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Open MHA: The Next Generation

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Frontier Master, Feb 28, 2019.

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  1. Welcome to the at U.A Highschool, your have been in enrolled in Class 1-A almost twenty years after Midoriya first entered the school. The rp will begin on your first arrival to home room, Home room teacher will be decided by poll.

    • The normal Pokecharms rules apply.
    • In a battle with another participant's character, please discuss who's going to win in the battle.
    • Romance is allowed.
    • Swearing is fine as long as it's minor words, and occasional.
    • Your Quirk needs a setback. Mention that in your bio.
    • Please write proper length paragraphs with correct grammar punctuation, I will ask you to change it if it not up to standard
    • Upto two student characters per person

    • You may not usually control canon characters, the exception being if that character is your character’s parent. Though I'm not going to allow control of people like Deku and All For One.
    • Only ONE cannon parent allowed and no you cannot double up with someone else, illegitimate children will be considered on a case by case basis
    • If you want to use a fan-made Pro Hero, that's fine, but have a student please.
    • In the twenty years since we last saw UA High school, the school has become the leading hero program in the world with student from all across the world coming to study

    Hero Name:
    Age (Year):
    Hero Costume:

    Quirk (Type):
    Additional information:

    Name: Skylar (Sky) Masterson
    Hero Name: Combustion
    Age: 15
    Nationality: American
    Appearance: Tall and very lean, with a light tan and naturally orange eyes. Her long hair fades from a dark to light amber as it flows and is often streaked with firey orange. It is always left to fall naturally over her shoulders
    Clothing: her more casual clothing often consists of denim shorts, a simple brightly colored top and short sleeved mini jacket. Always paired with a pair of high tops
    Hero Costume: a skintight flame-retardant and flame inspired bodysuit with boots and gauntlets designed to focus her quirks abilities in order to allow her to easily glide around her environment without much excess effort. Her mask consists of a simple white visor over her eyes and ears, with a small respirator over her nose and mouth.

    Quirk (Type): Combustion (Emitter)
    Explanation: Skylar is able to manipulate and ignite the air around her. Creating gusts of wind which can suddenly ignite to create a wall of flames. The larger the gust of wind or flame the larger the movement need to create it.
    Setbacks: Given that Skylar must be able to move freely in order to utilise her quirk, she isn’t as suited to confined spaces. When restrained her quirk is severely reduced.
    Additional information: The intensity of her flames is proportional to her emotions, if she is sad or afraid her flames are weaker, while her flames are even more intense when she is passionate or enraged. She is unaffected by her own flames and is able to move more freely due to her bodies reduced density as a result of her quirk.

    Name: Erik Masterson
    Hero Name: Erosion
    Age: 15
    Nationality: American
    Appearance: Shorter than his sister and considerably more bulky. Erik’s tan is much darker and his eyes are by comparison plain, brown with steely specks, while his hair is kept short and naturally a dark expresso on the backs and sides, with a small top knot above streaked with a single blue highlight
    Clothing: heavily distressed denim jeans with a white V-neck t-shirt and a black leather jacket coated in a water resistant layer.
    Hero Costume: Skin tight black under-suit atop of which lies dark pieces of body armor. Most noticeable are the hydraulic cylinders on his boots and gauntlets designed to help to break up solid rock for easy quirk use as well as helping Erik traverse various terrains.
    His gaunlets also are able to store samples of Water and Earth, keeping them in contact with Erik’s body but also ensuring Erik is able to freely use his hands.
    His helmet covers his entire head except his hair which is left to flow freely.

    Quirk (Type): Erosion (emitter)
    Explanation: Erik is able to manipulate the Earth, mainly dirt and rocks, and Water around him provided it is in contact with a part of his body, for example if he were to hold a rock taken from his surroundings in one hand it would allow him to manipulate the rocks around him. Likewise he needs to be in contact with a sample of nearby water in order to manipulate it.
    Setbacks: His quirk relies on the availability of resources, so an area without easy access to water starves him of half his quirks abilities. When Rocks or dirt are not available, materials such as sand or cement can be used but his control over these materials is reduced
    Additional information: His quirk allows him to stay underwater for an extended period of time without breathing, as well as enhancing his physical strength and resistance.
  2. Name: Yin "Sonata" Pantari

    Hero Name: Moonlight Sonata

    Age (Year): 15

    Nationality: American

    Appearance: She has Long, Ragged Black hair that covers her left eye. She stands at 5'10. She has tanned skin, showing that she had spent plenty of time outside. Her eyes are Speculated to be Purple, but her Left eye in unknown.

