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Open Miss Glaceon's Academy for Talented Young Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by GlaceonFan425, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Author's Note (Feel Free to Read)
    This is my very first roleplay so I would like for it not to be banned and/or mistreated. I am new to Pokecharms so I might not be the best at roleplaying currently. If you are experienced in roleplay, feel free to join and/or give advice how I, @GlaceonFan425 can make this roleplay even better. I am more directing this roleplay towards new roleplayers such as myself but anyone is free to join. This is sort of a trial run roleplay for me. And if it works, I will most likely make even more roleplays. I hope you enjoy.

    What this roleplay is about
    Since I am not exactly the most original person ever, I decided to make my first roleplay a school roleplay. Young, Pre Evolution Pokemon such as Ralts, Pichu, Gible and more are the students. These students quite talented in certain areas and have been asked to attend this private academy.
    The students attending will learn a variety of things like how to use their abilities or gifts. The reason for this is to make them stronger, wiser, and overall a better Pokemon. Only Pre-Evolutions are allowed to attend this academy. There is no humans in this roleplay, only Pokemon.

    Rules:Must Read

    • No Bullying, and/or Rude Behavior. You will be reported if you do any and/or all of these things.
    • I understand cursing is a way of expression but please, keep it minimum or none at all. I personally do not, but I understand some people do.
    • Romance is fine, but keep it PG and not a lot of it. This is not a romance based roleplay.
    • Fakemon are allowed, but please provide some detail on the Fakemon itself, and a bit about what it evolves into.
    • No other Pokemon besides Pre Evoltuions. Pokemon such as Absol, Plusle and Minun, Torkoal are also not allowed. If you are not sure if you can use the Pokemon of your choice, feel free to message me.
    • Pokemon in this roleplay will not evolve, so please do not ask.
    • I am not allowing Eevee in this particular roleplay, since there is a ton of people who like Eevee so it is forbidden.
    • Starter Pokemon are allowed, but do not make it perfect in every way, which applies to all characters/oc's
    • No Legendaries
    • Two Characters Per Roleplayer
    • One Shiny Character Per Roleplayer (No Double Shinies) but I would prefer none at all.
    • I am allowing only 10 Roleplayers(Not Including Me) in this particular roleplay. First Come, First Serve. You are allowed to give up your spot if you are not able to roleplay.
    • Have Fun!

    Mandatory Classes
    • Movepool Training/Movepool Training Honors
    • Ability Mastery/Ability Mastery Honors
    • Pokemon History/Pokemon History Honors
    • Type Studies/Type Studies Honors
    • Type Effectiveness/Type Effectiveness Honors
    • Lunch(Not exactly a class, but is mandatory)
    Optional Classes
    • Mega Evolution Studies/Mega Evolution Studies Honors (For Pre Evolutions who can mega evolve later only such as Bunneary, Ralts, Electrike, Etc)
    • Art/Art Honors
    • Musical Studies/Musical Studies Honors
    • Item Studies
    • Study Hall
    Some More Info
    One Mandatory Honors is Required
    One Optional Honors is Required
    One Major is Required (One of the Mandatory Classes)
    Lunch has to be either 3, 4, or 5th Period
    If you have any ideas for a class, message me or put it in your bio.
    1st Period:
    2nd Period:
    3rd Period:
    4th Period:
    5th Period:
    6th Period
    7th Period:
    8th Period:

    Character Sheet
    Name: (Optional)
    Age: (8-14)
    Personalty: (A Few words is not a personality, Please put at least a few complete sentences)
    Moves: (Only moves that a Pokemon can actually learn. For example, a Ralts knowing Growl is fine. But a Fletchling knowing Psychic is not.)
    Backstory: (Optional, But Preferred)

    People Accepted.

    1. @messenger

    2. @Aquaman

    3. @limniris

    4. @Mega-Snorlax







    Character One

    Name: Winny

    Age: 10

    Gender: Female

    Species: Teddiursa

    Typing: Normal


    Winny looks exactly like a normal Teddiursa but she is a bit on the small side. Her colors are the exact same as normal Teddiursa. Around her neck, she wears a sky blue bandanna given to her by her older brother and on her right ear is a bright, red bow.


    Winny is a easy-going pokemon, who doesn't have a mean bone in her small body. Her general care-free attitude allows her to easily make friends. But her care-free attitude comes at a cost. Winny can often times be forgetful and even lazy at times, making her not really reliable. Though she can be lazy, she tries her hardest to do her best at school, even if that means sleeping during a few of her classes. Winny is a very emphatic Pokemon who loves to help others that are feeling down, especially her friend Mal. She will listen for hours and try to help you feel better. Well, that's if she doesn't fall asleep first...


