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Open Mirroria (discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Lord Of Pain, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. The world of Mirroria, 4 realms, 7 kingdoms, all citizens whether peasants, warriors, spellcasters or anything else can access magic based on glass, mirrors, crystals and their properties

    The Realms :

    Garden of Eden
    The heavenly realm of those with angelic blood who are most virtuous

    Infernal World
    The Purgatory where those with demonic blood are banished to

    The Phantom Zone
    Where the dark abyss is the only thing you see and the beings there are soulless and stuck in Limbo

    Home of humans, beasts, and everything in between
    Long ago the 4 kingdoms on earth lived in peace, the Topaz kingdom, Ruby Kingdom, Sapphire Kingdom and Emerald Kingdom
    Each ruled by a king and his daughter, one day a blond boy, no older than 16 appeared out of no where in the Topaz Kingdom, a crown on his head made of a dark red crystal that has logged itself into his head with spikes causing some bleeding and draped in basic leather armour, dispite the blood on his face almost all women who lay sight on him where instantly charmed, following him around like stray dogs would follow the butcher with a big lug of meat.
    The boy walked into the castle slaying any guard who opposed him with a rusty iron sword, he entered the throne room and challenged the king and his kingdom's army -being the strongest out of the armies of the 4 kingdoms- all on his own, outraged by this blasphemy he agreed.

    A month later there the army was, the king, 3,000,000 Warlords and 3,000,000 Battle Mages, 3,000,000 war cannons, all slain, burnt to a crisp or decapitated, reddish purple flames danced around the boy who laughed victoriously, his name? Asmodeus, the Charming Fiend Spawn.

    When news spread the other kings ran away in fear, but the princess stayed to rule, it was time to unite the kingdoms for war.

    With an army of fiends Asmodeus attacked the Topaz Kingdom, at first they where winning, but when Prismus -former general of the army that protects Garden of Eden, now a traitor and ally of Asmodeus- appeared on the field of war the tides turned.

    Princess Helia escaped with a group of Citizens while their Kingdom became ruins, they headed to the other kingdoms, Helia having hope to be able to stay with another princess, however while her people made it she didn't, her path blocked by a wall of dead bodies, all women, all have fallen to the Fiend Spawn's charm.

    Asmodeus was sitting on the top, laughing, just a glance was enough, Princess Helia was charmed by his looks, she returned with him to the ruinous Kingdom declaring herself the queen with Asmodeus the king

    Princess Vulcia, Neptunia, and Demtria formed an aliance and began recruiting Warriors and Spellcasters to aid against the now known as Onyx Kingdom, Castle rebuilt in black and gold replacing the white and gold one.

    Kingdoms :

    The Diamond Kingdom of the Garden of Eden, their symbol being an angle and all its residents specialising in manipulation and creation of rainbow crystals and light, the Diamond Kingdom shall stay out of this war except for the traitor Prismus

    The Onyx Kingdom of the Infernal world/earth, ruled by Queen Helia and King Asmodeus, their symbol being a demon and a select few including the king specialise in manipulation and creation of Crystallised Demon Blood and soul stealing fire

    The Obsidian Kingdom of the Phantom Zone, their symbol is a Wraith and they specialise in manipulating and creating polished obsidian (AKA smoky mirrors) and darkness, they will stay out of the war but some residents make deals with humans granting them access to their speciality at the cost of shortening their life span

    The Emerald Kingdom of Earth, Ruled by Princess Demtria, their Symbol is a Golem and they are capable of glass, mirror and crystal based magic, they specialise in bulkiness and and strength but sacrifice mobility, their warriors are known as Knights and their spellcasters as Guardians, they also specialise in green glass based magic which gives them access to nature based magic

    The Sapphire Kingdom of Earth, Ruled by Princess Neptunia, their Symbol is a Mermaid and they are capable of glass, mirror and crystal based magic, they specialise in support and handicapping others, their warriors are known as Paladins and their Spellcasters as Priests, they also specialise in blue Glass based magic which gives them access to Ice based magic

    The Ruby Kingdom of Earth, Ruled by Princess Vulcia, Their Symbol is a Wyvern and they are capable of glass, mirror and crystal based magic, they specialise in strength and mobility while sacrificing bulkiness, their warriors are known as Breserkers and their Spellcasters as Sorcerers, they also specialise in Red Glass based magic which gives them access to Fire based magic

    The Survivors of Earth (AKA Former citizens of the Topaz kingdom), Their Symbol is a Gryphon and they are capable of glass, mirror and crystal based magic, they are well balanced in general, their warriors are known as Warlords and their Spellcasters as Battle Mages, they also specialise in Yellow Glass based magic which gives them access to Lightning based magic
    I'll start the RP, Rules list, make a form And a list of the different spells once I get 3 more people interested
  2. This sounds interesting.I'm in.
  3. I'm so in. Will there be a character sheets for us to fill out?
  4. @Ry_Burst as soon as I get one more person interested yes there will be one
  5. Sup. I was called and like the idea. Though may I ask. Would the demon like asmodeous have their ability of a woman was ace? Like asexual and aromantic?
  6. no, they arent affected, also Asmodeus is human but has the ability to use Crystallized Demon Blood magic, and is the only one with the charm ability
  7. Ok. Was not entirely sure about the charm ability and thought he was a demon. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  8. your welcome, ill post the spell list and form soon
  9. Common Spells :

