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Open MMORPG RP Idea (Discussion/Sign Up)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Captain Cardboard, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. RP Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/hyper-zero-fantasy-world-re-booted.22186/

    Alright, so I tried this long ago. I guess it's kinda rebooted, but I don't think so since it's gonna be a different plot. Actually, the more I flesh out this plot, the more I realize that this is kinda just a reboot. Whatever! Reboot in the title makes the RP sound cool lol

    This RP will be about adventures on a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game called Hyper Zero Fantasy World. If you've never heard of it, good! I made it up. Hyper Zero Fantasy World is a truly huge online game. It's more science fantasy that's become quite popular. Think orcs and elves and magic meets lasers and guns and neon. The sky's the limit with your choices.

    The premise would be that you would be relatively newer players, going on adventures and maybe trying to join some groups or form one of your own. One day, you log on to find you have an unusual message in your inbox. A message from Xenox the Wyvern Knight, an extremely powerful player and leader of one of the largest player groups in the game, the Draconic Order. He has a mission offer he thinks you may be interested in, and is having a meeting to talk about it with a few other players.

    The game's setting is quite fantasy based, with medieval like towns, lush plains, deep forests, dungeons, and jungles, and huge mountains and castles. Around the map are very steep, wall-like mountains that are impossible to climb or fly over.

    The only thing science fictiony about this game is the gear. Like I said before, laser swords, guns, power armor, all that stuff. Players get stronger not by leveling up, but leveling up their items and giving them perks. You level up your weapon by earning "points" in tasks designated by said weapon. After you get a certain amount of points, you can level your weapon up. Now when your character would die, they would lose their one-shot items and any points on their weapons. They would not, however, lose their weapons or the perks on them.

    Not only does Hyper Zero have many, MANY original items and weapons, but it also has quite a few items and weapons from other videogames! Called "special items", these cannot be leveled up and are usually quite strong, and not super common. A player can only carry one 'permanent' special item and one 'one-shot' special item.

    Hyper Zero also allows players to have companion NPCs, which are quite intelligent (almost player like, really). These can either be tamed, befriended, or purchased. And just as a player can have items from other videogames, a player's companion NPC could also be from a videogame. These aren't usually big characters, more like assist trophies type deal or Pokemon or Digimon. A player can only have one companion from a different videogame, and unlike "special items" these are EXTREMELY RARE.

    So... yeah, that's all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


    In-Game Character
    (Optional) (There's no class system in Hyper Zero, this is more of 'if your character would fall into a certain class type, what would it be?)
    Any personailty differences from player?
    One-Shot Items:

    Name: Benjamin Black
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Ben has light brown hair, and stands a bit shorter than most other people his age. He has blue eyes, and commonly wears jeans and a simple t-shirt.
    Personality: Ben enjoys playing games, and is quite competitive. But at the end of the day, he's only in it to have fun and tries to be a good person. His favorite color is grey, and he tends to get nervous in crowded situations.
    Hobbies: Playing Video Games, reading, playing baseball

    In-Game Character
    Username: Falcon Paragon
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    "Class": Swashbuckler
    Appearance: Kyle's character, Falcon, looks like a 22 year old human. Falcon has blue hair, with one side of his head shaved. He wears an aviator jacket that has been enhanced with an armor bonus, as well as boots and light leg armor. Underneath his jacket is chain mail armor. On his left arm is a tattoo of a galaga arcade cabinet. Falcon has gold eyes, and wears goggles.
    Any personality differences from player? The main reason that Kyle plays this game is because he loves to explore. And since Kyle loves to explore, so does Falcon. Since he explores a lot, he has a bit of money, but not as much as players who really go at it. He also enjoys a close fight, and adventure!
    Photon Blade LV3- An upgraded version of the Photon Blade, it is a one handed broadsword with a laser blade that has been boosted in attack speed and damage.
    Plasma Skorpion LV2- A machine pistol that fires plasma rounds. One of the weapons native to the game. It's been upgraded to transform into an assault rifle as well.
    Galaga Ship- A rare special item, it's a small Galaga space ship that launches from Falcon's wrist to attack enemies. It is destroyed in a single hit, but if Falcon focuses the ship is pretty agile. If it gets destroyed, it takes a while to recharge.
    Leg Greaves, LV2- Boosted to be lighter and have better defense.
    Chain mail, LV3. Boosted defense and agility.
    Leather Aviator Jacket, LV2- Boosted defense, added perk of less fall damage.
    Cronus Goggles- Perks include night vision and first person perspective on his Galaga Ship, as well as enemy tracking. No armor bonus.
    One-Shot Items: Fire Flower (special item), Health Potions x3, Plasma Grenades x5
    Companion: None

