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Open Miniature Pokemon Adventures

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by WolfyPop, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. You are a Pokemon that has been miniature-ised (is that even a word?) And you have to survive among the other pokemon. Here are the rules:

    1. No godmodding
    2.Romance is allowed.
    3. No gore.
    4.Paragraph long posts (not including conversations).
    5. Only one character per person.

    (Put cookies in Other to show you have read the rules.)



    Now, to the rp!

    Name: Galaxy
    Gender: Female
    Species: Delcatty
    Accessories: None
    Other: Cookies

    Galaxy opened her eyes to see HUGE trees and pokemon. "What the?!" She growled. "Why is everythi- I'M TINY!!!" She realized, running around, she didn't know what to do.
  2. Name: Sunrise
    Gender: Female
    Species: Ninetales
    Accessories: Shiny Bracelet on front right leg
    Other: Cookies

    Sunrise was leaving her room when she realised she forgot her shiny bracelet she ran back to her bed which was unusally big, when she did eventually get on her bed she walked over to her bracelet then she realised it was massive she then realised she was tiny she jump surprised and fell out the window of her family tree house......
  3. Galaxy saw something above her then, before she could move, it landed on her. She got knocked out.
  4. Might as well restart this RP.

    Name: Hana
    Gender: female
    Species: Chikorita
    Accessories: a journal
    Other: Chocolate Chip Cookies (lel)

    Hana was resting in the tall grass when she heard a thud. She awoke to see the tree she slept by was suddenly super-sized. She walked around the tree to that there was Delcatty, seemingly unconscious, and a Ninetales watching the Delcatty, unaware of what to do. "What's going on?" Hana asked.
    "I landed on this Delcatty," She responded. "I think we're all tiny."
  5. Name: Kogoro
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dragonite
    Accessories: He wears around an orange scarf around his neck, though this is now essentially a giant blanket since he is baby sized now.
    Other: Cookies (He had used to be a detective earlier in his life before he had succumbed to the miniaturization.)

    Kogoro sat down behind a bush, eating a bluish berry, as he peeked over and noticed that everything looked unusually big around him. He rapidly blinked, while rubbing his antennae, as he sighed and whispered to himself, "Okay is it just me, or is everything like super big here... I must be dreaming or something, because this is just awkward right now!"

    He flew up in a rather slow motion, as he saw the fallen tree, and a Pokémon that had appeared to be a cat, was underneath it. He attempted to process what he just saw, as the tree was also gigantic! He quickly looked over at the unconscious Pokémon, while attempting to move the tree away from her. He had a rather hard time, not realizing that his strength was like an ant, due to his significantly reduced size.

    He sighed, knowing that his strength proved to be outmatched by the enormous tree. He sat down next to the unconscious Delcatty, while attempting to come up with a way to move the tree, as he thought, "Hmm, well... if physical strength can't get it out, how about with some attacks then? Maybe I should take a little break since I'm all tired..." He grabbed his rather huge scarf that was behind him, as he neatly folded it on his tiny lap, while he took rather huge breaths.
  6. Name: Ben
    Gender: Male
    Species: Joltik
    Accessories: N/A
    Other: Cookies (Loves to prank people, mostly things larger then him.)

    Ben awoke in the grass, at first nothing seemed strange, everything was big, just like normal. When he woke up more and saw clearly, he realized he was smaller than he used to be. The normal height tall grass was Towering over him. "What?" Ben said. "Must have shrunk or something. I can prank more people at this small size! They won't even notice me!" Ben climbed the grass and saw a sleeping Dragonite, smaller then normal size. "First victim of the day!" He said when approaching the sleeping dragon. He climbed onto of him and shocked him.
  7. Name: Akrohn
    Gender: Male
    Species: Lairon
    Accessories: Scar running down his right eye
    Other: Cookies

