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Missing Pokemon of Shikoku

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Mrs.Serene222, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. (This story was based on a role play that I made on another website)
    (I'd also like to mention that in this universe, Pokémon don't forget moves, they can learn all of them at once)
    (Also I'd like for you guys to try finding out who or what is causing the missing Pokemon)

    "In this time of need, we turn to you
    Our lord Arceus, is it true?
    Will you watch, as we perish?
    I thought it was us you cherished
    May you find it in your heart
    To not be mad and set us apart
    Maybe one day, this land they see
    Should not be devided
    Shall we be free
    Free to be what we were before
    Please Arceus, our lord
    We do your bidding, and see it is true
    But the reason of our disappearing, is it really you?"
    A young Cubone sits on her knees and prays. She is sitting on a bench with fluffy red cushioning. It is one of many benches in a huge dome-shaped church. All of the stain glass windows are lined with gold and there is a massive gold chandelier above. The church organ which is placed in the front of the room, but slightly off to the side has a wooden structure with gold pipes.
    The Cubone sighs and looks at the ground. She feels like crying but holds her feelings in. She looks outside the stain glass windows at the moon.
    "Arceus... They believe in you. They will go where they think is best. As for the others, they also choose their way,"
    In her hands was a notebook. She picked up her Cubone-Bone and walked to the frount of the room. She stood by the podium. She pulled up a stool and set her notebook down onto the podium. There was a small jar of ink to the side. She slowly and carefully dipped her Cubone-Bone into the ink and used it to start writing.
    Okay, so I know many may not know what happened about five years ago here in Shikaku. I'll tell you the story.
    The first disappearance was five years ago. Little did anyone know, this was the start of something bigger, much bigger!
    Being the smallest region, we here at Shikoku generally know each other. Or at least we thought we did. Now a days no one crosses the borders. It isn't that we can't, but that we have lost all faith in each other.
    We should not be in conflict with our fellow Pokémon for such a foolish argument. We should learn to set our differences aside. The region needs to be united, not separated.
    Many of you do remember the figh that separated us into the four territories.
    Kagawa ere the Pokémon that had not gotten into the fight, they simply took land and are still deciding how to end this war.
    The Electrovire, Tatsuya, wanted to blame humans. He wants to reduce the population of humans, thinking they are capturing us Pokémon. Although there has not been humans spotted in Shikoku ever. He now rules the territory of Kochi, where he trains his subjects harshly, making them generally strong.
    There was also a warrior named Kiyoshi, who was a Gallade. He had many experience with ghost types. He believed the ghost types are kidnapping Pokémon and taking them to Giratina. He works at finding Giratina every hour of every day in the territory of Tokushima.
    Finally, our very own territory, Ehime. Our leader, Hitomu the Armoldo, is a strict believer in Arceus. The we believe we have angered him in such a way he is taking us one by one.
    This arguement may seem silly to some. Maybe we are taking it too far. Maybe we can all work side by side to find the problem. Until then, we will be at each others necks in conflict.
    -Signed: Morgan Serene

    (The next day at the Kagawa territory)

    "Okay Donny, is it in sight?"
    "Yes, locking on target..."
    "You realize we only got one shot right?"
    "Yes Rex! I got this..."
    I watch through the window, talking to donny through a small speaker thing that we borrowed from a friend. I was waging my Charmander tail rapidly. This old grocery store gets no customers. The only one here is that pesky owner. She's an old Altaria. She gets so little customers that she can manage this old place herself. We figure she'll go out of business soon, might as well make our move.
    The old Altaria approaches an air vent.
    "Now!" I yell
    I watch in awe as Donny jumps out of the vent, swirling around rapidly in his Squirtle shell. He rammed into the Altaria, taking her out.
    "Okay hurry! The neighbors will call the cops!" Donny says as he starts stuffing bags with soda and other drinks.
    I threw a rock through the window and jumped into it.
    "Dang it Rex! That wasn't nessesary!" Donny yelled. He then started laughing as I did too.
    I grabbed all the candy I could. I stuffed them all into a bag. I was just about to leave when I saw it... The love of my life... Beef jerky. There was a whole rack of different kinds. I heard the police barking ouside. I quickly stuffed some in my mouth and grabbed as much as I could.
    Donny was in the back looking for another way out.
    "Rex! There's no way out! There's nothing but fireworks back here!"
    I looked back, "Oh..." I said as I was forming an amazing plan.
    Soon the fireworks were all lined up. I quickly swiped my tail fire across al the fireworks.
    "Okay go! GO!" I yelled.
    we grabbed the bags of stolen goods and ran for it. I got out of the window I had bashed open earlier. There were Growlithe all over, even an Arcanine!
    "You better run! this place is about to blow!" I yelled as I ran past them, they were confused. Exentually there was a huge explosion of light as exeryone evacuated.
    "Whew! That was a close one, right Donny?" I looked around but didn't find Donny
    "Donny!" I yelled.
    Finally I saw the smike clear and Donny was carrying the old woman on his shoulders. He looked at me and smiled. He set her down and listened for a heartbeat.
    "She'll be okay, now let's get out of here!" He said, running away.
    REX CHI- 16 year old male Charmander. Rex is a hyper Pokémon who doesn't think about consequences. He does things without thinking. He is also a huge flirt. His best friend, Donny, is his partner in crime. Rex never knew his parents and seeks to find them. He thinks it has something to do with the missing Pokémon although it was way before that. Rex moved in with Donny and his family. Rex won't back down to any Pokémon.
    DONATELLO TSUU (Donny)- 14 year old male Squirtle. Donny is also pretty hyper. He's just a little more laid back than Rex but not too much. Donny hates his eyes. They are colored a very dark almost blac brown color. His father, a Blastoise, had the same colored eyes. His family lived in the Kochi territory before they came to the Kagawa territory. They moved because of the many conflicts they had with Tatsuya. Donny's father was the first Pokémon to disappear and he was later found mutualated. There was a huge earthquake the day of his disappearence. Donny has hated ground types ever since aand he refuses to fight or go near one, although he loves to battle electric types.