    @Captain Pokémon - Robin Sharp
    @IDKWhatUserNameToDo - Lizzypad
    @Martin Pine
    @Red Gallade - Dominus Khan
    @Sentorus67 - Linium "Leni" Nightgreen
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  2. Well dang! This looks INCREDIBLE! I am definitely participating! Can I reserve a spot? I’ll most likely get something up tomorrow, it’s pretty late where I am, so my brain isn’t at it’s full creative capacity at the moment.
    Also, thanks @EeviumZ for summoning me here.
  3. The true Eevee summons whomever she desires and smites those that refuse her calls.

    but thank you for coming :>
  4. OOooh this looks really cool!

    I definitively want to join, so reserve me a spot as well!

    After wondering for a bit on what character I should make some questions popped up in my head..
    1. So this is a fantasy game. I'm assuming that there is a magic system there right? If there is what system is it? Are there wand/staff weapons that can do specific spells and or with upgrades can do different different or more powerful spells that the magical staff might already know?
    2. What about Races? Can we just make up whatever race we want or can we use whatever fantasy race there is (for example playable races in DnD)?
    3. What kind of a 'game system' is the game going to be played on? This might be a nitpicky question, but I still want to ask. Is it a console, PC, a virtual reality game or something else?
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  5. Could I also have a spot reserved xD Will try make a bio later
  6. @EeviumZ Sure thing!
    @Captain Pokémon From one captain to another, sure!
    @IDKWhatUserNameToDo Consider a spot reserved! As for your questions...
    1. As for the magic system, it's pretty close to the item system. So, what you've described is a thing! Also, it's possible to find/discover just straight scrolls with magic spells on it that your character can memorize, that can be upgraded as well.
    2. For Races: Yes. Both are perfectly viable!
    3. This is a game for the PC!
    @Martin Pine Heyo, long time no see! Spot reserved!
  7. I'd like to reserve myself a spot here, might see if I can make something similar to a char I once made.

    A bit like that arcade one you tried to do a while back.

    I also have a few questions.
    1: Can we make up the armor and weapons we make.
    2: Is your plan for our chars to join this "Draconic Order" Guild or do you have something else in mind?
    3: Will out chars have "mounts" as in something to help our in game chars traverse the in game landscape faster?
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  8. @Red Gallade Eh, ya, kinda lol. Another spot reserved! As for your questions...
    1. Yes! Please do.
    2. Something else in mind... :)
    3. Yep! There's vehicles like motorbikes or tanks and stuff. There's also creatures you can ride like horses or Pegasus or other things. Usually with the exception of horses, they're either very expensive or rare.
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  9. Awesome.

    Name: Adrian Snow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Due to being more of an indoor person, Adrian's skin is more on the Pale side, although he stands at 5'10" with a slim build, his eyes are Red while his somewhat messy hair which reaches down to his chin is Wine red. His attire mainly consists of a Black turtleneck, Charcoal colored pants and Brown shoes. When he goes outside, he wears all this under an ankle long Black leather coat.
    Personality: Adrian is normally seen as a calm and stoic individual, never afraid to speak his mind even if it comes out as blunt or rude. While he does display signs of kindness, he is easily angered. He has a soft spot for cute things like his pet cat, but he loathes losing above all else and sees it as 'humiliation' more than a 'lesson', those who try to lecture him about it will have a better chance on putting out a fire with gasoline. He also enjoys acting as he used to be in a drama class at school, giving him a taste for In game RP (Roleplay).
    Hobbies: Video games (Obviously), Playing with his pet, Going for walks on sunny days, Winning.