    Akrohn woke with a start to see a giant mushroom looming over him. He scrambled to a standing position and looked around. "Where am I?" he thought aloud, baffled. "Is this normal?" He then noticed an array of tall blades of grass and finally understood. He must have been shrunk somewhere and brought back. Hopefully other Pokemon had suffered the same fate. That was when he noticed a Delcatty, Ninetales, and Chikorita all looking around, wide-eyed. "Hey!" Akrohn called. "Did you guys shrink too?"
  8. The Chikorita was first to respond.
    "Yep. We've all shrunk," replied Hana. Hana was still having a bit of a hard time taking in the size of everything, despite the calmness of her voice. They suddenly heard the sound of electricity in the distance. "Wonder what that was? Oh and my name's Hana. What's yours?" Hana asked the Lairon.
  9. Kogoro felt the shock, as he immediately screamed and babbled, as he couldn't tolerate the intense voltage that surged throughout his body! He immediately fell to the ground in a matter of mere seconds, as both his antennae and tail drooped towards the ground. His body had been paralyzed, rendering him unable to move, as he couldn't seem to even sense the lush environment around him. He lied there, motionless, as he couldn't seem to do much after.
  10. Name:Luke
    Species: Lucario
    Accessories: a black scarf that now is too big
    Others: Mint chocolate chip cookie
    Luke came out of his scarf that has now been super sized or he just shrunk. "Woah everything is giant now. I probably shrunk." He ran over to voices he heard. The group of pokemon were the only things his size. "Hey do any of you know what happened?"
  11. Hana looked over to see yet another Pokemon that has shrunk. This time a Lucario. "As I was telling, Akrohn here, we have all shrunk," They now heard a yell, coming from the place they heard the shock. Hana, now looking toward the direction of the sounds, added," We don't have clue how or why we shrunk, we just did." Hana got up and started walking toward where the yell came from. "I want to find out who screamed like that. Want to join?" Hana looked at the surrounding group of Pokemon. A Delcatty (now awake), Ninetales, Lairon, and now Lucario. This was certainly going to be a quest, a mini one at that.
  12. "Ok sure. My name is Luke nice to meet you. I wonder who that scream came from. Probably the results of an electric type pokemon." Luke was wondering who everyone else was. He walked in the direction of the scream as well.
  13. Kogoro was knocked out, as he couldn't seem to do much in his fainted state. He lied there unconsciously, while his tiny body lied on part of his rather large, orange scarf beneath him. He continued to breathe, though it was only rapid tiny breaths, as his body looked rather pale. His antennae slightly wiggled along with the gentle breeze that he was oblivious to, as he continued to lie on his scarf, now in a very critical condition.
  14. (According to Post #11, a ghost made Galaxy wake up. Excuse me, @That Clefairy, but you seem to be controlling my character, don't.)

    Galaxy woke up to see a bunch of other pokemon. "Geez... well, I better find my friends...." She growled, beginning to walk away from the group.

    Flashing in the sky, dang it. Rain started to pour all over Galaxy, quickly, she darted into a small hole and covered herself with a leaf. "Woo... its cold..."
  15. "Yeah! I got that Pokemon good!" Ben said. "wait. He is not moving." He then looked at the Dragonite's wings. "Oh its a flying type!" Ben realized. "well, flying types do eat bug types." Ben said wrapping Kogoro in silk. "A Joltik has to eat something!" The Joltik said looking for the best part to eat, and absorb the static.
  16. Kogoro had quickly snapped from his fainted state, noticing the silk that he had been wrapped in, as he sneezed a huge dragon rage! Draconic energy scattered out of his mouth, as he quickly broke free of the silk and shouted in a rage! His eyes were a menacing red now, as he roared out while his antennae shook, "WHO DARES TRY TO DO THIS TO ME?! SHOW YOURSELF YOU COWARD!" He attempted to break free from the paralysis, as his body was still weak from being shocked at a pressure point. He clenched his hands into fists, as he growled out in anger, while his roars could be heard within a large distance.
  17. Ben was right next to him, scared from what just happened. "OK. How can I stop him from getting more angry, and get some food?" Ben asked himself. He came up with the perfect plan. "STRING SHOT!" Ben yelled whilst tying Kogoro again. He went around and around until it was very tight. He then used Sticky Web to slow him down. "Now be quiet while I shock you again!" The Joltik said climbing the Dragon, powering up another Electric Attack.
  18. Kogoro quickly gathered his energy to break free from the extremely tight string that was around him, as he had an apoplectic look on his face. He roared at the Joltic that was on him, as the leaves on some of the trees nearby shook in terror! He had enough of the Joltic, as he quickly flied over to the pond nearby while his wings weakly moved with the breeze.

