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XY/ORAS MissPink's Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Kawaii Unicorn, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Kawaii Unicorn

    Friend Code:
    So I am like two PKMN away from completing the PokeDex, and if any of you want a certain PKMN, I'm sure I will trade it to you if the offer is good. In a message if the only one of the PKMN you want is shiny, then you will have to trade a shiny, my friend code is:
    4914-7056-8152, remember tell me your code so I can add you too!
    I'm Currently Looking For:

    Any shinies that I don't have
    Shiny event PKMN ****
    Shiny starters **** (exept fennekin)
    SHINY DITTO *************
    Shiny female eevee nicknamed Dove*********
    *** = Pokemon I really want

    Shinies That I have (the ones that are actually for trade, most are cloned)
    Cresellia ***
    Entei (probably not cloned) ***
    Mawile ***
    Haxorus (probably not cloned) ****
    Kyurem ***
    Xerneas (not cloned) ***
    Thunderus ***
    Arceus **
    Azelf ***
    Uxie ***
    Mesprit ***
    Genesect (not cloned) ***
    Poochyena (not cloned for sure (hatched myself)) ****
    Fennekin *****
    *** = Harder to get
    Non Shiny Legends For Trade:
    So if you want to get one of meh Pokemon, you have to offer something that would be a FAIR trade and leave you friend code in da comments.

    *UPDATE* Earlier today I was breeding Poochynenas, and the very first one was a shiny! Got any nickname ideas?
    Friend Code: 4914-7056-8152
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  2. I got a legit shiny ditto.I can give that for your shiny dialga?
  3. skymin015

    Friend Code:
    Alright, so I have a legit shiny ditto I really don't care about, and I'd love a shiny Mawile (one of my favourite shinies) or the shiny Leafeon (last shiny eeveelution I need, and I love Leafeon) . If you could tell me the natures, ivs, ect...of the Mawile and Leafeon, I'd love it even more. If they'd already been traded, the Vulpix, Fennekin, or Kyurem would be cool. Sorry if I seem so demanding o.o" I just really don't need a shiny ditto, and you have amazing shinies >w<
  4. That Vulpix is catching my attention. I'll go through what shinies I have.

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