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S/M/US/UM Mr. Munchlax's Mini Trade Market (Update 7/14/18)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Mr.Munchlax, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Mr.Munchlax

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    Hey everyone,
    I decided to create a trade thread since I didn't want to spam board with hundreds of posts. Sorry if my "looking for" list is a little unorthodox, but this is pretty much everything I'm offering and what I can offer in return.

    Side Notes:
    • Unfortunately, none of the pokémon I can offer are shiny, sorry about that
    • I'll occasionally update my lists when something new comes up. When that happen, I'll add "Update- Date of Change" in parentheses to the title

    What I'm Offering:
    • Pokémon I Can Breed or Have Already Bred:
      • HA Johto Starters
      • HA Alola Starters
        • Already have several HA Rowlet (both genders) with Brave nature
      • HA Unova Starters
      • HA Bunnelby
      • HA Squirtle
      • Snorunt with Weather Ball
      • Wimpod with Metal Claw
      • Snivy with Egg moves and max Eves (all non HA)
      • Axew with Iron Tail (non HA)
    • HA Pokémon from Red & Blue: (most have nicknames)
      • Voltorb- lv. 61
      • Magnemite & Magneton-multiple lv. 61 (most have special tm moves from Gen I & Gen VII) (some have Pokérus)
      • Nidoqueen- lv. 30 (has Bubblebeam)
      • Meowth- multiple genders & levels
      • Kabuto- male lv. 30
      • Magmar- female lv. 34
      • Vulpix- female lv. 32
      • Slowpoke- female lv. 15
      • Psyduck- male lv. 15
      • Krabby- male lv. 21, female lv. 15
      • Hypno- 2 male lv. 61 (one with Metronome)
      • Cubone- female lv.22
      • Nidoran♂- lv. 25
      • Koffing- female lv. 30
    • N's Pokémon: (click here for info)
      • Scraggy
      • Ferroseed
      • Swoobat
      • Boldore
      • Sigilyph
      • Purrloin
      • Darukama
      • Darmanitan
      • Kling
      • Pidove
      • Timburr
      • Tympole
      • Joltik
    • HA Pokémon from the BW Dream World: (most have nicknames)
      • Boldore- male lv. 25
      • Drilbur- male lv. 10
      • Yanmega- male lv. 35
      • Shuckle- female lv. 10
      • Torkoal- female lv. 10
      • Ponyta- male lv. 10
      • Pinsir- male lv. 10
      • Horsea- female lv. 10
      • Alolamola- female lv. 10
      • Stunfisk- male lv. 10
      • Carnivine- male lv. 10
      • Corphish- male lv. 10
      • Tirtouga- male lv. 10
      • Throh- male lv. 10
      • Sawk- male lv. 10
      • Staryu- lv. 11
      • Gothorita- male lv. 32
      • Klang- lv. 38
      • Spiritomb- female lv. 40
      • Ralts- female lv. 10
      • Igglybuff- female lv. 10
      • Watchog- female lv. 57
      • Heatmor- male lv. 10
      • Marill- female lv. 10
      • Pidove- male lv. 10
      • Munna- female lv. 10
      • Togepi- male lv. 40, female lv. 10
      • Druddigon- male lv. 10
      • Seel- male lv. 10
      • Red Stripe Basculin- male lv. 10
      • Riolu- female lv. 40 (x2)
      • Golett- lv. 10
      • Bronzor- lv. 10
      • Snorlax- male lv. 10
    • HA Pokémon from Silver: (all have nicknames)
      • Furret, male lv. 25
      • Gloom- male lv. 26 (Pokérus)
    What I'm Looking For:
    • Dream Radar Tornadus, lv. 5-14
    • Someone to help me evolve my Porygon to Proygon2 &/or PorygonZ
    • Apricorn pokéballs
    If you're interested, please feel free to either leave a reply or a pm.
    #1 Mr.Munchlax, Mar 9, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2018
  2. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Just out of curiosity, how are we supposed to know the Mimikyu is female if we don't hatch the egg? :p

    At the very least I can help you evolve your Porygon. I have a pretty long list of Pokemon I'm looking for, but for now I'll settle for anything that has Pokerus.
  3. Mr.Munchlax

    Friend Code:
    Oh, sorry. I've seen a few people do it before and I occasionally ask when I want to avoid the whole OT-disobedience thing. What I usually do is save the game immediately after I receive an egg from the daycare center, hatch it to check its gender, stats, & what-not, and then reset the game without saving so the pokémon's back to being an egg. If it's the wrong nature or whatever, I just keep going over & over again until I get the pokémon/egg I want.

    Anyway, thanks. I can trade you either my Pokérus Venonat, Gloom, or Magnemite, or if there's a certain pokémon on my list you really want I can try to give it the Pokérus for you.
  4. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I have your female Mimikyu Egg so I'll take that Gloom off your hands. My thought is, since I'll also be helping you evolve your Porygon, I'll send the Egg for your Porygon then I'll give you Porygon2 back for Gloom and if you want to then further evolve to Porygon-Z, we can do another quick exchange.

    I'll be out most of the weekend though so unless we can trade before 12:30pm EST today (about two hours after this post), we'll have to wait until 5pm Monday when I get home from work. :/
  5. Mr.Munchlax

    Friend Code:
    Sorry, I slept in today, this is fine with me though. I’m on EST too, so how about we trade arounf 6-6:30 on Monday since it’ll give you enough time after leaving work.
    #5 Mr.Munchlax, Mar 10, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  6. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Sure, 6:30 works. Here's my FC: 3136-7748-5757

    I'm using my UltraSun for the trade so you'll be looking for Taiyou in Festival Plaza
  7. Mr.Munchlax

    Friend Code:
    Thanks. I may be a little late since I'm working on school stuff, but I'll pm you when I heading on just to be safe.

    My FC is underneath my avatar & I'll be using either my Sun game (Zach) or my UltraSun game (Nellie)
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