    Shard Shower : the caster creates and launches a shower of glass shards, this spell doesnt use up a lot of magic but covers a small area

    Glass Bomb : the caster creates and launches a ball of glass that explodes into shards of glass, this spell covers up a larger area but uses up more magic energy

    Mirror Travel : the caster allows himself to travel through mirrors as if they are portals, uses an average amount of magic

    Reflection : copies and uses the last spell the opponent used, uses as much magic as the copied spell does

    Animated Statue : caster creates a living statue of their kingdom's symbol and colored glass to serve them, each with different powers, uses a lot of magic

    Phantom Pact Spells :
    (these spells require the caster to have made a deal with a Phantom Zone citizen)

    Umbra Conversion : absorbs Light and turns it into darkness

    Cloaking Darkness : the caster turns invisible, uses up the darkness around them instead of magic

    Smoky Sight : the caster sees a very brief moment of the future, it uses up a lot of magic

    Red Glass Spells

    (everyone can use and buy red glass but its more expensive for anyone who isnt from the Ruby kingdom, also these spells consume red glass shards)

    Fiery Rain : the caster creates and shoots 3 big fire balls, uses up average magic magic and 3 Red Glass shards

    Purgatory Ring : the caster creates a ring of fire around them, uses up an average amount of magic and 5 Red Glass shards

    Blazing Spirit : the Caster flairs up his determination to keep battling increasing their power and stamina, uses up average Magic and 3 Red Glass shards

    Wyvern Statue : the caster creates a living Wyvern statue that can absorb light and breath it out as a laser beam, uses one Red Glass Shard

    Blue Glass Spells
    (everyone can use and buy Blue glass but its more expensive for anyone who isnt from the Sapphire kingdom, also these spells consume Blue glass shards)

    Frost Blast : the caster creates and launches a blast of icy cold magic that applies fatigue to the target, uses up average magic and 3 Blue glass shards

    Arctic Storm : the caster creates a snow storm to blur the target's vision, uses up average magic and 5 Blue Glass shards

    Water of Purity : the caster manipulates water and uses it to heal the target completely, uses up Average magic and 3 Blue Glass shards

    Mermaid Statue : the caster creates a living Mermaid Statue that can sing a healing melody, uses one Blue Glass shard

    Green Glass Spells
    (everyone can use and buy Green glass but its more expensive for anyone who isnt from the Emerald kingdom, also these spells consume Green glass shards)

    Terra's wrath : the caster channels energy from nature around him and blasts a target with it, uses average magic and 3 green glass shards

    Monolith of Gaia : the caster creates a totem of rocks and plants that shields him from spells as long as it stands but not from physical attacks, uses average magic and 5 green glass shards

    Wisps of Wild : the caster allows wisps to use them as hosts boosting their strength and the amount of power absorbed from nature, uses average Magic and 3 green glass shards

    Golem Statue : the caster creates a living Golem statue that is very durable and very strong, uses one green glass shard

    Yellow Glass Spells
    (everyone can use and buy Yellow glass but its more expensive for anyone who wasnt from the Topaz kingdom, also these spells consume Yellow glass shards)

    Chain Bolts : the caster shoots thunderbolts that bounce from one target to another, uses average magic and 3 yellow glass shards

    Static Body : the caster is capable of walking on any surface thanks to his body being charged with an opposite charge to the surface, uses average magic and 5 yellow glass shards

    Raging S
    torm : anger surges through the caster putting him into a berserk mode, uses average magic and 3 yellow glass shards

    Gryphon Statue : the caster creates a living Gryphon statue that unlike the Wyvern one, is capable of flying, uses one yellow glass shard

    Form :

    Name :

    Age : (17 to 25)

    Gender :

    Sexual orientation :

    Kingdom : (Ruby - Sapphire - Emerald - Survivor)

    Class : (spell caster or warrior)

    Weapon : (stay medieval, no guns)

    Has a Phantom Pact? :

    Backstory : (optional)

    Also rules coming soon because it's late at night here....​
  10. Name : Elanor Willow

    Age : 22

    Gender : female

    Sexual orientation : asexual/aromantic

    Kingdom : survivor

    Class : warrior

    Weapon : a long staff and two Kama(mini scythes)

    Has a Phantom Pact? : nope

    Backstory : (optional
  11. Couldn't think of a backstory but if I do then I will edit
  12. Name: Ry Dulvac
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Kingdom: Ruby
    Class: Warrior, Berserker to be precise
    Weapon: Crimson broadsword, small knifes, staple to his legs and waist
    Has a Phantom Pact?: Nah
    Backstory: Ry is a strong warrior, one of the guards of Princess Vulcia. He was raised into poverty, and when he was only 15, he entered the army, becoming a berserker. He rose the ranks and became a top warrior, and guard of Princess Vulcia by the age of 20.

