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Music in Gaming

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by LongArmProd, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. What are some of your favorites songs from a game you've played.
    My favorite songs:
    Sympathy for the Devil CoD Black Ops
    Warthog Run and Never Forget AKA Unforgotten Halo 3
    Prepare to Drop and Rain Halo 3 ODST
    National Park Pokemon Pokemon HG/SS
    Type A Tetris
    Accumula Town with drums and piano Pokemon B/W
    Baba Yetu Civilization IV
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  2. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Nearly all of the Final Fantasy music is gorgeous, but particular mentions have to be The Extreme, The Oath, The Man With The Machine Gun and Force Your Way from FF8, You're Not Alone, Bran Bal, Gizmaluke's Grotto from FF9, Aerith's Theme and J-E-N-O-V-A from FF7, the entire FF6 soundtrack and, of course, all variations on Battle on the Big Bridge.
  3. Snowman ------ Mother 3

    I can't think of others right now.... (or I don't know the name hehe) but when I remember (or know) I'll post it

    Withered leaf -------- Touhou 7
    The fantastic Legend of Tohno ------ Touhou 7
  4. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    It's disgraceful that there is not yet any mention of the Sonic franchise here. Firstly, the music in all of the classic 3 and a half main series games is sublime bordering on perfection. In fact, I'd pretty much just call Sonic 2's soundtrack the most perfect soundtrack in any game, ever. There's not a single piece of music in that game that isn't outstanding, iconic and memorable.

    In more modern times, the level themes aren't so great. Although some are still pretty good, they're just not iconic or memorable on the level of stuff like Mystic Cave zone or Sky Sanctuary. The real shining stars of the modern games, though, are the songs. Every game gets one or more vocal themes as the headline act, often working as the backdrop for the final boss as well as seeing the theme recur in variation throughout the game. Sure they're cheesy nonsense, but they're fun and enjoyable cheesy nonsense. I love them all. Especially Knight Of The Wind. Which I'm gonna finish this post with.

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  5. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Yoko Shimomura's beautiful master pieces collectively known as the complete Kingdom Hearts OST. Nobuo Uematsu gets honorable mention for Final Fantasy, but Kingdom Hearts has such an instantly recognizable sound and feeling to it. There are so many examples I could mention that I don't know where to start!

    The music from Pokemon is also on my list of likes. Again, there are so many beautiful tracks that I just can't pick a favorite.
  6. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    The orchestrated music in the Mario Galaxy games were some of the greatest pieces I've ever heard, and a major reason why I love the two games.

    I always loved the music in the Kirby games as well, most notably the music in Kirby 64, though that's probably just because it was one of the first Kirby games I had ever played. Something about the fast paced music just sets the intended mood up really well.

    I also recently found a heavy likeness for the music in the Mother series as well, especially how the songs range from happy, sad, serious, and horrifying and really keep the tone of the story going along nicely.

    And of course, I gotta give respect for the Pokemon series' music. Each game I've played has got at least a handful of good songs in them, and the fact that nearly all of them are memorable is just proof of how important the music is to those games.
  7. I will say that Pokemon has some pretty good soundtracks, but definitely got better with the Mystery Dungeon series and BW, but HGSS and FRLG also had some good tracks too.

    In case I'm forgetting anything else, definitely the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I especially like the tracks that stress the violins in the background.

    While I'm at it, Jun Senoe has always made good music for the Sonic series, minus Unleashed (though Endless Possibilities and the orchestrated version was kick ass). I like how they always give the songs good beats that can get your blood pumping. Even though many people disliked the game, in my opinion, 06 had some pretty good tracks. However, I do need to give props to Colors as well for mixing it up a bit. It gives me hope for Generations as well.
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    This topic would be the death of me if I had the time and energy to answer it properly - but thankfully, I don't. ;p

    So I'll just post this:
    Final Fantasy VI - Ending Theme (Part 1 of 2)
    Final Fantasy VI - Ending Theme (Part 2 of 2)

    I can only imagine what this 20+ minute song would sound like properly orchestrated. Arguably the best ending track from any game I've ever played. I adore the flow of it and how it incorporates every playable characters' unique theme, the Final Fantasy theme, and then some.
  9. I never had played Katamari... but man the music is awesome and your Taco Dogs are amazing, sir.

