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Most used Poketch App?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, May 21, 2007.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Topic says all. Which Poketch feature do you find your bottom screen sitting on most often, or which do you find the most useful?

    Unless I'm specifically breeding or hatching eggs, my Poketch is usually set to the digital watch or the item finder. The breeding app still does me a world of good when I need it, though. There are a few other apps that I enjoy, but those three I named are probably my top favourites.

    How about the rest of you?
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Mine is usually set to digital watch personally.

    I'm still amused by the step counter being called a 'Pedometer'. That just sounds wrong.
  3. Whats wrong with the term "pedometer" its actually the correct name for a step counter....

    Moving on... I tend to just leave my pokétch on the digital watch function.
    I also did use the kecleon function to turn the pokétch blue, my god I hate the natural colouring. I really wish they hadn't made it black and white, this is a world where you can contain a whale in a small ball that shrinks in size, yet they can't make a digital watch in colour? Sheesh.
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  4. I thought it was Green and Black

    I set it on the Pokemon HP thingie all the time.
    #4 Firefly, May 21, 2007
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  5. For me, it's normally set to Digital Watch. But, I also must set the Timer many times since if something fun is timed, I lose the time. So both of those apps help me the most. When I'm bored, I use the Dot Artist or Memo Pad. For homework, I use the Calculator. And of course, I use the Breeding app a lot. HP Checker for when I'm doing a hard (well, not too hard) quest. Best out of them all: Digital Watch.
  6. I usually use the berry map, doubles over as a map. I use the pedometer whenever I'm hatching eggs and that about all I use.
  7. I use the friendship checker, the itemfinder, and the breeding ap the most. I use the pedometer when I'm hatching eggs.

    I rarely use the digital clock because it's 24 hour based. I'm not used to it. It feels weird when it says something like 18:21 or 14:09 or something. And I don't know how to change my DS to a 12 hour clock.
  8. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    I use all of them a lot. but my favorite is the Party Checker. I also like the Kecleon. Damn that nasty green screen. I agree with RLRL.
  9. mainly i use the party checker thing, but since ive been trying to evolve my riolu lately, ive been using the friendship app
  10. i don't think you can change it to a 12 hour clock.

    and i use breeding app and step counter app the most, can't wait for the compatibility app to come out.

    (i breed a lot.)
  11. I mostly have my watch up, however, i've been trying to catch mesprit lately, as such it's my Marking map.
  12. The health checker seems to be my default, as I am constantly switching to it to make sure that, yes, all of my Pokemon are still alive and healthy.
  13. I'm not very far, but I really like the watch. ^_^ Sometimes I set it to the step counter...just cuz...but usually I like watch. It's really nice to easily know what time it is while playing - all I gotta do is look down a little bit! ^_^
  14. I usr the map the most its very useful Instead of berries I mark the location of the poke mansion or caves
  15. I use the breeding App and the friendship checker the most,cause i love having happy pokemon (even tho its a game >.>...) and i'm breeding for eevees

    so far i got like 7 or 8 eggs
  16. Im mainly on the step counter and the happiness checker I like the timer but im still more or less in the middle of the game so I dont havel all the apps yet so far 1-14
  17. Digital watch, what else is actually useful?
  18. Friendship Checker is good for when you wanna do evolutions or see how good return will be.A pokemon usually evolves when they have 2 hearts on the friendship checker

    Berry Checker is good for when you are caring for berries (perhaps preparing for a contest or you want some nice sitirus berries or somthing else)

    Breeding Checker is good for when you are getting eggs (i live off this since i am currently getting lots of eevee eggs,some to give to my friend probably ^^)

    Kitchen timer is good when you expect to HAVE to do somthing in a certain amount of time

    The list goes on,but yeah most of the apps have some really good uses

    EDIT:OH! and calculator,paceometer,and friendship checker can go hand in hand,all three can be used to check friendship (Every like 250 steps = +1 happiness,so divide your paceometer steps by that and you have your net gain i guess.Then just reset it and go on)
  19. Actually, I think relatively few Pokemon evolve based on happiness. Mostly, I think Chansey and "baby" Pokemon like Pichu, Cleffa, and Magby evolve that way. Most evolve either at a set level, via trade, or with an item.

    Well, "Pedo" is a slang term for "Pedophile," (the proper spelling is probably Paedophile) which is an adult that wants to have sex with children. The inference might be a "Pedometer" keeps track of how many children you've had sex with.

    Hey, he did ask.

