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Open Money heist - a roleplay inspired by "La Casa de Papel"

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by WingedHussar, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. @Shadow_Pup @TheGrimmRemix027 @DragonFlye @EeviumZ

    It was another boring day at the local bank. Fifteen minutes later, everything changed. Now everyone who was visiting the bank is locked inside with a group of masked robbers. There's no way in or out.

    This roleplay is inspired by a TV show "La Casa de Papel" but you can still participate in this rp, even if you haven't watched it. The plot is really simple.

    The Introduction:
    A group of criminals is planning to perform the biggest heist in history, stealing an unbelievable amount of money. They are led by an extremely intelligent person who helps them from his secret hideout. Then, the day finally comes. The gang carefully follows the plan, but several hours later, they end up being locked in a heavily fortified bank with dozens of hostages, surrounded by police forces. The police eventually manages to send a negotiator, who tries to negotiate the best possible outcome.

    1. Follow the basic Pokecharms rules
    2. No superpowers! Your character can be a skilled professional, but don't exaggerate it.
    3. Your character is not immortal, so don't dodge bullets like Neo in middle of a firefight, but rather take cover.
    4. Romance is allowed between all roles (remember that Stockholm Syndrome exists) but please limit it to kissing and flirting
    5. Robbers shouldn't kill anyone. I know it's hard to imagine in a heist, but that's what this show is about.

    Roles and character templates:
    There are three major roles in this roleplay
    • The robbers
    • The hostages
    • The police
    Note: You can play as multiple characters in different roles
    The robbers use city names as their nicknames

    The template:
    Nickname: (for robbers)
    Personality: (you don't have to write an in-depth psychological profile of your character but you can)
    Skills: (I recommend one major and several minor skills)
    Weapon of choice: (only for robbers and the police)

    Those are the required fields. You can add your own if you want to.

    Also, to avoid confusion, I'll post a map of the bank, where this RP will take place.

    Anyways, that's it. Feel free to ask any questions below. (but I don't guarantee that I'll reply the same day)
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