    We made our way to a park. There was a sign that read "Riverre Park." We snuck into the bushes to our hideout spot where we built a small wooden structure. It only had one door and window that was covered up by sheets. We entered into the tiny space and looked through the bag.
    "Oh, mom will be proud! Looks like we can eat tonight AND tomorrow!" Donny happily cheered.
    "You bet! Okay, let me work on those letters now!" I said as I started writing the last letter.
    Dear Whomever,
    I would be happy to announce there is a small meeting here in Riverre Park, Kagawa territory. We are putting a stop to all of these wars and all of this nonsense!Please be there tomorrow no later than 5:00 noon. We will be happy to see you arrive.
    Signed, Anonymous
    P.S There will be cookies

    "Okay I think that's it!"
    "How many letters did you send?" Donny asked.
    "Hmm... about fifty? maybe,"
    "Wait! No ground types are comming, right?"
    "Hahaha! There's no guarantee!"
    Donny sighed and hung his head. I whistled for my wingull friend. He came down and opened his mouth. I set the letter in it.
    "Bring it to a home that hasn't gotten one yet please!"
    He was on his way.
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  2. A Furfrou stood up straight in front of a mirror.
    "No no no... This won't do at all! I said Kabuki trim not Pharaoh trim! Get it right!"
    "Yes sir!" An Audino said calmly to the pesky Furfrou.
    "My gosh! These Pokemon don't know what perfection is! Look at me... how ever am I going to be fabulous while this salon can't get anything right! Ugh!"
    Alexander Dwayne (Alex)- 15 year old male Furfrou. Alex is a very stubborn Pokemon. He is very snobby. He likes to keep his coat clean meaning he won't go near mud at all. He doesn't do anything for himself, he has his servants do it. He was raised in a very wealthy family. Alex's dad owns the whole salon business in Tokushima. He always gets what he wants. He lives in a mansion in the Tokushima territory.
    "Okay you know what? I'm just going to leave! I am not satisfied!"
    Alex left the salon without paying. No one said anything, knowing if they did they would have to answer to their boss, Alex's father, and that wasn't an option.
    Alex made his way home. The huge gate opened and he entered. He swung the doors open and made a loud crash. There was a group of Pokemon in the room.
    "Huh? Oh yeah... mother has her stupid party going on today..." Alex sighed. He pushed his way through the crowed.
    Alex came up to his mother, who was a Furfrou in the Matron trim, walked up to him and scoffed,
    "Ugh! How horrible! Did they mess up your order again? We have to find you a different salon!"
    "Okay mother," Alex said.
    "Oh and Alex! You got another letter! It's from the Kagawa territory, it seems important!"
    Alex's mother handed him the letter. Alex opened it and read.
    "Hmm... What!!! I've already gotten three of these letters! They're just asking for me to come on some stupid journey to stop the war!"
    "Alexander Dwayne! You don't talk like that! This journey could be good for you! so you get your furry little bottom over there!"
    "Yes mother..." Alex said.
    Alex ran for the door but bumped into someone.
    "Ouch... Hey!"
    "Oh? Aren't you Briana's kid? Oh yes, Alexander! Here, let me help you,"
    Alex took the Gallade's hand.
    "Oh, you... you're Kiyoshi! Sir, I'm so sorry!" Alex took his hand and got up.
    A Ralts peeked out from behind Kiyoshi. He was holding a letter.
    "So... did you get one of these too? Maybe I can go along with you?" He said.
    Yuko Gachi- 12 year old female Ralts. She's very shy at first, but gets really talkative when you get to know her. She is pretty annoying when you do. She constantly talks about the smallest things. She had an older brother but he left to go to the Kochi territory when the war started. He said he wanted to train alongside the best of the best. Yuko has yearned for her brother's return ever since.
    Alex nodded, "I'd be glad to take you Yuko! Just a moment though, I'm not going to go journeying like this!"
    Alex walked to his room. He looked in the mirror and started putting his fur back to normal.
    "Ugh... Why must mother want me to do such nasty tasks! I better not get a spot on my fabulous fur coat!" He said, then walked out the door.
    He was surprised to see Yuko was already heading out the door.
    I can't let anything happen to Yuko! Kiyoshi would kill me!
    "Hey Yuko! You want to ride on my back?" Alex asked.
    "Sure!" Yuko exclaimed them jumped onto Alex's back.
    (Meanwhile in Kochi)
    "Now! I'd like for everyone to give me 50 pushups! I don't know how you managed to let those rogue Pokémon steal a whole month supply of food! There was only two of them! Ugh!" Tatsuya yelled.
    "I'm terribly sorry sir! We... We won't let it happen again!" A Pollywhirl apologized.
    "I don't take crap from a water type now drop down and give me fifty pushups!" He yelled as he knocked the Pokémon across the room with a thunder punch.
    No one else questioned him, they just went back to their pushups.
    A Kirlia finished the exercises and got up. He walked off with a letter.
    "I'm sorry master Tatsuya but I have to leave now, I have businesses to take care of!" He said before he left.
    "That's fine Kio but how about you go with Sasuke? I'm sure he got the same letter!"
    Kio Gachi- 14 year old male Kirlia. He is silent most of the time. He is very swift and smart in battle. He is very soft when it comes to helping others. He sees his training is more important than hia family, although he'd like to see them. He lived with them at one point but when the war started he figured it'd be best to train with Tatsuya.
    Kio ran in out of the dogo he was training in. He met up with Sasuke who had just taken down a group of bug Pokémon.
    "Come on Sasuke! We're going to Kagawa!" Kio said as he continued running. Sasuke followed after him.
    Sasuke Rhy- 14 year old male Electabuzz. He is obnoxious. He often brags of his winning. He is very close minded so he only believes things he thinks are true. He was raised by his father and three older brothers who pushed him to train hard each day. He eventually became strong and has been able to take down most of his foes.
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  3. In a vast forest in Kochi lies a sleeping Grass eevelution. The Leafeon got up and stretched. She walked over to a river nearby. She took a drink. She heard something and she didn't waist any time to use Leaf blade as she turned around.
    There was an Ursaring trying to claim her territory. It charged at her and she easily humped up and landed on top of the Ursaring. She used another Leaf Blade.
    The force of the attack was so strong, it pierced right through the bear Pokemon's skin.
