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Midnight Rain

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shocari, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I have too many fics going on at once, but this one could quite possibly be the most interesting one. It's PMD, only it takes place in....Solest, as if you didn't see that coming >> I thought this would be a great way to share all of my little fakemon with you guys :3

    Prologue-The Prime Candidate

    Crystal-clear water gently washed over the sparkling beach, small waves constantly coming in a little ways off in the water. Incredibly tall palm trees with gigantic emerald leaves casted seven-pointed star shadows around each tree trunk, providing large quantities of shade for the numerous Pokemon that were enjoying the beautiful summer day. The sky was as blue as a Blastoise, with fluffy white clouds few and far between. Behind the beach was a large open plain, the Millenial Fields as they were called. The day was perfect, and nothing could possibly go wrong as a medium-sized Pokemon entered the beach.

    It was a quadruped, standing at about three and a half feet, with sleek, dark crimson fur. The feline had equally dark sapphire diamond-shaped patches of fur that ran down its back and on its sides, and piercing light blue eyes. The cat had notched ears.

    "The water...if only I actually liked getting wet." it said in a calm female voice. The feline walked towards the nearest tree and laid down underneath its refreshing shade. "Ahhh...this day is perfect."

    As if on cue, the ground suddenly began to shake violently, startling every single Pokemon at the beach. A large crack formed at the end nearest the Fields, which quickly made its way towards the water. The earthquake ceased after a few moments, and the feline gave a sigh of relief. Immediately after, the ground trembled even fiercer than before, and a large piece of rock slowly began to emerge from the once-calm waters, growing higher and higher until it was a thousand meters tall.

    A small turquoise turtle asked out loud "Is that a sea mountain?" The rock roared in response as vast amounts of smoke poured out of the top and headed skyward. Something red-orange and bright trickled down the mountain, first one one small part and then in eight, each growing larger and larger. The mountain was a volcano, and the volcano was erupting.

    Each Pokemon quickly fled the beach, knowing that the pyroclastic flow would surely kill them if they stayed. The feline ran at full speed, easily outpacing the others in their bid for safety. Another feline, this one a pleasant beige with a red jewel on its forehead, kept pace with her, and the two made it to the woods before the others.

    "What's going on?" she asked hurriedly, as the two were still running through the thickening woods.

    "I don't know." the other answered in a deep masculine voice. "Some sort of catastrophe must be occurring. I had no idea there were any underwater mountains near the beach for at least a hundred miles. But I know someone who may know. He's a scientist named Cyphar, and he can probably tell us what's going on."

    Vicious winds whipped the top of the snowy mountain peak, stinging even the toughest of hide and barely chipping away bits of rock. A combination of snow and hail fell down from the impenetrable wall of gray clouds, and on the summit of the mountain stood a lone figure. It stood on all fours and had extremely white fur. It's skin was navy blue and it had a ragged white mane that fell to its knees. For a tail it had a wickedly curved blade, and four razor-sharp horns that looked like a demonic crown. To top it off, the creature had pure-black eyes, and it stared into the heart of the ice storm.

    "I am...the black soul of fear. This weather symbolizes all that I do. The one who can change all of this is...what? No. It cannot be such an undeserving creature. There is no way that the savior is but a mere Shocari. A Zaburwolfe would be more fitting, I think." it said, so quiet it was barely audible, even without the sounds of the hail.

    "Let it begin."
  2. Greetings, angel. Your post is far from appropriate as a response to this user's ficitonal entry. You shall be warned for spamming. Please take time to read his work properly and offer a deeper and more understandable comment of it.
  3. Very short, but not bad because of it, though of course the Devil is in the detail :p Also, cast is cast, past particible or not. The English language is annoying like that.

    The problem I was always find with fakemon is that even with description I can never seem to get a clear picture in my head of what is, I always end up with 'no, that can't possibly be... well maybe...'. Your critters mentioned here though are fairly clear and from the sounds of it, mostly Legendaries?

    (Will you ever stick with one story? XD)
  4. Wait…is Zaburwolfe the evolution of Shocari? Hmm…

    This is a very intriguing start. I find disaster stories to really reveal how the human (and Pokemon) reacts in a stressful situation. However, that mysterious female…I must find out more!
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  5. Nope, no Legendaries. Not yet, at least :p The feline is just a random critter which shall be given name this chappy, the other one was a Persian...'cos I like them :3 Shocari =/> Zaburwolfe. Shocra => Shocria => Shocari. Zaburpup => Zaburwolfe(line is roughly based on Sabertooth Tigers. Fossil pokes).

