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Ask to Join Mirroria : assult of Asmodeus

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Lord Of Pain, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. ((OOC : sign up thread : https://pokecharms.com/threads/mirroria-discussion.15687/))

    It was a beautiful day outside in the Emerald Kingdom, grass a bright green, flowers of all colors, the kingdom banners hanging off of walls fluttering in the breeze, Sylvan, a tall black haired boy with purple eyes and pale skin, draped in green robes, silver forearm and shoulder guards and a silver chestplate, was helping the princess and the other Guardians and Knights to load things onto the royal cart for Princess Demtria's trip to the Sapphire Kingdom.
    "I believe that's all your highness" Sylvan said as he wiped his sweaty forehead with a white piece of cloth he keeps in his pocket.
    "Thank you for your assistance Sylvan, but we better go now, don't want to keep the other princesses waiting now do we?" Demtria said as she got into her emerald green cart, Sylvan and a couple other knights and Guardians got onto their white horses and started to follow the cart as it departed

    (---Sapphire Kingdom---)

    They soon arrived to the Sapphire kingdom, it's blue banners hanging on the castle walls, birds singing in trees and water streams rushing by, it was hard to believe that the land of Mirroria was in the middle of a war with such beautiful scenery surrounding it's people.
    As the Paladins and Priests escorted Princess Demtria and her top rank knights and Guardians to the castle Sylvan and the others decided to look around and chat with the people of the kingdom until they where needed in the royal meeting.

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