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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Belle, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. fdsgghfghfgh okay I
    I'm not even sure if I'm going to be finishing/continuing/lol this little thing here, as it was initially created to satisfy the criteria of a writing assignment that was given to me where I was required to write a chapter of a story in the style of my author of choice- being kind of a dork, I chose Lewis Carroll, and this is what was spawned. So, without further ado, do enjoy~

    Chapter One: Passing Go

    Lucy hadn't quite realized how entirely dull the process of visiting the car dealership would turn out to be until she was seated in a rather unremarkable car model and drumming her fingers against the steering wheel. Her father was just beside the door and speaking with the salesman, whom Lucy thought to have the eeriest and most insincere smile she'd ever witnessed. She'd brought him initially because, in terms of buying and haggling, she was mostly hopeless. Watching the movement of their mouths wasn't quite enough to determine how the conversation was going, as she wasn't much for lip reading either. Turning to the wide white marble floor before her, she wondered how much longer she'd be left to consider the less-than-exciting buy before she suddenly caught sight of a smiling face through the doorway visible from the safety of the floor model. Normally, she wouldn't have thought twice about the man as there was nothing noticeably suspicious about his face or smile, but after a closer look revealed a particularly tall black silk top hat and a charmingly posh suit, Lucy found that her attention was captured. The man was intriguing enough that his smile kept her gaze until he slipped out of sight. What kept her attention even after he left (for there was no use in continuing to stare had the space been left empty), was the youth that trotted after him with what looked like a large, oversized thimble perched atop his head who then proceeded to flash her a grin and a wink that floored poor Lucy. The sight of them both gave her such a start that she could only sit and stare at the empty space, something she would not have thought to do beforehand. Without thinking twice about the consequences of leaving her father to follow the strange pair, she crawled over the gap between the driver and passenger seats to sneak quietly out the door. In a faster-than-normal pace, she strode off towards the doorway and swung around the corner in time to catch the heels of the youth turn leisurely around the far bend. Without considering where they might be headed or what she were to do if she did indeed catch up with the pair of them, she gave her best effort to tail them in very much a secret agent-fashion.

    It was certainly a lot more difficult than she had expected it to be, as every time she turned a new corner she could only just catch sight of the younger boy's heels, and was eventually lead to wonder just how big this dealership was anyway. When she turned again for maybe the fifteenth time, she quite nearly collided with the man-chest that had suddenly appeared before her eyes and only managed to stop herself by catching the corner of the wall and hugging it tight as she realized how very unstealthy she must have been after all.
    The man himself was surprisingly tall, easily a foot taller than she even without his impressive hat perched atop his head. Not daring to look directly up into his face, Lucy peered cautiously up at him through her eyebrows to see his smiling face again, looking more amused than say, puzzled or even surprise. This alone was enough to surprise her and even disappoint her as it certainly meant she was no good at being a secret agent after all. Feeling slightly deflated, she turned her face up towards the man and his shorter thimble-hatted friend.


    Her attempt at speaking left her with her mouth open and at a loss for words, as nothing she wanted to say would come out right. Greetings such as "how do you do?" or even a simple "Hello" did not seem entirely appropriate, given the context of their meeting. She had, after all, effectively stalked the two men down a number of corridors without so much as a second thought as to why it was she was doing it to begin with. Thankfully, though perhaps not quite so fortunately, she found that she did not have to say anything as the fair-haired thimble-boy spoke first.

    "Who are you?"

    To answer with her name seemed the appropriate response, but the tone in which he addressed her was so blunt and authoritarian that she recoiled when his question was punctuated with the sharp crunch of a bite that he had taken out of the apple that had since appeared in his hand.
    "I daresay I might ask you the same question."

    Appalled at her own boldness and forwardness, she was quick to shrink closer to the wall as she put her fingers to her lips is surprise. To answer a question with such sass was entirely out of character for her, and it was all she could to not meet the youth's amused stare as he continued to crunch and chomp away at the apple he held. The wry grin he bore was shared by the tall hatter as he twisted a curly lock of hair back into place and bent over to meet Lucy's eyes. Despite what she felt was a growing discomfort, he kept that position for a minute or two as she cringed beneath his smile, occasionally breaking eye contact to examine her shoes before looking up to meet him again. Finally, she found her voice and managed to choke out what she hoped still sounded like her name in spite of the tension and squeaking in her tone.


    "That's a delightful name for a young lady. May I call you Lou?"

    Baffled by his abruptness and the surprisingly lucid tones of his voice, she wasn't quite certain how to respond and found herself unable to object to the man and reply with a "No my name is Lucy and I‘m not fond of Lou as it sounds far too masculine" as he straightened again, hat brushing against the ceiling as he turned on his heel and began his stalking stride away.

    "Come along, Lou."

