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Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mr.RMA, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    OoC: Alright, new intro time. Speaking of time, here's hoping I counted it right...

    BiC: Wednesday, Day 1, 5:21 PM

    8 cabs, 2 planes, 1 boat, and a countless number of busses like the present one rolling through the countryside. He had been traveling far, and he had been doing so for a long time, all just to find a place to start fresh, to start anew, on his own. All to prove he could make it in the world without parental authority watching over him, protecting him, and telling him what was right and wrong; all to show everyone that he could not only survive, but thrive, on his own instincts with the power of his own mind.

    At least, that was the plan…unfortunately, the only thing Mr.RMA had proven so far, was that he could not only waste a small fortune in a heartbeat, but that he had the worst luck a soul could have in the homeowner’s game. Every town was filled, no houses for sale, no land he could afford, and very little, if any, advice on where to go next. He would travel blindly from place to place, using all the currency he had, converting any he held onto whenever he needed to, and then continuing to waste it as he gambled on each promising, yet ultimately disappointing, destination.

    At some point along this path of constant failure, he had spent all the money he had, and was forced to resort to selling his belongings just to get by. By this point, all he had to his name was an old hat from his grandfather, his usual pair of cargo shorts, and the security shirt his father, the police chief of his former home-city, had entrusted to him as a sort of remembrance keepsake. He wasn’t exactly expecting to have to wear it as if it were casual attire though…

    Then again, when it came to the unexpected, that was nothing compared to the surprise that was finding out what kind of “People” lived in this part of the world. Encountering these strange humanoid-Pokémon-folk was definitely a bit of a shock to RMA at first, and even now, he was only just getting somewhat used to it. Luckily, the Lombre behind the wheel was of the spirited sort, and his occasional shanties were surprisingly uplifting for the human, though it was probably just the sound of someone’s voice that did this, seeing how he had been greeted with silent stares far and wide for a while now.

    “Aye! Looks like we be reachin’ Charming soon. Better get ready to dock.” Said driver suddenly called back to him. Soon after, the bus came to a stop and RMA gradually made his way towards the exit.

    “Thanks for the ride.” He said in response as he walked out and into the pouring rain, immediately getting drenched as he heard the sound of rumbling thunder in the distance. ‘Well…promising so far…’ He thought sarcastically to himself as he turned and headed towards the village gate. He was starting off with pretty much nothing, so he may as well get some advice on where to go first.
  2. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    5:45 PM

    "Really wish I could get a normal greeting around here just once...what was up with those two anyways?" RMA said to himself as he walked through the continuous, and relentless rain, making it over to the closest house he could find, a small abode nestled underneath the ledge of a cliff. At this point he didn't give a damn about location. A house was a house, and that was all he needed.

    Opening the door, RMA took a look inside the shelter, observing what little there was to observe. It wasn't all that impressive, with its concrete walls, steel floor, relic of a tape deck, and scrawny candle atop a bland cardboard box, but it was all he really needed at the moment, and the somewhat secluded location could bring about some peace and quiet when he needed it.

    Deciding this would be good enough, RMA opened the door, planning on going towards Nick's shop, only to see the Zigzagoon waiting for him, standing there with a smug grin that the former city-goer had seen many a time before. This was a salesman if ever there was one.

    "I see you're already getting to house inspecting hmm? Name's Don Nick by the way. My my, you're a strange looking thing aren't you? Don't believe anything of your resemblance has come around here for the past few years or so. I take it then you must be new to town, if that's the case, may I see that envelope there? Gotta take a look through your forms and whatnot."

    RMA didn't even get a chance to take in the entire conversation before the envelope was taken out of his hands, though that particular mentioning of his kind not being seen around here got his attention very quickly. "Wait...are you saying that I'm the only human on thi-"

    "Anyways, I assume the house is to your liking?" Nick interrupted him.

    "Well, yeah, but-"

    "Good, then that'll be 19,800 bells. Good deal, yes?"