    In-Game Character
    Username: Dominus Khan
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Dominus looks like he's in his early 20s with Pale skin that can be easily mistaken for White, his eyes are blood red while his hair is jet Black and slightly shorter than his real life hair, underneath his left eye if a small Red mark like a tattoo that only goes down to the middle level of his nose. His in game attire consists of a Red shirt underneath a partially closed (from top to bottom) jet Black ankle long duster coat with a short double cape and Silver markings across the edges, Black leather pants and Brown leather boots with straps.
    Any personality differences from player?: More signs of his hatred for losing and love for battling and roleplaying. He has more of a taste for the fantasy side of the game more than the Sci-fi stuff, not that he won't use the latter.
    Dark Crystal blade LV2- A sword who's blade consists of sharpened Black crystal which has been upgraded to increase attack and speed.
    Holy Revolver LV3- A 50. Cal Magnum with engravings to deal holy damage which has been upgraded to hold 7 bullets instead of 6.
    Bat Familiar Swarm- Can summon a group of bats to deal bleeding damage on enemies, getting rid of it proves difficult unless you carry fire or holy objects and wear heavy armor.
    Armor: He balances himself with medium armor for equal defense and maneuverability.
    Mage's high class shirt LV2- This light shirt gives Dominus extra magic to cast spells. (Normally Beige, he dyed it Red)
    Rogue Nobleman's coat LV3- This coat gives Dominus reduced sound, making him difficult to hear alongside not appear on radars.
    Leather Pants LV2- Simple pants that give him increased defense. (Normally Brown, he dyed it Black)
    Leather Boots LV2- Simple boots that give him extra defense and speed.
    One-Shot Items: 4 Health Potions and two Magic Potions.
    Other: He seeks to make his own powerful guild which he'll call "Ad Victoriam" and lead it as a "Vampire King." He has a Manticore mount that he won in a Lucky Chest, although his real dream mount is an "Greater Night Dragon (Armored)."
    His motto is "Play the game and win, or don't play at all."
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  10. Hey I would like to reserve a spot. I am sucker for RPs like this.
  11. Okey dokey, here it is!

    Name: Max Stone
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Max has dirty blonde hair and sea green eyes. He is on the taller side, being taller than about 85% of people his age. He is often wearing black sports pants and a dark blue jacket. Despite the fact he plays video games a lot, he gets his fair share of exercise and stays in great shape. He is also very intelligent, which also helps him in game.
    Personality: When playing video games, he is pretty competitive and good at the game, but, he’s really just playing it to have fun, he just didn’t want to be bad at the game or people would make fun of him. His core personality is just energetic and fun, he enjoys making friends, through video games or not.
    History, (This was most likely a typo, considering it isn’t in your character’s bio, but I’m going to put it anyway): His history is pretty simple, his whole life, he’s lived with his family, considering he isn’t even old enough to move out on his own yet. His life has been relatively simple, he got great grades, made good friends, etc.
    Hobbies: Playing video games, running, and reading.

    In-Game Character:

    Username: Robin Sharp
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Class: Quickshot/Sharpshooter
    Appearance: Robin has the appearance of a 19-ish year old man, standing at 6’0”. He has dark blue hair, but his eye color remains the same. Like most other characters in this game, he is in phenomenal shape, and has great stamina. However, he is a lot less bulky than everyone else, but much more agile and quick, giving him and advantage, especially against slow and bulky opponents.
    Any Personality Differences From Player? Not really, only slight differences. For example, Robin is a little more brash and cocky than Max. In battle, he is very focused and accurate, but also makes quips, jokes, etc.
    Weapons: Lvl3Plasma Bow: A sleek, metallic bow, with no arrows required. When Robin pulls the string and releases it, a laser shoots out like an arrow. He can fire this incredibly fast, rivaling even guns.Upgraded in strength and accuracy.
    Lvl3DuelShots: Robin wields these two pistols expertly, constantly spinning them and shooting them at incredibly fast speeds. Like the Plasma Bow, they shoot lasers instead of bullets. If he does enough damage with these, he can attach them together to form a strong, cannon-like laser shooter that can shoot blasts that rival even the strongest of magic blasts. When he is experienced enough, he will be able to pretty much do this whenever he wants too, unless something happened to his weapons, or he already used it not too long from when he wants to use it again.(If that makes sense, it’s of hard to put what I’m saying into words.) Upgraded in strength and speed.
    Greninja: A powerful Pokémon companion who constantly throws shurikens made of compressed water at enemies. These shurikens don’t do much damage per hit, but Greninja throws them constantly, so the damage stacks up. If it takes enough damage, it faints, and Robin has to find special healing stations to heal it. He was given this Greninja with the game because he bought the Deluxe Pass. (If this is allowed.)
    Armor: Lvl3 Joint Guards: These protect his joints like shoulders, elbows, knees, etc. They’re boosted in defense and lightness.
    Lvl2 Torso Guard: Boosted In Defense.
    Analytic Visor: Provides Night Vision and Enhanced Accuracy.
    One Shot Items: Plasma Grenades x3, Max Potions x3.
    Other: What makes Robin stand out from other players is his incredible speed and agility. While he has less defense than some players, he is incredibly hard to hit, due to his speed, which makes up for it.