    Let's be redundantdantdant!
    FFVII - Main theme, Aerith's theme, Jenova theme. I like Tifa's too, but man, Aerith's gets stuck in my head now all the time cuz it's all emotional. And I like the Underwater theme, and the Highwind and Cid's and...
    Kingdom Hearts - Ohohoh, good tracks. Who knew that a pop star could create the main theme for such a good franchise? And the tracks for each world are very good too, it really helps give it the feel for it.
    Pokemon - My pretty much absolute fave is Route 38 & 39 in GSC. The drums are so cool but no one who does a remix has the drum riff/thing/what ever. HG and SS did different drums and it isn't as cool D:. And the surf music is pretty good for all of them... there's a Pokemon music thread soooo I'll rant about other games...

    Less redundantdantdant...
    Mario - Who could forget the classic? Very fun to watch someone do it blindfolded on a piano :D
    World of Warcraft - I'm a bit particular to the music in Ashenvale, Howling Fjord and Shadowfang Keep.
    Starcraft - It has a composer for each side! I love the Terran music, Rock 'n Roll and such. Protoss music can be pretty too.
  10. cloveria1215

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    pokemon music
    N's castle bridge
    elite four battle (hoenn and unova)

    jet set radio/Future
    Humming the bassline
    that's enough
    every jump around
    let mom sleep (original and remix)
    miller ball breakers
    Funky dealer
    fly like a butterfly
    Shape da future
    Count latchula
    Latch brothers bounce to name a few
  11. Here is my top five game themes (not just ones I have played)

    5. Red/Champion Theme- HGSS
    4. Ai no Uta- Pikmin
    3. Huin City- B/W
    2. Reset- Okami
    1. N's Farewell- B/W
  12. I have a couple, but these are all that I can think of for the moment:

    Blizzeta - TP
    Volvagia - OoT
    Dancing Mad - FFIII/VI
    Kefka's Theme - FFIII/VI
    Dark Side of Fate - Touhou 10
    Road of the Apotropaic God - Touhou 10

    ... Yes I'm a Hina Fanboy D=<
  13. These are the songs that I always seem to find myself humming at odd moments:

    One winged angel:FF7
    His world(instrumental version):sonic '06
    Wily's castle stage 1: Megaman 2
    Taokakka's theme: Blazblue
    Green hill zone: Sonic the hedgehog
    The song of healing: LoZ Majora's Mask
    Ridley's theme: Metroid other m
  14. I forgot to say I like:

    -Castelia city: pokemon B/W
    -Doll Judgement: Touhou 7 (marisa stole the precious thing :D)
    -The skyrunner: Earthbound
    -Because I Love you: Earthbound
    - Fall of Fall~ Autumnal waterfall : Touhou 10 (XD Pun)
  15. Bairaisu

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  16. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

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    My favorites have to be
    Eternal Sonata- Heaven's Mirror
    Tales of Legendia- Birds Chirp, I sing or My Tales
    Ni No Kuni- Pieces of a Broken Heart/ Kokoro no Kakera.
  17. ive got alot but ill give some

    lost woods: legend of zelda oot
    athletic theme: new super mario bros wii
    bob-omb battlefield: super mario 64
    alot of super mario galaxy music
    rainbow road: mario kart 64 and wii
    bowsers castle: mario kart ds
    kanto gym leader: pokemon hg/ss
    mushroom hill zone: sonic 3 and knuckles
    kalos elite 4: pokemon x/y
    planet wisp act 1/modern: sonic colors/sonic generations
  18. Route 201 in Pokemon Diamond is my favorite music in Pokemon, and my favorite music of all time would be tied with "Fighting Johnny Vincent" and "Punishment" from Bully SE
  19. pokeman266

    pokeman266 2015 Singles Champion

    I've never really found music in a game that has stood out for me very much. Even though Sonic 06 was a bad game I found myself really liking "His World" as a kid. One recent piece of music I've liked is the song that plays when you are about to challenge the Elite Four/Champion in Pokemon X and Y. It gives me that feeling of a long journey ending and the final trial coming.
  20. There are more than one answer.

