces of crimson hue that had spread across his face. For what reason she had not decided. As she raised her ears the faintest of portions to discern his intension more close. If that would have aided in her assessment of course. The show more instinctual as she smiled upon his more clumsier dusting of the twigs and leaves from his fur as a result of his earlier concealment there.

    “O-Oh…” she mewled in response as a trace of pink also spread across her own face when she learned that he had been eavesdropping upon her song. This of course leading her to become more self-aware of her performance as well as being more critical and judgemental as well. If she had come across as a bit too whimsical or if her notes had been proper. Oh dear, oh dear the worries compounded on one another within her mind faster than the delicate and faire female feline could process those thoughts.

    “I-It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Yami…” she responded with the most elegant of curtsies using her paws and a bow from the feet and the knees with her head lowered as well. It being more a natural way she was educated in how to greet another person. The rank of said other person none the less important for formalities. And she did aspire to leave her best impression upon those she met and to come across as polite despite the fact different Pokemon had different culture values she had found.

    “M-My name is… H-Harmony…” she continued to introduce herself as well as another crash came from the opposite direction and another Meowstic of similar coloration to Yami there appeared. This made her feel even more timid since she was not fond of crowds. As this looked like it was beginning to now become and made her blush intensify. The beautiful snow-white colored tails behind herself swaying a little closer to her form as she darted her eyes between those two males of her own elusive species.

    “A-And… H-Hello… To you as well….” She added with a timid smile in the direction of the other darker colored male feline. It then followed by her darting her eyes back towards Yami and then back towards the unintroduced third member of the scenery. In a way that showed she was more anxious as well a more than shy around strangers. Not that this detracted from her otherwise beautiful appearance and her otherwise pleasant demeanor that was aided by her more fluid and elegant movements as well.

    Standing between the two male felines who were several feet apart from herself. It was clear she had not been accustomed to meeting strangers. If not anxious about the encounter as she fumbled her far more delicate paws. In front of herself and curled her ears more downward. In the most submissive as well as instinctual of fashions for their kind. The beautiful shades of pink that contrasted her otherwise snow-white colored furs around the face continued to deepen as her mind raced to the dark scenarios.

    To the possibility that more than Yami had heard her musical resonance. As well as the fact that doing so could have attracted even more visitors. As well as an even larger audience than the small collection of Pokemon already. And the more her mind dwelled upon those thoughts, in the fraction of a second that her mind took to leap to those conclusions. The more intensified her blushes became as well as a more intensified her other symptoms of shyness became such as the way she was fidgeting her paws.

    For the beautiful arctic colored feline this type of response was more common. As she had more of a crippling stage fright when she knew there was an audience. In addition to the more plain fact that she was her own worst critic. The upbringing as a princess for her pride had led to her being more or less focused on perfection and nothing less. If she believed was being observed than she put even more effort into her mannerisms and posturing and behavior to come across in the way she believed everyone desired of herself.
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  5. Yami stared ahead at the beauty that was this feline of his species, the pink blush making her seem so much cuter than before. Was she embarrassed? She shouldn't be! When she talked, he felt like she was not of his standing. Almost as if she were a princess or some royal. She definitely looked the part. While Yami's own furs were brushed neatly and were washed before his romp through the forest, her furs were a bit more exquisite than his own. When she curtsied, Yami decided to be polite and bowed for her, not wanting to make her feel any more uncomfortable. And her name was Harmony? How beautiful!

    However, another Meowstic had appeared. Yami stared into the direction of the word leaving the other Meowstic's lips and stared quite awkwardly between Harmony and the unknown other.

    Yami got a hold of himself and studied Harmony closely. She seemed to be very nervous and the embarrassment blush from before seemed to intensify into a more uncomfortable, intense feeling. Yami, while not knowing what it was like to be this anxious, knew what it was like to be always preyed upon by those who think others are weak. He knew this wasn't something she probably was experiencing or had experienced, but it was the only logical explanation he can come up with based on his own experiences.

    He looked over at the other Meowstic and walked out of the brush, making sure to give Harmony some space so, if she did decide to, she can run without feeling like Yami was going to chase her. "And you are? You lost?" Yes, these questions had a bit of an attitude, but his cute greeting with the beautiful feline had been cut short. This male Meowstic seemed to have less hygiene than him, having greasy fur and dirt. Though, he wondered if he was some kind of Meowstic who couldn't better himself because of his circumstances, so Yami lightened up a little on the attitude. "I'm assuming you enjoyed the show, right?" His smile was absolutely huge and silly, making him look more like a goof with his oddly toned body. "The poor girl is anxious though, so..." He looked over to Harmony.

    "Say, why don't you come back to Tristan? That way you don't have to rough it out in the woods?" He looked between the greasy-haired Meowstic and the beautiful princess Meowstic that he thought must be some kind of royalty, expecting a positive answer.
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  6. Suisen's eyes darted back and forth between the duo of unfamiliar felines. It wasn't often that he met members of the same species. Meowstic wasn't exactly a rare species of pokemon but the feline group of pokemon: Espurr & Meowstic, Purrloin & Liepard, Glameow & Purugly, and Meowth & Persian, all had a reputation for being aloof and unfriendly; it was simply in their nature. A cat's prideful lissomness could only be matched by its matchless curiosity.