    Alright, I think that’s it!
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  12. I was at first going to make a Barbarian like character, but after some thinking I decided to make a Mage instead

    Elizabeth "Liz" Hooper
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Most people would say that Liz is slightly above average when it comes to her appearance. She has brilliant forest green eyes, tanned skin, and dark (almost black) hair worn open and reaches a bit over her shoulders with the bangs swept to the side. She stands about 5.6 ft (or about 171 cm) tall with an average build. Most of her features are quite average looking, or that's how other people have described her. The only thing that might put her just slightly above average is her green eyes.
    Personality: Liz is very shy when it comes to meeting new people face to face. She is very much a bookworm and enjoys reading/watching/learning about worlds with fantastical elements and/or completely different to our own world. She loves anything that's fantasy or science fiction related and loves to learn about the lore and such in different franchises (be it movie, game or book series).
    Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, playing games and swimming

    In-Game Character
    Username: Lizzypad (Lizzy)
    Gender: Female
    Race: Water Genasi
    "Class": Mage/Wizard
    Appearance: Lizzy's character looks like 21 year old humanoid. Her skin is sea foam green and has hair that's primarily navy blue, but it has a lot of streaks with different shades of lighter blue and her hair flows in the air as if it was underwater. She has pointed ears and big round eyes (slightly larger than normal human eyes) with black irises. Her armor mostly consists of leather armor except for the pauldron and Vambrace, which are metallic and she also has visor-like glasses
    Any personality differences from player?: Lizzy loves to explore and learn new things about the game. She interacts with everything and even reads all NPC dialogue even if it meant being a jerk towards the NPC. She is also a bit of a hoarder, as her inventory if full of stuff. It doesn't matter what it is, as in Lizzy's opinion it might have a use one day
    Photon dagger LV2- It's a small and simple dagger with a laser blade. It's been boosted to have faster attack speed
    Runic Vambrace LV4- Magic infused choice of equipment that is not weapon, which is in this case the metallic Vambrace. It has many different runes written all over it, which activate when casting a spell. Item know spells: Healing touch (boosted to heal more), Acid splash (boosted range) and Magic Missiles (boosted both range and damage)
    Leather Armor LV 3- boosted defense and perk that lessens bludgeoning damage
    Runic Vambrace LV4- cannot add any defense boosts or perks while magic infused
    Metallic Pauldron LV2- Boosted defense and to be lighter in weight
    Visor Glasses LV3- Perks are night vision, extended range on all ranged weapons and identify creature weakness on a creature that has once been defeated by player who is wearing the visor.
    One-Shot Items: Ender Pearl x 3
    Companions: None as of now
    Other: N/A
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  13. Alright!
    @Red Gallade Looks great! I would say that Vampire isn't a starting race, but there would be ways in-game to turn yourself into a vampire.
    @EmoKitty21 Consider a spot reserved!
    @Captain Pokémon Looks good! The Greninja is a-okay!
    @IDKWhatUserNameToDo Love it! Accepted.

    I'll work on the RP thread and try to have it up in the next day or two.
    As for the plot, I'll try to have a small little group quest, maybe fighting a dragon boss before they receive the message from Xenox the Wyvern Knight.
  14. @Captain Cardboard, I have a question before I start my character. I want her to have a small T-Rex or Tyrunt that will grow or evolve/shrink and devolve when in and out of battle. I want to ask before I make my character, as I want to make sure it would be ok with you before I set my sights on this.
  15. @EmoKitty21 Eh, yeah, sounds okay. Just make sure to remember that these are players that haven't been playing the game for too long yet. They have some good gear, but nothing super super powerful.
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  16. Here is my character. Let me know if I need to change anything. I might change her up a bit as I am not 100% sold on the character at the moment.

