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Open Mirrored World

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mockingchu, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Before you join, please make sure you read the rules. The same rules apply here. Basically, if you want to join, create your character (template below). Your character has been thrown into a wormhole that leads to a Parallel Universe. There, there are copies of everyone you know, even you. But what happens if you're seen. Or the Parallel you died? Do you remain in hiding? Or yell out to the world that you are a Multiverse hopper? Do you try to return yo your universe or live out your life in the Parallel world?

    Name: Ian Colfain

    Age: 17

    Occupation: Volunteer at Pokemon shelter

    Pokemon: Riolu, Eevee

    Appearance: Tall; muscular; shaggy blond hair; piercing blue eyes; blue and white hoodie; black athletic pants

    RP: Ian ran his hand through his thick blond hair. He sighed, and sat down. Eevee ran over and licked his face. Ian forced a grin and stroked Eevee's head. Riolu ran over in a flash. Ian hugged both of his Pokemon. Suddenly, the air grew cold. Ian glanced around. He heard a rasping noise. Then, everything went black.
    A few moments later, Ian regained his sight. He squinted. A loud sound filled the air. A small car was barreling towards him. But it didn't have any wheels. Ian ducked and covered his head. Instead of slamming into him, the car rose in the air and sped right over him.
    "What the---?" Ian muttered, glancing around. This wasn't the Goldenrod City he had been in moments ago. Where was he? Eevee ran over and nervously hopped on Ian's shoulder. Riolu rushed around, trying to figure what happened. A few moments later, Riolu stopped running in front of Ian. Riolu shut his eyes, and began giving off waves of emotion. Ian closed his eyes as well. He had learned to interpret the emotions given off by his friend Riolu. Sure enough, they were still in Goldenrod City. But something had changed...
  2. Name: Jade Porter

    Age: 18

    Occupation: N/A

    Pokemon: Fletchinder

    Appearance: Jade wears a black hoodie, ripped jeans, and a beanie. she has a sash where she keep her pokéballs.


    Jade sighed she stepped out of the tree line "Happened to you to huh.." she looked at the boy and took her hands out of her pockets "Names, Jade".
  3. "Jade?" Ian walked over and extended his hand for a handshake, "I'm Ian. Uh, what exactly happened to me too?"
    Riolu sniffed Jade, and emanated the fact that she wasn't evil.
  4. Jade sighed and leaned onto a tree "This, is the 'Mirror World' or so I call it" her black hood feel reveling her face "There's a twin of everyone here but more.. Monochrome. I stumbled on this place years ago, there's no way out". She stood back up taking a pokémon off her sash and throwing it into the air "Fletchinder come on out!"she shouted as the fire bird flashed into the world "Fletchinder!!" it shouted. "The pokémon here are way more aggressive, my Fletchinder was just a Fletchling when we rived".
  5. "Wow," Ian grinned, "Riolu and Aipom haven't evolved. But I did notice that wild Pokémon seem pretty agressive too."
    Suddenly, a young boy ran over to Ian.
    "Hello Champion Ian!" the boy beamed, "Can I get your autograph?"
    "Champion who?" Ian asked, "Can you get my what?"
    Hey turned to Jade and Westley for help.
  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Alright. A number of people's posts have been removed from this RP due to failure to follow the RP forum rules. Remember: Posts should be THIRD person (NOT first person, Xboxtech4000), PAST tense (NOT present tense, BriefStar) and should contain some RP content. Pure bios with no RP content do not belong anywhere in the RP forums, JLucarioEX and FirePower!

    Freya's sake. I'll give you folks another chance to read the rules - but break those again and the ramifications for you may be dire.
  7. OOC: Whoops, sorry @StellarWind Elsydeon. I haven't been on here in forever, and I think the thread died, anywho. But I will do better about that. You're amazing, bro!

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