    Clothing: She wears a Casual set of the following: A Grey sweatshirt, usually covering a Black Shirt with white Japanese Markings (Most likely "Yang" or something along those lines.), while also wearing Blue jeans. She wears a Gold bracelet with red on it for unknown reasons.

    Hero Costume: Her Darkness quirk shows in it. A moon-like symbol is seen on her chest, with Multiple Yellow marks on her Gloves and Boots. The most notable feature about her costume is the fact that it looks as if it Moves with the Shadows.

    Personality: She is a Quiet, Shy person, never going into the Groups. She keeps to herself, only giving the occasional wave. It is speculated that she is Mute.

    Quirk (Type): Half Light-Half Dark (Transformation)

    Explanation: A mixture of the Darkness and Light quirks. The darkness side of her quirk allows her to Either hide in the shadows, or send shadows at her opponents for offensive measures. Her light side is more of a support side, allowing her to heal minor wounds(Cuts, Bruises, ect.), while allowing for Light-based attacks. Photon is an example of a Light attack, while Spread Zero(an almost Replicated version of Photon) is a example of a Dark attack. They work in Unison with each other, granting different buffs for each mode and/or creature she creates. She is able to use her Quirk's powers without being in the modes, but they are more stronger in them.
    Dark mode: Darkness is more Powerful, and goes for more Attack-based approach.
    Light: Light is more Powerful, and allows for more Accurate healings.
    Setback: Her powers are Restricted to her them self. She needs to have a piece of that creature in order to make the clone. For her modes, she would have a limited time in each of her modes before she would start to feel Sick. She has a Timer for switching the Transformations. In addition, she needs to chant words in order to use the specified Attacks.
    Additional information: Her quirk allows her to Hide in shadows, as well as Most areas in Sunlight.
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  3. Name: Tamaki Shinigami
    Hero Name: Graviton
    Age (Year): 15
    Nationality: British
    Appearance: Stands at 5'8" tall with Fair skin, Dark blue eyes and Medium smooth Grey hair with a few Wine red streaks along the front.
    Clothing: He wears the traditional U.A uniform along with his White scarf. Outside of school, he wears a Black tank top under a Charcoal pea coat, Beige jeans, Black shoes and his White scarf.
    Hero Costume: He wears a Black long coat almost resembling a bishop's robe, Silver gauntlets, Silver boots, a bigger white scarf that covers his mouth and a Black mask with slits instead of eye holes that covers his eyes.
    Personality: He is a calm and friendly person who tends to go with the flow. However if anyone is rude to him, he wouldn't hesitate to talk back or be even ruder to them. He tries his best to comfort someone whenever he thinks they may need it and can be very cruel when angry.

    Quirk (Type): Gravity Manipulation (Emitter)
    Explanation: His brain can emit an odd magnetic wave that can can manipulate the gravity around himself or anyone he wants to either float, walk on vertical areas or make them extremely heavy.
    Setback: He can only manipulate gravity around a maximum of three living beings (himself included) at a time, anyone within ten to fifteen meters of himself and for a maximum of fifteen minutes. If he tries to manipulate gravity over his time limit or on more than three beings, he will be prone to extreme headaches and may even pass out if he uses his quirk recklessly.
    Additional information: He is also quite skilled in hand to hand combat.
  4. I’m not so sure about the light and darkness quirks, so could you please explain those quirks themseyrather than assuming everyone knows what you mean
  5. Accepted
  6. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Name: Jack Packer
    Hero Name: Steal Q
    Age (Year): 15
    Nationality: French
    Appearance: Pale skin , green eyes and white hair
    Clothing:[​IMG] A White T shirt , a vest that say "don't try to mess with me" and some regular jeans, he always has his white and green headphones on
    Hero Costume: He wears an purple black full body suit that resembles Genji's ((Overwatch ))
    Personality: When he is mad he gets cocky , he is kind of a jerk but when you get to know him hes really nice

