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Mikaykay99's sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Mikayla, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I'm new to spriting & need c+c!
    Requests are now open
    1. only 2 requests per person at a time
    2. you can use any of my sprites but credit me unless..
    3. If you request a sprite you don't have to credit just don't claim it as your own
    4. you dont have to comment first but comments are appriciated
    5. if you are just going to say my work is bad, tell me why
    6. I will be taking 5 requests at a time
    7. follow forum rules
    Here are my sprites:
    Trainer sprites:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Trainer cards:
    (The sprites on the trainer cards arn't made by me)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Request formes:
    Trainer sprites
    Base sprite:
    Base sprite:
    trainer card
    Sprite (can be requested):
    Pokemon (up to 6)
    What pokemon:
    Request list:
  2. these r good for a beginner but i cant help but notice that the trainer sprite outlines r a bit blurred, do u use the spriters resource? if not then why not u need to, to get good clean clear sprites ;)
  3. Welcome to PokeCharms ^^

    First of all, I don't think you've read Magpie's important sticky note- Your thread lacks the trademark feather, that puts your thread under Magpie's care and protects it against annoying requesters. Provided you're planning on taking any.

    I think the creativity is there, but your sprites seem to lack a few things; Proportioning, shading. A lot of the sprites's parts, such as the hair or skirt bottoms, look too flattened and are generally not very well-shaded. Like Ghosty said, some of your sprites are a bit blurry, where others have jagged outlines-Especially the one with the turqoise shirt and brown hair, which also seems to have random red pixels.

    For the other sprites, again, the shading and colourwork are a bit off. I'm pretty sure the first two and last cosplays are altered sprites with cut-off PokeMon sprite parts stuck to them :x

    I think you need to have a good look at the two resident sprite tutorials; Tun's and Toasta's. With some training and refining, this might get to something, provided you're able and willing to provide the time and energy.

    Good luck!
  4. I would take requests but I don't think others would want any of my sprites (I have read the thread)
    thanks for the advice!
    Edit: do you have a link to the spriters resorce?
  5. Thanks, That was quick!
    Edit: I redid this one: [​IMG] Is it better? That one was my 1st sprite
  6. Dark said everything I had to say, so I'll just jump straight to this new one.

    The blouse looks very peculiar. The outline should've been darker, and it still isn't really shaded at all. You need to make it darker where the shadow is, otherwise it doesn't look real. The skirt should've been longer, not because I find it offensive or anything like that, rather because it leaves her legs in quite an awkward position. Right now it seems as if her left leg ended in mid air. And finally, her right heel does not in any way look strong enough to support her weight. It should be at the heel of the shoe, not the middle.

    Also, I now notice that her right arm is sleeved, while the left one isn't. Of course this might've been on purpose, but I don't think it is, and it looks quite peculiar.

    It's a great improvement from the original, but you've still got quite a long way to go.

    Also, Dark, having the Magpie feather is in no way necessary, it's just a suggestion. You can choose not to have it, such as yours truly.
  7. thanks! I'll try agian (I'm just gonna keep trying with this one 'till it's right)
    Ok.. [​IMG] I'm so embarrassed, I forgot the sleeve
    Come on guys!!!!!!!!
  8. MUCH better. ^_^
    Now you should add darker shading under the breasts and on the under side of her arms. Her butt looks kinda square. Try to round it out without adding to it because then it would be way too big. Also, you should probably add one dark line between her legs at the bottom of her shirt. The way it is now, it looks like her legs connect right there. Also, where ever you add the darker shading, darken the outlines, but only where there's shading next to it. That should help a lot!

    I'll try too keep helping you out as best as I can. :)
  9. ok, well what about this?
  10. a big improvement i am happy for you keep it up
  11. The most recent one deffinately looks the best and I have to say its nice bing on a site where everyone helps you out anyway they can.
  12. That is SO much better! ^_^
    Now, the feet look kinda awkward. I can't nail down how to fix them.
    Also, very slightly round out the hems of the shirt and skirt.
    Once you do that, I think that you may be done with that sprite!! :)
  13. Ok well here goes: [​IMG]
    I hope this is now finished!! Thanks to everyone who helped me
    #14 Mikayla, Sep 5, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  14. I am going to start taking requests, I'm bored
  15. Um, if you are taking requests, it's a good idea to have Silver Magpie's signature feather that puts your requests under her wing :D
    And you're improving rapidly! I think your sprites will look like ones out of the games soon ;-) Good luck! :)
  16. Thanks pokegirlpraure! and I don't want the feather because I don't want to have the comment first thing

    anyway.. I'm starting a new region:
    This is the cover. The region is called aquina
    The fire starter:
    The baby turtle fakemon
    Type: fire
    fakedex entry: The bottom of the egg is made of a sticky substance that means that MAGMILL can't get out

    The grass starter:
    The leaf puppy fakemon
    Type: grass
    fakedex entry: This fakemon is very friendly, when it gets exited it wags its tail and leaves go everywhere

    The water starter:
    The sea star pokemon
    Type: water/rock
    fakedex entry: SESTA spends most of it's life lasing around on rocks, it is rock hard so no fakemon can eat it

    And.. The game ledgand:
    the sea slug pokemon
    type: water
    Fakedex entry: CLANIFI is a super fast swimmer, scientists beleive that she is related to a ledgandary pokemon in Sinnoh, manaphy.

    Oh, I almost forgot the team Marine (evil dudes) female grunt:
    It's one of my old sprites so it's not that good but meh
  17. I like your starters. :D They're pretty freakin good! The only thing I'd like to see a little different is the size of the sprites. They're a bit small and I have to strain a little to see them.

    I've gotta say that the grass starter is really cute, but the fire starter is my favorite. :) I love turtles.
  18. thanks, they are actully my first scratches, well not clanifi, I edited manaphy. I know turtles are awesome, so I had to make one even though there are ALOT of turtles in pokemon
    :) ;) :D ;D 8) ::) :-* O0 :)) C:-) O:-)
  19. the female trainer:
  20. new fakemon!!!
    the hypno fakemon
    type: physic
    fakedex entry: BEAUCON's tail has the ability to hypnotise. it is extrimely rare

    It commands you to reply
  21. Hi!!!! I've got an evo for MAGMILL......
    The flame turtle fakemon
    Type: Fire
    Fakedex entry: TURFLAME's claws are extremely strong, it uses them to kill its prey. Its tail is so long that it burnt its hands
    (yes.. still to small, I can't seem to make the bigger, it's just me)
  22. [​IMG]
    My first attempt at GIMP. I was bored at school and found that it had paint and gimp. No way in hell was I going to use paint so I tried gimp. (her other arm is behind her)
  23. Why aren't you guys replying :'(
    The dolphin Fakemon
    Type: water
    Fakedex entry: DOLFLUFF's cloud allows it to fly.
  24. Can you guys please reply, I'm lonely :(
    Or better still, request :)
    I'm a loner :'(
  25. [​IMG]
    The ice cat fakemon
    Type: Ice
    Fakedex entry: Mitzen has a large amount of fur to keep it warm. Ice has built up on the top of it's head to form ears.
    My first time spriting ice so I need help to get it better.
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