    Lucy was quite certain that she did not want to be summoned along like a stray puppy, but she also did not want to be left to navigate her way back out of the twisting hallways back to her father. Still, the idea of being back in the car staring ahead at nothing in particular was far less thrilling than whatever following this man would bring. With some hesitation, she exchanged a look with the thimble-boy before hurrying to keep in step just behind the tall man as the youth took up stride beside her, attention clearly focused elsewhere as he continued to munch away at what fruity flesh was left on the apple core he now nibbled at.
    They continued on in this fashion for some time; wordlessly, as Lucy could not even begin to assemble her many thoughts into a single sentence, though she did on occasion spare a glance towards the fair-haired thimble-wearer as she still found his choice in headwear utterly fascinating. He however, did not appear to be quite as pleased or flattered with her fascination as every time she looked over to him, he met her eyes with a less-than-pleased expression that was usually accentuated by a sharp, crunching bite (as he seemed to have summoned yet another apple from somewhere). When at last the trek had ended, Lucy had to step around the taller of the two men just to see the reason as to why they had stopped. As just about everything had been at first glance, the door that they had stopped before was unremarkable until Lucy took the time to look up and see how tall it was. Where the doorframe met the ceiling, the room had been stretched out and sloped upwards to accommodate for the extra foot or so of door that normally would have stretched through the ceiling. After blinking once or twice, Lucy found her voice and managed a gasp of surprise.

    "Goodness, how peculiar."

    Turning only his head to peer down at her over pursed lips and a tiny smile, the tall man tapped the elaborate twisted metal of the door handle with a single elegant finger. Waiting for any notion that he might perhaps be about to open the door, poor Lucy found herself looking from him to the door as she stood expectantly beside him, her face showing her growing confusion as the situation developed.

    "… I don't suppose you're going to open the door, are you?"

    "You haven't asked nicely yet."

    Staring incredulously at the boldness of the man, Lucy straightened and wedged herself between the wall and the man, as the hallway was quite narrow but she wanted to be able to look him in the face.

    "I beg your pardon, but I wasn't aware that I had to ask you to open the door to reach your destination."

    "You think it rude of me?"

    "Well," she began, crossing her arms uneasily as he met her accusing gaze with a wry smile, "yes, I suppose I do."

    "Well," he began in much the same fashion, "I think it rude of you to have invited yourself along in the first place."

    Lucy dearly wanted to make mention of how he had been the one that instructed her to follow the pair once she had actually been found out by them, but did not get the chance as the tall man had already turned to the door and thrown it open, stalking out with great long strides into the sunlight with Thimble on his heels. When he reached her however, the youth turned to face her and kept a fixed gaze on her, eyes wide enough that she could see the tiny red vessels of his whites as he took a slow, exaggerated bite out of the apple and chewed it ever so slowly, never breaking eye contact with her until he was completely out of the door and in the fresh sunlight that was streaming through the open door. Appalled by the actions of both men but by no means any less intrigued than she had been before, Lucy followed suit numbly and kept a distance between her and the stranger, younger man.

    The sunlight was harsh even when compared to the fluorescent light of the dealership, and Lucy frowned as she found herself squinting to adjust to the light. When she could see clearly again, she took her place beside the tall man and stared at the landscape before her.

    "This doesn't look like Hove anymore, sir."

    "Of course it isn't, we're in my territory now." This last sentence he added with a proud chest-swelling and a rather pompous smile that Lucy wasn't quite sure she liked, but looking over the landscape before her made it easier to forgive him his uncivil behavior. The most curious aspect of the territory was the lengthy blue strip of land that ran across most of the horizon as far to the left as she could see. Just poking up from the flat land was what was most certainly some form of large text sign or another, and she turned to the tall man with a questioning look on her face.

    "What does that read, that sign far off there?"

    "Oh," he started, craning his neck to see the sign as though he didn't know what it was even without her direction, "That's the territory marker, it says ‘Boardwalk'."

    "Why does it say that?"

    "Because this is the Boardwalk."

    What he said made very little sense to her, but she still nodded understandingly as though she did, for it wouldn't do to have him thinking any less of her than he already did.

    "So all this is your territory?"

    "This entire stretch of land up until you reach the Jailer's post, yes."

    Knotting her eyebrows, she tried to crane her neck to see more land than was visible, but the stretch of pale blue pavers only followed so far before they hit a shadowed something in the distance.

    "S-so, there's other territories too? Owned by other people?"

    "Yes, two stretches of land adjacent and one lying parallel to mine. Owned by our enemies." She fixed him with startled look when he said this, and then felt rather naïve for having thought that maybe this man was a peaceful sort.

    "The Scottie Dog plays dirty- do take care to tread lightly."

    With her heart in her throat and only managing to let a faint squeak escape her, she ignored the fixing looks from the Thimble and kept close to the Top Hat's side as they moved forward, merrily, grumpily and sulkily.

    for lulz and your viewing pleasure, Pursue/Archie and I doodled Top Hat and Thimble for GREAT JUSTICE

    if you got the dorky reference in the title of the chapter before reading this I'll love you hardcore for the rest of my natural lief~
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  2. Yes, I got the 'dorky' reference. :D

    I love the idea of turning board games into a story. Are you going to incorporate real areas on the board, or are you just going to make them up?
  3. I
    am so totally going to be using the different places on the actual board hurr.
    You'll also see all the other monopoly pieces sooner or later- or at least the original six. I won't spoil anything by listing off what the original six were, though there were four that were mentioned in this first chapter :>

    Also, it's been decided: all new chapters will come equipped with an illustration or two. For example, this little gem that Archie/Pursue whipped up of Thimble. Expect to see it again in the near future~
  4. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Looks nice, The Hat, Thimble, and I'm guessing the Car have been introduced, and the Dog was mentioned, right? I know who the other two of the original six are, but I shall not spoil!

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