    Ability:Honey Gatherer (Hidden Ability)


    Move 1:Baby Doll Eyes
    Move 2:Fury Swipes
    Move 3:Fake Tears
    Move 4:Feint Attack

    Backstory:(Will be revealed Later)


    1st Period: Pokemon History
    2nd Period:Type Effectiveness
    3rd Period: Type Studies Honors
    4th Period:Lunch
    5th Period: Ability Mastery
    6th Period:Art Honors
    7th Period:Study Hall
    8th Period:Movepool Training Honors
    Major:Type Studies Honors

    Character 2

    Name: Malachite (Called Mal)

    Age: 12

    Gender: Female

    Species: Larvitar

    Typing: Rock/Ground


    Mal looks quite similar to the average Larvitar. It's a few things that are a bit hard to notice that makes Mal different. She is slightly taller than the average Larvitar, which she uses to her advantage. Another thing is she has some faint bruises from running headfirst into things such as walls and other Pokemon. Other than that, she looks normal. Mal doesn't really wear much accessories simply because she doesn't like them. But her friend, Winny gave her a plain, red bandanna so she wears it.


    True to her rock type, Mal is extremely hard-headed. Her stubborn pride often becomes her downfall. Mal is also extremely protective of her friends, especially her best friend Winny. She will fight anything and/or anyone if someone insults or hurts Winny. While she is quite strong physically, her cockiness often makes her overshoot her target, making her crash into things with full force. Her temper is not something to mess with though, cause once she is mad at you, it's quite hard to stop her or calm her down. But Mal is secretively quite empathic and sensitive about things. She is easily hurt by mean things said to her, but she never shows this. Her bottled up feelings often lead to her crying, and the only one who knows or sees her she cry is Winny.




    Move 1:Scary Face
    Move 2:Rock Slide
    Move 3:Thrash
    Move 4:Bite

    Backstory:(Will be revealed Later)

    1st Period: Pokemon History
    2nd Period:Type Effectiveness
    3rd Period: Type Studies Honors
    4th Period:Lunch
    5th Period: Ability Mastery
    6th Period:Art Honors
    7th Period:Study Hall
    8th Period:Movepool Training Honors
    Major:Type Movepool Training Honors

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  2. Name: Minty

    Age: Recently turned 11.

    Gender: Male

    Species: Pansage

    Typing: Grass

    Appearance: His cream-colored skin is rather sunburnt in contrast to the light green leaves that cover the rest of his body; his muscles are limber yet weak. An ice-blue scarf is weaved around his shoulders to conceal burn marks, though one dark green patch covers most of the left side of his head.

    Personality: Generally hyperactive and friendly with others, but can be sneaky or secretive if he wants to have fun in a way that breaks the rules of a setting; for example, he has a big sweet tooth and will do almost anything to get his hands on sugary food. If he requires an explanation for the scars on his head and torso, he brags about beating a Charizard in a fair fight. To close friends this is obviously a lie, as he is very anxious near fire types or menacing, tall pokémon.

    Nature: Impish

    Ability: Gluttony

    Move 1:
    Leech Seed
    Move 2: Leer
    Move 3: Fury Swipes
    Move 4: Vine Whip

    Backstory: Being frightened away from his family troop of pan-sage/sear/pour by a territorial Pyroar, he traveled aimlessly for a short while. Having made his own group of close friends near the academy, he decided he was tired of moving everywhere and signed up to learn some practical skills in order to prevent being driven away from his home again.

    1st Period: Pokémon History
    2nd Period: Type Effectiveness
    3rd Period: Ability Mastery
    4th Period: Lunch
    5th Period: Item Studies
    6th Period: Type Studies
    7th Period: Musical Studies Honors
    8th Period: Movepool Training Honors
    Major: Movepool Training Honors

    This seems well thought out... I'm joining this after focusing on my writing for a while, so my posts shouldn't be too short, and hopefully I won't fall behind.
  3. Accepted! Nice character by the way
  4. Alright, so I suppose that it's time for me to use my lovely Fakemon again. (More information has been provided since my OC is a Fakemon of mine after all and he does have custom moves and such.)

