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Ask to Join Misjudged (Superpower/Ability RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by kageyama, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Link to sign-up thread:

    On Tuesday, seventh of November, Areum Tsun’s life was changed. Drastically.

    “So, ‘x’ to the fourth, minus ‘y’ to the second, divided by two to the thi...” Mr. Clement’s voice drawled from the front of the grey-feeling classroom. Ari sat silently, eyes dimly lit as she tuned out the teacher’s boring equations. She found no reason in listening to something she already knew about, so she simply didn’t. Her eyes glanced at the colorful bracelet around her wrist, which was the only accent to her entire appearance. She gave off a mysterious, unfriendly vibe to most.

    After a few minutes, the stiff teenager stood up, murmured how she was thirsty, and slipped from the classroom without another word. Walking down the halls, she noted that it was unusually empty, and a few lights flickered above her. She shivered before continuing down the hall, passing the drinking fountain completely. Of course she wasn’t thirsty, only bored.

    Stopping in the middle of the dimly lit hallway, Ari glanced sideways. Something felt... off. But before she could figure it out, she felt herself being grabbed by multiple, large hands. She opened her mouth to scream, but a cloth was violently tied around her jaw. In shock, she stumble backwards, and let out a sort of squawk. Eyes frantically shifting, Ari thrashed and struggled, but it was no use. She tried to make noises it alert someone, but a hand harshly stopped her by slamming her jaw shut. Panicky, she looked forward to see a figure in a white, hazard suit. Actually... everybody was wearing them, she noted.

    The person approaching her held out their hand in front of her face. The last thing she heard before suddenly feeling exhausted and passing out was, “We apologize. We shall explain later.”

    Now, Ari’s eyes were barely fluttering open, stinging with tears and tiredness. She could feel that the cloth in her mouth was removed, but she was thirsty now and had a hard time breathing. She tried to sit up, but her entire body felt sore. Fully opening her eyes, she found herself staring up at a light that was softly lit, not too bright or dark. Squinting, she rubbed her eyes and flinched, immediately yanking them away. They were beyond freezing, and upon further inspection, her fingertips were an icy blue, fading into her skin color. Trembling softly, Ari looked around, seeing quite a few beds around the one she seemed to be on.

    There was a metal door with bars on the window, clearly to prevent escape. Sliding off of the bed, Ari shakily walked towards the door, grabbing the bars with shallow breaths. Frost began to line the bars, but she didn’t notice, as she was too busy beginning to shout with frustration.

    “Hey! What’s the big idea?” she rasped angrily. “Let me out!” She continued spewing curses and phrases until a voice, loud and clear, rang through the room. ‘Please be patient. We will explain what is happening when the others arrive. Thank you.’ Ari let go of the door, which was beginning cover in frost and ice. “...Fuck,” was all she could say as she sat herself back onto the bed, pulling her knees to her chest, trying not to cry. All she could do was wait for the so-called ‘others’ to arrive.
  2. "So, you're the new girl, huh?" A voice cut through the silence as Gyung-Hoon leaned against the wall in his bed, playing with a chain of blue lightning and watching it crackle through his fingers and the air. "Gyung-Hoon, or Dylan, Sage. Charmed."
  3. Halt ran through the field, football in arms. He knew looking back would slow him down, and there must be quite the number of people behind him. One guy in a green jersey, the holwith owls, tried to tackle him, but Halt slowed down enough for him to fly right before him. Halt took the chance and sprinted to the goal. Slamming the football into the ground, he scored a touchdown. The buzzer beeped, marking the end of the game. His team took the win.
    Halt wiped off the sweat from his brow. Looking into the locker room mirror, five men walked inside. Turning, "I don't think you need to be here." "Oh, but we do." Was the responce. One tried to grab him, but Halt slammed him into the wall next to the mirror. The others tried to take him down, soon pinning him on the ground. One pulled out a metal machine, a tazer, and shocked Halt out of consciousness.
    Halt woke up being tossed into a room full of beds. His vision was foggy, and he had his arms tied behind him. Halt was lead to a bed near a girl and was forced down. They removed the makeshift handcuffs, and walked out. "The hell was that?" He called over. As he saw no responce, Halt climbed up and walked after the people putting him in there. They walked to the door, closing it right before Halt could make it through. He felt angry. Not noticing the wolf tattoo changing into a bear, Halt became fagefull. He punched at the door until his knuckles turned red, and the door scraped up and slightly bent.
  4. Ari looked behind herself, snowflakes formed on her eyelashes. She hadn’t even noticed the male tossing an electric-looking orb in the air. When he began speaking, she felt a bit more calm knowing she wasn’t exactly alone. When he introduced himself, Ari nodded and turned to face him, crossing her legs on the bed.