    The Ursaring fell to the ground. The Leareon stomped on it to make sure it wasn't alive. She was right.
    Ai Verda- 15 year old female Leafeon. Ai doesn't seem to show emotions. She always talks in monotone. You can rarely get her to smile. . She might learn how to be happy one day. Until then she feels depressed constantly. As a child she was abused. She had many older siblings that teased her every day. She was abandoned by her family and left to die. She was kidnapped many times but escaped. She hides in the forests from everyone.
    Ai lied down on a tree stump. She felt something light fall onto her face. She got up and a letter fell to her feet. She opened it up and read it.
    "Meh, probably some kind of ambush!" She said and threw the letter to the side.
    She lied down and tried to sleep. She heard a loud crash. She shot up
    "Oh what now! I'm trying to sleep!" She cried angely
    There was a Conkelder ordering a group of Pokémon to tear down the forest.
    "Fine! I might as well go now..." With that she juped down from her resting spot.
    Air traveled a couple miles. It got dark and she decided to take a short rest. She looked around for a spot to rest.
    It started raining and she became wet and miserable.
    "Come on in here!" A voice said from a tree.
    Ai looked over to the Electabuzz who was motioning for her to come in. There was a Kirlia with him.
    "Okay," She said, "But don't touch me!"
    "I wasn't planning on it!"
    Ai snuggled up into the tight space. She tried not to go near the the other two.
    Kio handed Ai a piece of bread.
    "You look hungry, go ahead!" Kio offered.
    Ai turned her head, "All you boys are the same! You just want to love up to me and later abandon me…"
    Kio set the piece of bread next to Ai and turned around and looked away from her.
    "You can starve for all I care, just at least try to eat!" He said as he sat down and closed his eyes.
    "Oh don't listen to that hard headed balerina! He is just easily agitated," Sasuke said.
    Ai looked away from Sasuke.
    "I don't need anyone to be nice to me," She said, then curled up into a ball.
    Sasuke pitnhis arm around Ai.
    "Sorry there isn't much room here," he said, but Ai was already asleep.
    (Meanwhile in Tokushima)
    Yuko was splashing in a mud puddle.
    "Hey Alex! You should really try this!"
    Alex tried his best to keep out of the mud.
    "No thanks I'd... I'd rather not I mean... This is horrifically disgusting! I don't see you you must play in this manner! And by the way, you can call me Dwayne," Alex said in a snobby tone with his nose sticking up in the air.
    "Oh it's easy! I love playing in the mud like this!"
    "This rain is going to ruined my perfect fur coat too!" Alex complained.

    Further down the road it got darker and Yuko grew tired.
    "Alex... I mean Dwayne... Can I have a ride?"
    "No! You are way too muddy!"
    "But... I'm tired!
    "Fine! Hop up here!" Alex said, letting Yuko up on his back. They traveled until Alex found a resting spot. He found a giant leaf to sleep under.
    Not too far away was a Buneary. She was in a small pond.
    "Ah! I sure do love to bathe! Hmm?" The Buneary was washing herself when she heard a sound in the bushes.
    "Oh you guys! Perverts trying to get a peek..."
    There was a Grovile, Teddyursa, and a Zigzagoon peeking at her bathing.
    "Well, I guess you guys have to take a bath too, come on in!"
    They piled into the pond. The buneary looked at the Grovile.
    "You're a cute one! Come here, sit next to me!" She said to him and winked.
    He sat by her and put his arm around her.
    "So... What's your name? And where are you headed? You surly can't be out here living alone! A cute little Poképuff like you...," The Grovile put his hand on the Buneary's cheek.
    "Lillian... Lilly for short... I got a letter to go to some kind of meeting... But right now I'm taking a break."
    "Do you think we should get some... Privacy?"
    "Okay," Lilly said
    Lilly nodded and followed the Grovile into the forest. She looked at the other two Pokémon and motioned for them to come along. The Teddyursa and the Zigzagoon looked at each other. They shrugged and followed.
    Lillian Baylee (Lilly)- 16 year old female Buneary. She is extremely flirtatious. She charms everyone with her cuteness. She uses this to get out of battles. She is always loud and obnoxious. She isn't that smart in her life designs. When she was little her father sold her to a brothol. She was forced into selling herself to support her family. Her father spent all of their earnings on alcohol and drugs. He beat her mother to death while he was drunk. She eventually ran away from her family.
    (Unknown narration)
    Mother... Father... Brother... I see you here with me but it is just serene... Serene is to be... Soon but not now.
  4. Its Sunday morning and most of Ehime is gathered at the church. The younger Pokémon of the church generally sit in the front, but not the young Cubone. She sits in the back. She is spending time before prayre writing a poem.
    One of the teens, a Purloin, walks to her with a group of friends.
    "So what'cha writen there, boney?"
    Morgan looked up from her poem, stared the cat in the eye, then went back to writing.
    "I said what are you writing!?" The Purloin said in an agitated manner now. She shoved the ground type Pokemon.
    The Cubone still said nothing, she just went back to writing. The Purloin was just about to use an attack when she heard Hitomu say,
    "Good morning my brothers and sisters! Today I'd like to welcome my student Morgan to the podium to share a speech!"
    The Cubone slowly walked to the front of the room. She took the place in front of the podium. She cleared her throat and-
    Morgan Serene- 15 year old female Cubone. Her father ppassed away before she was born. Her brother left her and her mother when she was two. She claims he was a Mew. Her mother was murdered when she was three. She took her mother's skull and now wears it. She moved to a small town with one of her friends. She made lots of friends in this town. She was soon caught and taken to an orphanage in the Shikoku region. She was adopted into an abusive family. She had a mother, father, and an older and younger sister. All of them went missing. She now lives alone and generally hangs around the church. She never talks. She writes poetry. She is kind to others. She always has a smile on her face. She talks to herself often. She is great in battle though no one expects it. She loves stating out windows
    Morgan gave her speech and they got through preyed. They ate breakfast after. Morgan sat alone by a window. She ate slowly. The Puerloin from earlier sat across from her.
    "Hey! Sorry for earlier, my name's Delila," She pur her hand out to shake Morgan's.
    Morgan got up and walked away.
