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Impossible/No Thanks more than 6 badges and back of trainer card?

Discussion in 'Questions and Site Feedback' started by xboxmandude, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Is there a way to place more than six Badges? More than one regions?
    And will there be a feature for back of the trainer card?
  2. You can place up to eight badges. Simply wait for them to load on or refresh the page. As for additional regions, the only option right now is to choose a mix of badges from every region. The back of the trainer card is something Teapot can actually answer.
  3. I'd love to make a super trainer card...
    With badges from more than one region
    Something that looks like this
    Except some text should be allowed where the lower squares are...
    Just like a small status area
    Or like for wins or money etc...

    Just saying :p
    it would be a nice feature

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  4. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    I think they meant more than eight. :p

    Basically, there's two halves to this request, and one of them already has a topic. So, if you want to contribute ideas for a "back of Trainer Cards" idea, please post them in this thread: http://pokecharms.com/threads/back-for-trainer-cards.9748/ (I'd like to hear any suggestions and whether people want this!)

    As for more than the current limit of badges on a card, this is unlikely to happen anytime soon for a reason that plagues a lot of TCM suggestions: assets. Essentially, I'd need to partially rejig the TCM generator to allow the backgrounds themselves to specify how many badges to take (easy), and then somehow convince people to submit lots of card backgrounds that could take lots of badges (a lot harder.)

    There has also been a lot of discussion regarding this among staff, and basically it's quite difficult to put so many badges on a card in the size we make and still make them look good, especially as you'd need to leave space for all of the other elements - trainer name, sprite, friend code, six Pokémon, etcetera. That's why the limit was set to 8 back in 2006, with TCM1, and why it's stayed the same ever since. I personally do not see this decision changing any time soon.

    Any requests for more information on your card (the wins and money, for example), should be either in their own thread (if you'd want them on the front) or in the Trainer Card Backs topic posted above..
  5. What about something like this? See attachment
    There appears to be enough space for everything including the pokecharms website?

    As for backgrounds... Its not that hard to make a trainer card sprited background... Using the template I posted above...
    Anyone who knows how to make sprites can do it with paint :p
    How many would you need?
    10-15 different backgrounds?

    I just thought it might be a nice feature... Doesnt matter if it doesn't work out Lol
    I'll just make mine in paint :D

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  6. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Sorry, but right now we're not willing to implement the feature - that card just makes the badges look cluttered to my eye (and we'd need to add two more rows for Unova and Kalos...), and there's an issue with the generator which means that trying to stick 36 badges onto a card at once would be difficult to make work anyway.

    To be honest, this is such an esoteric feature that it's best that users who really want it make the cards themselves - the TCM is a generator, it isn't meant to be (nor can it be) an exhaustive package for any type of card that users would ever want to make. We don't have the development time for that :p
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