    Name: Kitty Blackwell
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Kitty is a small girl as she is around 5'6, and looks to be very tiny in weight. Due to a lot of running and swimming, Kitty is fairly toned. Her skin is pale with slightly yellow tint to it. Her eyes are slightly slanted. The color of her eyes stands out as they are a bright green. Kitty tends to wear her long dark purple hair down. It is long enough to reach her lower back, and will sometimes be pulled up into a half ponytail to keep her hair out of her face. Kitty tends to wear a black sweater that is not loose, and almost covers her hands. She pairs this with a pair of dark skinny jeans with ripps in the knee, and a pair of dark purple heels. Her nails are always painted black and are on the longer side. Kitty tends to wear a black smokey eye, with a red lip. Around her neck she has two necklaces, one is a black choker, and the other is a rose gold heart shaped locket.
    Personality: Kitty is very calm, and will generally be there for her friends. She can have a temper when she is pushed past her breaking point. Kitty loves to code games, and spends what time she is not working on her own games, playing her favorites. Due to her knowing code, she knows how most games work, and can find loopholes in them. Kitty loves to paint and draw, and has done most of the art work for own games.
    History: Kitty is one of four children. She is in the middle with her older sister Sarah. One of the things that she loved to do was play games ever since she was little. It started with board games, and then turned into other outlets. Kitty has since started her own business making her own games, and they have become very successful by independent games goes. One thing that makes her stand out is that she has worked for other people with their games, and have coded quite a few for companies that needed her skills.

    In-Game Character
    Username: Willow Jadestone
    Gender: Female
    Race: Moon Elf
    Class: Druid and Warlock duel class
    Appearance: Willow appears to be a young 18 year old elf. Her pale skin stands out against her dark purple eyes. Her hair is long and stark white in color. Willow wears hwr hair mostly down, with braids that pull back part of her hair to keep it out of place. Down her arms, she has silver tribal tattoos that almost seem to glow at night. Willow tends to have dark makeup like that Kitty. Willow tends to wear light clothing that is easy to move in. Her go to outfit is a long tunic over a pair of black cloth leggings, and dark brown cloth boots. She pairs a dark purple hooded cape with the look.
    Any personailty differences from player?: Willow is very calm and calculated. She tends to think things through before she acts. Though times can be tough for her as she can get a bit mad when animals are harmed in needless way. Her love of animals led her to going on a long quest to obtain a Tyrunt for her companion.
    Elderich Blast(LV-4)-
    Elderich Blast has a couple of variants that she can use. They range from directed blast, which lets Willow control who the spell targets, to agonizing blast, which will cause more pain to be delt to the person it is directed at.
    Elderich tome- (LV-3)
    The more levels this item gains the more spells rhat can be used. It has variations on elderich blast that can be learned with this item. It also has a couple of other spells like water breathing, and fire dancing that can be used with this book. (This was a gift for taking on a mentor of such in the form of an elder god. Who granted her this power. It is a direct tie to the spell before this one.)
    Tyrunt- (LV-2)
    Tyrunt is a companion that Willow gained after a bit of grinding. Tyrunt who she calls Rex, is actually like a puppy in the way they act most of time. Though in battle they evolve into Tyrantrum, and are able to help Willow by being a tank while she does damage to their opponent. Rex in this form is stronger, but has limited hit points, which can cause him to revert back to his smaller form.
    Wildshape- (LV-3)
    This is an ability that Willow found that allowes her to become the shape of any animal that she has seen. The more levels that are put into this, the more shapes that she is able to learn. She is limited in the size that she can take on with each level.
    Bow- (LV-4)
    Her bow is made of what looks like black stone it seems to shine in the light. It has gold veins that run up and down the bow.
    Thorn Whip- (LV-3)
    This is a whip that is made from anything that is around. It usually is made from rose bushes, and will have different colored roses that would ajorn the whip. This can used to grab opponents, and lash out at them.
    Arm Bracers- (LV-4)
    These are to protect her arms incase someone gets too close in combat. They seem to be made of heavy cloth that is backed by bark from trees.
    Cloth Leggings- (LV-3)
    These are the black legging that she wears with her main outfit. The have what seems to be a wood like pattern to them, and are good against most water based attacks.
    One-Shot Items:
    Potion of instant health x4
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  17. @EmoKitty21 I hate saying this to people, so please don’t take offense, but, aren’t the players supposed to be relatively new, and not have a ton of weapons and items? All I’m saying is, for a new player, I think SIX weapons/spells/ whatever, AND a decent companion is a little much at the moment. Not my place,but just saying what I think.
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  18. @Captain Pokémon, No Offense taken. I was thinking that because of her background in game design and coding, it would have given her a bit of an edge on others. In my bio I stated that she had done previous grinding to get what she has. Then there is the pact she has which only expands on her Elderich blast. Which is where the directed elderich blast and agonizing blast come from. With the Tyrunt she would have gained this through the help of someone who was more experienced in the game with the quest. Sacred Flame is from the Moon Elf Background that she has. It was a lucky first draw from a loot chest. I can see how this all might be too much, so I will work on revising Willow.
  19. I will be finishing the in-game bio later.