    "Uh, not quite. I don-"

    "Don't have the sufficient funds, hmm? Don't worry about that, you can work for me to pay it off." He handed RMA a green shirt with a clover on the front of it. "There's your uniform. Come 'round my shop at some point with that on and we can get to work paying off your debt. 'Till, then." Nick gave a small wave and walked off before RMA could get anywhere near to answering back, settling instead with a sigh as he turned back towards his newly acquired home and made his way up to the attic, where a rather lowly, but acceptable bed with green blankets was waiting for him. Without hesitation, the human fell on top of the mattress, drifting off into sleep. It had been a long few days for him, and he was going to get some rest. That snarky Zigzagoon could wait for a little while.
  3. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Thursday, Day 2, uh...5:18 pm?...maybe?

    Head still face down on his mattress, RMA was slow to get up once he finally awoke. It felt like quite a while since he had crashed for the night, though he wasn't all that sure. Deciding to find out for certain, he reached for the table side phone next to him, holding the receiver shakily up to his ear.

    "Hello?" A somewhat familiar voice sounded.

    "Hey, aren't you that Meowth I saw on the bus yesterday?"

    "Well gee, that's gonna be hard to answer, I was on a number of buses that day, though your voice does sound a tad familiar...Oh! You must be Mr.RMA, aren't you? Yeah! I remember seeing you! How're you-"

    "Listen, I don't have much time to chat, I just want to know what time it is..." RMA quickly interrupted.

    "It's a little after 5."

    "Wait...5 in the afternoon?!"

    "Yeah! What, did you sleep in all day or something?" Nomad questioned jokingly before the call was terminated by RMA slamming the phone back in its rest.

    "Shitshitshitshitshit...." The human muttered, quickly throwing his new uniform over his shirt and rushing down the stairs and out the door, dashing hastily over to Nick's store.
  4. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    2:42 AM

    RMA hadn't done much more after leaving the Town Hall aside from simply taking a short walk around the town. He knew it had to have been way beyond hours for Nick, so he'd most likely get back to him later. Didn't want to press the guy on night shift for information on his lowly job anyways.

    As the human was making his way back to his place, he thought he saw someone else passing by through the darkness...from the looks of things a Flygon of some sort.

    'Must be the one Nick mentioned. I sent a letter to every villager in town, so she's gotta be that Dwayna person from the address list.' He thought to himself, seeing how Dwayna seemed like a more feminine name than Ren, but of course, if he ever brought himself to talk to either, he'd most likely avoid guessing so freely. Either way though, that would be a concern for another day. At the moment, it was very late, and he was getting dead tired. Giving a short yawn, he shifted his hat forward and headed for home.
  5. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Friday 7:40 PM

    "Ugh...good god I need an alarm clock..." RMA mumbled as he finally rolled out of bed. He wasn't sure what good it'd do, considering how he would most likely go right back to sleeping in a few hours. Still, he had to inform Nick of his finished work at some point, so why not now? It wasn't like he had anything better to do.

    Straightening out the uniform he still had on, the human strolled downstairs and opened the door leading back outside. It was then, as he was making his way to Nick's, that he realized something: this town was...rather barren. Even with all the shopkeepers, the two at the gate, and the folks at the Town Hall, they were seldom seen by RMA anywhere outside of their respective buildings and structures, and the three other citizens, well, aside from the earlier sighting of the Flygon, he hadn't seen much of any of them at all. Perhaps things would pick up sometime later...especially if more people moved in over the course of time.

    Letting that thought slowly drift out of his mind, the human finally caught sight of the Pick 'n Nick up ahead.
  6. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    8:15 pm

    Well...what to do now? Nothing really came to mind except get some more rest. Lazy and unproductive? Maybe, but that's all the human wanted to do for now. He wasn't in the mood for meeting new people just to have to explain to them that he wasn't a Pokemon, and then possibly go on in more details, explaining just what he was in actuality. Later on in broad daylight that may be something he could muster, but not at this hour.

