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Most Anticipated for E3 2010

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. Linkachu

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    Don't forget to check-out Data's topic about the Charms E3 Conference Party. :)

    Anyways, what are you guys looking forward to seeing and hearing more about at E3 this year?

    For me, it's definitely the 3DS. I want to see what the thing looks like and exactly how it's meant to change everyday gaming. Intrigued to hear if it has any extra features over the DSi, too.

    Other things I'm interested in seeing/reading more about are Sonic 4 and the new Zelda. If Black and White pop up at E3 that'd be nifty, too, and it's not too unbelievable considering Pokemon.com revealed Zekrom/Reshiram before the Japanese site did.

    Hrm... Can't think of anything else off-hand. I'm actually pretty neutral about Project Natal (?) and PS3's motion thingy. I think they could be fun, but not my first choice.
  2. Toastie

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    The 3DS. There has been so much hype for it, saying it's got PS3 graphics, built in analogue sticks, a tilt sensor etc. and I want to see how much of it is true.

    Also, the launch titles. Imagine Super Mario Sunshine 3DS. The water from FLUDD would spray in your face!
  3. Carmen Lopez

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    Hands down the 3DS. I've been hearing some interesting things and rumors about it so far--the biggest one being that it will be more powerful than the Wii. I want to see what that would look like on a Nintendo handheld and also hoping that it's as big as the DSi XL or will offer the size option. The information released will help me decide whether I'll get the DSi XL or wait for the 3DS.
  4. For me, I think the things I'm want to see are:
    The 3DS
    The Last Guardian
    Pokemon Black and White (maybe it'll be there?)
    LittleBigPlanet 2
    Zelda Wii
    Portal 2

    And that's about it.
  5. Fallout: New Vegas, Killzone 3, and inFamous 2. I suppose the 3DS, too, but I'm not as hyped up for it as I am for the games :)

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