    Morgan got about half way home when she realized she was being followed.
    Delila crept up on her. Morgan didn't say anything, she only continued walking. She was stopped when she saw a crowd of dark type Pokémon in front of her.
    "We're sick of you being here Morgan, it's about time we take care of you..."
    Morgan didn't say anything. She didn't even look at any of the Pokémon. She just kept walking. The Purloin got angered. She shot a shadow ball at Morgan.
    It got closer and closer. It was just about to hit Morgan but she turned around and sliced the ball in half with her Cubone-bone. The two halves hit a couple Pokémon behind her. Morgan gave a devilish grin. She continued on her way home. A Pokémon tried to run at her. It was a Tyranitar. Morgan stabbed her Cubone-bone into the ground, jumped onto it, jumped off of it and quickly grabbed it from the ground. She then sprung over the dark Pokémon. She used thrash right onto his back and knocked him down. She used bone merang to clear a path for her to get away. She was successful and she ran home with no followers.
    She entered her old house. She sighed.
    "Well... Might as well get to work..." She said then opened her fridge.
    She took out a handful of pies. She carried them to a stand outside. There was a sign that said $5 apple pies. She waited. It wasn't long before she had a costomer, then another. She smiled and waved to everyone. She got many compliments on the quality of her pies.
    A couple hours had gone by and she made $120.
    She went back home and looked on the table where there was a letter. She had almost forgotten about the note. She picked it up and left.
    She hurried over to Kagawa. She got a ride by Dragonite transportation. She got there quickly. Right when she arrived she saw a Furfrou with a Ralts riding him. They were standing near a fountain.
    "Oh, someone is here!" The Furfrou said. "Oh what dreadful style! Do you mind taking off that aweful helmet of yours?"
    Morgan put her hands on her skull helmet and shook her head, still. Of saying anything.
    "Hey Alex I don't think she wants to take it off!"
    "Yes yes, I see that. Well, my apologies ma'am! I am Alexandre Dwayne. Some call me alex but you call me Dwayne, and this little hoodlum is Yuko. We were traveling together and we are looking for the Pokémon that has sent us this letter?" Alex saw the letter in Morgan's hand.
    "Oh I see, you're a guest too... Well okay!"
    A Buneary hopped over to the fountain and yelled,
    "Hey guys! Are you here because of this letter too?" They all shook their heads.
    The buneary smiled and jumped over to Alex. She cuddled up in his fur,
    "Oh, your soft! You'd make a good cuddler!"
    Alex shook her off,
    "Eh! You filthy rodent! Get off of me!"
    "Oh Alex!"
    "ALEX! Don't be so rude! My name is Yuko and this is Alenandre, but you can call him Alex!" Yuko said and giggled.
    "Yuko!?" A voice called from the distance. It was Kio.
    "Kio!" Yuko yelled and ran up to her brother and hugged him.
    "Oh Kio I knew you were a softie!" Sasuke teased.
    Kio shot an annoyed look over to Sasuke. Sasuke shot back in shock,
    "Sorry! I didn't mean it!" He yelped.
    "Oh is that your sister?" Ai said as she walked up and sat down next to them.
    "I'm Ai, you're Yuko I assume?" Yuko nodded.
    A huge voice boomed over all of the meeting.
    "You peasants have entered the layer of that much greater than you'd ever imagine! Come if you dare! But fear not! For we did not forget the cookies!"
    A burst of flame came from a ramdom direction. I walked through it holding a plate of cookies.
    "So! Let me explain. My name is Rex and this is my partner Donny!"
    Donny gasped at the sight of the Leafeon. "Oh... I didn't know we would be having such a beautiful foxy lady joining us!"
    "Stop eyeing her I already claimed her Donny! You have puff ball over there!" I said, pointing to Lilly.
    "Oh? Of course you can have me!" Lilly said and winked at Donny.
    "No no no! I claimed her first!" Donny said. He walked up and grabbed Ai's paw.
    "My name's Donatello, but call me Donny. What's your name?"
    "The name's Ai, and if you thoink you can have me you've got another thing commin!"
    Sasuke shoved Donny back.
    "Back off!" He yelled.
    "Wait!" Kio interrupted. "Aren't you the pokemon that Tatsuya kicked out of Kochi? Yeah! Why is that?"

    "Because he was afraid!"
    "My dad? Afraid of a stupid water type? Pfft! Nahh!"
    "It's true! My father was a great man who's fighting skills are greater than that of a stupid electric type! Tatsuya kicked us out after dad's death because he was afraid that I'd be better than him!"
    "Why don't you fight my buddy Sasuke here and see? There's no way you can win! With that huge disadvantage you're at!" Kio teased.
    "Fine! I'll do it!" Donny yelled. He then felt a hand on his shoulder. "Hu?"
    "I... I like your eyes..." Morgan said.
    "Ah!!! Ground type!" Donny screamed. He shot back. "Don't come near me! And I hate my eyes! They're brown not like a normal Squirte!"
    "Oh... Sorry..." Morgan said as she stepped back.
    "Okay about that battle! Donny versus Sasuke! Fight!" I obnoxiously butted in.
    "A water type that is afraid of ground types? This should be easy!" Sasuke said. He cracked his knuckles and charged a thunder punch.
    "Watch this Ai! You might wanna see it!"
    Ai watched in awe. Maybe I should consider him as a potential mate! She thought.
    "Go Sasuke!" She cheered with a blush.
    Donny looked over at her and quickly focused back at Sasuke, who swung the punch at him. Donny grabbed the fist. It was as if Donny had not felt the thunder shoot through his veins, or it was as if they powered him up. Donny grinned and squeezed Sasuke's fists. It crunched and he cried out.
    "Stop! I surrender okay!"
    "That's my boy Donny!" I yelled.
    "Oh..." Ai sighed. She looked at Donny, "I guess you are quite a cutie!"
    Ai giggled. Donny smiled.
    "Hey Donny she's still mine! Anyway I better introduce myself!" I said.
    "Oh Finally! We're getting somewhere without all of this useless fighting!" Alex complained.