    He quickly jumped into the pond, knowing that most bug type Pokémon wouldn't do well in the water, as he knew that he could easily live in it alone. He smiled while he quickly attempted to use roost, as his body landed near some rocks on the seafloor, as he took a short rest to recover his energy. He brushed his body quickly in case if the Joltic was still on him, as he snickered while letting his wings fold in and rest with his tired, and slightly paralyzed body. He knew that he would have to rest for some time, since the sticky web took a great toll on his speed.
  19. Luke chased the two pokemon too the pond. "Come on guys we need to follow them!" The Lucario eventually caught up to the pokemon and didn't know what the dragonite was attempting. Luke waited for something else to happen before he acted.
  20. Ben walked up to the water. "Oh yeah because bugs drown it water." Ben Said. Ben laughed. "What about electric?" Ben asked. Ben then powered up a powerful Thunderbolt and hit the pond, flooding the pond with electricity. The rain helped power the electric attack, and the droplets spread the electric to make it a cloud of electric power.
  21. Kogoro quickly flied up off of the pond, knowing that his resistance and susceptibility to electric type attacks were canceled out. He looked extremely weak while maniacally insane, as he roared out to the tiny Joltic that had shocked the pond with the thunderbolt! He knew that he had to flee the area quickly, as he gathered in his last bit of energy while he cried out and flied highly upward in an almost invisible speed! He thought to himself while he was up high at the trees, panicking for his life, "Must get away... electric bug trying to kill me... must find place to hide! Must fight or run.... fight or r- r- run....."

    His insanity started to take control of his body, as he quickly flew around the trees. He had impulsively let out a dragon rage near the Joltic and Lucario, as the draconic energy exploded near them! He didn't seem to realize that his dragon rage had been out of control, since he could not focus it into one big ball. He didn't seem to be himself anymore, as his arms and antennae twitched while he flailed his right leg. He had a rather crazed look on his face, as his mouth started to foam while his eyes rapidly darted around the area.
  22. Ben looked where the Dragon Rage hit. "I will just go eat some berrys today I guess." Ben said whilst backing away slowly, then breaking out into a run towards to the trees. The Joltik then started eating some a berry. "That escalated quickly." Ben said, breathing heavily.
  23. @WolfyPop sorry 'bout that. I won't do it again. I Promise

    Hana caught up to Luke. A drop of rain suddenly drenched Hana. "Great," Hana moaned. She saw the tail of a dragonite right before it zoomed off. Hana was about to drink from the pond, but she then noticed the sparks of electricity in it. She looked around as she saw a small yellow shape rustle in the very tall grass and up a berry bush. "Hey, maybe that's a pokemon. Let's check it out." Hana looked at the Lucario and urged him to come along. Wonder why the dragonite left, Hana wondered.
  24. Kogoro quickly flied overhead of the trees, noticing a berry being munched by something. He seemed to have lost the Joltic that had been chasing him down. He quickly sneezed out another dragon rage that went towards the berry, as it exploded midair! He felt extremely sick from his paralysis, knowing that his body was in critical condition. He couldn't keep up with flying anymore, as his body started to slowly go down towards the ground.

    He quietly landed near the pond while he got the last of the sticky web off of his body. He quickly used roost when he was hidden in the bush, as his body curled up. His wings folded back, while his antennae drooped, as he quietly cried from the stinging pain that surged throughout his body.
  25. The attack just grazed Luke's shoulder. Blood was pouring out of the wound. "Crap." Luke looked at the joltik eating a berry. "Hmm let's see." He grabbed some leaves and cut them into tiny pieces to cover up the wound. "Be there in a bit."
  26. "Okay," Hana replied. She started off to the berry bush. She remained oblivious to the fact that the dragonite went back into the pond. She saw the Pokemon a little better, and noticed that it was a Joltik. "Did you make that Dragonite scream?" she asked. She would surprised if it were able to use such a shock.
  27. Luke walked over to the pond. "Ok so why happened here?" Luke saw a joltik in the pond. "Never mind I already know what happened." He was covering his wound which was already starting to heal.
  28. Name: Sarah
    Gender: Female
    Species: Treecko
    Accessories: Sceptilite
    Other: Cookies

    "AHHHHH!!!" The Treecko screamed from high above the clouds. "HOW DID I GET UP HERE?!" "Wait, WHAT!? WHY ARE THE CLOUDS SO GIANT!?" The Treecko zoomed past the clouds. He held on to his Sceptilite. He saw the ground. She aimed toward water but missed terribly. He fainted instantly.
    #28 Treecko101, Nov 29, 2016
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2016
  29. Kogoro quickly went out of the bush after he heard the Chikorita talk to the Joltic, as he quickly stomped over to them while he had an enraged look on his face. His eight inch body didn't seem to look too threatening, combined with his rather cute appearance. He went to the Chikorita and said in a stern tone while he braced for the possible laughter that would result from his babish voice, "Where is tiny bug? Yellow, and guy that shocks water and me! If find him, me beat up him!"