    I'm also gonna add
    Personality: Ry is a strong warrior, but has a lot of pride. He feels he is the most handsome man, in the world, along with the strongest and the better person overall. However, he does have a large degree of loyalty, and honor. His pride and honor can easily be his downfall.
    Apperance: He wears a red tunic, with his family cress emblazed on the chest. He has a scabbard for his broadsword over his shoulder, and wears brown leather gloves. He has red hair that is shaggy, and upon his face is a large scar the streches from his forehead to his chin.
  13. I might join in. Just a couple clarifications: What is the objective at hand, and how will all the characters meet up, and to what extent is a phantom pact bad?
    #15 SismicFlareCharmander, Feb 22, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2017
  14. Accepted

    The objective is to defeat the forces of the Onyx Kingdom and end Prismus and Asmodeus, which will free Helia from his charm

    How we will meet up is during a meeting between the 3 princesses in the Sapphire kingdom where they introduce their strongest recruits for this war

    The phantom pact shortens one's life span making it so he would die of natural causes a lot sooner than if he hadn't made it
  15. One last question: Does it cause you to age faster, or merely just die early?
  16. Name: Ventura Basco de Fieras Verla Badoer (typically shortened to Ventura Verla Badoer, Ventura Badoer, or just Ventura)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Sexual orientation: Straight

    Kingdom : Sapphire

    Class : Spellcaster

    Weapon: Untrained in the use of most weapons, Ventura carries a shortsword passed down since his great-great grandfather, mostly using it as a last resort if magic fails.

    Has a Phantom Pact: No

    Backstory: A noble by birth, Ventura Badoer always grew up coddled, as one of only three children, and it was noticed that he was much more driven than both of his siblings, who, in the case of his elder brother, was just plain lazy, or in the case of his younger sister, wasn't able to. As such, he enlisted in the kingdom's army at age sixteen, the first of his family to do so in three generations, and trained in the arts of magic. After a year of service, he left in good standing and performed diplomacy for his brother, who inherited their parents fortune, and shouldered the burden of advising his brother with his sister. When Asmodeus invaded, Ventura was in the Topaz Kingdom and, ran away in fear. Not forgiving himself for all the lives he didn't save, he went to Princess Neptunia and gave her his allegiance and convinced his brother to pledge the family's allegiance. He is ready to do anything for the cause, even if it means killing Asmodeus's entire army.
  17. Name: Arkia

    Age : 19

    Gender : Female

    Sexual orientation : Bisexual

    Kingdom : Survivor

    Class : Warrior

    Weapon : Twin Daggers and Small bow

    Has a Phantom Pact? : Nope

    Backstory : (optional)
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  18. Mom, Dad, I need to tell you guys something. I identify as an assassin.
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  19. This looks kinda interesting. I'd like to join! Just one question - is there natural magic in the world, or is it all glass-based? If it's the former, than to what extent?
    Also for my character, there will be two sides to him. There's the real character, and a "fake" persona he puts up. In other words, Percival Daemon has an alter ego - Paragon 6.

    Name: Percival Daemon | Paragon 6
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Kingdom: Survivor (Formerly Topaz) | Onyx (Temporarily)
    Class: Spell Caster (Mage) | Warrior (Ninja)
    Weapon: Staff, dagger | Dual swords, Kunai, poison darts
    Has a Phantom Pact?: No
    Backstory: No one knows...
  20. groan..
    I wasn't looking at where i put that.
  21. @SismicFlareCharmander @Tsu accepted

    I don't exactly understand what you mean here
  22. does the peoples in the Onyx kingdom look different than the other kingdoms?
  23. They are mostly demons with some mind controlled humans who wear darker versions of the clothes Survivors wear
  24. Sorry but no there isnt
  25. No, only Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald or Survivors
  26. So involving basic magic. Are runes on weapons possible. Like runes that are inscribed on the weapon ad are activated by using the required shards.
    Also, when will we officially start?
  27. All glass/crystal/mirror based

    I'll think about it

    Once I'm back from school
  28. Alright.
    And what I mean by Topaz | Onyx is that Percival is a survivor while Paragon is currently part of the Onyx kingdom. As far as they know, anyways. The differences between the two on the character sheet is marked with |.
  29. But you also said Paragon is Percival's alter ego so how does that work?
  30. They're technically the same person, but at the same time they're not. Percival has tried to differentiate Paragon 6 from himself. Paragon is an alter ego that Percival can don whenever he needs to.
  31. Well I guess I'll let him pass, also ill post my character and the RP soon today
  32. Alright.

    Also question, is there some sort of teleportation magic in the world? I don't see it in the list of spells you put down.
  33. the closest to teleportation i believe is the mirrors/portals spell, also there are 2 spells i forgot to add so keep an eye out everyone on any changes in the list

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