    "My name is Rex Chi, leader of this group. I seek to find what's going on with this disappear ing Pokémon thing soon! I hope we can all work together to-"
    "My name is Lillian Baylee! Call me Lilly. Hi! I like you Rex we should go out some time!" Lilly said, still cuddling up in Alex's fur.
    "My name is Alexandre Dwayne, many call me Alex but you guys call me Dwayne,"
    "No Alex! Call him Alex!" Yuko interrupted. "I'm Yuko! Kio's little sister!"
    "Im Kio Gatchi. I lived with my sister for a while but I moved to Kochi for training,"
    "The name is Sasuke Rhy. This beautiful chic here is Ai Verda-"
    "I can introduce myself! Ai Versa and if you're wondering... Donny is winning so far!" Ai shot a wink to Donny.
    "Oh I haven't introduced myself! I'm Donatello, call me Donny... Is that all?"
    "Nope..." I said. He looked over to the Cubone.
    Her head was hung down and she looked emotionless.
    "Donny, I think you hurt her feelings! Go say sorry!"
    Donny nodded. He walked over to Morgan and took a deep breath. "H-hey! S... Sorry for earlier..." Morgan looked up at Donny with innocent eyes. Donny hugged her,
    "It's okay I didn't mean to make you feel-"
    She quickly backed away. She didn't say anything. The others whispered.
    "Come on and speak already!" Ai snapped
    "Call me Morgan, Morgy Lee... But as you may see... I am a Serene. I stay within my hollowed mind. For it may be those friends I find… maybe they can understand… what others cannot… they cannot see me… Morgy Lee Serene…"
    "so... You write poetry? That's cute!" Donny said.
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  5. Okay, so we have our team. We have me, the leader. We have the strong ones, I'm going to assume that is me and Donny.
    Even though Donny is strong, I must admit. But he has his weaknesses.
    Another strong member of our team I'm going to assume would be the ones from Kochi. Sasuke is obviously strong, but he underestimates and that could be a weakness. He's the cocky one of the group.
    I haven't seen Kio in action yet but he does seem tough. I'm going to assume his weakness is similar to Sasuke's. He seems to be the silent killer of the group.
    Ai doesn't seem as strong as the guys, but I won't confirm that. Maybe it is only because she is a girl. She seems to be able to infactuate anyone.
    Alex doesn't seem like the battling type. He's much too preppy. I doubt well be seeing him do much work or anything. He'll have to get use to it.
    Yuko is far too shy to do muck fighting. She is however the sister of Kio, so maybe she has some fight in her.
    Lilly isn't much of a fighter either. She might be able to get by with her cuteness at first, but it won't always get her by. She will have to learn how to fight.
    Morgan might prove to be a good member. I am already confused about her strengths and weaknesses. She's much too quiet and secretive.
    "Okay! Let's get started!" I shouted. I walked through the busshed to the small hideout.
    "Follow us!" Donny invited.
    Everyone crammed into the building. It looked as if there was a whole other part added on.
    "I know this isn't much. It was a lot smaller before I made the add on. I hope you guys can get comfortable," I said as I stood by a window.
    A Wingull flew up to the window. It perched next to him. I pet him on his head. "Hello Tsuusan! Thanks for sending those letters," I said.
    "Yeah... Thanks for giving me eight of them!" Alex complained.
    "I got three of them!" Lilly cheerfully said.
    "I got eleven" Ai complained.
    I shot a look of disappointment to Tsuusan. He shot an embarrassed look back.
    "Eh… small mistake maybe?" He said. I sighed. I pet him again.
    "Oh it's okay!" I said.
    "Okay let's get down to business. We all know what has been going on with the whole miasng Pokémon thing. Ice called you all here to help put a stop to it! There has been at least 2,000 missing Pokemon just this week! There are wars and arguments about the matter and I think that's all just bogus! I am taking a stand and gathering you to come join me and Donny! It will be a long and hard journey. We will have to survive storms and attacks by other Pokémon. Death may come to some of us, but it is not likely! So... Who is in?" I stated. I put my hand out and so did Donny. We waited for the others' design.
    Everyone looked at each other in concern.
    "Death? No one said anything about this!" Lilly worriedly said.
    Yuko looked scared and she his behind her brother.
    Alex tilted his head up and said, "There's NO way I'm doing that! Risking my beautifully groomes fur for such a small cause!" He walked for the door. Kio and Sasuke also walked off.
    "I'm afraid we have more important things like training to do! We must go!" Kio said.
    "Yeah bros, have fun failing alone!" Sasuke rudely teased.
    Morgan didn't say anything. She only put her hand out with us. I could tell now she was smiling. As if she was saying "let's do this!"
    Kio turned around. "Well, I guess this will be training enough!" Kio said. "Plus I can't go if my little sister decides she wants to go," Kio put his arm out. He looked down at his sister who smiled and joined in.
    "Ugh fine! You guys better not die on me though!" Sasuke said.
    "Oh? Well if all of you guys are joining in I might as well too!" Lilly said. She joined in.
    Alex looked back. "I'm still not going!" Ha said. Lilly and Yuko both ran up to him with puppy eyes. "Please!" They said in unison.
    "Yay!" They said again in unison.
    They all joined the circle.
    "Ai, aren't you gonna join?" I asked.
    "Like anyone cares…" she said as she walked towards the door.
    "Don't be that way come on! There's always room for you, if you wanna be our friend!" I said, defiantly not taking those words from the theme of the author's favorite anime! *cough cough*
    We all separated from the circle and I showed everyone around.
    "So what I'm thinking of doing is staying here for training and preparing. The hideout has this roo!m, the living room, and two bedrooms. I'll sleep on the couch and I'll go get two bunk beds for each room for the rest of you,"
    "And how do you think you're going to do that?" Sasuke questioned.
    "Nevermind that! I have my ways! Any other questions?" I said.
    "Oh us, yes! Where is the bathroom?" Lilly asked.
    "There is a hole forest around this park, you'll find somewhere to burry it!"
    "You have GOT to be kiddng me!" Alex said.
    "Nope!" I answered. "Okay you guys go with Donny and start training. I'll be off getting the beds,"
    Everyone followed Donny outside. The sun was high in the sky and the cool summer air was fresh. The park was empty. Donny lead them down a trail that lead into the forest. There were multiple dummies set up in a row.