    That curiosity was currently at full throttle. With a lot more scrutiny that he'd applied mere moments ago, Suisen once more drank in the flawless (as far as he could tell) beauty of the Meowstic who'd introduced herself as Harmony. An already eye-catchingly purrdy lady became even more-so as she flushed a bashful pink. She was the very picture of demure a her paws twiddled about nervously and her fur and ears flattening in a display of frightfully embarrassment.

    Suisen had never seen such luxurious fur on anyone other than fancy-smancy Furfrou who often paraded around as one-poke cabarets. But, for all that she was beautiful, her beauty would neither fill his belly nor get him any closer to Tristan. It was thus with even greater excitement that Suisen shifted his attention to Yami.

    “It was a gorgeous song, I half expected it to lull me to sleep" the boy responded to Yami jokingly, but his gnawing stomach quickly forced him back on track, "she does seem a bit rattled and I am just a teensy bit lost. I must've gotten bad directions when I asked at the last town. I'm Suisen, by the way, and I think I'll take you up on that offer."
  7. Harmony found the stares from the male felines to be on the unnerving side of the equation. It made her blushes more pronounced and had made her fumbling of her paws more adorable. As she darted her eyes between Yami to Suisen and then back and then to the ground. It was expected for a princess to be accustomed to being the center of attention within a room. However, this princess found the attention to be far more unbearable for her to tolerate. To wish that she could have turned herself invisible if it would have diminished the amount of stares too.

    At least until she raised her ears to the sound of movement to her left hand side. As Yami moved to another position that allowed for her to fade more into the backdrop. To disappear as she raised her eyes to examine the boys who were now engaged in conversation. Yami having the best personal hygiene as far as she could have determined. If not Suisen being the more handsome of the two underneath the cloud of dust that littered his blue and white colored coat of fur that complimented and contrasted her own coloration as a female of their species.

    "T-The Show...?" she mewled in surprise as Yami turned the conversation back to one about herself. To remind her that the boy had also been listening into her performance and that made the blush return to her face as soon as it had faded moments earlier. To find her eyes widened more in horror and stage fright as she expected there to follow a sea of criticism. To tear into her how she had made one note off key or how her movements had been less refined. The swirl of negative reviews whirling swirling about in her mind at nauseum as she feared the worst.

    'I have expected it to lull me to sleep!' came the response, and made the cheeks of the female burn from embarrassment. It had been so bad that he had wanted to be put to sleep instead?! Oh - No, no, no that was not the best first impression. It made her stiffen and her ears raise a bit as she worried and worried about how far she had gone astray from the positive first impressions with each of the two boys. At least until the earlier words 'It was a gorgeous song' echoed within her mind. To cause her flustered nitpicking and worries to fade into dust as she then darted her eyes back to Yami and then to Suisen and then back to the first of the Meowstics once more. As her eyes echoed that uncertainty.

    "W-Wait... Y-You do you not think I did a bad performance...?" she inquired in the most frail and most adorable of voices. It being a question which also must have sounded rather strange given how talented her voice was for music. If not that one in a million diamond in a dust kind talent that could lure in hundreds if not thousands of viewers. The kind of talent that could make other performers envious. If not for her one fatal weakness that made the potential wealth of that talent vanish into a plume of smoke - a complete and total absence of self-confidence.

    To sound surprised that the two boys had enjoyed her performance when she had believed that she was all alone. An ironic twist since the song had been about her shyness and aspirations to be more than that. To rise above her constant fears that came from being raised as a royal princess. To be raised to be well... perfect. At least when it came to her appearance, and her mannerisms, and her tone of speech and every other detail of her life that she worried and fussed about to such a degree that it was almost as if the fear was eating her from inside.
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  8. Having been accustomed to dealing with nervous Pokemon, especially those who needed to perform and were being commentated and announced by him, Yami understood the further bashfulness and the sudden fear overtaking her features as she mumbled a couple of words. Yes, a show. What other words was he going to call it? A rehearsal? That sounded rude.

    Yami watched Harmony's actions as Suisen talked, not really trusting him all that much, but found his joke a little funny. He lightened up a bit more and felt a little more comfortable within Suisen's presence. Though, the sudden movements from Harmony about the little compliment looked to have been taken negatively, as she fussed more with herself. Suddenly, she calmed down and looked between the two males before asking if her song was okay. If it was not a bad performance. Of course, it wasn't! But why couldn't Yami say so? His mind froze as the adorable words reached his blessed ears. If it weren't for her shyness and Suisen being here, he would have picked her up and hugged her tightly while saying so many praises to her. But no, he had to control himself and Harmony might die from the embarrassment, so he made himself act "normal" for once in his life.