    With her soft accent, she hesitantly replied. “Areum Tsun. Ari..” being as unsocial and awkward as Ari was tough, but she really had no other choice. She looked down at her hands, clasping them together. When she opened them after a few seconds, a large snowflake lay in her palms. Her eyes flickered with confusion, studying the snow.

    She jumped when an athletic male was thrown into bed near her, and he immediately began the pound at the door when they left. Ari plugged her ears, and squeezed her eyes shut, the temperature of the room slowly dropping as she flinched at the banging on the door.

    When it stopped, she relaxed and the room temperature dropped a good 10 degrees.
  5. A Korean girl was chucked into a cold, dark room along with two other males and another female. She was out cold and landed on the floor with a little thud after another boy was chucked in. Her arms by her side and laying on the stone cold floor, her eyes fluttered open slightly, her eyebrows slanted in a bit of an angry expression. She slowly opened her eyes, her vision cloudy, blurry and foggy. She could see nearly nothing, just blurry stone cold floor as she lifted her head up slightly. She sat up, a confused expression clear on her face as her arms and hands started searching the floor for her glasses, which she quickly found.

    She slipped them on and her vision was clear again, despite the glasses falling off her face and onto the floor when she was thrown into the room, the consequences being the glass was cracked slightly. She looked up to her side, no feelings going through her mind at the moment, noticing a boy slamming his fists against a metal barred door until his fists were red. To her other side was a girl hugging her knees to her chest, looking like she was on the verge of tears. A sear of worry shot through Nicki's mind as she realised. She was at high school when she was snatched after going to the toilets, knocked out and taken here.

    She quickly stood up and stood away from everybody, standing in a corner as she eyed each person with fear and worry. She remembered keeping a pocket knife with her at school instead of danger inside her backpack. She felt her back for her bag but it was not there - her eyes widened with more fear as she realised all her items were taken. She opened her mouth and let out a panicked shriek, on the verge of suffering a horrible panic/anxiety attack. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE?!" She screamed out, looking around desperately to find a way to escape this place. It looked like some kind of mental asylum.

    "THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME! WHY AM I HERE? WHAT IS THIS PLACE? SOMEBODY ANSWER ME!" She screamed, when she remembered something crucial. Her powers. She assumed this was why she was here. Fear rushed through her mind like crazy when suddenly a bang went off in her mind, an ear crushingly loud sound that only she could hear as fire appeared in a circle around her. Even more anxiety and fear rushed through her mind as she stared at the fire, the flames roaring right in front of her. She stared at the people around her, backing herself even further up into the corner as the fire crept towards her at a quick speed.

    "Well, fuck."
    She murmured as she pushed herself up against the wall as the only thing she felt was fear and anxiety. There was a bit of a wierd click in her mind as the fire swirled up into the air all of a sudden. Her mind clicked again and the fire flew to the side slightly. Nicki stared in complete confusion, forgetting her anxiety for a minute as her eyes started glowing a fiery red and orange hue, as well as her hands. Every last ember of fire on the ground now swirled up into the air and landed in her glowing hands, and she completely freaked out.