    "One by one I want to see you all try at attackind these dummies with everything you've got! I'll be monitoring you and see where you are in strength,"
    "Woah woah WOAH! I am NOT just going to bend to your will just because I agreed to this! You are not my father!" Sasuke complained.
    "All I'm asking is for a little demonstration!"
    "Ugh! Fine! I'll go first!" He said. He charged up a Focus Punch. He swiftly shot over to the dummy and demolished it.
    "I bet you couldn't just dodge that one!" He said.
    "Yes, I see... But Sasuke you do know that Focus punch can very easily bew knocked off by one hit, and don't think your speed will save you from my attack, I may be a turtle but I'm not slow…"
    Sasuke gave Donny a devilish look then looked away.
    "I'm next!" Lilly said.
    She also charged up a focus punch. She however didn't completely destroy the dummy. She put a good dent into it though.
    Kio was next. He stared at the dummy for a moment, then let out a hyper voiced. The dummy was ripped to shreds.
    Yuko went next. She used a simple double slap, which didn't do much.
    Ai used magical leaf. It ripped the dummy apart quickly.
    "Okay uh... Let's have Alex next!"
    "Oh I am not going to be doing this! I will not lower myself to being a savage dog!"
    "Come on! Think of it as someone you hate"
    "Alrighty then!" He said. He stared at the dummy. He came after it with a headbutt. He knocked it down.
    Morgan was up next. She stood in front of the dummy but didn't do anything. She looked around at all of thew dummies. She then looked at Donny.
    "You-you don't have to if you don't want t-to" he said with a stutter. Morgan looked back at the dummy.
    "I'm sorry you have a fear of ground types..." She said before she used earthquake. All of the dummies fell to the ground and shattered.
    Everyone stared in awe.
  6. "Ai... Is there anyone coming?" Donny whispered to a tree from a bush.
    "Not yet, keep a look out!"
    A furou shifted through the bushes quietly. Following him is a Buneary.
    A Cubone sits by a pond assisted by a Ralts. They stay still and silent.
    Kio stood still, hardly breathing. Sasuke stood by him. Kio suddenly stot his eyes open and put his hand out.
    A spoink joyfully hopped down a trail. All of a sudden an Electobuzz shot out of nowhere and punched at him. The spoink jumped up and ran. He was then shot at by confusion. The Spoink dodged and the attack hit Sasuke. The Spoink ran off.
    He was hit by a magical leaf. He fell down and lost his peril. He had time to pick it up and run again.
    "Donny! You were supposed to get him!" Ai shouted and looked at Donny who had just got hit by the magical leaf attack.
    "Oops… sorry!"
    The Spoink ran towards the pond. He suddenly got smacked with confusion. A Cubone and Ralts charged up to it side by side.
    "Now!" Morgan shouted as she threw her Cubone bone. Yuko jumped onto it. The Spoink dodged the attack the first time. Yuko shot another confusion to the Spoink. She Spoink jumped back but Morgan was right there and she took the peril. The Spoink turned around to attack but Yuko came back. She jumped off the Cubone-bone and it hit the Spoink. Yuko them hit the spoink with a double slap. The little pig Pokémon tumbled to the ground and was knocked out.
    Everyone gathered to congradulate them. Morgan gave the peril to the Spoink. She said nothing but she gave a warm smile.
    Donny limped up to Yuko and shook her hand.
    "I guess strength doesn't matter when you have intelligence and good teamwork!" Donny said.
    "Thanks Donny!" Yuko exclaimed. Morgan just stood there and said nothing. Donny walked up to her. He put his hand on her.
    "Power is also a great factor. You're a great fighter Morgan!" Morgan moved away slowly. She smiled at Donny.
    Donny sighed. He then walked over to a darker part of the forest.
    "Now for our last challenge…" he said. "We must survive a night in the wild. This is a very important part of the exercise. This part of the forest is full of savage Pokémon. It has many dangers. We will stick together but if you are run off, go ahead. It is your choice and your sacrifice."
    They all entered the forest. Yuko hid behind her brother. "Kio… ghosts aren't real… are they?" Kio was abouttrees. Say something but Morgan said,
    "May it be to us they are scary. May it be we try to avoid what we must not see. May we believe they are not here to harm us. Although they may alarm us. They are misunderstood, and mistreated. In their soul they are easily defeated. Don't be afraid for most may not cause you pain. For to you they tend to refrain. But as any enamy still stay alert. Just know that with us you will not get hurt,"
    Yuko stood in shobk for a second. "Oh, okay!" She said.
    They came to a small clearing. It was Darla's if it were night time.
    "Ahh!" A scream was heard.
    Everyone looked over to see Alex was standing in a puddle of mud.
    "Why! My fabulous fur! NO!" He howeled.
    "Shh!" Donny called. He pointed to the trees.
    Morgan lit the end of her Cubone-bone using flamethrower very lightly. Up ahead there were many Seedot. Morgan looked at them with hatred.
    Lilly looked closely at Morgan.
    "Hey, your eyes… they're turning r… red?"
    The flame on her Cubone-bone got brighter.
    Sasuke quickly pulled Lillian back when Morgan used her flamethrower on the seedot.
    "Oh… thanks Sasuke!" Lilly said with a blush. Sasuke just growled and looked at Morgan.
    "What the hell!" He yelled.
    The Seedot all came tumbling down from the tree tops. Kio snatched up his little sister. He fled to a bush.
    "There's too many! We have to flee!" He shouted.
    Alex quickly followed. Lilly jumped onto his back.
    "Hurry Alex! We have to go!" She squeeled.
    They successfully fled.
    The Seedot surrounded Morgan using bide. She smiled and swung her Cubone-bone at them and many of them flew back. A bunch of them jumped onto her. They were knocked off by a water gun. It was Donny. The Seedot released their bide on Donny. He Dodged them one by one. He was eventually hit.
    The power of the bide was so intense it cracked Donny's shell. He flew back and hit a tree.
    "No Donny!" Ai shouted. She rushed over to him and used Synthesis. Due to the darkness it didn't heal much. He started bleeding from the crack in his shell.
    Sasuke sighed and started plowing through the crowd of Pokémon with his punches.