    Taking another look around at the pathetic interior of his all-around diminutive house, RMA let out a sigh. "How am I supposed to pay this mess off?" He thought aloud, letting out another sigh before going back upstairs to the attic. He wasn't quite sure how much sleep he was really going to get, but he was going to try and get some more of it nevertheless.
  7. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Saturday, 6:30 am

    *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* The sound of something ringing continually plagued RMA's subconscious as struggled to continue on with his slumber. "Go away..." He murmured, though the ringing continued, and in fact, grew louder. "Shut up!" He yelled, though it only seemed to increase the volume of the sound all the more. Finally, the human couldn't stand it any longer and started swatting blindly at whatever the source of the sound could be.

    Much to his painful surprise, his hand slammed onto the metal top of his mailbox, causing him to open his eyes as the stinging jolt woke him up. Somehow the sound of the mailbox had driven him out of bed and outside in his sleep. Well, now that he was here, might as well see who could possibly be sending him something when he hardly knew anyone.

    "Wouldn't be surprised if Nick's changed his mind and wants me back for another job..." He grumbled, feeling around before his hand caught on what seemed to be a package near the back of the mailbox. "Hmm...this is a surprise..." He mumbled as he pulled the parcel out.

    It was a small box, gift wrapped with a red bow on the top, with a letter attached to it. "Well isn't that super service." RMA said, chuckling a little as he took the letter and opened it, reading its contents:
    Wasn't that surprising? Someone actually sent him a letter back in response to that soulless ad he had been forced to send. RMA gave a small smile at the thought that someone was actually kind enough to do such a thing without having even met him. Perhaps this was for the better though...if she did know, then she may have had second thoughts on doing such a thing if the others were any implication. Forgetting that for the moment however, he proceeded to open up the package, which contained a venus comb, in great condition. The human's smile grew at the sight of this. It had been a while since someone had given him any sort of present or even showed any kind of friendly act of kindness towards him. This one was definitely welcome, that was for certain.

    Turning back towards his house, RMA took the candle off of the cardboard box, replacing it with the shell. It wasn't like that small flame supplied much light in the first place, and the venus comb was much nicer looking by comparison.

    RMA took the letter and gently tucked it away into one of the pockets in his vest. He started to consider, perhaps, to go over to this Dwayna's house and thank her in person. It was the least he could do. Still, he wasn't sure how well she would take his appearance...

    "Ah, what the hell. It's not like she's going to kill me or anything. Besides, it'd be rude of me not to thank her for the gift." He said convincingly to himself as he made up his mind and walked back outside, taking out his map to find Dwayna's house location. According to the map, she lived rather close by, a rather short walking distance to be sure. Putting the map away, he took a deep breath in reassurance and headed northward towards the house.
  8. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Saturday, Day 4, 3:25 pm

    It didn't take all that long to find Mr. RMA's house, it being just down the hill from her own house. Dwayna looked the house over, seeing that it was almost exactly the same on the outside. The Flygon was awfully curious at this possible new friend.

    She was also a bit hesitant to knock, more because she was nervous than because she was scared. Rumors mean nothing, she thought, remember what you said to the Pelipper at the Town Hall. You gave him a gift, and he might have been the one who knocked earlier.

    Dwayna steeled herself and gently knocked on the door with her fist. She didn't want to make scratch marks on his door, after all.
  9. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    4:00 pm

    The sound of knocking at his door quickly got RMA's attention. He took a good look at the door in front of him before considering who it could be. The continual thought that Nick was going to be knocking at his door and demanding progress on the rent came to mind at first, but then another thought came up...Maybe his earlier attempt at a visit hadn't gone completely without notice after all. He took a moment to ponder this over, unsure if he should answer the door or not. He was still concerned this seemingly kind Pokemon wouldn't take his appearance all too well, but at the same time, he knew he couldn't just leave his visitor waiting at the door. He'd have to face the music sooner or later, as he had told himself several times before at this point. Taking a deep breath, he finally willed himself over to the door and gradually turned the knob, opening the door. "H-hello?" He stuttered before even seeing if the person was still there.
  10. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Saturday, Day 4, 4:40 pm

    The door opened to reveal a bipedal person that looked sort-of like a Machop, except paler, hairy and with less muscle. The male in front of Dwayna was strange indeed, but she didn't really see what all the hubris was about. Even if he wasn't a PokeMon, he really didn't seem like that bad of a guy.

