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Mission acquired, become a fighter (open to 2)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Taylor bauro, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Taylor yawned and stretched her arms as she woke up to another beautiful day in the kalos region. Wearing a teal tee shirt with black shoulders, a pair of black pants,teal converse and a black Pokemon brand baseball cap, she set out towards town. She put on a determined smile as she walked with her dependable Pokemon and partner, hope (eevee). "Hey hope, wanna try to participate in a trainer battle today?" She asked as they walked. "Vee!" Hope replied with determination in her eyes. "I take that as a yes , let's find someone to challenge then!" She exclaimed as she walked inside the Pokemon centre.

    Ooc: open to 2 other people
  2. Dakota was by the PCs in the pokemon center. Her Umbreon right next to her. The dark eeveelution yawned and flicked her ears, looking around she sighed and looked back up at her red-haired trainer who was stuck on who to switch out. She finally decided and switched the pokeballs out, receiving a stored pokemon. She turned and gave a slight smile at Umbreon who impatiently huffed.
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  3. As Taylor entered the Pokemon centre, she noticed a red haired trainer and an umbreon. She approached them carefully and gave the trainer a shy smile " h-hi, I'm Taylor. Is that your Pokemon?" She asked shyly, pointing to the umbreon. 'If this girl is a trainer, perhaps she will do a match with me?' She thought as she looked over the other girl to try to see any hint that she was a Pokemon trainer. "Well, if she's in the Pokemon centre, she's probably a trainer' she thought in her head, giggling to herself mentally. Her expression didn't change throughout her thoughts. She still looked slightly nervous, kind and shy
  4. Jake walked into the Pokemon centre and headed straight for nurse joy's desk
    "Hi um my Pokemon need immediate help my gliscor is frozen, my Kangaskan poisoned and my greninja has fainted" jake said to the pink haired nurse,
    "Ok hang on" she replied picking up a PA microphone "Blissey, Audino prepare three recovery tables, we've got a situation on our hands"


    "Thanks nurse joy" jake said as his Pokemon were returned to him
    "You are very welcome jake and we hope to see you again" she replied
    Jake went to leave the Pokemon centre when he saw Dakota, waved at umbreon and then continued on his way when the dark eeveelution turned its head and began to ignore his existence
  5. Dakota looked at the other female. "Yes," she muttered. The anti-social trainer awkwardly rubbed the back of her neck. Her green eyes caught Jake waving to her Umbreon, who was oblivious. She watched him slightly before looking back to her dark eeveelution that was staring off into space. Dakota rolled her eyes at the dark pokemon and looked back at the other female.
  6. " i-it looks very healthy" she stuttered out nervously. she averted her gaze before mumbling "d-do you think i-it would like to meet my umbreon?" she hoped the other trainer had heard what she said, that way she didn't have to repeat it. "o-oh, m-my names taylor by the w-way. what's yours?" mentally, she slapped herself in the face for being so nervous.
  7. "I don't think she would mind," Dakota said quietly. She stuffed her hands into her pockets and gave a sideways smile. "Nice to meet you, I'm Dakota." She introduced herself softly. Realizing that Taylor was nervous she decided not to be rude towards the other female.
  8. Taylor noticed the small smile on Dakotas face and couldn't help but allow one of her own almost unnoticeable smiles to appear on her face. She reached for her poke ball that held midnight, her shiny umbreon, and let her out. "Umbreee!" Midnight greeted happily. " midnight, this is Dakota. Dakota, meet midnight." Taylor said, smiling. Her umbreon turned to the red head and gave a small bob in greeting before turning to Dakotas eeveelution. Midnight smiled at gave a polite nod in greeting to the other umbreon, waiting for its reaction.
  9. Dakota nodded a greeting and looked at her own Umbreon. When Umbreon heard Midnight's voice she turned her head and stared at the other eeveelution. "Um..." she said quietly and tipped her head to the side. Eyeing the shiny Umbreon.
  10. "Umbreon" midnight said sadly, expecting to be rejected. She had wanted to be friends with the other umbreon and had gotten a bit excited when she saw another of her kind. It was midnight's first time meeting another umbreon and she had hoped it would go well. She hung her head low in defeat. Taylor approached midnight and gave her a small pat, midnight hadn't been rejected, just looked at differently, which wasn't unusual. It wasn't everyday you saw a shiny umbreon. Taylor nudged midnight before whispering to no one in particular "this is midnight's first time meeting another umbreon. She may act tough, but she really just wants a friend, other than me and the rest of our friends of course." She cast a sympathetic glance towards her umbreon, knowing quiet well how she felt
  11. Umbreon yawned and got up. She stretched her body out and padded over to Midnight, she prodded the other Umbreon with a paw. "Umbre, ummm" she mumbled and kept poking Midnight.

    Dakota heard what Taylor said but didn't say anything. The anti-social teen just awkwardly stood there, watching her Umbreon interact with the shiny one.

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