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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by BeginwiththeEnd, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. I'm not usually one to start a topic like this, but a recent event has made me thinnk about it. Well, anything that you would consider a "miracle" (ei. winning the jackpot, surviving a terrible experience) you could put here and explain if you want. I'll begin:

    A few days ago, the suspension on my family's car wasn't working that well, but we didn't think it was that big of a deal. When we dropped my brother off at his middle school, me and my mother continued to drive to my school. Something was on the road and made the suspension jump WAY too much, and my mom swerved the car trying to get back on the road. The car then flipped over several times, hitting me against the back seats and windows like a pinball. i couldn't hear or feel anything. I really thought i was gonna die. After the car stopped spinning, i screamed at my mother to see if she was alright. She seemed banged up, but she was able to talk. Fortunatly, a off-duty cop was behind us and helped us out of the wreck. they put us in an ambulance moments later and sent us to the hospital. Hours later, they came back with the tests, and by some miracle, we didn't brake any bones or had internal bleeding. Just cuts, bruises, and sprained muscles. Even right now, I still can't believe we are okay...
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  3. Well, I can say it's very fortunate indeed that you made it out of that wreck okay. God, I can't imagine how scary that must have been; I have never been in an form of a car accident. Which, by some standards, is a miracle in itself.


    At any rate, I have quite the interesting story, myself. My girlfriend, Gabby, is quite the amazing woman indeed; but what's even more amazing about her, is that I saw her in a dream more than five-years ago in Sixth Grade. In the dream, I couldn't help but notice a girl hiding behind a tree. I could make out no details of her initially, but she beckoned to me, and I felt compelled to start her way. As I got closer, I began to notice the details, and remember them vividly. Her hair was medium in length and a darker shade of brown, while her eyes were almost jade in color; her face was soft and innocent, but she had a look of "don't cross me, or you'll regret it." Her smile was moderate at best, and she was rather shy. She was slight when it came to curves, and she was skinny. I always had assumed it was my ex, as, at the time, I was still with said person. But, when I examined a picture of Gabby more closely, I noticed that the girl in the dream had shared every detail of Gabby's appearence.

    And on top of that, about two years ago, I came up with a character, Mira Torren (the female protagonist from my WIP Pokemon fan-fiction, Chaos Inferno). And Mira was based entirely off the girl in the dream. From the get-go, she had a Luxray and an Absol in her team. And get this, Gabby's fursona, Zypher, was a Luxray at first, then she switched it to an Absol.

    Even how I met Gabby was extremely by chance. I had posted a comment on another deviantart member's Magmortar drawing, and accidently made the mistake of calling said artist a guy. She corrected me, and I wholeheartedly apologized. She payed the mistake no heed, and said it happens often. Then, Gabby pops in and notices said comment (the one about me calling the artist a guy) and tests me to figure out her gender without checking her page. I guessed wrong. God, that was really awkward; ut, again, I was forgiven and, she added me to her watch after we conversed a bit. Sadly, her computer crapped out on her the next week, and stayed that way for another three. She managed to fix it in late Octoer, and she invited me as a Skype contact. So her and I shared many conversations via Skype for the next three weeks. Near the end, the conversations got more and more intimate. Then, on November 16th, 2010, she confessed she felt closer to me than any other person she'd een with in the past; a powerful kinship and affinity, as she put it. I had, honestly, started to feel the same way, so I made my move, and here we are.

    If any of that's not something miraculous; then does destiny count?
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    Wow... That sounded like it must've been terrifying, BeginwiththeEnd. O-O I'm glad you and your mom are okay.

    I've been meaning to reply to this thread, but I don't really have any great stories of my own. I do believe in miracles, even though I think some people mistake them for coincidences. There's a similar car crash-related story I can tell that didn't happen to me, but it happened to a friend of mine.

    This friend and three others were stupidly driving through mountainous roads on Vancouver Island at midnight. The visibility was poor, but they wanted to reach their destination that night. As they were driving a huge truck came around a sharp, blind corner and wasn't on the right side of the road, so they swerved to avoid a head-on collision. My friend said she remembers hearing the car hit gravel, but it wouldn't stop. The next part was a blur - she didn't know what was happening - and then suddenly they smashed into something. It was only then did she realize that they weren't right-side up anymore. She asked the others if they were okay and everyone responded, then they decided to get out of the car. They basically had to kick the car door open and fall out onto the ground. Only then did they realize that the car had gone over the cliff side and landed against a large tree truck, which was holding it up off the ground.

    They fell... I'd say 20 meters, and aside from a few cuts and scraps they were all okay. Apparently none of them could find their phones in the darkness to call for help, but luckily someone did make the call. When I heard the story I didn't believe her, but then I saw the pictures of the car against the tree. The morons are lucky to be alive, but now they've all got one helluva story to tell. XP
  5. Well, thanks for the sympathy people, me and my mom are recovering fine. :) I guess I should mention one more miracle.

    A few months ago, I went to North Carolina for a skiing trip and met this girl around the mountain-hotel we were staying at. She told me her name was Chisamoto and she was from Japan visiting family. She didn't speak much english, but she knew enough to communicate. I told her I was there on vacation from Florida. We conversed with each other for the next two weeks until I had to leave. She wanted my phone number so we can talk more. We started talking more for the next 2 months.

    Then, in probably the biggest coincidence ever, she called me a week later saying she was moving to America becuase of her Dad's business. I asked her where she was moving. She said Jacksonville, FL. 30 minutes away from where I lived. As of December 2009, we've been going out. Also she's tried teaching me Japanese. ;D
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  6. "I have now lived a hundred and nine winters in this world and have never yet met any such thing as Luck."

    The Horse and his Boy, C.S. Lewis

    I think that how we perceive things very unlikely to happen that are beneficial to us can be miracles - if we use them to improve our lives or become a better person. Those are what I'd say are miracles - good, unlikely things that help improve us as people.
  7. Part of Christianity is a belief in miracles in some form. Well, in my opinion, 'miracles' are simply a combination of luck and science, and due to the lack of scientific understanding in Biblical times, it looked to be magic. However, I do believe that my lack of serious injury in my car crash was quite nice. I was three, and we (my mom and I) were moving some of my aunt's things to her new apartment. My mom somehow managed to drive under a truck. I got a few cuts and bruises, while my mom got glass imbedded in her. Fun. It was incredibly lucky I had my aunt's stuff as padding. :p

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