    "You have an idea Cubone!? Were all at a disadvantage!" He yelled.
    Morgan ignored him. She used sunny day. A small glow of light weaved through the trees. She them used Fire blast causing a massive fire and burning the Seedot.
    "Grab Donny, we have to find the others!" Morgan yelled at Sasuke. He was about to complain but he realized he had to. He picked Donny up but Donny backed away.
    "This fire will spread if it isn't felt with" he said. He usedused rain dance then Hydro Pump. The fire slowly died and there were burned Seedot carcasses everywhere.
    Donny was panting heavily and he passed out.
    Kio held his sister's hand as Alex and Lilly followed. They were walking along peacefully untin Yuko screamed. She slepped and fell into a 10 foot deep hole.
    "Yuko!" Kio shouted. He couldn't see her in the darkness so telekinesis wouldn't work.
    "Oh dear! There's no telling what's down there!" Alex said.
    "Yuko! Are you alive!?" Lilly shouted.
    "Kio? Alex? Lilly? I'm scared! Please, get me out!" She shouted.
    "Yuko stay calm! Alex will go find Donny and the others, I'm right here for you!" Kio said.
    Lilly jumped off of Alex's back. Alex rushed over their trails and looked for the orhers.
    "I'd like to trade these…" I say, I hand a sack to a Whimsicott at a matress store.
    "Oh? A Blastoisinite and Charizardite X? Sure! What beds would you like to purchase?" He asked.
    "Four bunk beds please!" I said.
    "Okay then!" The Whinsicott said and ordered some Beartic to haul the beds.
    I walked towards the door. While no one was looking I pulled a string and pulled the sack of mega stones back.
    "Idiots…" I mumbled then lead the Beartic to the park where I had them place them.
    "I'll take it from here guys, you may go now!" I said. They looked confused but left without questions. I saw smoke comming from the forest.
    " Hmm… looks like they're having fun!" I said and started dragging the beds inside.
  7. "I want to go home! I don't like it down here Kio!" Yuko wined.
    "It's okay, I'm here for you! Sasuke will be back and Lilly will stay with us too. Right Lillian?" Kio stated. Lilly was cuddled up to him.
    "Yeah, yeah sure! Just one question though… do you think… do you think we'll be here for a while?"
    Kio sighed. He pushed the little bunny Pokémon to the side.
    "I really don't know. I really don't care either," Kio said in monotone.
    Morgan lied down by a tree and looked at the burnt forest. She smiled at the empty shells of the seedot.
    "What the fuck were you thinking!" Sasuke screamed at her. Morgan looked to the ground. She didn't say anything. Sasuke growled. He walked away to Ai.
    "If you don't get it together Cubone we can leave you out here to die! Anyway Ai… do you want to go hunting or something?" Ai looked over to Morgan and Donny. She thought for a second then answered.
    "Well, sure I guess… Donny you should come!" She said.
    Donny shook his head, "Sorry, Morgan will need some company, you guys go ahead!" Donny said.
    Ai didn't change her expression. She was hurt inside but didn't want anyone to notice. She went with Sasuke to hunt.
    Donny sat by a tree far from Morgan.
    "You c-can come over h-here if y-you'd like…" Donny studdered.
    Morgan sat there and didn't move a muscle. She didn't even bother to look towards Donny. Donny was a little disappointed. He just smiled at her then looked away.
    While Ai and Sasuke were looking for prey Sasuke started a conversation.
    "So what's so great about Donny anyway? He's just a stupid unevolved turtle!"
    "Yeah… but he has some skills!"
    "Nah! He's just a ninja wanna be!"
    "Or maybe you're just jealous! Anyway I can't believe he wanted to stay with the weird silent chic! She isn't right for him…" Ai complained her eyes wandered off to the side.
    "Well, it seems that I'm not the only jealous one! I don't think Donny is right for you anyway…" Sasuke said.
    "Why not? He's kind and strong"
    "He's a player! You need someone who will stay loyal and not play you, like me!" Sasuke said.
    "Eh…" she said. She stared off to the side some more and sighed.
    "Is there something wrong? Do you want to talk about it?" Sasuke asked.
    Ai shot at attention when she saw a bush of berries.
    "Maybe later, I found food!"
    She picked some. They were pecha berries. Sasuke helped her cadre them back to Morgan and Donny.
    When they got there, Donny was next to Morgan trying to talk to her.
    "Hey Donny! We have a bunch of Pecha berries here!" She said to get his attention.
    Donny jolted back away from Morgan. Morgan flinched at the sudden movement.
    "Ha! I made you move Morgan! Anyway sure I'll have some pecha berries!" Donny said cheerfully.
    They heard something in the bushes. Ai jumped back and charged an attack. Sasuke jumped in front of her with his thunder punch ready to defend her.
    Out of the bush popes Alex. He had twigs in his fur and it was all messed up.
    "Don't attack you idiot! There's no pokemon in this forest anyway I haven't seen any since we've been here!" He complained.
    Sasuke and Ai stopped. They both sighed in relief.
    "Ugh! This nasty forest. I can't believe I agreed to this!" Alex complained more. Ai offered him a pecha berry and he took it.
    "Thank you! I haven't aten in days!"
    "I don't think any of us have. We've all been starving, let me have some" Sasuke rudely stated. He shoved some berries in his mouth.
    Ai rolled her eyes. "So rude! Why not be a gentleman?"
    "'Cus I'm hungrey! Oh… you wanted some?" He offered a berry to Ai. She turned her head away.
    Morgan and Donny took their share of the gatherings. They then listened to Alex's story of how Yuko got stuck. They all headed out to the forest to find Yuko. They eventually got lost. They looked around but everything looked the same. They eventually came across a river.
    "Wow, how beautiful!" Ai exclaimed.
    The river glistened as the feint moonlight shined upon it. It flowed slowly along its path. Every now and then a magicarp could be seen swimming up the stream.
    "Okay, I have a feeling we aren't finding them. Let's set up camp here. Well continue tomorrow," Donny announced. Ai and Morgan obeyed and started building a lean to with sticks. Sasuke refused to listen to Donny and Alex was too disgusted.
