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Move Tutor Possibilities?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Satoren, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. As interesting as the Gen 5 Competitive scene is with the introduction of new Pokemon and Attacks, I'm sure some of us were less than thrilled to find that some of the old attacks from Gen 4 could no longer be learned by normal means in Gen 5, and that if you wanted a certain Pokemon to have a Gen 4 exclusive attack, you'd have to migrate it. Unfortunately, this also prevents DW Pokemon and their offspring from inheriting certain moves that are no longer part of the movepool or the Egg move list, thereby diminishing their potential.

    It has become a tradition that the third game from each Generation is usually the one to include the much sought after Move Tutor; a man, or men, who can teach your Pokemon moves previously inaccesible and substantially increase their type coverage and overall effectiveness. Now, if and when the third Gen 5 game gets released, what moves are you expecting the Move Tutor to teach Pokemon? Are you hoping the Elemental Punches/Fangs return this Generation? What specific moves would you like Unova Pokemon to learn through Move Tutor?

    Personally, I can't really think of any particular move I'd like on my Unova team, barring perhaps certain things like Leech Seed, Stealth Rock and Dark Pulse, which saves me the headache of chain breeding. Besides that, I'd very much like the Elemental Punches/Fangs to return and I am very much expecting them once the third game comes out.
  2. ./late response

    I'd honestly want most of the HGSS and Platinum tutors to return and I'd be satisfied. It would also be awesome if all of the former TMs could come back as tutors (I mean Hydreigon not getting Dark Pulse via level up was a disgrace--tutors are the next best thing). Basically I agree with you on that, RX.
  3. This is a really cool topic! The moves I would like to see come back are, the elemental punches/fangs, sucker punch, zen headbutt, magnet rise, synthesis, ancient power, aqua tail, earth power, Endeavor, gunk shot, heat wave, iron defense, seed bomb, gravity, headbutt, heal bell, magic coat, super fang, and worry seed. Kind of a long list but to me they are all moves that work well/serve a purpose.

    *I didn't check to see if any of these moves are now a TM in Gen 5 so if that is the case my apologies.

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