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DPPt/HGSS MSDL's trades and underground discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by MoonStruckDragonLass, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. So what ARE those blue things you find digging underground? I've always wondered. Bits of pipe or something?

    Anyhow, please let me know if you find out. . .

    OKAY! TRADES! Since I actually have Wifi now. . .

    I have an excess of Steelix and Aerodactyls I'm looking to be rid of. Anyone interested?


    I am seeking to borrow someone's Clefable as a pokedex filler. I'm also looking for those fish things. Finneons. Where the hell are you supposed to find them anyhow?

    --> I am also interested in the starter pokemon, so if you've got a few kicking around you want to get rid of, lemme know.

    --> And I know it's a long shot, but I'd like to get my hands on just one shiney. . .I don't collect like Azi, but in all my years of play, I've never seen a single one, and i'd like to.

    Drop a line and we can discuss!

    (Seriously, anyone want Steelix or Aerodactyl? Like, if you wanna trade some retarded zubats too, that's awesome, I'm stocked up)
  2. i can give you a finneon and all starters from all generations except totodile /unless i get it from snapdragon soon/ and if you want a shiny machamp, i can get you one of those

    and ill trade all of them for the steelix and/or aerodactile if a few of them have pokerus, or one of them, im fine as long as they have the contagious part
  3. I'm gunna get Wi-Fi veeery soon here(Like, in the next week or two, probably), so I'll trade for a Aerodactyl. Do any of them have... The 'Rus?
    I'll lay some Piplup eggs soon... For trading on the GTS. xD I'll trade you something better than a level one Piplup, though. Don't worry about that.

    I'll trade you a stupid Clefable for, like, ever. I hate those stupid things with a passion... They're SO useless.

    I think the navy stuff in the underground is just some stone, or something. Stone that is supposed to make us slam our DS into the table, as it stops our digging.

    I have one last thing to say:
    MSDL, I thought you already had a retarded Zubat. D:
  4. I still have that charmander if you have that Piplup, I also have all the other Starters as well. (Except Treecko, and Piplup, But I think you knew I didnt have Piplup XD)
  5. I have a spare Clefable, I'll go for one of those Aerodactyl. Sorry Artiste :)
  6. *Glares at Phantom* Grr... Meanie! I called it first, though. But, you already have Wi-Fi.... I don't. Yet.
  7. Gladly Phantom. ^^ Lemme know when's good for you. . . We'll work something out.

    Um. . .none of them actually have the pokerus. . . Did I ever said they did? ^^; No, it's just a load of pokes I want to be rid of. ^^;

    Artiste, If you want an Aerodactyl, You can have one. I have like, 8. (Figs' Ditto is a WH00R) Can I have something fun in return tho? No piplups. . . I have several of those. . . ^^;;;
  8. XD Just name what you want, I can probably import pretty much any poké. I have a diverse collection of pokémon in all of my games(That can import XD) combined.
    #8 Artiste, Jul 19, 2007
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  9. I can get u a Torchic, but errm no shineys up for trade. Also I already have Steelix and aerodactyl.
  10. Once I get Wi-Fi(I KNOW I've said this many times, I will get it in a couple weeks, if the adapter I buy works, once my Mom coughs up the money she owes me), sure!

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