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Ask to Join Minecraft Story Mode: Glowing Shadows

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Cloudswift, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. (OOC and sign-ups in the discussion over here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/possible-minecraft-story-mode-rp.15046/)
    Jesse was waiting in the Order of the Stone's headquarters. Standing by his side were two of his teammates and best friends, Axel and Olivia. He knew that even once everybody that he had told had arrived, they would still be one short; It had been a week since Ivor had run off into the Portal Network, and they hadn't seen him since. That was the reason that he had sent the message to his other teammates and fellow members of the Order. He had told them to come prepared for anything. Jesse himself was carrying his diamond sword and pick. His reliable blue armor was ready to take some hits if proved necessary.
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  2. (Sorry about my grammar, not sure what to say ^^')
    Katelyn ran in with a bow and arrow and dressed in diamond armor to prevent injuries on herself. She checked her inventory if she has all materials for the journey, "So what's this all about? Some kind of rescue mission for Ivor or something like that?" She asked as she went in the headquarters.
  3. Jesse looked at the girl curiously. She wasn't a part of the Order of the Stone. "Um...Who are you?" He asked. There wasn't any hostility in his voice, just curiosity. Axel stepped up, evidently trying to intimidate her.
    "And how did you know about Ivor," He asked. Olivia sighed annoyedly and stepped in front of Axel.
    "Sorry about him," She apologized. "He's a little quick to jump into fights."
  4. "It's okay, I'm Katelyn anyways, and I was wondering, what is with this Ivor, portal network, and whatnot?" Katelyn replied to the three.
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  5. "Ivor just wanted "Adventure." We thought we would just give it to him." Jesse said to Katelyn.
  6. Just then, Petra entered the base. "Hey Jesse, Olivia, Axel, random person I don't know," She said. "I got a little busy."
    "Hi, Petra," Olivia said.
    "'Sup," Axel greeted her with a wave.
  7. "Hey Petra. This is "Katelyn"" Jesse said to Petra. Jesse stood up. "Katelyn, meet Petra. She can be rough at times. speaking of that, Petra, go easy on her." Jesse said to Both Katelyn and Petra.
  8. Petra narrowed her eyes. "So long as she doesn't go back on us, I'm fine," She said. "So we're just waiting on Lukas?" She asked. She wondered what was holding him up. "Should I go find him or something?"
  9. "Maybe you should not..." Katelyn replied to Petra,"Unless he's lost like this guy named Ivor who went to this... Um... Portal Network or whatever it's called..."
  10. Lukas came running, "Hold on!" He called, "Im here!" He got to the group, breathing hard. "Sorry, I just had something I needed to take care of. Um, where's Ivor?"
  11. "So you must be Lukas right? If so then I'm pretty sure he went into this thing called... Um... Yeah, the Portal Network!" Replied Katelyn to Lukas,"By the way I'm Katelyn if you're asking."
  12. Petra nodded, confirming what Katelyn said. "Remember, it's been about a week since we last saw him?" She tried to jog his memory or something like that. Then she turned to Jesse. "So, I take it we're gonna go back and try to figure out where he went?" Petra asked.
    "Yeah, and I'll mess up anyone that tries to do anything," Axel put in. Olivia rolled her eyes.
    "Honestly," She muttered.
  13. "Yeah, I am. Nice to meet you.". "Yeah I think so..." he chuckled at Axels comment. "Well then, is everyone ready?"
  14. (OOC: @Cutepikachu343 You're gonna need to reply as fast as you can to lead everyone[Especially @Kat~Raichu's character XD] to the Portal Network.)
    Petra rubbed her hands together in anticipation. "I definitely am!" She said. Confidence and excitement rang out in her voice.
    "Yeah," Olivia nodded. She was prepared for the worst. Dispensers and arrows were in her inventory, as well as an iron sword for a last resort.
    Axel was bouncing around, unable to contain his enthusiasm. "Heck yeah!" He said. Axel and Olivia hadn't been to the Portal Network before, and Axel could hardly wait.
  15. "Let's go guys!" Jesse exclaimed. He started to run towards the area where he could get to the portal network. He was excited to let Axel and Olivia see the portal network. Though it was a hassle, Jesse thought it was a little fun. Apart from the part where he could be trapped in a mine forever, die from a "White pumpkin" and more.
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  16. Petra, Axel, and Olivia ran after Jesse. Olivia checked things over in her inventory. "...Redstone torches, check...Pistons, check..." She muttered, checking off items as she went through. Axel had his signature grin, mischievous and full of spunk. He was clearly ecstatic about the rescue mission. Petra had her sword out, and a smirk was etched on her face. Axel and Olivia had no idea exactly how naive they were being about this. The dangers that could be posed a threat that could not be stressed enough.
  17. "Wait for me!" Katelyn ran to after Jesse, Petra, Olivia, & Axel, " Besides, I think I can help you guys! Especially when I'm not part of this... Order of the Stone thing or whatsoever"
  18. Petra shrugged. "It's your call, Jesse," She told him. "Personally, I think that you don't know what you're getting into. It's pretty bad in there," She said to Katelyn, recalling the PAMA adventure. Not exactly the highlight of her life.
  19. "She can come, as long as she sticks with us. She should only go into portals we go into." Jesse said. he lit the Flint and steel. "C'mon guys!" Jesse said as he entered the portal.
  20. "Seriously, I can!" Katelyn replied, looking concerned to everyone, especially for their friend, Ivor, who is lost in the portal network for weeks "I got some weapons you could use for the journey! I could also help fighting some mobs!"
    (Like I said, I have bad English grammar XD)
  21. Petra sighed. "Let's just follow Jesse, hopefully find Ivor, and get the heck out of there as fast as we can. We don't want to get anyone killed or anything like that." She noticed something on the ground. It was a rose. "The heck?" She muttered as she picked it up. "Eh." And with that, Petra stepped into the portal.
    Olivia smiled a welcome to Katelyn. "Welcome to the Order of the Stone," She said. Axel grinned widely.
    "Try not to get killed in the first day," He said, then ran straight into the portal. "WOOOOO!"
    Olivia sighed annoyedly after Axel. "You'll be fine," She assured Katelyn, then walked into the portal tentatively.

