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Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Sir Red, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

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    EDIT by Teapot:

    So we have a proper, permanent Minecraft server now. It's sweet as.

    The server IP is in the topic of the #minecraft channel - open up Chat and type /join #minecraft. Looking in the topic will give you the IP. Alternately, query or PM me (Teapot), and I'll be glad to share.. It isn't currently restricted in any form, but it's only 8 slots at present. Be nice.


    So I bought Minecraft yesterday and started to play it...and failed miserably the first night. :x Then after watching a video tutorial and learning the basics I have since improved (although I am still in the humble early stages, seeing as I only played for a few hours T-T).

    I'm wondering if anyone else plays Minecraft on Charms, and if they'd be up for playing on a server that I may or may not have made last night at three in the morning. >>;;

  2. I'm buying it next month when I have some money. I found some videos about it on youtube, and I'm already addicted. ^^ I'm really looking forward to playing on some multiplayer servers. This might sound stupid, but just watching my friend play single player the other night scared the crap out of me. xP
  3. I've recently bought Minecraft, but I've been watching YouTube videos for weeks, and there's always MinePedia. It's basically all you need to be good at Minecraft ^^ (Apart from some creativity, but everyone is creative in their own way.)

    In my opinion, Minecraft is an awesome game. It's a fun 3D platform game; You get to fight monsters with weapons, explore caves, as well as building pretty much anything you an imagine. I'm playing beta now, but I can't wait to see the complete game <33

    Also, this server of yours sounds very interesting. Could you tell us a little about it?
  4. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

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    Well, I just started it (and haven't played since checking to see if it works :x) so it's beyond humble at the moment. XD However, I mainly wanted to see if I could host one from my computer (and I can) and thought it would be cool if enough people on Charms played we could make a little community/destroy-the-wilderness-and-build-things-that-are-an-affront-to-God. :'D

    So yeah, if people are interested I can start to build up a dwelling there by the spawn point and horde materials so that when people come on they won't have to be dropped into the unforgiving wilderness. :p

    Also, my character skin is totally Batman. |D
  5. i actually heard about Minecraft about a month ago from some friends on another forum. I've only made an attempt to actually play it once or twice, cause it lags my computer a lot.

    I mostly use it to make 8-bit sprites out of the blocks and stuff. X3
  6. I like this idea, Red. Basically, we'll start off with a regular, new server and we'll start building and hoarding and mining and crafting and farming and... Stuff?

    We should totally recreate PokeCharms Island. |:

    Seriously, we should. xD

    When the server is up, could you give us the IP? It might be a cool idea to start up a PokeCharms Minecraft organization on the Minecraft Forums, too, for more popularity.

    (My character skin will probably be some kind of awesome cyborg or robot. |D)
  7. Stark

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    My first thought is this: If your server does work Red, don't post the IP in here - get people to PM for it, don't make it massively public. If its from your pc and isn't dedicated, it probably won't handle -so- many people.

    Anyways, I love this game and it is actually the scariest game known to mankind, for srs. I'll get some pictures up of what me and my sister have made, but we're currently making a big pirate ship in a bay we've found - having put a big lighthouse on one of the cliffs, all stripey with glowstone on the top ^^
  8. LoN's right, I hadn't thought about that. It wouldn't exactly be a good thing if the server was filled up so quickly.

    Also, LoN, the bay sounds epic xD
  9. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

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    Yeah, that's totally what I was planning to do (the PM IP thing, that is). Plus, if needed, I could always just use a whitelist too. :x

    But yeah, this weekend at some point I'll play some more on the server and build a humble abode by the spawn point and set up a little Charms Village so that when ya'll come on out it's not simply "scavenge, bitches! D:<".

    Also, the fact that LoN is an epic building just makes me super excited. :>
  10. Minecraft is the most original games of the past decade! I don't care if each texture is only 16x16 pixels; it's all part of its charm.

    Anyway, if you make a server I will definitely join, though I would be spending more time on my other server. We would also need people working on essential projects like a spleef arena, an information board, a tower to look over everything and railway tracks. I am a pretty good (epic) builder myself and would love to op the server if you're accepting ops. If you want proof of my awesome building skills I'll post up some pics of my buildings including a giant mudkip.

    The 'Charms server is going to be great!
  11. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

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    Op? Yeah, sure~ And that's the kind of focused attitude that we need here in this new settlement. Welcome aboard, Youngster. [|:3 (<---top-hatted, mustache gentlemen face >>;; )

    And if you guys want to post pictures of your most epic creations in here, I say go for it. It will be a cool way to show off your skills and possibly inspire others.

