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Ask to Join Midnight College rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by tylerrrrrr, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. sign up here- https://pokecharms.com/threads/midnight-college-rp.17122/
    rp will begin when one more joins

    Tyler walked down the street towards the college when he noticed that he was late and started running towards his maths lesson "Dammit! Not again!" He said to himself as he ran round the corner in the corridor before running into one of the lockers and falling over.
    He held onto his head in pain "Ouch....."
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  2. Karis was also running late, she darted down the corridor, tripping over Tyler in the process "Owww......" she said as she looked down at her knee which was bleeding.
    She looked over at Tyler and blushed slightly "I guess we're both kinda clumsy huh?" she gave a slight smile although she was in pain
  3. Tyler nodded and laughed a bit before standing up and help the girl up .
    "you okay?" He asked as he put his arm around her to help her keep balance.
    "also... I'm Tyler"
  4. "Yeah i'm good thanks, my name's Karis......" she paused for a moment blushing ".......... ummmm........ you don't have to but can you walk me to first aid? I've got maths but my leg really hurts." she said as she put her bag on again.
    Karis looked at Tyler, she kinda liked him but didn't wanna say or do anything about it yet
  5. A little surprised Tyler looked at Karis.
    "uhhhh sure I think we're in the same maths so i'll wait for you."
    He smiled as they started walking
  6. Karis just kept walking with Tyler till they got to first aid where she got her knee bandaged up and they went to maths .
    "wanna sit together?" She asked shyly
  7. "uhhhh....... sure......." Tyler replied as they sat down at the back of the classroom and Tyler got his books out but he couldn't listen to the boring teacher so he put in his earphones and started drawing anime characters whilst quietly singing before the teacher noticed.
    "TYLER! OUT NOW!" the maths teacher shouted across the classroom, at first Tyler didn't hear "TYLER!" the teacher shouted again, this time he noticed and took his things out the classroom with him.