    "What the fuck?"
    She gasped to herself as the fire swirled in a sphere in her hands, her hands glowing more fiercely now she was properly controlling the fire. She got an idea. Smirking, she lifted her hands over her head as she threw the fire over to the metal barred door. She was hoping it would break the door - it did nothing. At all. "Fucking useless," She muttered to herself sadly. Shortly after, her mind clicked again and her hands and eyes stopped glowing the fiery red and orange hue. Then she collapsed as the click in her mind stopped her controlling the fire but also completely exhausting her as she'd used all her energy on focusing on the fire and controlling it. She passed out onto the ground, landing with a little thud.
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  6. Halt turned around to see the few people there. "Any of you know what's going on in this DAM PLACE!" He called out to them. Walking back to the bed, he felt the temperature drop. As he started to shiver, Halt started to gain heat. To him, it felt like a fir coat was placed onto him. Rolling his eyes, Halt sat down onto the bed.
    Tina walked out of the classroom. She was told to go to the gym for a pep talk for the championship her team was going to. As she made her way through the halls, Tina noticed none of her partners were making their way to the gym. As she stepped inside, three men in Hazmat suits stood in the middle. Suddenly, one dropped from behind her and held her down. Tina was lifted off the ground and she tried to kick at them. One held out her arm with an iron grip and injected some kind of fluid using a syringe. Slowly, Tina started to black out.
    The men held Tina, one on either side. She was still out cold and was layed on a bed. The people walked back out the door, leaving no time for anyone to leave. Tina layed there, undisturbed.
  7. ‘This is not happening. Definitely not. Let me wake up. Let me wake up, or die,’ she thought with stress as another person was thrown in. As the girl began to spew shouts and backed into the corner, Ari tried to calm down by closing her eyes and taking deep breaths. She could feel her entire body becoming cold, which was relaxing in a way. After a few moments, she was practically radiating ice, as her fingers grew bluer and her eyes grew paler.
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  8. Dylan waved away the lightning as it fizzled into a small cloud of blue smoke. He stopped abruptly as the room started to drop in temperature exponentially and got out of his bed, seeing Ari huddled against the corner of her cell shivering, her fingers turning blue. Dylan cursed in Korean and gripped the bars of his cell. "Ari? I don't know what's happening, but you need to snap out of it. You hear me? Snap out of it!"
  9. Ari slowly looked to Dylan, tilting her head. She was confused for a moment, but when she looked at her cold and iced hands, she was surprised. She was still getting used to this ‘powers’ thing, and was unsure how to control it. Taking a deep breath, she focused on keeping the cold to herself, and slowly but surely, the room stayed cold for a bit, then beginning to rise back to its original state, probably due to the panicking girl surrounded by fire.
  10. Dylan sighed with relief and chuckled under his breath as the room temperature started to return to normal. "Are you okay now?" He asked in perfectly fluent Korean as he walked back to his bed and sat on it, turning his gaze to her.
  11. "Well hello newcomers." A quiet, mysterious voice came from a pitch black corner in the room. "Crazy female who can control fire, another crazy female who can control ice, crazy man who thinks bashing metal bars is a good idea, and wierd dude who I don't know but isn't a newcomer. Oh, and knocked out girl. Duly noted." He murmured to himself coldly. He'd been trapped in this place for a couple months now. "Anybody a bit too cold?" He asked in his normal warm voice, clicking his fingers to summon a warm, sunny day. Nothing happened though. He clicked his fingers again and again but nothing happened.

    He let out a small gloomy sigh. "Forget I said anything," He muttered. To everybody else, the pitch black in a corner of the room was speaking. Felix realised this and wheeled forwards, revealing himself. His chocolate brown hair was tangled and looked almost faded. His clothes were tattered and ripped in some places. His wheelchair didn't look the best either. "I'm Felix, nice to meet you, prepare to be tortured," He told everybody in the room to scare them. He didn't act like Felix anymore. He acted like somebody else. He didn't force this, he just didn't feel like the same person anymore. He felt like the dreadful loneliness he'd been enduring in this place had done that to him. Just an assumption though. "Helpful tip - act like you're dead whenever one of those loonies come," Felix joked, meaning the people who'd taken them here. He acted dead serious enough and looked like he meant it.

    He wheeled his wheelchair back into the dark corner of the room and let out a little sad sigh. He fidgeted with his fingers a bit as he was so bored. He waited for one of the people to respond to him, hanging his head down a little.
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  12. Quiet And Focused On His Rubix Cube He Ignored the Threat, Lawrence Threw The Rubix Cube And Stopped The Time Around The Cube So It Wont Fall "Newcomers Huh? Welcome to your nightmare" He told Them "Im Lawrence Grenier" He Grabs The Rubix Cube In The Air And Time Now Continues around the cube.
  13. Better, thanks,” she replied in the same language. When a male with a harsh tone and wheelchair began to speak from seemingly nowhere, Ari turned to him with an almost sarcastic expression at what he said, trying to intimidate the group of teens. When he snapped his fingers, Ari almost expected the temperature to change, but when it didn’t happen, she let out a little breath through her nose, as if she was snickering or laughing.