    "I think your performance was terrific. No, more than terrific. You have such a wondrous gift, I don't have the vocabulary to express how amazing you are. How do you not know how beautiful your singing voice is?" That last question had worry and concern laced within those words after his praise. He was genuinely concerned why this beautiful Meowstic had such horrible self-esteem. She had to find herself, she must. But how was he going to help with this?

    Suisen had taken up on Yami's offer to go to Tristan, but Yami wasn't so sure if Harmony still wanted to go. He gave her an inquiring look, his ears twitched slightly. "Do you want to go to Tristan with us? It's not that far away."

    It was then that he remembered he was searching for that berry for his sore throat. "And I need to find a berry for my throat. It has to be sweet. I overextended my voice today from all my announcing and commentating." He chuckled at that last part, now fully realizing how scratchy and raw his voice sounded. If this were more natural, he'd be fit for singing rock or metal songs.
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  9. Suisen was slightly taken back by Harmony's flustered reaction. 'Did she...think she was bad?'

    For a brief moment, he wondered whether she was one of those people, the type who liked to downplay their own abilities with condescending humility. However, a moment's contemplation quickly dismissed such a thought. Harmony seemed sincere and genuine, in her display of questionable self-esteem. If it had been an act, then it was shockingly good.

    'Was there a move for that?' He pondered, 'I've never heard of any move that could turn a Meowstic that red.'

    Camouflage, perhaps? It was a move he'd seen a Porygon use a few months ago, and though he wanted to learn it, he'd failed quite miserable. Since he couldn't do it, it only made sense that there wasn't a Meowstic in existence that could; so, it was unlikely she'd learned camouflage. Maybe it was the ability color change? It was a well-known ability since it was possessed by Kecleon that seemed to run every general store in the world...that was odd now that he thought about it. A conspiracy was certainly afoot, and Suisen wanted to get to the bottom of it. Think of all the money those Kecleon had been hoarding for generations! If he could figure out their secrets then—"
    Do you want to go to Tristan with us? It's not that far away."

    "What...?" The Meowstic reacted with a start, Yami's sudden dialogue tearing away from his daydreams. "I mean, yes! I'd love to go to Tristan, I been out here for days, some good food and a bed sound heavenly."

    "Just like your voice," Suisen quickly added afterward, turning his attention to Harmony, "I'm not a qualified critic, but I've got pretty good ears. Your voice is beautiful, I can guarantee it. If you participated in Tristan's Spring Festival I'm sure the fans would be all over you!"
  10. 'Just like your voice...' the compliment echoed within the floppy ears of the beautiful female as she paired the word heavenly to his statement and that made her blushes intensify more and more. It was now about the most crimson that her face could have become. As she darted her beautiful amber yellow eyes between the two handsome looking boys as well. To discern hints of dishonesty in the compliments that the two of them had paid and found none. So did that mean that the two of them thought that she had not been bad in her free-spirited new song?

    "Y-You do not believe that I was bad..." she mewled with a tone of uncertainty that showed her absence of self-confidence. "Y-You feel that I did alright...?" she mewled once more to clarify her earlier statement. It was also clear that the response she received from each of them was bound to do her harm or a world of improvement. To bolster her confidence around the two strangers of her own kind. As she was raised to mind her manners and her first-impressions and she did not wish to make a poorer first-impression on two strangers if she could avoid that!

    There was also the aspect of their conversation that had come after those compliments. It had circulated around a common word both had used in a couple of contexts. As her adept mind worked to connect those dots and picture this 'Tristain' as more of a city. At least she heard some about the Pokemon Cities of the mainland from traders on her island. This one unfamiliar to her as opposed to some of the names of back home for the larger cities. But this had to be a city based on the way that the two boys had been describing it throughout their talking.

    "S-Spring... F-Festival...?" she mewled a moment later in confusion as to what that entailed. It sounded like some of the cultural festivals that her pride had held back on her home islands. In those there had been a display of artistic displays such as music and dancing and craftsmen products. To have been some of her favorite moments that she could have remembered back home. As she was, at her core, an art lover for many disciplines even if she did not have the confidence to admit that she was talented in any of them and music above all else her largest.

    "D-Do you mean that it is like an artistic festival...?" she mewled the final question as her ears appeared to elevate for a moment with hope and beauty. As she for the faintest of moments revealed one of her passions and her aspirations. And then immediately closed herself back off when he mentioned fans being all over herself. No, no, no! There was no way she could perform in front of any audience. She would be simply too embarrassed and flustered to remember the words or the moves or her manners. But it was something she wished to see now!

    And that hope radiated across her face as she darted her eyes more timidly between the two boys. Both of her delicate paws fumbled in front of herself in the most adorable and most delicate of fashions. To be standing more upright, in that regal way that royals stood, with back elevated and shoulders down. And yet to also appear to be the least confident person within the whole world. To be the kind of girl who could be easily frightened by the smallest of creatures; and yet regal enough to intimate the most enormous of dragons as well!
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