    Also, Survival mode I apparently built a door in the mountain I've tunneled throughout right on an animal spawn point, because I keep finding freaking pigs and chickens in my God damn tunnel system! D:<

    Edit: One thing that I'm worried about with me hosting the server on my computer is that I wouldn't be able to run it 24/7 (or even close to that :x), so people wouldn't be able to build on it whenever they like... :T
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I myself don't play Minecraft but a friend at my shcool is making a playthrough on Youtube witch got me to thinking about buying it.
  13. To be honest, I've bought Minecraft only a week or something ago, and since I can only play it at my Dad's, I've been playing for only two days. Therefore, I don't have any 'epic' structures, and I have no training in them either, apart from YouTube. I am going to attempt to build a large watchtower and castle, though, so I'll put up some pics when they're finished.

    On a random note;



    Anyways yes, I do play Minecraft - I think I as one of the first Charmsians to do so along with Jenova, and I'm pretty experienced at it now. Problem is, I barely build anything, just mine for stuff and be like:

    "Yesss! Gold! I'll just put that in the furnnace.... and never use it again |3"

    But every now and then I do make things, so I'll be sure to post the images here.

    Onto the subject of a Pokecharms Minecraft Server. I'm all for this idea, and would be happy to join Toastie as an op (if you're willing to do so of course). First thing we need to do on the server though is make the Pokecharms logo with dyed wool 8D

    But yeah, I'll catch you later guysSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-
  15. OH SHI-

    The dyed wool sounds like a good idea, Toru. It should be directly in front of the spawn point, as a way of welcoming people. xD

    And I volunteer for OP as well, if you feel like it, of course~
  16. Stark

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    I'm pretty sure I'm also up there, as I've had it since probably Hallowe'en or so.

    And if its Red's server, I'd say its Red's vote for who gets an op and who gets whatever. Either that or you just hand it out to everyone with a brain, that makes sense?

    I was just gonna get on my own server and get some screenshots of my lighthouse and ship, but I can't even start it up at the moment o.o'
  17. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

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    I'll probably end up dolling out Op-ness to most people who are there to help from the beginning, but try not to abuse the power that much. :p (I probably will at first, but that's just to get things going |D)

    @Toru: That's actually totally awesome, if people really wanted to they could even have specific "jobs" in the "community". Such as people that prefer mining can mine for the greater good. (Utilitarianism FTW! :'D)

    Also, I totally wanna build a massive minecart system with train stops and whatnot. XP
  18. I agree, that sounds really clever. I'm not sure what my specialty is; I guess I'm more of an all-rounder. And yes, The PokeCharms Express? Awesome xDD

    We should also figure out voice chatting, for extra fun~
  19. Specific jobs sounds very nice Red. I think my strengths lie in mining (which essentially doubles as resource gathering to an extent) and building.

    @Dark Soul: Chatting on a server is pretty easy if everyone adds each other on Skype, and makes a large voice chat, btw.
  20. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

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    Server update time!~

    I did some work on the server and have built a little "Welcome Center" right near the Spawn Point. Simply one floor building with a basement to a natural cavern that I enclosed that leads to a small cave with some coal in it. In the place there is a fireplace and chests (with some items), a workbench and stove. Plus, got a moat going on. >: O

    I'm start sending out the IP to you lovely folks, but I'm not going to be around tonight and a good portion of tomorrow so we will sadly have to wait to do that so that I can actually run the server for everyone. :p
  21. Stark

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    [me=LoN]launches over 9000 questions for Red.[/me]

    How much have you tested the connectivity of this server, Red? Has it just been you running the server program on your PC or have you tried getting more people on yet? Do you have another thing dedicated to running it like how Petey has his? And would it be up all the time, or just when you're at your PC? Will this server be a creative style server where we have no mobs and just build, or a survival kind? If so, would there be hostile mobs - and are you aware that there are -tonnes- more of the hostiles in multiplayer?

    And finally - If its sorted, can you send the IP my way when you're ready to do so? :)
  22. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

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    I have yet to test it, but I can probably do some of that at some point today.

    Thus far, on my PC only.

    I would certainly like to, but I'm not the most "tech savvy" person out there. :x

    This is probably what worries me the most at the moment. I would love to be able to have it up 24/7 (even if that means that somebody else who can do this where to host it), but I'm just not sure if I'd be capable of doing it at the moment of my own accord...unless somebody knows of a way? :V

    Well currently I have animals on, but as for the monster mobs...we can discuss that as a group, I suppose. :3

    [me=Sir Red]PM's LoN about stuffs and whatnot~ |D[/me]
  23. Secad MS

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    I started playing the free version on the internet last night. Needless to say, I have far to go. I haven't even mastered moving yet. :p
  24. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

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    Just throwing a heads up to regulars of 'Charms that we now have a semi-official (and always-on) Minecraft server. To keep it relatively free from griefers, I'm not going to give out the IP in public - but anyone is welcome to join, just PM me asking for it. The IP is also in #minecraft on SystemNET, which you can get to just by typing:
    /join #minecraft
    into chat.