    ‘So we’re all strangers. That might have to change,’ Ari noted. Hesitantly standing up, the thin girl cleared her throat. “Um...” she started in her soft voice. Sighing, she continued. “Look, I’m sure none of us really want to get to know each other, but I don’t think we’re gonna be set free anytime soon.” She fiddled with her hands nervously. “So, uh, my name is Areum.. Tsun. Or, Ari. Chae-Yeong.
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  14. "Dylan Sage," Dylan called out from his bed, not intimidated by or showing any concern to the wheelchair man's announcement. "Or, any of you who are Korean, you can call me Gyung-Hoon if that's what you prefer," The last statement was also spoken in Korean, so if anyone was of the same nationality, they would figure it out.
  15. Felix let out a little sigh. "I know I don't want to meet you guys," He muttered coldly, also glaring at Ari who snickered when his snap to change the weather didn't work. "Don't judge me," He growled at her aggressively, staring down at his right hand that he always snapped with. He began to snap his fingers again and again but nothing happened once again. "Well fuck that then," He murmured gloomily, wheeling out of the dark corner as the dim light revealed his pale face. "Felix." He snapped crossly, wheeling back into the corner after he'd said his only word.

    Nichole laid on the floor, her eyes opening slightly. She lifted her head up and quickly remembered what happened, jumping up to her feet and slowly stepping away from everybody, backing into the corner opposite to Felix. She noticed the boy in the wheelchair opposite her introducing himself after another boy introduced himself and also introduced himself in Korean. Nichole found no point in being nervous of these people. It seemed like she'd be here for a while. She decided to introduce herself as well, taking a deep breath, fear making her very nervous. "I'm Nichole," She mumbled quietly, staring down at the floor. "Or, my Korean name is Choi Hee Hyo, if you'd prefer to call me that." She spoke in fluent Korean, having grown up there most of her childhood - until she was twelve.
  16. Dylan flopped backward onto the bed and sighed, conjuring a small orb of lightning and tossing it from hand to hand. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm bored. How long until they let us out of here?" He then started to connect short chains of lightning to the orb with his fingers and gave the orb a humane structure, playing with it like a marionette.
  17. Halt leaned back on the bed frame. "If you don't know, how should we?" He asked. Twirling his finger around, "Hey kidnappers! Mind getting me some water!" He called out as a statement, not a question.
    Tina slowly stired from her 'rest'. Lifting her head up, she looked around to see people around her. One had an orb of lightning, big obvious that this place was dangerous. "Um, what's going on?" She asked nervously.
  18. Felix glanced over to the girl who'd just woken up. "We've all been kidnapped and chucked in here because we have powers, I assume. Don't you?" He asked the girl who had just woken up, slumped gloomily in his wheelchair.

    "We're all going to be here probably for quite a while... I don't think any of us knows when." Nichole mumbled, accidentally speaking in Korean. She was more used to Korean than English, as a matter of fact.

    "Kid, do you mind not speaking in whatever language you're speaking in? Sounds like gibberish to me," Felix insulted Nichole rudely, rolling his eyes and accidentally being pretty racist towards Dylan, Ari and Nichole.

    "I am speaking English you dumbass!" Nichole yelled at Felix crossly, pushing her glasses up onto her nose. "And that is very racist! You jerk!" She shouted, still accidentally yelling in Korean. Felix stared at her with a quizzical raised eyebrow, as she was yelling at him in Korean.
  19. Ari glared at Felix with offense. “Bastard.” She hissed at the male in her language. She sat herself down, sighing silently at how nobody was really introducing themselves, like she suggested. ‘Oh well.. I’m no leader, so I shouldn’t have expected anything,’ she thought spitefully. She was ready to melt down and disappear. Sure, she didn’t really have family, and nobody would really miss her or notice her disappearance. But she would've killed just to back in Mr. Clement’s boring math class.
  20. Dylan snorted. "This little bitch wants to die, doesn't he?" He asked as the electric marionette exploded in wisps of blue smoke. "If I wasn't in this cell, I could send millions of volts through your body and kill you instantly." Dylan's eyes crackled with blue lightning as a chain of electricity danced along his fingers.
  21. John Locklear let out a gasp as his chest filled with a sudden pain, causing him to lean against one of the lockers in the hallway. "Shit, man, you a'ight?" One of his friends asked. John looked down at the shorter African-American boy. He managed to reply, though it was clear he was in pain.
    "Y-yeah. I'm good, man. Nothing to worry about. I just, uh, I need a drink. I'll see you in Hamilton's, though." John said. He pushed himself away from the lockers before heading towards the bathrooms, the opposite direction.
    "Alright, man, I'll let her know if you run a lil' bit late." His friend replied. John gave a wave over his hand to show his thanks before he walked into the bathroom. He turned on the sink and splashed water on to his face. These damn chest pains were really becoming a problem. Sometimes he went weeks without one, sometimes it was just a couple days, but it was so damn inconvenient. His eyes darted to the mirror as he heard the door open, and he saw several men in white hazmat suits walk in.
    "I don't think you're supposed to-" John was cut off as one of the men grabbed him and put a hand over his mouth, and he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder, like a needle, before everything went dark.

