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Minezumi's Spritework :D [Read First Post] Taking Requests!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Minezumi, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Here you can request Sprites by me

    I'm only an Ameture, so don't ask for those crazy all 493 pokemon sprites because I will refuse them,
    I will accept no more than 5 sprites at each time.
    Please be patient for your sprite to come, as my life does not revolve around this site, and it may take a day for your request to be forfilled*
    I also do recolor's of trainers, so ask if you want one done
    Please, if you are going to request a sprite of me, please comment on my work first. :D

    I have a couple of my most decent ones :D


    And yes, they have white backgrounds because i don't have CS3 anymore, so i can't make a transparent bg :(

  2. Re: Minezumi's Spritework :D [Read First Post]

    You're so good, I can't even sprite as good as you can!
  3. Ked


    Re: Minezumi's Spritework :D [Read First Post]

    Your sprites are very good, considering you are an ameture. Your sprites would be much better if you used one Pokemon's color pallette, like you did on Dialga. I like your sprites, and when you get a little more practice they will be awesome! ;D
    Anyway, can I have a Totodile Pikachu fusion please, Pikachu's colors? Remember my advice and you'll be an awesome spriter. ;)
    #3 Ked, Aug 12, 2010
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  4. Re: Minezumi's Spritework :D [Read First Post]

    The flaming Dialga is pretty cool in my opinion, but the rest looks a bit messy.

    Your grass PokeMon look like someone put the pictures of the grass starters in a blender and turned it on, really. Some parts aren't connected well, like the final grass evo's legs and the proportions are wrong. There are huge bites and white squares that make it even more messy. If you would work on improving the proportions and connections, and use different colour palettes to make it look like a single PokeMon, the sprites would be better.

    I'm not trying to make you feel bad or anything, just saying that the sprites need some work. You might grow into a good spriter with some more refining.
  5. Re: Minezumi's Spritework :D [Read First Post]

    Yeah Iagree with the Grass thing haha.. and i'm still only trying this out for the first time... and need a lot of work for them to become absolutely perfect lol.. but not everyones perfect.. so yeah

    and Kedpeanut.. Yours is here.


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