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Moddex's Custom Trainer Sprite

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Moddex, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. New guy here...! Normally, I'm not so impressive with sprite work, but I was looking through the various trainer sprites throughout the site and didn't see a samurai one! So I went and decided to attempt at making one of my own. I hope this looks alright.


    When I finished it, I got excited and hoped to see this get put in the custom Sprites section perhaps. If it can't be put there, I totally understand. ^.^; But I do need to see what you guys think of this. Any good? Bad shading? Too much shininess on the yoroi? CONSTRUCTIVE critiquing is graciously appreciated.
  2. Not impressive at sprite work? THat sprite, is one of the nicest sprites I've seen in a first post.

    The sprite is overall really well done, I think, I think that the shading on the hair is perfect.
    I do have a suggestion though, on his left side, the hair along the face seems a little flat compared to the volume of the rest, so you might want to fix that a little.
  3. Yes, I totally agree. You did a great job and (warning:constructive criticism) I think the sprite is a tiny bit dark with the colors.
  4. The skin tone was meant to be a little darker, so contrasts are kinda dark as it is. As for the hair, I'm not too good on it. It was made through a bit of cropping parts of the hair which was probably why I got the results.
  5. that's a pretty good samurai sprite

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