    John's eyelids fluttered open as he was tossed into a small room - he was still too dazed to make out details. All he could pick out were several different bodies. He pushed himself off the ground and leaned himself against the wall nearest to the door. His chest was still hurting like hell. He didn't know how long he was out for, but it must have been long enough for the pains to go away. Apparently not. He looked to one of the other people in the room and asked: "Where are we?"
  22. "Oh, welcome," Dylan called out nonchalantly as he twirled chains of blue electricity around his hands and fingers. "We're getting quite a number of newcomers today, aren't we? I'm Dylan Sage." He slammed both palms together as a sonic boom coupled with bolts of lightning rippled from his hands. The blue lightning clashed loudly around his hands as Dylan stood up on the cold hard ground, feeling the lightning crackle around him.
  23. John nodded, albeit numbly. "Dylan Sage... Alright." John massaged his temples and groaned. "Sorry if I'm a little bit slow right now, I'm still in a daze. My name is John. John Locklear. It's, uh, nice to meet you, Dylan." He said softly. John wasn't lying when he said he was still in a daze. It made it difficult for him to exactly think straight. Whatever it was, it must've nullified or weakened his powers a bit. Otherwise, he probably would've been better by now. "Are we here because of our abilities?" He guessed. He knew he had powers, though many wouldn't consider them remarkable, and he saw Dylan manipulating electricity. To John, it was the only reason he could think of so many people being in this kind of situation.
  24. "Bingo! We have a winner," Dylan announced with mock excitement, now doing handstand pushups at the moment. "Apparently, the government sees us as a threat to humanity, which kind of sounds like the plot of a superhero movie. That's why some douchebags in hazmat suits grabbed us out of school and threw us in this cells."
  25. Shiro walked across the street, school having gotten out already. He greeted almost everyone he saw, some he knew and some he didn’t. He was a very friendly and social person, an advantage and a disadvantage to the male. When he finally reached his house, he unlocked it and went inside. The moment Shiro entered his small house, he knew something was wrong. Everything was fine but there was a presence in the house that was never there before when he came home by himself. A cloth and a rough hand suddenly clasped his mouth and he gasped in water the cloth had on it. He felt a sudden dizziness, the last thing he saw before passing out were men in hazmat suits coming toward him.

    Shiro woke up with a huge headache, sitting up from the cold stone floor. He saw a lot of people and smiled, his friendly side coming out though he was still confused. Obviously the men had brought him but why? “Um, excuse me but, where are we? My name is Shiro Tamashī,” Shiro said, standing with a bright smile on his face, his white clothes having a little dirt on them. He saw an empty bed with nobody around it besides him so he sat down on it, looking at everyone else.
  26. John couldn't help but chuckle. "Sounds like the plot to a lot of superhero movies, for sure," he said in agreement. "Just waiting for us to be put in a program and end up saving a city from aliens or something." He glanced over at someone else who'd just arrived who'd asked where they were. He seemed nice enough. "John Locklear, a pleasure, Shiro. I couldn't tell you exactly where we are, I just got here a couple minutes ago. As for why... Our powers."
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  27. Shiro was surprised at the fact that they had been brought for their powers, his was merely a bad case of water literally everywhere. “Oh, well, thank you, John,” Shiro said with his bright smile, lifting his legs onto the bed. A male in a wheelchair caught his eye and he looked at him in his dark blue eyes, his interest growing. His yellow-orange eyes glowed in the slightly dark room, focused on the male in the wheelchair.
  28. Joseph was hiding in the shadow seeing group of people in introducing each other. He didn't want to be seen, and decide to be silent. For few moment he felt something weird on left arm, and due to his fear of what ever is on his arm he jump.