    (Emo, I drew some inspiration from your character, but I tried to edit it sufficiently so it's unique. Let me know if you want this changed, I'd be happy to.)

    Kiara Ryder
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Standing at a height of 5'3, Kiara has light blonde hair and emerald green eyes. She has a very pale complexion with few markings. She typically wears a white skirt with a pale blue tank top, a dark grey hoodie, and black leggings with grey running shoes.
    Personality: Soft-spoken and kind, Kiara tends to keep to herself. A caring soul, she's friendly after a while, but takes time to warm up to you. When it comes down to it, however, she's brave and loyal.

    In-Game Character
    Username: Mina Silverwood
    Gender: Female
    Race: Astral Sprite
    Appearance: Mina is a humanoid character, with deep pink eyes and long purple hair fading into light blue. She has remarkably pale skin, and a pale blue crescent moon with a golden sun in the curve on her forehead. Her ears look relatively elven but not identical to the actual elven races in the game. She has two black horns on her head, similar to demon-esque horns.
    Any personailty differences from player? Very similar to Kiara, but she has a large mischievous streak.
    Weapons: (I'm aware that this is a lot, but one is just a device to learn more spells and several can only be used at a certain time of day.)
    - Sunlight Blaze (Lvl 2): Daytime use only. Drawing energy from the sun's light, this ranged attack fires a sphere of solar energy at the opponent.
    - Moonlight Beam (Lvl 5): Nighttime use only. Drawing energy from the moon's glow, the user fires a powerful beam at the opponent.
    - Mina's Book (Lvl 3): Directly tied to Mina. If this book is studied enough, Mina can learn new spells.
    - Solarcore Blade (Lvl 3): A sword that becomes more powerful when the sun is shining. It's a fairly ornate blade with a golden gemstone in the hilt that glows in the sunlight.
    - Lunarcore Bow (Lvl 4): A bow that becomes more powerful under the moon's glow. It's a bow with a light blue gemstone on the wooden part
    (I don't know what it's called, OK?), that glows in the nighttime.
    - Moonlight Blessing (Lvl 1): Nighttime use only. Can be used to heal self or others, but only one at a time. Speed and range increases with level.

    - Reinforced Arm Bracers (Lvl 3): to protect her arms in combat.
    - Astral Chest (Lvl 5): It's a relatively normal chest armor piece, with fairly stereotypical feminine features. However, in the center on the front, there rests a light blue gemstone, with a midnight blue crescent moon visible within. At night, the colors reverse and the stone glows. It is believed that this piece enhances her magic when it shines. It's very lightweight, to ensure optimal mobility.

    One-Shot Items:
    - 20 arrows
    Other: Will likely gain a Pokemon companion later.
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  20. Name: Xyris Joule
    Gender: male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: At 5'3 in height. Xyris is slightly tanned with dirty bland matted hair. His eyes are yellow (contact lenses) and has a couple of faded scars littering his face and the rest of his body. he's usually seen in t-shirts, shorts, and worn-out sneakers.
    Personality: Xyris makes a joke out of everything as if he was allergic to the word "serious". Many times he will say something just for comedy and has a habit of messing with people even if it's not a good idea. Still, he wants people around him to have just as much fun as he is.

    In-Game Character
    Username: Linium "Leni" Nightgreen
    Gender: Male
    Race: Goblin
    "Class": Rouge Ninja

    Appearance: At 4"0, this goblin wears flip-flops for his talon-like feet. He commonly wears britches and black shirt. Over his shirt is a purple shoulder cowl that glitters like stars. His left arm is covered in archaic purple rune tattoos. His teeth are all pointed and has a bulbous nose. His ears are pointed and have eyes that shine a malicious yellow. He usually has a hat that's way too big for him and a can cover his face when needed.