    When they got into the new world. Axel and Olivia both fell flat on their stomachs. Rain was pouring down from the sky. The air was heavy and humid, and a lake was right next to where the group had landed. Axel got up, only to be tackled down again by a little brown haired boy. Another boy followed, squirming with his brother and Axel on the ground. Petra laughed. "Difficulties, Axel?" She asked. Axel couldn't reply.
  22. Katelyn smiled back and jumped into the portal as well, and put her hood on. As she landed, she looked at Axel, "Looks like someone has bad luck eh?" she said with a smirk on her face, "Now let's get going, we better find this Ivor and get out of this place or whatsoever"
  23. Petra was about to say something when a couple of people ran up to the kids. "Matt! Scott!" A redheaded girl scolded them. She wore a blue jacket, jeans, and blue sneakers. Her bright blue eyes were annoyed. "I told you two to play by the house, not by the lake!"
    The other girl nodded. "You guys could've gotten hurt. Remember, skeletons and zombies don't burn in the rain," She told the two boys. She had shoulder length brown hair, green eyes, a pink tee shirt with a single horizontal stripe, jean shorts, and tall pink sneakers. The redhead seemed to notice the rest of the Order.
    "Oh! Hi, I hope these guys weren't getting in your way too much or anything," She said. Axel got up and rubbed the back of his head.
    "Other than tackling me..." He muttered.
  24. "Hah. Axel, you'll be okay." Jesse said. He looked towards the two girls. "Hi. I'm Jesse. these are my friends Axel, Lukas, Olivia, Petra, and Katelyn." Jesse said. he smiled.
  25. Petra waved. Olivia held out her hand, which the brown haired girl shook. "I'm Ashley, this is Aspen," The red haired girl said. Aspen grinned.
    "That's Matt," She gestured to the boy with a red shirt, "And that's Scott." She gestured to the other boy, who was wearing a blue shirt.
  26. Lukas ran to catch up with everyone as he was a bit tired from the night before and ended up catching up to everyone out of breath. He waved to the others and greeted people. Still grinning at the sight of axel getting tackled by kids he stood straight. "So guys, I forgot...what exactly are we doing again?" He rubbed his head and laughed at himself for being so forgetful
  27. Petra laughed. "We're going after Ivor, wherever he is." She turned back to Aspen and Ashley. "You guys haven't seen a guy with long black hair and a beard, have you? Walking around in robes, kinda crazy?" She asked them. Aspen shook her head.
    "No, why?"
  28. "I had never known much about this Ivor guy" Katelyn replied to Petra with a curious look on her face,"Can you tell me much more about him? Besides, I'd only knew about you guys"
  29. Petra smirked. "Well, he's a little bit insane. Ivor would literally jump at any chance for an adventure, more than likely shouting 'Adventure!'. The guy's definitely an enigma," She finished.
  30. Jesse nodded. But he stayed silent. She had asked Petra, not him. He looked towards Aspen. "Well, he's our friend. we think he came through here." Jesse said.
  31. Aspen nodded. "That sounds like a pretty good reason. But...What do you mean, 'through here'?" She asked, still not knowing about the whole Portal Network thing.
  32. A man ran through the woods towards the gang chased by a few zombies and skeletons. "Aah!" He saw the people standing in the rain and recognized them. "Jesse is that you!? Help me Jesse!" He yelled
  33. Axel lifted an eyebrow. Olivia smirked a little bit, finding it funny that Ivor hadn't thought to take a sword with him. Petra just sighed, annoyed, and ran over. She slashed with her sword at one of the zombies. Axel ran and took down a skeleton. Ashley and Aspen looked at each other, then shrugged and ran in.
  34. Jesse withdrew his sword. He ran over to Ivor. He slashed other monsters coming in. "Ivor... be more careful." Jesse said as he sighed
  35. "Yes yes I understand." Ivor said as he backed up. "An what are you guys doing here? weren't you going to look at the new development of the town or something?" Ivor asked.
  36. Petra rolled her eyes. "You've been missing for a week. We thought you were in trouble or something. As in, something bigger than a couple of zombies. After all, this is the Portal Network we're talking about here."
    This just confused Aspen and Ashley. "Portal Network? What?" Aspen asked. Ashley lifted an eyebrow.
    "Whoa, back up there. What's this 'Portal Network' thing you're talking about?" She asked. Petra looked at them.
    "Basically a confusing hallway of portals that lead to different universes. Does that answer your question?" She asked irritably. Aspen and Ashley looked at each other.
    "I guess so...?" Aspen said, half wondering why Petra had snapped at them.
  37. "Hey Ivor." He waved. He looked to the others. "Hey guys, I think we found Ivor." He said sarcastically. "Mission complete." He grinned and put up his hand for a high five.
  38. Petra grinned. "Haha, now we just need to find the exit portal," She said, high fiving Lukas to add to the sarcastic victory.
    "In the meantime, do you guys want to head to Ashley's place and stay?" Aspen offered.

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