    Unfortunately, his communication was not exactly the best when it came to his insanity. He attempted to continue talking to the Chikorita, as only quick, incomprehensible babbled came from his slightly foaming mouth. He quietly sneezed another slight dragon rage in the air, while he attempted to get himself together. He nervously stood next to the Chikorita while sweat rushed down his body.
  30. Hana jumped. She turned to see the dragonite watching over her. She tried to understand the gibberish the dragonite said. "Uhh..." Hana didn't know what to say. She looked over at Luke with a look of plead on her face. "Are you okay?" she asked the dragonite. She wasn't sure if she would get an audible response.
  31. "So, I did not shock him." Ben said. "I am a small bug type, and I can not do that much damage. Yes. It was a lightning bolt from the sky!" Ben explained. "It made him scream and go into the pond. I just got here!" Ben said. Ben wondered when other Pokemon will notice they shrunk. The Joltik did not care, he was barley visible to the normal sized Pokemon eye due to already being small before shrinking. So if one did come and marveled on the shrunk Pokemon, did experiments, or just talk to them, Ben could make an easy escape.
  32. "Ugh. Where's my Sceptilite?" Her eyes were still closed. She felt her neck. She realized her Sceptilite was not there. She opened her eyes and learned she was floating in the ocean she was trying to land in. She opened her eyes quickly. She swam down. Just as she ran out of breath, her hand was close enough to grab the Sceptilite. She began floating up and she extended the claw on her hand to grab the Sceptilite. She managed to grab it.

    She was now at the surface again. She put her neckalace on, and she swam toward the ground. Once she was on the ground, She realized she was at her home and the ocean was her favorite river. "So it looks like im tiny.".
  33. Kogoro had an inflamed look on his face, as he roared off at the Joltic and went into a tantrum! He stomped around and screamed like a baby, as he screamed to the Chikorita while he glared at the miniscule Joltic, "HE IS LYING! HE DID SHOCK ME, NOT THAT STUPID WEATHER! HE IS STUPID LIAR AND HE SHALL PAY! HE TRIED TO KILL ME HERE, AND EVEN TIE ME IN STRING!" He quickly prepared to use a powerful attack on the Joltic, as his hands brightly glew! He roared off at the Joltic again, while his tail rose with his antennae, as his eyes were now a scarlet red.
  34. Akrohn quickly dashed to where the Dragonite was fuming. Jumping in front of him, he comforted him. Or, at least he tried to. "Okay, okay. That Joltik shock you. Big whoop. It's not like you were gonna die. Besides, we have bigger matters at hand, like how we're ever gonna get back to our original size. Ever thought about that?"
  35. Ben was in sweat. He was ratted out by a Dragonite of all things! "He is crazy!" Ben yelled very loudly. Ben was ready to get out of there if his lie was detected by the other Pokemon. "Do you not see the red in his eyes? He is just crazy and a psycho!" The Joltik announced. He began to think of ways to get bigger. So he can crush Pokemon with powerful Thunderbolts!
  36. "Really?" Akrohn demanded, turning to face the defiant Joltik. "Who was it that shocked him first to try and feed on his static electricity? Hmm? And tell me, did it ever occur to you that that Dragonite just might be ticked that someone zapped him? Please, at least think before you call someone psycho."
  37. "I did not shock him. The lightning did!" Ben knew the lie was slipping very fast. He was even more prepared to run out on this Pokemon and try to get static later.
  38. "Which lightning?" Akrohn asked roughly, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Enlighten me if you may, as my arrival may have been of late." He padded over to a pond. "Is this where?"
  39. The rain continued to fall. "Well you see he was struck by lightning from the air when trying to chase me." Ben said. "So he wants to blame me." Ben sweat 10x more.
  40. Kogoro stomped on the ground and roared at the Joltic trying to lie his way out, as he screamed, "STOP LYING, JUST ADMIT IT YOU LITTLE BUGSY, OR ELSE I'M GOING TO HAVE SOME FUN WATCHING YOU SCREAM!" He immediately pounded the ground, as faint cracks emerged from the extreme, brute force that came from his hands and claws.

    He was done with the Joltic, as he shouted in a very loud roar while his threatening red eyes shined at him, "I WILL CHASE YOU, HUNT YOU DOWN UNTIL YOU CAN'T RUN ANYMORE! YOU HAVE ONE CHANCE PAL, SO DON'T EVEN TRY ME!" Trees slightly shook from the roar, while some leaves fell around them, as he pounded the ground again!

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