    Any personality differences from the player? Xyris's tendency to roleplay makes Leni act like the stoic loner. Always grieve over his darkest secrets in silence. He speaks as if every word holds the key to saving the universe. He'll team up with people because he knows a loner can still find uses for others. He's very much into fashion but tries to hide it. sometimes Xyris' real personality will emerge and might cause trouble just for a joke.

    Weapons: night chakram (lvl 2): a chakram, that no matter how well (or poorly) thrown will return to him. As increased damaged at night
    Tracker Knife (lvl 1): a (currently) dull knife that Leni can always see the location of and retrieve.
    Armor: Monocle of truth (lvl 1): gives better vision in the dark.
    ring of stamina (lvl 1): a gold ring with a green jewel in the middle. it sometimes gives an extra stamina boot when the wearer is exhausted.
    One-Shot Items: kunai x25. blessed smoke cloud grenade x2.
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  21. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Name:Leonardo Es Gon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Fairly tall person at 5.9ft with light skin. His face most likely showing small grey eyes not expecting much attention, a mouth always shut tight, and a nose, not much to describe a nose. Hair that was shaped in a box going upwards with sides that fade. When he prepared to enter the game world he wore a jean flannel which was unbuttoned. Before this flannel came a plain white shirt. Under the waist he chose to wear black sweat pants and black air forces.
    Personality: He didn't have much to say to anyone unless they asked him a question. He was more of a get it done type of person mostly responding with actions rather than words.
    History: The reason Leo doesn't use many words is because his father and mother were deaf so he had to learn sign language to communicate with them. Leo felt like he had to ease their burden as much as possible just because of their disabilities. This loyalty grew into greater lengths as to respect anyone older than him even by some much of a month. Personality such as this led him to commit crimes, close call suicides, or even good deeds. His parents guided him to this as a way to somehow break his bad habit.

    In-Game Character
    Username: Leo Gon
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human (Only Part edited lol)
    "Class": Dualist
    Appearance: He still looks rather close to what he looked like in real life except for maybe gaining a slim muscular build. As for what he wears, as of currently he gained a hooded white trench coat with gray leather pants. To this moment he hasn't gotten lucky enough to get any new shoes so he's wearing the default ones.
    Any personailty differences from player: He still has that get it done mentality along the loyalty he gives to adults but in the game does speak more. Even if his voice seems dull and has no emotion he does speak. Sometimes he will break back into sign language as a sign of fear or a way of getting his thoughts out. For the most part he's really trying to figure who he is.
    Minato Kunai Lvl 1 - Teleports the user to the destination the kunai lands or hits.
    Diamond sword Lvl 3 - You know what it does
    Diamond Sword Lvl 3 - You know what it does
    Blinding Loner Lvl 3 (The Trench coat) - This allows him gain increased speed and combat speed
    Leather Pants Lvl 2 - Increase defense
    Default shoes Lvl 2 - Increase defense
    One-Shot Items: Master Sword
    Other: Other
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  23. Did the guy making a Jojo reference remind you of that?
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  24. No, I didn't even see anyone making a JoJo reference lol
    (I'm uncultured, I know)
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  25. Thread is up, everyone! Right here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/hyper-zero-fantasy-world-re-booted.22186/

    Now, for this thread...

    @EmoKitty21 thank you for saying you'll revise Willow! The character sheet so far seems like a good base, so I'm excited to see it when it's finished.
    @Sentorus67 I love the character! Accepted!
    @JPSomeone So... I do have a few issues with the character. I'm gonna say no to 'Pillar Man' as a race. I'm a fan of Jojo, don't get me wrong! I just don't think that Hyper Zero would have 'Pillar Man' as a race choosable for players. Actually, that's really the only issue I have with Leo.
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  26. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    I was summoned
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  27. @Captain Cardboard, Willow has been revised. Though the spells that she had will make a comeback, as I quite like them for her. I kept the weapons I gave her, and Tyrunt, I also tied the tome to her elderich blast spell, as she needs to have it to cast the spell.
  28. You're lucky. If you hadn't come I would have had to smite you, and we wouldn't want that, would we? ;>
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  29. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    So i saw what this is about and that got me thinking...