    Also remember I run this server from my connection, so it may not be 100% stable all of the time - although we haven't had any problems so far, touch wood. Now faster, stronger, and easier to wear! Thanks to Fuman for hosting the server - see a few posts down.
  25. I've found out that my Minecraft on this laptop lags a load less with simple video options, and I've been able to check out the PokeCharms server partially. Data, you have a beautiful view from your balcony :p

    The Thing Fuman Is Building is actually already really epic. And the three signs near Rex's house actually made me laugh out loud xD

    I'm planning on making my own house near this little town, if that's OK?
  26. its only about 25% finished.
  27. Stark

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    My sister and I made this on our server a month ago or so :) I said I'd get a picture eventually. This is pre-pirate ship, as well. Its in the back behind my good man Horatio there.

    Still trying to sort out my Minecraft, its annoying. Might have to get sniping some issues with Peter or someone soon.
  28. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    ... =o

    Obviously I need to watch some videos and read up on what this game actually is, because I currently have no idea whatsoever what it's about or how it's played. I just keep seeing people throw the name around. XD
  29. Stark

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    Katie - you spawn as a player, like you see in my screenshot, in a world. Nothing artificial, all natural landscape with mountains/deserts/beaches/forests, biomes randomly disperse themselves.

    -EVERYTHING- in the world is destructible (and cube shaped :D). You have grass, trees, sand, rock, lava, water, snow, ice - basic terrain blocks; with more involved blocks like pumpkins, flowers, cacti, and ores like iron, coal, diamond, lapis lazuli, and such like.

    There are mobs as well - pigs, chickens, cows and stuff which you can kill for meat or feathers and stuff, to craft items like arrows, armour or food. You can also play on a difficulty other than "Peaceful", so when night falls you get enemy mobs like zombies and skeletons and spiders and creepers (exploding horrible thingssssssss- *BOOM*) which come to kill you.

    Its super fun :D Plenty of Let's Play's on youtube, or you can just be a real gamer and come join in ;)

    Think I fixed mine as well, so I'll be around ASAP.
  30. Server News
    The server is now Fuman hosted!

    I took over the server, because it seems that my connection is more stable and offers more bandwidth than Data's.

    The server has been backed up 100%, so no one lost any progress on our Pokecharms server.
    You can find the new IP in the irc channel as always.

    Please test it and report any special things you might notice. Disconnects, lag, unlimited pig spawns ect.

    Thats about it. Have fun Minan and Craftan!
  31. I've made myself an Account, but I am still yet to actually convince my dad to let me download the game.

    I want it so badlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...
  32. I actually heard about Minecraft from some friends. I haven't played this yet. Gotta check it out and see if this will suit my taste. :D
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  34. Alright sexy people, I updated the server to 1.5 .

    There's weather, achievements/statistics and new rails.
    The rails are probably the most useful thing introduced.
  35. Right, my lighttower is really taking shape. It's about the same height as Fuman's floating island and Thing- Which, I hope, is OK?- And now I just have to assemble the glass top and collect loads of lava from my mine. I'm planning on building a port once it is done, because what's a lighttower's use without a port?

    On a random note, I have found a shitload of redstone in my mine, and I currently have no use for it. If anyone wants to mine it, leave a sign with your name on it on the ground floor of my tower, inside. Kay?
  36. Hmm. No I dont need any Redstone.
    But I need loads of gold and iron!

    And if you want to make a port, we gotta talk about the position. I already have some plans for some places around my air castle, and Rex's bridge is already cutting into a planned place.

    Also, if anyone needs something, feel free to check my treasure chamber.
    You can basically take anything that I have in large amounts. Leave an IOU sign if you do so.

    Another thing: my skycastle thing isnt safe at night anymore. I have to increase security. but if you end up up there, go into the treasure chamber. its basically safe.
  37. Why yes, I recently "bought" Minecraft, and am happily prancing around with three dyed wools and sugar. Much sugar.me gusta >>

    Anyway, I've decided to sit down and watch the tutorials for it, seeing as wool isn't doing much so far :/.

    And once I get home to a more favourable connection, I may try my hand at the server (If it allows me that is >>)
  38. I just started on the 'Crarms server and built myself a nice little wooden house. I have to say you guyz put a lot of work into it. IT'S AWESOME!
  39. My Dad says depending on how well I go with Assignments and Schoolwork and all that crap, I might be able to get Minecraft either during the school term or at the end.

    Here's to hoping!

    (I also see that Fumanshu can create a watch and a compass with all that redstone and Gold/Iron ingots.)

    ON ANOTHER NOTE: While looking through some Minecraft skins, I happened upon a Blaziken skin. (When I get Minecraft guess what I'm looking like nyurhurhur.)

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