    Chapter 1-Tempest

    The two felines quickly made their way up a rather large hill an hour after the volcano's eruption. They were well past the woods and were able to see a vast plain stretching on forever...except for this lone hill. As they came to a house, the beige cat stopped.

    "I am so sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I am Persian." he said, bowing his head briefly.

    "Oh. I'm Lynex." she replied, returning the bow.

    "Cyphar is a very old and wise Pokemon. I am sure he can tell us what's going on." Persian said in a reassuring tone. The door opened as they approached the small wooden shack, but inside it was all but tiny. Thousands upon thousands of books lined the walls, with several laying open on the floor along with a myriad of tablets.

    "Hello there, Persian and Lynex." a wheezy voice said. From around the corner came a silver tree-like creature, standing at about ten feet. He had long thick branches for arms, with smaller branches coming off at the end with leaves on them...sort of like hands. It moved with its roots, and had very dark brown eyes near the top of it. What would normally have been deep green leaves at the top was instead golden, giving it a regal appearance.

    "I am Cyphar. Lynex," he said, startling the crimson cat. "You may have noticed that I, like you, am a rare find. We both are not of the original coloration that is commonly seen by our respective species. This sets us apart, and makes us unique." Cyphar spoke in a very soothing old voice, almost like a grandfather-figure.

    "The disaster that you two witnessed a little while ago was not natural. Something happened that triggered both that disaster and many others around the land. What exactly happened I cannot say. However, I do know that you are key in finding the source of this misfortune, and turning it around."

    "Me?" Lynex asked. "How can I make any difference?"

    "Oh...you'll know." Cyphar waved his hand in front of Lynex, and she vanished instantly.

    "Where did she go?!" Persian replied. He searched the area frantically and found no sign of her.

    "To start her journey."

    With a loud crack, a huge bolt of lightning struck the ground, leaving behind a large scorch mark and the smell of burnt ozone. Inside the scorch mark was a panting blue-gray wolf. The wolf had teal eyes and golden-yellow lightning bolt on each of its sides. The tail had a matching tip, as did his black ears. The animal let out a mighty howl, then slowly made its way down a path on the mountain side.

    The creature wasn't very far up the mountain, so it had made it to the bottom quickly. A few feet away from the mountain base, something came flying towards it from the sky. The flying object looked like a white fairy plane, with red and blue triangles on its chest, then a red, white, and blue horn respectively on its head.

    "You've got to help me!" it cried in a high-pitched male voice.

    "With what?" the wolf said savagely. It wasn't a "hey, I'll sound savage because I feel like it" kind of tone...it was natural.

    "My baby Togepi is trapped inside a cave a few miles away! Can you rescue her?"
    "Ugh! I can't see anything in this cave!" the wolf yelled. He stopped and got into an attacking stance, but there was nothing around to attack. He closed his eyes, and a soft golden glow began to form around him, starting at his lightning bolts. The light began to swirl around him, forming a swirling sphere of light, which pulsed once and returned to the bolts, which instantly glowed with an almost blinding amount of light.

    The wolf made his way through the cave, stopping every so often because of random tremblings of the ground. Either there was an earthquake, or there was about to be one. Quite frankly, he hoped for the former. As he made his way down a gentle slope, the temperature dropped several degrees in a hurry. The cold dark ground was now extremely rough, probably due to no Pokemon coming down here...except the few that lived here.

    A sudden sound of a large rock crashing against the wall next to him startled the wolf. An deafening roar shook the very ground, and a large rocky behemoth stood before the wolf.

    "What brings you to the cave of Rhydon?" the beast said from the darkness, only its tough gray body from the left arm down visible.

    "I'm here to rescue the one called Togepi." the wolf said, unafraid of the massive Pokemon. "Step aside and let me rescue the little one."

    Rhydon roared again. "AHAHAHAHA! You have guts, I'll give you that. But you look like an Electric-type. I'm a Ground, and you have no way of getting past me with your attacks. But hey, I'm feeling generous, so you can come past, rescue this Togepi and leave...if you can defeat me."
    Random note: I imagined Cyphar's voice as Richard Harris' :3
  6. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Okay, maybe it's just me, but the "not of the original coloration" and the Lyn in "Lynex" makes me think that this 'mon has something to do with me, but I've been horribly wrong before. XD

    So far, though, your chapters are sooooo short and I just wanna read more. D: Keep writing Sho~ And I hope you actually FINISH THIS ONE
  7. Hn... Well, it's a fic with the name of two lovely 'Charmsian ladies, and it lives up to their awesomeness ^_^

    Nice job, Sho. And like Shiny said, please finish this one.
  8. OMG, lets go in a cave with dangerous Pokemon to retrieve a Togepi! That's only smart if you are as kickin' as a Shocari.