    Xenoblade Chronicles
    Ace Attorney
    Tales of Zestiria
    Yandere Simulator (I just like the peaceful music.)

    ...and finally. One of the best...


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  21. NonAnalogue

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    *cracks her knuckles* Let's done do this.

    Death by Glamour (Undertale) - An amazing song in a soundtrack full of amazing songs, it's difficult to choose just one battle theme from Undertale - and let's be clear, the battle themes are where Undertale really shines. There isn't a battle theme in this game that isn't amazing, but I'm quite partial to this one just for its dance club vibe.

    Calamari Inkantation (Splatoon) - Hey, do you like the music that plays whenever a Splatfest is going on? How'd you like it if we took that music and made it into a final battle theme? This one's pretty goofy, but also terribly catchy.

    Victory in the Dream World (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team) - This game gets a lot of flak for a variety of reasons, but one way it stands out is its soundtrack. Not only is it the strongest soundtrack of the entire M&L series, it's also arguably some of the finest work Yoko Shimomura has done. It's lively, upbeat, and cheerful - but also still keeps that battle vibe. I never once got tired of it while playing through this game.

    Xerneas and Yveltal (Pokemon X & Y) - Second best battle theme in the entire Pokemon series, beaten only by...

    Miror B.'s Disco Groove (Pokemon XD) - ...this one. They need to get this composer doing work for the main series Pokemon games.

    Discussion -HEAT UP- (Danganronpa) - The song that plays whenever the trial gets to a fever pitch. It doesn't sound like what you'd think a trial should sound like, but that's okay; it matches Danganronpa's fast pace and tense atmosphere to a T.

    Burden of the Son (Final Fantasy XIV) - A boss battle theme inspired by old-school sentai music, which makes sense when you realize that the boss itself is inspired by old-school sentai. Cheesy, catchy, and heavy on the brass - what's not to like?

    The Last Time Travel (Professor Layton & the Unwound Future) - I'm not crying, you're crying! I'm just... peeling onions. For my dinner. That I'm having. Tonight. Shut up!

    The Little Bonus Room (Skullmonkeys) - Just... listen to it. You'll see why.
  22. I love a lot of the music in the Super Mario franchise, but some here are some more honorable mentions:
    Super Mario Bros. Main Theme
    Super Mario Bros. 2 Underground Theme
    Super Mario Bros. 3 Main Theme
    Super Mario 64: Bob-omb Battlefield/Main Theme
    Super Mario 64: Bowser in the Dark World
    Super Mario 64: Bowser's Road
    Mario Kart 64: Bowser's Castle
    Mario Kart 64: Rainbow Road
    Paper Mario 64: Tubba Blubba's Theme
    Paper Mario 64: Shy Guy's Toybox
    Paper Mario 64: General Guy's Theme
    Super Mario Sunshine: Boss Battle
    Super Mario Sunshine: Ricco Harbor
    Super Mario Sunshine: Noki Bay (Loved the music, hated the stage.)
    New Super Mario Bros. Main Theme
    Nearly everything in Super Mario Galaxy
    I could go on all day about the music in the Mario franchise.
    The Legend of Zelda, Sonic and Billy Hatcher also have fantastic music in their games. I can't forget the beautiful music in the Super Smash Bros. series.
  23. I´ll have to go for the entire Spyro the Dragon Trilogy OST, because it was composed by Stewart Copeland, the ex-drummer from The Police. All the songs are pretty catchy, and the games are amazing too!
  24. Any and all Zelda games, with the exception of BoTW, had great soundtracks.
    The original trilogy of Mass Effect games also had beautiful soundtracks.
  25. Who doesn't love a a good ol' smash theme?
    Answer: NO ONE

    The king of the dreaded Kremlings

    Wanna have a bad TIME

  26. All Nier and Nier Automata OST are amazing
    Child of Light - Aurora's Theme
    Tales of Vesperia - Serenade of the Morning Star
    FFXV - Departure

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