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Mistakes they Should've Caught

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Kyupper, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. (I hope this is the right place for this.)
    So I was reading my Pearl instruction booklet the other day and I saw some mistakes in it that somebody should've caught.
    (This is all word-for-word from the PEARL instruction booklet.)
    In order to catch all the Pokemon in the Sinnoh region, thus completing your Pokedex, you must trade with the Pearl version.
    I thought this WAS the Pearl version...
    Quiting the Union Room
    They did mean quitting, right?
    When someone accepts your conditions, you will know your Pokemon was traded the next time you connect to GTS.
    Okay, that one's minor, but they did mean THE GTS, didn't they?
    If anyone's found any other mistakes, in the booklets or games, then post them here.
  2. I found mistakes in my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Offical Guide. The special Pokemon for each version is twisted until the back of the book. For example: Magikarp is for Blue, but they say "Magikarp can only be found in Red" while they also say "Feebas can only be found in Blue" ??? I thought it was the other way arond, which it is. They have more mistakes like this in the book.
  3. I found some serious translations missteps in my National Pokedex guide. They involved the items found in the Underground. Now when I saw them I thought "Hey! New items whoopee! until I discovered it was a mistranslation. Here it goes:

    Beetle Plate--Insect Plate
    Cold Stone--Icy Rock
    Magical Plate--Mind Plate
    Horror Plate--Dread Plate
    Core Stone--Odd Keystone

    ...you get the idea. They were just different names for the plates, the "weather" rocks, and other items found Underground so I got excited for nothing.

    Something else too. You know the basic advice they give you at the beginning of all Pokemon game guides? Well one was telling you to switch Pokemon if you're at a type disadvantage. The mistake came with the example they gave: There was a Swampert facing a Luxray and they tell you to switch Swampert with a GROUND type. But Swampert is already a ground type. I guess that was an easy mistake to miss though.

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