    This is turning out kind of Mystery Dungeon-ish. Is this the direction you plan to take it?
  9. Shiny: I hadn't really intended on making any cameos, but the Shiny Lynex thing just kinda...well, it's important later XD

    Jen: Well, their names AND the name of a certain song I made, which I consider the 'theme' of the fic, as it were.

    Secad: yep, PMD :D

    Chapter 2-More than Enough

    The Rhydon seemed content to make Shocari make the first move...an obvious trap. Shocari didn't care, he just wanted to help out that Togekiss, after all, a cave was no place for a baby...no matter what species of Pokemon it was.

    On impulse, Shocari sent a burst of electric energy at the Rhydon's horn, leaving his rocky opponent writhing in pain...but only for a second.

    "Heh, nice try kid. I can shrug off electricity with impunity." Rhydon smirked. But the attack was only a diversion. In the brief moment Rhydon's eyes were closed, Shocari had already ran past, heading further into the dark abyss of the cave.

    But the darkness was growing beyond pitch-black. Quickly. Before too long, even Shocari's light couldn't illuminate more than an inch in front of him. Without even giving it a second thought, the wolf charged up electricity, then fired off a huge beam of cyan lightning straight ahead of him, which hung in the air for a few minutes...all the time he needed. His path was revealed for about three and a half minutes, then the attack dissipated. Shocari used it again, and again, and again, continuing every time it ran out.

    Within several of the attacks, he had reached a small cavern. Crystallized stalactites and stalagmites adorned the cavern, reflecting the small pool of water and casting a dim light. Within the gloom was a small egg-like shape. A smile came to Shocari's face as he drew near...until he got up close and saw that it was just a rock.

    He sighed heavily and turned around, his fur stiffening as he heard something move in the pool. He fired an electrical attack at a stalagmite, which caught the cyan light and began to glow fiercely, illuminating the whole cavern. From the pool emerged another egg-like figure, the baby Togepi.

    "Toge, toge, togepriiiii!" it cooed. Shocari kneeled down to it and picked it up by the neck with his mouth, gently, but it was enough to make sure Togepi didn't fall out. Shocari ran out of the cavern, not even trying to light his way because he remembered the way he came in, he just had to go in reverse order.

    The blue-gray wolf began to tire, not because of carrying the small Pokemon, but because he had used up some precious energy making his way to the cavern. Just as he began to see daylight, a shadowy figure blocked his path.


    "Ha! Did you actually think you'd be able to slip by me again, little guy? I would hate to think so. Fact of the matter is, you still have to beat me in battle!" the beast boomed.

    "I acppft yafmfr reguafets. Bft I mfust pleysces dsis creeeaurae dwaon outsiyede."

    Rhydon looked at Shocari strangely. "What?"

    Shocari placed Togepi on the ground, then replied "I accept your request. But I must placed this creature down outside."
    Rhydon looked at the Togepi, and nodded. Shocari picked it back up and went outside. For a split second, the thought to just run off crossed his mind. But that would've ruined the wolf's sense of honor.

    Instead, he put Togepi down on the ground and went back inside the cave.

    "Okay, little man. You're about to experience a world of pain. And that lightning trick won't work again, I've made sure of that." Not that that would even matter to Shocari now. He had no intention of doing any dirty tricks this time.

    The wolf ran towards the rocky behemoth, and clamped his jaw down on Rhydon's horn. The effect was less than the lightning, and Rhydon jerked his head back, then slammed it downward, Shocari flying off.

    Shocari was out of energy from using his electrical attacks to find Togepi, and now, he didn't know what to do. He got into an attack position, and his muscles tightened. A wave of dark violet energy pulsed from his body, making his opponent flinch.

    But it wasn't enough, Rhydon continued his "agile" run, the ground shaking as he did so. What happened next was stunning: a fiercely cold wind blew for about a minute, and then Rhydon was a block of ice. Shocari looked around to see what caused it, and saw a flash of red run from behind a tree.
  10. Oh my goodness, what an adorable mental picture. I loved imagining Shocari gently picking up the Togepi like a kitten! It was squee-worthy.

    Yay, cliffhangers! What is the flash of red? A Solest-native? Or a Hitmontop, like I'm thinking?

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