    Quirk (Type): Hack (emitter?)
    Explanation: he can hack anything and do what he wants
    Setback: he us vulnerable when using his quirk,
    Additional information: nothing
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  7. Your quirk just screams Autoing
  8. Name: Adrien Chambers
    Hero Name: Ecto
    Age (Year): 15 (I guess it would be kind of silly to have an older character in a different year XD )
    Nationality: English, British.
    Adrien constantly manages to exude the aura of somebody who just can’t quite be bothered today. His gold flecked brown eyes are ringed with dark circles at all times, a clear give away that he doesn’t get as much sleep as he should. His hair while actually brown might as well be black unless in harsh light and is kept shaven short on the sides but longer on top, the latter being roughly brushed to the left. His nose is pretty unremarkable, slightly smaller than average perhaps but not noticeably so. Now at the age where shaving is something he has to worry about Adrien makes a half-hearted effort and as such usually has short stubble darkening his face. His frame is quite lithe, the result of spending most of his childhood outside climbing trees in his local forest. For the same reason his arms, hands and legs bare various small scars. Despite all the time he spent outside in his youth his skin remains on the pale side, possibly a small side effect of his quirk.

    Clothing: Adrien doesn’t really belive in dressing up for any occasion so its t-shirts, hoodies and jeans whenever applicable. He also has a few caps that he’s been known to pair up with his standard outfits. The most notable of these caps has a stylized cobra on it. His hoodies are generally dark shades of grey, blue or green. The only “luxury” item that he wears is a pair of black nylon Doc Martin boots which were gifted to him by his father. He also owns a practical metal Casio watch.

    Hero Costume: A mix of practicality and style, Adrien’s hero costume reflects the nature of his quirk quite nicely. Black combat trousers and boots form the base of the outfit, leading upwards into a simple black long sleeve shirt. Over his hands he wears a pair of leather gloves, again black. Slotted over his shirt is a minimalistic tactical vest, essentially just made up of a single dark green chest piece. On this bit of chest armour sits his logo, a stylized ghost with red eyes. Dark green kneepads and elbow-pads add a more colour to the outfit. A hood extends from the back of the shirt over Adrien’s head, black on the inside but an eerie spectral green on the inside. Finally a simple and almost featureless face mask is worn to conceal the boy’s face, the same green as his chest piece. The only notable thing about this mask is the visor, consisting of a red circle with an upside down triangle at it's center. This gives the boy a very spectral appearance in the dark.

    Personality: As his appearance suggests Adrien is always rather tired, slightly more irritable than most and would rather be sleeping than whatever it is he is currently caught up in. Looking beyond this though you’ll find a good natured individual with a strong sense of right and wrong and a passion for sarcasm and wit. He is actually sharper than you might assume as well but has a terrible tendency to forget important details. The young man has a soft spot for misfits and outcasts, and forms strong bonds with his friends and family even if he does try to avoid being crushed by physical affection from his mother.

    Quirk (Type): Phantom (transformation I suppose? Kind of hard to pin down.)
    Explanation: The wielder of the perk shares many attributes with that of a ghost. These include limited self levitation (He can float like a meter off the ground and can't move any faster than he would be able to run anyway), the ability to become impermeable and slip through solid objects and finally the ability to summon ghostly tendrils from his body that work as powerful appendages.
    Setback: Adrien can't breathe whilst impermeable as air passes right through him. So he can only use this quirk as long as he can hold his breath.
    Additional information: Slight allergy to cheese.