    Name: His name is Kaiser.
    Species: Neourk / Lil' Shark Pokémon
    Gender: Male
    Type: Water
    Native Region: His native region is Vietbac.
    Age: He is estimated to be around nine years old.
    Nature: He is serious. (NOTE: I did not want to put adamant down for this since he despises spicy food.)
    Ability: Uprising (When the Pokémon deals damage in battle, the Pokémon recovers HP in proportion to the amount of damage dealt. The effects of HP recovery will halt if the Pokémon has a major status condition however.)
    Moves: Linear Slash, Echonic Cry, Rilling Spurt.
    Appearance: Neourk is a quadrupled, blue shark-like Pokémon, as his head to body ratio is slightly large. His eyes are light blue, as there is a curved fin on his head that is parallel to his body. He has a tiny nose with two nostrils, as his mouth is very small. Two small, pointed teeth can be seen when he opens his mouth. His arms and feet are stubby, as his arms lack claws while his feet each have one tiny, gray claw. His gills are located on his neck, while his upper body is mostly a darker shade of aquatic blue. The bottom of his body is sky blue, while his tail is short and tapered.
    Clothing: Neourk wears a tailor-made Wehrmacht dress suited for his body type and small size, as it appears to resemble a tunic-like uniform. The tunic is in a light shade of tan, as the short sleeves cover most of his forearms. The tunic goes down towards the lower area of his chest and underside. Some pins and medallions can be seen, as one of the pins has the hakenkreuz etched onto its golden layering. Beyond his tunic uniform, he wears a double-layered garment over his bottom that gives off the impression of what babies typically wear; the garment supposedly serves the purpose of protecting this area from the sun, since he had stated that his bottom area is quite sensitive to direct sunlight when some friends of his questioned him. To avoid public embarrassment, he wears a black cloth wrap that is snugly wrapped around his bottom to conceal the peculiar garment of his.
    Personality: Kaiser is rebellious when it comes to dealing with the authorities, as he often argues with others a lot as a result. He can be a crybaby at times, since he always likes things to go his way. Since he has a desire for perfection in his own ways possible, it often results in him overworking himself to where he would give in more than he should have; even if some of the teachers think that it's better. His hot-headed nature often lands him in the office since he is rather quick to anger, which usually turns into a tantrum if it gets out of hand.
    Backstory: [Most of Kaiser's past still remains unknown and will likely be updated once revealed in the RP by the correct trigger.]
    Fakemon Creator: @Aquaman
    Other: He wears a golden anklet around his left leg, as it has something etched on it.
    Poké Browser Entry: "Be aware, as Neourk usually consider Trainers to be rather untrustworthy in first moments. They are often seen near the mild beaches, as they take short naps by digging small patches on the shore or in shallow waters."
    Evolution Line: Neourk / Lil' Shark Pokémon (Water) > Adolshi / Shark Pokémon (Water) > Dulaerkin / Great Hunter Pokémon (Water/Dark) (NOTE: Kaiser is highly unlikely to evolve even various RPs later because of his past.)
    • 1st Period: Pokémon History Honors
      2nd Period: Type Effectiveness
      3rd Period: Type Studies Honors
      4th Period: Lunch / Break
      5th Period: Item Studies
      6th Period: Art Honors
      7th Period: Study Hall
      8th Period: Ability Mastery
      Major: Pokémon History Honors
    Moves Information:
    Type: Normal
    Catagory: Physical
    Power: 45
    Accuracy: 100%
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Enemy
    Range: Close Quarters Combat
    Description: An elementary move that some Pokémon learn by their juvenile years. The user slashes the target in a sequential fashion with their claws or any other sharp parts.
    Effects: May reduce physical defense on the target by one stage if attacking from the side.
    Type: Normal
    Catagory: Status
    Power: N/A
    Accuracy: Sure Shot
    Power Points: 20
    Target: Self
    Range: N/A
    Description: The user lets off a cry that echoes across the battlefield.
    Effects: Temporarily increases accuracy of moves and grants Acceleration.
    Acceleration: Increases the Pokémon's speed by 25% for five turns. This stacks with other speed buffs, like having increased speed from using Agility.
    Type: Water
    Catagory: Special
    Power: 25 x 3
    Accuracy: 85%
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: 15 Meters
    Description: The user blasts the target with a series of forceful shots of pressurized water.
    Effects: N/A
  5. Pretty nice for your first RP! I'd love to join. If there's anything I need to change, let me know!

