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Multiple Roleplay Ideas

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GalacticDeg, Sep 25, 2018.


Which idea interests you?

Poll closed Sep 27, 2018.
  1. Animal Crossing RP

    1 vote(s)
  2. Splatoon RP

    9 vote(s)
  3. Harry Potter RP

    9 vote(s)
  4. Steven Universe RP

    2 vote(s)
  1. I have too many ideas in my head... if anyone has one of these ideas they want to do, use the poll above and I'll see what's the best option to do.

    OPTION 1 - Animal Crossing RP
    OPTION 2 - Splatoon RP
    OPTION 3 - Harry Potter RP
    OPTION 4 - Steven Universe RP
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  3. I like animal crossing,so many things you can do,even for an RP ^>^
  4. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    Honestly, I was pretty much tied between Splatoon, which I recently got on my Nintendo Switch and it is AWESOME, and Harry Potter, whichc would be the coolest RP ever because then I could find some Slytherin friends. So I voted for the Hogwarts, sorry Animal Crossing, Stephen Universe, and Splatoon lovers!
  5. Well, currently, it's 5 votes (yes, I know, I'm Captain Obvious) for Harry Potter, but I'm gonna leave it for a bit before I actually decide to make the winner's thread. I'm really surprised that the poll got 9 votes in less than a day :'|
  6. I took a Harry Potter vote, but if so I would recomend including new spells and charms and ect.
  7. While I am interested in a Steven Universe RP, it seems that a majority is picking the Harry Potter route
  8. Since Splatoon and HP are tied, will both be created if nobody else votes?
  9. Harry Potter is gonna win by a long shot, tie is already dealt with @StormingCobra55
  10. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Yep looks like it will be Harry Potter
  11. Of course it will.. it’s just that popular isn’t it
  12. Awwwwww….Harry Potter isn't even that good.
  13. Guys, if your choice isn't a winner, make your choice as your own RP?
  14. I know, but lets face it. You are better at making RPs than me.
  15. Took 3 years for it to be good buddy.:p
  16. Probably to late but i voted for Spatoon
  17. @StarryPhantump You're not late! No thread of the winner exists yet, because I'm not read to choose a winner yet... though I will soon.
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  18. It’s Harry Potter vs Splatoon!
  19. Harry Potter has won. I'll make the thread soon, and tag people who have put a comment saying they wanted Harry Potter to win.
  20. What do you mean? Harry Potter didn’t win. It is currently tied 9 to 9.
  21. It tied after Galactic said that.
  22. Welp, Harry Potter it is
  23. ...Slight prob, both Harry Potter and Splatoon have 9 votes...
  24. I want Harry Potter, how would you roleplay a game?
  25. In many different ways.
  26. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    when @GalacticDeg said Harry Potter won splatoon only had 8
  27. He probs should've waited until the poll closed to do that,
  28. I couldn't close it immediately... I didn't think people would vote in one hour. Sorry for the problem.
  29. I vote Harry Potter, my vote was on SU before and now it’s on HP

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