    The lean to was finished. Sasuke entered first, welcoming Ai to come in next. Ai pushed Morgan into it instead. Alex rolled his eyes and entered. Donny let ai enter before he did. They all lied down and tried to sleep.
    Meanwhile Yuko was atoll stuck. "Kio…" she said with tears rolling down her face. "I think I heard a noise! I think there's a ghost!" She wined.
    "No Yuko! Remember the nighttime story mom use to tell us?" Kio said.
    "Oh! I wanna hear it!" Lilly said.
    "Yeah… about that one mysterious singer who would protect Pokémon…" Yuko said.
    "Yes… At night as the scared little Pokémon have their restless night and they're filled with fright, she shall appear in glory and upon our safety brings light. Her song of a thousand melodies shall soothe us to sleep. No longer will we seep into the darkness where the monsters creep. The sleep we fall in is very steep therefore we don't say a peep. She's probably here tonight looking over us, just listen closely and you'll hear…" a slight gust of wind flew by. A voice could be heard singing. It sang,
    "Rest my brothers, rest my sisters.
    No need to stay up and cry.
    The night may be long and lonely.
    But it won't last a life time.
    Sleep now and soon,
    There will be a sun to replace the moon…"
    The song put Kio, Lilly, and Yuko fell into a deep sleep.
    Meanwhile back at the lean to. Morgan was sitting by the river. She hummed a melody of the Pokéflute to herself. A flock of Zubat flew above. Morgan looked at the moon and dozed off.
    She suddenly felt a paw on her shoulder. She quickly looked back and saw Ai.
    "You know Morgan, I think Donny likes me more…" Ai antagonised. Morgan stayed silent.
    "Why the hell are you so quiet?" Ai snapped. Morgan sighed. She looked away from Ai and focussed on the moon.
    "Look," she said in a low monotone voice. She looked at the moon. Ai had just now noticed a small wooden instrument in her hands.
    "What's that?" She asked.
    "An Ocarina," Morgan said. She then raised it to her mouth and played. She played the Pokéflute music on it. Suddenly a flock of butterfly Pokémon flew across the sky.
    "Wow," Ai said as she watched. "Food!" She exclaimed then jumped up into the trees and used magical leaf towards the butterflies. The leaves were destroyed by a Cubone-bone that swiftly swung by.
    Ai jumped down from the trees and snarled at Morgan.
    "How dare you!" She yelled. She walked back to the lean to.
    Mogan sighed and looked back up at the moon. She smiled and sat there just watching as the butterfly Pokémon flew by.
    (The next day)
    I was sitting on my chair watching TV.
    "News reporter Granbull here reporting live from a small home in Tokushima. A family of Greninja was stricken by the disappearances that have been plaguing the region. I am standing here with the mother Greninja now. Ma'am, would you like to tell about the disappearance?"
    A female Greninja was sobbing with a male patting her on the back. There was also a young Frokie standing off to the side with concern in his eyes.
    "Yes, my oldest son Shiko disappeared last night without telling us. He is a fully evolved Greninja…" She started crying too much to say anymore.
    "Ooh another case huh? Hm… I think that's where we should start!" I thought outloud. I stepped outside. "Well it might as well be time to bring them back…" I then waled into the forest with a tracking device.
    "I hope they aren't mad that I put a tracking device on them!"
    I came up to a lean to at first. There I found Sasuke, Ai, Alex, and Donny. "Okay! Wake up guys! It's time to get up! C'mon!"
    I turned around and found Morgan was sleeping by the river. "Rise and shine Pokémons! It's time to go home!"
    Ai was the first to get up. Following her was Sasuke. Alex then woke up screaming,
    "My fur! My beautiful fur! Wh-whatever happened to it!?" He said and sprung up from his sleeping spot. He had a few twigs and stones in his fur. He started brushing them out with his paw. Donny woke up and exited the lean to. He walked over to Morgan. "Rise and shine Morgan! C'mon! Get up!"
    Morgan's eyes quickly shot open and she had no hesitation to grab Donny's neck and slam him against a tree. She had her cubone-bone held up to the Squirtle's neck.
    Donny took one look into Morgan's eyes. They were a green/brown color.
    Morgan quickly turned her head and covered her eyes. She walked away slowly. "Don't look at my eyes…" She nervously wined.
    "Oh… okay then..." Donny caid confused at what was going on.
    I was surprised at the event but I had to forget about it.
    "Come on, let's find the others!" I cooled to them.
    We soon arrived to Kio and Lilly was cuddling him.
    "Rise and shine you two! It's time to go home you guys…" I said as I nudged Lilly. She woke up and looked around.
    "Oh… Where am I? Oh yeah! We were doing that one thing…" lilly mumbled as she was half awake.
    Donny walked up to Kio. He nudged him. Kio's eyes shot open. He shot Donny with a confusion attack. Donny flew back and slid across the ground.
    "Ahh! Why do I always have to wake the wrong people up!?" Donny said as he got up.
    I took his hand and helped him up.
    "It's okay Donny, now we know who to not wake up!" I said. "We only have one more Pokémon to find, and that's Yuko,"
    "She fell into that hole!" Lilly cried.
    "Yeah I know," I said as I pulled out the tracking device. Everyone yelled at me, except Morgan and Kio, who just smiled.
    "You've known where we've been this whole time!?" Sasuke snarled with little sparks of lightning sparking from his fur.
    "Yep!" I said. It looked as if Sasuke wqas about to pick another fight.
    Sasuke leapt towards me with a thunder punch.
    "Seriously? " I said. Not a second later Sasuke stopped in mid punch and rolled on the ground in pain. He was on fire and it had already burned through most of his fur and flesh.
    "Don't play around! We have to get Yuko out and go back!" I said. I nodded towards Donny who put the flames out.
    I waved my tail to the entrance of the hole illuminating it and finding Yuko.
    "Kio, do you think telekinesis will work now that you can see her?" I asked. Kio nodded and used his telekinesis to lift his sister up and into his arms.
    "Kio! I missed you! I was so lonely!" Yuko squeezed Kio with tears in her eyes.
    We then heard a strange singing voice through the wind. Everyone was silent for a moment. I had to break the silence,
    "Okay… let's go then…"
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