    Name: Annabelle (Anna for short)
    Age: 10
    Gender: Female
    Species: Misdreavus
    Typing: Ghost
    Appearance: Same dull blue color as most Misdreavus. Her gems are a ruby red, and she takes pride in keeping them polished and clean. She has a pastel pink bow she wears for fancy occasions.
    Personality: Annabelle is, like most ghost types, a prankster. She loves playing tricks and spooking other Pokémon. Some would call her mean-spirited, but she knows not to seriously hurt her victims. Annabelle is a little vain, and often spends time worrying to herself about her appearance. It’s very difficult to truly anger her, but messing with her gems is one of the few surefire ways to make her upset.
    Nature: Naughty
    Ability: Levitate
    Moveset: Psybeam, Hex, Will-O-Wisp, Ominous Wind
    Backstory: Annabelle lived with her parents and siblings in a haunted forest. She was the second-youngest, and didn't get along with her family. Her mother decided to send her to an academy in the hopes that she'd make some friends (and to do some haunting there, too).
    1. Pokemon History
    2. Type Effectiveness
    3. Ability Mastery Honors
    4. Lunch
    5. Item Studies
    6. Type Studies
    7. Musical Studies Honors
    8. Movepool Training Honors
    Major: Ability Mastery Honors
  6. Terribly sorry, I was busy with school. I just recently got home. Both of you are accepted. I am currently busy tonight but I will start the roleplay soon. Probably when 5 people join.
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  7. Name: Granite (Nicknamed Grant)
    Age: 10
    Gender: Male
    Species: Rockruff
    Typing: Rock
    Appearance: He appears to look like a normal Rockruff, except for the fact that his front left paw is black instead of the usual dark brown.

    Personality: Due to his Jolly nature, Grant seems to always be in a good mood, trying his best to befriend all. He tends to be loyal, sticking and helping those he considers close friends. He doesn't back down even if it means getting hurt, and becomes even more determined if angered.

    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Steadfast
    Fire Fang (egg move)
    Rock Throw

    Backstory: Grant's Mother (Midday Lycanroc) fought with her husband (Midnight Lycanroc) over how Grant would evolve. Grant enrolled himself into the Academy because he believed the academy would be the best way for him to learn and understand his special evolutionary capabilities, and carve his own path instead of having his future decided by his parents.

    1st Period: Pokemon History
    2nd Period: Type Effectiveness
    3rd Period: Study Hall
    4th Period: Lunch
    5th Period: Item Studies
    6th Period: Type Studies Honors
    7th Period: Musical Studies Honors
    8th Period: Movepool Training Honors
    Major: Type Studies Honors

    I wasn't sure if Egg Moves were allowed, but I'd be able to change it if needed.
  8. I allow eggs moves, It's perfectly fine! You are accepted! I have decided to start this roleplay as soon as one more person joins.
  9. Well... I suppose I must play the waiting game then...

    (This message is to @GlaceonFan425.) I'd like to ask you something concerning the rules while I'm making my second character since I feel like it requires a bit of clarification since it is not clear and it could have multiple interpretations. About the first rule of no bullying and such, does that apply universally, or to only other people's characters doing it to each other, or perhaps other areas?