    The group stop what they're doing was and star staring at Joseph. "Um...Hello", Joseph said with an awkwardly tone. There was dead silence for almost 30 second, and for Joseph he turn red as a beet.
  29. (Please don’t control other people’s characters, it’s rude)
    A voice made Shiro’s eyes wander across the room to another male. He broke into a smile, his friendliness coming forward. “Hello, my name is Shiro Tamashī. What is your name?” He asked to almost everyone since only John told him his name.
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  30. (^^ I'm not really a fan of those who auto =.=)

    All except for Dylan; he kept his gaze to the ground as he continued to do pushups in rapid succession for a couple minutes before standing back up, wiping a bead of sweat from his brow. He sighed and took off his shirt, which was dampened by sweat, laying it on the floor. Dylan laid down on his bed and closed his eyes, attempting to get some sleep.
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  31. Shiro caught movement from the corner of his eyes so he looked into a cell. His head tilted to the side, not knowing why the male was doing push-ups. He was about to ask when Dylan took off his shirt, causing Shiro to blush a deep red and look away very quickly. Shiro’s eyes landed on the thin white bed sheet and, to hide his blush, he covered his cheeks with his hands.
  32. (Sorry I didn't mean to auto control)

    "My name is...Joseph", he said, "Nice to meet you". Joseph notice Shiro blushing. "Uhh...are you ok.", he ask. He look at the direction and notice male student sleeping. "Oh", he said to himself. "Earth to Shiro", he said waving on Shiro face.
  33. Shiro looked up to see Joseph waving his hand in his face. “What? I’m fine, are you okay?” He asked, feeling his face cooling down from his blush. He watched the male with a skeleton jacket and a white t-shirt continue to wave at him. His blush settled down and he made a mental note to not look at Dylan while he was shirtless, or anybody.
  34. Joseph let out a small chuckle. "It seem like you really are easy to be read.", he said. "So....is there anything you want know", he said still with an awkward tone. "Or maybe I can ask you some question", he said with the same tone.
  35. Shiro shrugged and let his hand fall to his side. “You can ask me some questions. I don’t really have any other questions, I just want to know everyone’s names,” he said and took a small glance at the male in the wheelchair then looked back at Joseph.
  36. "Have you ever felt betrayed?", he ask. "If you have then we are on the same page" he say with a serious look. "And also who are all those people with us?" he said.
  37. (watch your grammar. and the basic rules. please.)

    Ari wasn’t really paying attention to the new students that were appearing randomly. She did, however, pay attention to the loud voice over the same intercom from earlier.

    Attention, all students,’ it began. ‘Assuming most of you know why you’re here, you will each be taken with a partner to a room where you will test your abilities and their strength.’

    Ari glanced around. She didn’t really want to be partnered with any of these people.

    You are assigned to find your own partner, and once done, you will be taken together to test your powers out. More shall be explained later.’

    Ari did a sort of panicky motion with her hands before standing up and pacing. She glanced over at Gyun-Hoon, Dylan, and cleared her throat. “Ah, you’re really the only person I’ve actually talked to, so do you mind if we’re partners?” she asked, hands loosely at her sides.
  38. Dylan heard the announcement and decided to pay no attention. However, he did open his eyes and got up from his bed, standing up and looking at Ari after hearing her extend an offer. "Uh, sure. I don't mind." He picked up his shirt and cracked it like a whip, attempting to dry it. He put it on and glanced back at Ari, winking and flashing a half-grin.
  39. Shiro looked at Joseph with confusion and just when he was about to answer, a voice on an intercom came. He listened to the instructions carefully and sighed. “I’d need a whole lot of water,” he muttered to himself with a slight role of his eyes. His gaze drifted once more to the male in the wheelchair, thinkinf that no one seemed very interested or eager to be Felix’s partner. He thought for a while then made his decision, he would be Felix’s partner as long as Felix wanted to.
  40. Joseph seems to be upset that Shiro didn't answer his question. What even made him more upset is that he need to pair up with someone. “This is just perfect. Now I need to find a partner.”, He mutter as he put his mask on. Seeing Shiro pairing up with the boy on the wheel chair, and he is here standing alone trying to find a partner. He is still hoping to find a partner soon as possible.

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