    The Flygon smiled at the male, this 'Mr. RMA' as it was. She was no more than a little bit curious, more so to learn about the person that he was than anything else. The other PokeMon had probably been unfair to this person, and maybe she was technically his only friend because of that.

    "Hello," she greeted, gently extending her hand facing downward so as not to poke her claws into his flesh. "You must be Mr. RMA. I'm Dwayna. Pleased to meet you."
  11. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    A friendly greeting that was devoid of any sign of disgust or malevolence? Well that was a happy change of pace to be certain! RMA returned the Flygon's smile as he gratefully took the handshake.

    "The pleasure's all mine. So you're Dwayna? I'm glad you showed up. I've been meaning to thank you for that nice letter you sent me, as well as that beautiful seashell. You don't know how long its been since someone actually treated me as an equal around here instead of some kind of freak." He said, his tone giving off the sense of relief that he finally had someone to talk to.
  12. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    He greeted her back, his soft hand brushing her tough skin. Mr. RMA thanked her for her gift with a smile on his face. Truly, the others had misjudged him greatly just because of his appearance.

    "It was my pleasure," Dwayna replied. "I'm sorry that we could not have spoken sooner." Whether it was because of her nervous disposition or not. He confided to her that the others had treated him like a freak, at which she frowned in concern.

    "They should really be more accepting," said the Flygon. "There are many different PokeMon, so it's unfair that they would treat you like that because of how you look." She nodded slightly as if to assert her point, then focused back on him more clearly.

    "If you don't mind me asking," she added, "I am a bit curious. What do you call your kind? I'm a Flygon, if you didn't know." She blushed slightly out of embarrassment, because she couldn't think of a place where there weren't PokeMon. But he is not a PokeMon, she reminded herself, You're just being polite.
  13. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    "That's just the way things are sometimes. I can't blame them for feeling a bit off about meeting someone who isn't even a Pokemon. I'm sure they'll lighten up some day." RMA replied, partially to self assure himself of this matter. He let out a small chuckle as Dwayna asked him what his species was called. For once, he was more than willing to answer the question.

    "We're called humans, at least, that's the simpler term we use to identify ourselves. There's another name, some kind of scientific term, but I'm not quite sure what that is for certain...anyways, I'm quite aware of your kind, believe it or not. Granted, I don't believe I've ever seen any of your species in person, and especially not in this circumstance. I've always respected Flygon's though, from what I've read at least."
  14. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    "Human..." she repeated, to get a handle on it. "An interesting name for an interesting people." Dwayna smiled again, in a friendly way. He complimented her species, at which she blushed even more.

    "Th-thank you," she replied, nervously brushing her hand against one of her antennae. "Um... It's getting pretty late, so I'll let you sleep. Come visit me anytime! If you ever need help, I'll do my best if you ask me."

    She waved to him, as it was indeed getting dark and he would probably want some rest. Perhaps the Flygon would do some more searching for shells before heading back to Nick's or back home herself, as she had only just woken up an hour ago.
  15. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    "Alright, I'll keep that in mind. Nice talking to you Dwayna!" He called back to the Flygon, waving good bye before turning to go back inside his homely cottage, feeling a whole new air of confidence now that he knew at least one of these Pokemon most likely considered him a friend.

    That was one hurdle he finally got over. A small one, especially in comparison to getting this dump of a house payed for. Still, all in good time. He'd find some way to get the money...eventually...
  16. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Monday, 2:18 am

    RMA rested his head in the palms of his hands in a stressful manner as he sat on the side of his bed. Once again, he had slept for far too long, and now he had woken up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep a wink more. What was he to do now?