    Anyway, I mostly use the Team Checker. I keep a Combee around for the honey, and the Team Checker allows me to see if he's (I wish I paid attention to the gender before I caught him) carrying an item or not. I use the watch when I need to keep track of time. Since I only recently got the Fly HM, I might start using the berry tracker to grow berries with.
  20. I usually have mine on the map but if I'm trying to evolve a pokemon through friendship i have it on the friendship checker because i have a watch and have no need for the clock app.
  21. actually, a pedophile is a stalker. pedo = step, phile = i don't know, but something close to follow, or file. so a step-follower, or stalker. and i think a better inference was a counter as to how many stalkers are on charms ;) (starts counting in head. stel, trevlac....
  22. "Phile" means "lover." A "Paedophile," therefore, is a "Lover of children." Unless we're having "Pedo" refer to your feet, in which case "Pedophile" means "Lover of feet."
  23. o.o

    well, let's leave it at "nintendo is a japanese company, and therefore should not and will not recognize sexual slang of any english speaking nation."
  24. Who cares that the device has a reference to a Paedophile.
    It doesn't matter
    and plus this is kinda off-topic
  25. The number of pokemon that evolve this way doesnt reduce the signifigance.Theres many cool pokemon that evolve this way,one being Riolu,who evolves into the ever popular Lucario

    I myself had several pokemon i needed to evolve this way >.>....the others i just like happy pokemon
  26. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    the Digital Clock, Party Checker, Breeding Checker, and Item Finder Are all really good.

    I also like the Kecleon, Damn stupid green and black. Whit the DS, pitiful
  27. Just like to point out that its pronounced "Ped-ometer" not "pedo-meter"
    Id actually never thought about it being a reference to anything else before, I think its actually sick that you could actually make that connection.
  28. I tend to use the digital clock, breeding checker and step counter the most. When it comes to hatching they're all useful.
  29. I've been using the Pokemon List frequently, so I guess that's my favorite app.
  30. I like using the Day Care One, and Screen Changer
  31. The Digital Clock and Team Checker
  32. Well, since I devote my Poke-life somewhat to hatching eggs, my most used App is the Berry Thing.

    Other than that, I just set it to the analog watch, 'cause I'm not the biggest fan of 24-hour time.
  33. When I'm not doing anything specifically, I set it to the Digital Clock.
    When I'm training my Pokémon with the VS Seeker or catching Pokémon with the Poké Radar, I set it to the Pedometer (to count how many steps are left for it to recharge)
    When I'm hatching eggs, I set it to the Breeding Center Checker.
    Before I got Fly, I used the Berry Map app a lot, to see where I should be going next. But now that I've got Fly, the only way I really move between places is with Fly, and Fly makes a map appear automatically, so I'm not using the Map app anymore.
    I don't see the point in the Analog Clock. Well, I do see it, but I have a hard time reading time like that. :p
    All other apps are... ok.
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  34. I have it set to either the analog watch or the PokeRadar checker.
  35. I mostly use the pedometer (for breeding eevees) and the dowsing machine. I sometimes use the map marker too. I don't see the point to having a digital clock and a watch for the apps though. Maybe it's just me that thinks that this is weird.
  36. Before I beat the Elite Four, the dowsing machine had to be my most used one. Once I ran out of places to explore, though, I kinda stopped.

    Nowadays, the ones I use most are either the friendship checker or either clock (when I'm not doing anything), the counter (for EVs), or the berry map (for, well, berries).

    I don't use the step counter or the breeding checker when I'm after eggs because:
    1. I don't have step amounts for each species egg memorized anyway.
    2. I take on five eggs at once so I really can't keep track of step amounts for each one.
    3. I use the long road that runs through Solaceon when hatching, and if the day care man is looking towards the road when I cruise past, I know there's another egg waiting for me.
  37. I use the digital clock the most.
  38. MagnusXL

    MagnusXL Guest

    It used to be set to the Friendship checker all the time for me. Nowadays, however, I just keep is on the last function I actually used. I don't even pay attention to the thing unless I need to.
  39. I always have the sketch pad thing on all the time. I just draw when I feel like it. I've had some really good pictures on there too :3

    And I use the clock too... but that's it...
  40. Hello, my most frquently used poketech app, hmmmmm, woulld be the marking map, I have caught Cresselia, but I am still tracking Mesprit so I am chasing and chasing and chasing and *Takes deep breath* Mesprit keeps breaking free and shoot so closing, but after that would be the Ped(or step)ometer.

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