    I will finish off the bio ASAP but I have to head off to work and wanted to put my foot in the door as it were. Should be completed later today :)
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  9. Name: Klaus Cantrell
    Hero Name: Miasma
    Age (Year): 15
    Nationality: German/American
    Appearance: Klaus' build is somewhat bulky for his age, but nothing excessive. He's 5'9 and has blond hair and blue eyes.
    Clothing: His casual clothing is usually a tattered jean jacket with a black t-shirt with a white skull and cross bones in the middle underneath, ripped up jeans with lots of white patches on it and black sneakers.
    Hero Costume: He wears a shirt that looks as if it's chainmail and wears a black jacket with a flared out collar at the end over it. There are holes in the back of the jacket, allowing spikes to come out of his back without ripping it. There are metal vambraces on his forearms with spiked edges, with several purple jewels encrusted in them. He wears black pants with metal shin guards and knee guards, and black boots.
    Personality: Klaus is blunt and of few words. He is usually reactive rather than proactive in most situations, which is reflected in the defensive nature of his quirk. He intimidates others to prevent them from seeing his fragile self, and is pretty horrendous when it comes to relationships.

    Quirk (Type): Toxic Spikes (Transformation I think?)
    Explanation: Spikes imbued with toxins can sprout from anywhere on the user's body. On contact with skin, the spikes cause a stinging, fiery pain in the area it touches from anywhere between 1 and 15 minutes. The power of the toxins varies on how fatigued the user is. (If energized, stronger and longer effect, if fatigued, weaker and shorter.) The spikes are mainly used defensively, but can be shot out, kinda like a porcupine.
    Setback: The spikes can grow to any length but the longer they grow, the slower and less responsive the user is. As the spikes weigh the user down significantly, only about 5 can be used at a time. If the limit on how many spikes can be used at a time is exceeded, the user becomes exhausted and is rendered useless for a short period of time.
    Additional information: Despite having a poison-based quirk, Klaus is very susceptible to illness and has a lot of allergies. He was born in America raised by German parents but only has the slightest hint of an accent.
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  10. Name: Surya Jagatha
    Hero Name: The Sharpshooter Hero, Savitr
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Indian, American

    Surya has olive skin and a long mess of curly black hair. He has violet and tired, thin eyes. His height isn't very out of the ordinary, standing at a modest 5'6''. His physique isn't much to write home about either. His frame is very compact and not all that muscular.

    He typically wears very comfortable clothing, such as sweats, hoodies, etc. He also has a habit of wearing slip-on shoes. The colors of his clothes are of very pale and monotone shades. His favorite sweater is probably a blue and red leather U.A. letterman jacket that he received from his late father, who was a U.A. alumnus.
    Hero Costume: Surya's costume is extremely easy to maneuver in. He wears a black sleeveless top with metallic shoulder pads, along with a black bottom with kneepads. The top is covered in a grey and very lightweight kevlar vest. As for his support items, he wears black framed and neon-lensed UV goggles to help his aim. He also has a modest arsenal of BB weapons in a sling on his back, most notoriously his sniper.

    Personality: Though at first Surya may come off as ditsy and blunt when you first meet him, you will soon learn that he is capable of extreme focus and seriousness when the time comes. He is generally very good at adapting to most situations, whether that be in battle or everyday life. He acknowledges that he typically doesn't take schoolwork as seriously as he should, but Surya possesses exceptional promise when it battlefield tactics and the likes.

    Quirk: Momentum (Emitter)
    Surya is able to charge large amounts of momentum, or the difficulty of a moving object to stop, in an object. Surya typically uses it to put things into a temporary 'juggernaut state' in which it maintains constant velocity no matter what force acts upon it. This can be used to send things flying farther and also giving normally weak and nonefficient projectiles the potential to do things such as breaking through stone. He is also able to reduce momentum in an object, weakening impact and even bringing projectiles to a complete stop in his direct vicinity. He has yet to master this ability, though.