    "Hmm...maybe a short walk to clear my head would work..." He thought aloud, picking himself up from his slump and walking downstairs then out to the cold darkness outside. The clouds in the sky had broken just enough for some moonlight to help keep the surrounding area visible enough for the human to see, which was good considering how there were so many ledges, rivers and cliff sides around here.

    Making his way over to the riverside southward near the ocean, RMA stopped as he made it to the bridge and watched the river lead into the gargantuan body of salt water that laid before him, the light of the few stars breaking through the clouds reflecting off it.

    'A sight to see, that's for certain. Never got such a beautiful scenery back home' He thought as he stood to watch in fascination for a few minutes more, before reaching into his pockets for one of his remaining apples. As he was about to put one to his mouth, he paused. "Hold on...Nick said he'd buy stuff off of us...with enough of these apples, I might actually manage to earn a good number of bells." RMA suddenly deduced, walking off the bridge and towards a bunch of trees in the distance. As he looked through the branches of each one of them from his quite literally lowly position on the ground, he was able to catch sight of three trees each bearing three apples on them. He quickly shook these trees and collected the 9 apples. Hopefully his grand total of 11 would be enough to get some kind of decent offer off of Nick, though RMA knew he shouldn't get his hopes up too much. This was, after all, the same Zigzagoon that placed him in massive debt with that small shack of a house, and forced him into slave labor to help pay it off.

    Though he knew the shop had a night shift to it, the human decided he'd wait until a more reasonable hour to get to selling his newly acquired goods. It seemed his original intentions of this walk were coming to fruition. With a yawn, RMA made his way northward, back to his scummy abode to continue on with his earlier z's. Perhaps he'd wake up at a more reasonable hour next time.
  17. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Monday, 9:25 am

    For once, RMA's wish of getting up at a reasonable hour was going to actually come true, which meant he could get to selling off those apples before the morning was out. Not wasting any time, he was quickly out the door, taking care not to drop any of his apples as he carefully made his way uphill.

    Once he made it to the top, and his destination was gradually coming into view, he stopped for a moment, breathing in the cold morning air and watching his visible breath flying off in a grayish-white wisp as he exhaled.

    He always loved this time leading up to the winter season. His old town was always very vibrant and festive, and it seemed people always had an extra spring in their step and a smile on their faces. He was already starting to miss the opportunity to do all that this year, but then again, perhaps these Pokemon had their own take on such festivities. He could only hope that was the case. Shaking off the reminiscent thoughts and getting back to the present job he had to do, RMA straightened out the rim of his hat as he continued on to Nick's shop.
  18. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    9:48 am

    So the apples were somewhat effective, at least, to make a quick few hundred bells. Still, RMA decided it would probably be for the best that he find something that was at least a little more valuable the next time. Deciding he'd keep hold of the money until he found something practical to spend it on, or at least earned some more before depositing some of it, RMA leaned back against the interior of his house as he contemplated just what he'd do for the rest of the day, if anything at all. Every so often his focus would detract over to the venus comb still on display atop the otherwise useless cardboard box on the floor. It was nice to see the shell in good lighting for once.
  19. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Tuesday, 8:37 am

    Another day gone by, uneventfully, and another one coming 'round the bend, not promising to look all that different through RMA's perspective. The human pushed himself out of bed and hazily stumbled downstairs. Sometime upon reaching the last step, he had decided to take another walk, just to see what some of the town looked like while it was still bright enough to see.

    Still rather groggy as he staggered out the door, RMA went southward, as he had before on his earlier night stroll, though this time, he noticed another building in the distance that he had missed that evening. Reviewing his map, he noticed this was apparently the town's museum. Intrigued by the thought of what kinds of artifacts or pieces of art these Poke-citizens could have, he briskly made his way towards the large building.
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