    is it possible to use our own DnD characters (if we have any)? Cuz i got something for this. If the answer is no, that is perfectly fine with me because dnd characters have their own special abilities, along with their own weapons and magic
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  30. @DoggoKing22, That is what I done with Willow Jadestone. She was a DnD character of mine so she was a bit more powerful then most who have created their characters. I have had revise her a bit to make sure she fit in with the others.
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  31. Done. Let me know if she's too overpowered.
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  32. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Ok I just wanted to make sure. Plus I was asking cuz I haven’t seen any character here that is animal related (yes, my dnd character was animal-like. More specifically, from the Kenku race). Just wanted to ask first for permission to use him
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  34. Hope I'm not too late

    Name: Jason (Jay) Revon

    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Jason has messy black hair, brown freckles and braces. He wears a black and white striped top with a scarlet red jumper over it. He has light blue jeans and black shoes. He has pale skin and stands at 5' 9.
    Personality: Jay can be carefree, but gets serious when it comes to being good at anything. He is genuinely easy to make friends with. Unless if they are easily insulted.
    History: Jason only got into video games because his friends started playing, making him want to one up them. He is a single child, and his parents never bought him a computer until the age of 14. He used to spend all of his time doing art and practising maths, because his friends were all good at those things.

    In-Game Character
    Username: Denny Motor
    Gender: Male
    Race: Forest Elf
    "Class": Cleric/Wizard

    Appearance: Denny looks like Jason, except he has much neater hair and pointed ears. He wears a long, white, hooded cloak with yellow highlights and a plain cauliflower blue shirt underneath. He has a golden pendant of a pair of wings on a necklace. He wears white pants, a white glove and white steel-capped boots.
    Any personality differences from player? Acts a lot nicer to people better than him.
    Weapons: Healing Staff (Lvl 2): Has a pair of wings like on Denny's pendant that can slightly heal an ally it touches.
    Light Glove (Lvl 3): Shoots small orbs of light that damages foes. Quite likely to miss.
    Armor: Steel-Capped Boots (Lvl 3): Increases defence but lowers speed. (Also is the only thing that protects him).

    One-Shot Items: Metroid- Drains health of opponents for a short amount of time
    Other: I'm planning on giving him a Piranha Plant as a companion... the one with 'feet' like in Smash Ultimate.
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  35. I don't normally venture into general RPs, but this one looks really interesting.

    Barry Maliand
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: That of someone who spends far too much time inside, he has bags under his eyes from late nights staying up and pale skin from a lack of Vitamin D. His hair is brown and he has green eyes.
    Personality: Barry enjoys video games, maybe a little too much, he's almost never not playing them and although he's not very competitive, he can still get easily annoyed when the game isn't going his way. He's very loud and makes himself heard as well.
    Hobbies: Playing video games, reading (occasionally), and staying up egregiously late.

    In-Game Character

    Gender: Male
    Race: Reanimated Skeleton
    Class: Necromancer/Warrior
    Appearance: Standing at 5’10, Skeletor looks exactly like your average skeleton, nothing different about him besides two horns that jut out from his skull and the armor he has equipped.
    Any personailty differences from player?: Nope
    Dark Hand (Lvl 2): One of Skeletors hands glow a dark red aura, if this aura is to touch an organic life form he can slowly drain their lifeforce. It can only be used for a certain amount of time before dispersing to recharge. Can be used as a punch as well, though it depletes much faster in exchange for higher damage.

    Basic Scimitar (Lvl 1): A basic curved sword, only used when Dark Hand is depleted.

    Raise Undead (Lvl 1): A basic necromactic spell that summons either a basic zombie or skeleton to serve as a distraction.

    Chainmail Armor (No Helmet) (Lvl 2): Basic chainmail armor with no special properties.

    Necromancers Hood (Lvl 3): A special cloak that he wears over his head and falls all the way to his ankles, it buffs the power of necromantic spells and weapons.

    One-Shot Items:
    3x Necromantic Scrolls: Buffs all necromantic spells for 5 minutes.
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  36. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Gotchu changed the part to human.
    Actually lemme edit appearance and stuff to ;-;
    Now I'm done.
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  37. That the link I had posted to the RP in fact led to the discussion.
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  38. Yeah, I almost forgot about that.

    Anyway, how did you plan for everyone to meet up for this joint quest thing?
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