    Whilst stood outside he sighed "School is so boring....... I wish there was someone cool to hangout with........."
  8. Kuro and Shiro were late for class and began running to their Maths class. Kuro noticed Tyler outside of the Maths class and began slowing down as did Shiro. Shiro and Kuro were walking side by side, laughing and talking until they got to the door of the Maths class. "W-what are you doing out here, Tyler?" She asked, curious but also being the shy girl she is. Shiro looked at Tyler, moving slightly closer to Kuro in a protective manner.
  9. "Teacher sent me out, because I was listening to music and drawing....." Tyler sighed
    "I'd be careful, he's not in a good mood." he said but then the teacher came out
    "At least i'll be away from you......" Tyler mumbled while smiling
  10. Kuro was surprised but she flinched when the teacher yelled, shrinking back into herself. Shiro began to walk inside, heading to his desk. "Bye," Kuro muttered, sending him a small wave and smile before she headed to her desk next to Shiro. Kuro and Shiro took notes but Kuro was also drawing lines and doodles on the side, like she always did, kind of like a little habit.
  11. Tyler smiled as he put his headphones back in and started quietly singing again.
    He then started to get bored and peered through the small window on the door where he could see the teacher, Shiro and Kuro.
    The teacher noticed him and gave him a deadly glare
  12. Kuro noticed Tyler and gave him a shy smile but then noticed the teachers glare that Shiro seemed to mimick. "Shiro, it's alright," she muttered to him with a smile that made Shiro relax and stop glaring but he was still on edge.
  13. Tyler sighed and then the bell finally went so he entered the classroom and picked up his bag before going to his locker in the corridor and putting his maths books in. "Stupid maths......." he muttered.
    He then shut his locker and started walking to Science
  14. Kuro had two separate notes, one for her and one for Tyler since he wasn't in Maths and they had a test on the work in two days so she quickly grabbed her backpack and tried to catch up to Tyler. Shiro headed to his next class which was ELA, sadly, since Kuro's next class was Science, with Tyler. "Tyler," Kuro said, breathless from trying to catch up with Tyler. "Here," she said, handing Tyler her extra notes. It was very organized, all of them explained and in categories, all of her notes were like that. "Since you missed the notes I made some for you, the teacher also said that we have a test in two days," she explained with a shy smile, her kindness could possibly be her downfall one day.
  15. "Oh thanks Kuro." Tyler smiled "Trust me if it weren't for you helping me out all the time I would've probably been kicked out by now."
    He looked ahead and saw their Science classroom "At least we have a nice science teacher." he said as they continued walking
    "Hey what are you doing after school?" he asked without thinking
  16. Kuro smiled at Tyler with a light blush, chuckling a bit. "Huh? After school? I'm not doing anything. Why?" She asked him. She had never had anybody except for her friends that came and went and Shiro, her twin brother that could be quite annoying at times, at least to Kuro. Shiro walked to his ELA class, slumping his shoulders a bit with a slight frown as he sat in his desk.
  17. "Well, I was wondering if you wanted to hangout?" he smiled now a bit nervous "You don't have to if you don't want to, i'm not forcing you to or anything but you know I thought it might be fun." he said as they entered the classroom where Tyler sat on the desk next to Kuro's and got his science books out.
  18. Kuro nodded a smile on hr face. "That would be great! I don't know the last time I hung out with a friend at all!" She exclaimed, smiling as she got her Science books out when she got to her desk. She also took her notebook out to take her notes, it had just about every note she needed but she was going to need a new one soon, so she made a mental note to go to the store on Saturday to get another one and more mechanical pencils with more lead.
  19. Tyler smiled as he looked over at her and her books "jeez, that's alot of books." he smiled "After school i'll wait at the school gate for you and then we'll probably go to the park?" he asked her as the teacher entered and stood at the front of the classroom
  20. Kuro smiled and nodded her answer to Tyler when she saw the teacher come in. She sent the teacher a smile and a nod in greeting as she began organizing her desk, putting all of her Science books in order then got ready to take notes.
  21. Tyler smiled and looked up at the teacher "Finally a lesson to look forward to." he said to Kuro
    "Oy love birds can you stop talking?" the teacher smiled
  22. Kuro giggled when she heard Tyler then she looked up at the teacher to start the lesson and take notes. When she heard the teacher she blushed and looked down at her paper, her feet shifting nervously. For a vampire, Kuro acted very human like, unlike her brother. It was very easy to tell that Shiro was a vampire from his actions but not Kuro. Though Kuro and Shiro look very similar, it is easy to tell them apart. If Shiro died his hair black, you would still be able to tell it was Shiro from the way he acted, though Kuro's acting skills were very good so she could probably be Shiro for a day before anyone caught her. Though, they would never do that unless they had to.
  23. Tyler smiled a bit since he'd never really hung out with a girl before and was excited about hanging out with Kuro since she was so nice to him and was such a good friend "sorry miss." he said to the teacher
  24. Kuro stopped shifting on her feet and looked at her empty paper. She began to doodle on the side of her paper, the sides that wouldn't get written on. It seemed to be a habit of Kuro's for quite the while, kind of to help her focus. Her blush was dying down and she was beginning to relax in her chair, black hair strands falling in front of her eyes but Kuro didn't mind it.
  25. Tyler started drawing aswell and also taking notes so that Kuro didn't end up doing double again.
    He then looked over at Kuro and saw she was drawing too, he smiled and continued.
  26. Kuro glanced at Tyler when she noticed him look at her and smiled since he was smiling as well. She was always trying to make people happy in the best way she could though she hadn't been deceived yet, Shiro was waiting for the moment to come. She was too kind to people but she was very shy, so at least that helped her. She took notes in her neat way and drawing on the side of the paper until there wasn't any room left. Kuro was surprised since that never usually happened so she began to color in her lines.
  27. Tyler looked at the front of the room as the teacher wasn't looking he passed Kuro a note saying "Wait for me outside the classroom after this lesson." as he passed it to her the teacher looked up but still didn't see
  28. Kuro quickly grabbed the note, reading it in her lap. She nodded not looking at Tyler, knowing that it would be too suspicious. She looked at her notes, listening to the teacher talk and jotting down notes at the same time.
  29. Tyler smiled and the bell went before he out his things away and picked them up and going outside of the classroom, waiting for Kuro to come out aswell. He looked around for a moment and the hallways were packed
  30. Kuro folded the note in her pocket when the bell rang, putting her things back very neatly into her back pack before walking out of the classroom. She saw Tyler but she was pushed by someone and she hit the wall. "Excuse me," she said, though the person that pushed her should have said it. She always hated the hallways being filled, she also hated crowds so she didn't go very many places. "Hey, Tyler," she said as she walked to his side. Shiro was heading to Kuro's and Tyler's Science class when he noticed someone pushed Kuro, which made him mad. He didn't even notice Kuro going to Tyler when he grabbed the arm of the boy that pushed her, which was a human. "If you ever push my sister again, I'll kill you," Shiro told the boy, his cobalt blue eyes burning into the humans green ones. Just then, Kuro caught sight of Shiro holding the human and sighed. "Shiro, let him go, it wasn't his fault," she said, noticing how much the boy was shaking. "Also, I'm going to buy some groceries after school so you can go home without me," she said, though it was a lie because she knew that Shiro wouldn't like the idea of Tyler and Kuro hanging out with each other. Shiro reluctantly let go of the boy who scurried away. He looked at Kuro with a nod before he began to walk away to cool himself down.
  31. "You alright?" Tyler asked Kuro
    "Also wow, Shiro seems easily angered now." he said as he watched Shiro go
  32. Kuro smiled as she watched Shiro go. "No, he really isn't. You just have to know how to mess with him. And he's only gone to cool down, he'll be back," Kuro explained as she turned to Tyler. The students were beginning to leave the hallway, into their classes and Kuro began to relax a bit.
  33. "oh okay, that makes sense I guess." he smiled
    "Anyway I have art next." He said to her "What do you have?"
  34. Kuro smiled at the mention of art, she loved art. "I also have art next," she said with a smile as she began to walk to art, her favorite class. "Hey Tyler, what's your favorite class?" She asked him with curiosity.
  35. "Probably art if i'm honest." he smiled
    "But I do like P.E" he said as he checked his phone
  36. Kuro nodded with a smile, she knew she was pretty good at P.E but she loved Art. "I have P.E my last class," she said, thinking about the separate gyms that separated the females and males.
  37. "Oh cool, same here." Tyler said as he opened the art classroom door and let Kuro in before following behind and sitting at his desk in front of Kuro's
    "Sorry we're late miss."
  38. Kuro nodded in greeting to the art teacher as she got all of her art stuff out. "I wonder what we're doing today," she mumbled to herself as she got her pencil ready, along with her colored pencils and crayons.
  39. Tyler got his art things out and also his sketchpad
    "When is the project due in?" he mumbled to Kuro
  40. Kuro heard Tyler and looked at her notes. "Two-three days, if not sooner," she said as she began sketching in her sketch book. The assignment was to create an act of nature, Kuro's favorite type of art to do. She began making some trees to the side, planning it to be a meadow with a wolf making its kill from a deer. Once she was done making the base of the tree, she began making the leaves on the trees.

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