    • Universally being that it is not allowed period, not even to NPCs to NPCs or even other people's characters.
    • Only to other people's characters means that I could have said character go over to an NPC character and be rude/doing some harassment if that NPC character was being rude at first just for example purposes. (But... I can't have Kaiser going over to another player's character and just start trash talking to them.)
  10. Name:Dusk
    Appearance: Normal Umbreon but has red eyes
    Personality: Likes to work alone,major weeb,keeps to himself,funny,won't back down no matter what, enrolled in academy to better himself
    Nature: adamant
    Ability: Sychonize
    Moves: shadow ball, darkpulse, quick attack, agillty
    Backstory: dusk was young when his sister was killed and he was on his own his parents left him and he had no one he came to the academy to better his skills and meet people
    Pokémon history
    Item studies
    Study hall
    Type effectiveness
    Type studies honors
    Movepool studies
    Ability masters honors
    Major: ability masters
  11. I
    don't know why the emoji is there it should say dusk
  12. Name: Asher
    Age: 11
    Gender: Male
    Species: Chimchar
    Typing: Fire
    Appearance: Often seen slouching and seemingly exhausted. His primary skin color is a scarlet and his secondary is amber.
    Personality: Asher is lonely, though mostly by choice. He tries to keep the amount of friends to a minimum but is completely comfortable with having none at all. Asher gets extreme anxiety when in large crowds or put on the spot in front of plenty of others. He typically tries to be friendly to anyone willing to be his friend, but will often lash out with forced to do something, is being intentionally ignored, or bullied. Asher also has a difficult time getting close to 'mon, often pushing them away once he deems the connection too deep. He is rather intelligent and adaptive but chooses not to express these lest he gain any attention. This causes his grades and confidence to suffer slightly.
    Nature: Lonely
    Ability: Blaze
    Flame Wheel
    Slack Off
    Fake Out
    Double Kick
    Backstory: TBA
    1st Period: Movepool Training
    2nd Period: Ability Mastery
    3rd Period: Lunch
    4th Period: Type Studies Honors
    5th Period: Type Effectiveness
    6th Period: Musical Studies
    7th Period: Pokemon History Honors
    8th Period: Study Hall
    Major: Pokemon History Honors
    Name: Fiona
    Age: 9
    Gender: Female
    Species: Sneasel
    Typing: Dark/Ice
    Appearance: Though she's a female, the feather on her head is the length of a male. Fiona can generally be seen sporting a gold necklace.
    Personality: Fiona is a happy-go-lucky kind of girl. She had been sheltered her entire life up until now which makes her oblivious to those with ill intentions. She does her best and goes out of her way to help those in need (and those not). Fiona has trouble expressing emotions other than happiness, causing her to get confused in tough situations. Mainly, all Fiona wants to do is make friends and succeed.
    Nature: Naive
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Hone Claws
    Feint Attack
    Ice Punch
    Backstory: TBA
    1st Period: Pokemon History
    2nd Period: Ability Mastery Honors
    3rd Period: Type Effectiveness
    4th Period: Movepool Training Honors
    5th Period: Lunch
    6th Period: Study Hall
    7th Period: Item Studies
    8th Period: Type Studies Honors
    Major: Movepool Training Honors
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  13. Name: Lucky
    Age: 10
    Gender: Male
    Species: Riolu
    Typing: Fighting
    Appearance: Lucky is a slightly darker furred Riolu. He looks similar to most other Riolu in body shape.
    Personality: Lucky is a big fan of dancing, preferably break dancing. Lucky has a carefree, yet serious personality, depending where he's at. Whenever he isn't at school, he can be seen goofing off to his heart's content. Whenever he is at school, he will act much more strict and serious around his classmates.
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Inner Focus
    • Quick Attack Normal
    • Force Palm Fighting
    • Copycat Normal
    • Blaze Kick Fire
    Backstory: Lucky was sent to the academy after his mother suggested it for him. She gave him the promise of reward if he was to complete school with fairly well grades, motivating him to do his best.
    1. Pokemon History
    2. Type Effectiveness
    3. Ability Mastery Honors
    4. Lunch
    5. Item Studies
    6. Type Studies Honors
    7. Musical Studies
    8. Movepool Training Honors
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  14. Name: Candi (As in cotton candy)
    Age: Human age? Then 10.
    Gender: Female
    Species: Mareep
    Typing: Electric
    Appearance: The same as a normal Mareep, but wears a small orange bandana in her neck.
    Personality: Candi is very hyper, and sometimes accidentally using Thunder Shock when over-excited (kinda like Pichu.). She have trouble listening and understanding directions, and hates small spaces. She have a slight obsession over tea and hates hide-and-seek.
    Nature: Naive
    Ability: Static (30% chance opponent will be paralyzed)
    1. Tackle (Normal)
    2. Thunder Shock (Electric)
    3. Cotton Spore (Grass)
    4. Charge (Electric)
    Backstory: Normal life.
    1st Period:
    Type Studies
    2nd Period: Mega Evolution Studies
    3rd Period: Ability Mastery
    4th Period: Lunch
    5th Period: Movepool Training
    6th Period: Art Honors
    7th Period: Item Studies
    8th Period: Musical Studies
    Major: Type Effectiveness Honors
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  15. Name: Leila
    Age: 8 Years
    Gender: Female
    Species: Nidoran
    Typing: Poison
    Appearance: The average Nidoran F,] but with smaller horns and a big blue bow on her neck.
    Personalty: Leila, despite being quite small, is actually a rowdy and rough girl. She's doesn't start fights, but she can sure end them.
    Nature: Brave
    Ability: Rivalry

    • Growl
    • Scratch
    • Tail Whip
    • Double Kick
    Backstory: Leila was a naughty Nidoran who would always manage to get into fights she didn't even start. Her mother, annoyed with her behavior, sent her to the academy to 'get better.'
    1st Period: Pokemon History
    2nd Period: Type Studies
    3rd Period: Ability Mastery
    4th Period: Lunch
    5th Period: Movepool Training
    6th Period: Item Studies
    7th Period: Study Hall
    8th Period: Type Effectiveness Honors
    Major: Type Effectiveness Honors
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