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ML? Requests

Discussion in 'Requests' started by TundraZap, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Hello I do ML? Requests (the dewgong is the example)
    Bacicaly I make MLG Pokemon for you (like Sprite requests but MLG Pokemon requests!)
    First choose a Pokemon to MLGise.
    Then choose your memes.
    Then ask me.
    Then wait.
    Then enjoy your ML?.

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  2. mlg typhlosion? please? lol WHY AM I SO OBSESSED WITH TYPHLOSION?!?!? XD
  3. What memes do you want
  4. ummmmm mlg and doge lol
  5. Ok I'll do it tomorrow
  6. thank you!!!!:D
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  7. MLG Eevee? I want Doritos meme.
  8. Ok I need to get more printer ink
  9. MLG Pichu and I want doge meme
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  10. I want a Manaphy and I want the lol meme
  11. Can I have a mudkip with doge and Doritos?

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