    -When charging objects with momentum he is usually immobilized, meaning that he is currently unable to use this in close combat. This means that he has to rely on ranged weapons while using his quirk he is left vulnerable.
    -Momentum also lacks any direct close combat capabilities.
    -It also has no effect on his aim, so he is still prone to missing his shots.
    -The ability also works within a certain range, so it's powerless if he doesn't time it correctly.
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    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Ill take out the controlling people, okay?
  12. Hm....quite the roster of rpers building up here. Although im noticing not a lot of mutation quirks, which makes me wanna create one. Problem is, im stuck on two decisions. So let me ask, which sounds more interesting, Lung based, or aquatic creature based?
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  13. If you ask me, I think the aquatic creature based one sounds more interesting.
  14. I'd choose the aquatic creature based-quirk. The number of weird animals in the depths of the ocean is too much to pass up.
  15. Something tells me this sudden appearance of new character bios just might be enough to resurrect this thread.
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  16. hey there! i was actually in one of your previous bnha roleplays, but it died out fairly quickly. if its all good and if this one’s making a comeback, i’d love to reuse the character! i was pretty fond of her ;w;;
    Name: Ren Otsuka
    Hero Name: Crystalline
    Age (Year): 14
    Nationality: Hawaiian (born & raised in japanese culture)
    Appearance: Rather small in nature, Ren stands at maybe 5’2 and weighs in at around 116lbs. Her skin is rather tan, especially around her shoulders and such. Her hair, black and wavy, ends just below her shoulders. Her eyes are a deep, murky green.
    Clothing: A long sleeved, light pink blouse with sleeves that slightly puff out before the wrist cuffs, similarly to how a sweatshirt does, but with a smoother material. Paired with this she wears a pair of lightwash jeans, with a leather belt in the middle, as well as a pair of dark red tennis shoes. Usually seen with a gold locket.
    Hero Costume: Because her Quirk can’t be assisted much from a costume, Ren’s is designed to just allow her to use it to her full potential. A thin, black turtleneck bodysuit promoting mobility, with sleeves ending just below her elbows. On each of her forearms is a pink, protective plate to use as a makeshift shield. Similar plates reside on her legs, like shin-guards. Around her hips is the generic utility belt, with the basic medical gear and such. For shoes, she actually wears a pair of what seems like cleats, with small spikes to aid her balance, in the same light pink hue.
    Personality: Despite knowing its faults, Ren is incredibly emotional, and isn’t too good at hiding it, especially with her Quirk (See: end of ‘Extra’). She can be rather blunt, and usually only notices after she’d spoken, which usually ends in fervent apologies. Forever an optimist, she always urges people to look on the bright side. This ever-hopeful nature makes her a bit of a hopeless romantic, but not so much that it gets in the way of her hero work.

    Quirk (Type): Quartz Spike; Transformation
    Explanation: Ren has the ability to produce spikes of quartz on her body, due to the amount of oxygen in her body. The quartz is fairly sturdy in most cases, often used offensively when she grows them as sharp daggers connected to her hands. Being able to manipulate her quartz at will, she can also bend it when it is off her body. For example, if she were to make a wall of quartz to defend something, she could grow a spike on her forearm, chip it off onto the ground, and raise up a wall from that point.
    Setback: Because the quartz is formed from the oxygen in her system, overusage leaves her incredibly winded and in desperate need of a recovery time before using it again. Additionally, the quality of the quartz worsens over time. Initially, for example, the quartz would be incredibly sturdy and hard to break; if she were to use it relentlessly over time, it would slowly become more brittle. Essentially what this means is that Ren specializes in short term, up close battles. Fights requiring endurance often leave her gasping for air.
    Extras: The quartz’ color reflects Ren’s emotion, but not perfectly. Regular, clear quartz usually, but if she is incredibly embarrassed or furious, rose quartz and smokey quartz might make an appearance. Sometimes when she’s overly emotional, she loses some control of the crystals, as well. If she were super flustered, those aforementioned rose quartz crystals would sprout along her elbows, cheeks, and spine. These little shard outbursts make her incredibly easy to read.
  17. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Name: Nakito Sikurai
    Hero Name: Organio
    Age (Year): 14 (Freshman)
    Nationality: American
    Appearance: Nakito normally stands at 5'4" and has tan skin. He's definitely not muscular and is neither skinny nor overweight. His eyes is black and so is his messy hair.
    Clothing: He usually wears a simple gray t-shirt with black pants and shoes.
    Hero Costume: A suit that covers most of his body except for openings like eyes and mouth. Its form changes with his quirk due to a special material and when the openings disappear so does the holes in the suit.
    Personality: Nakito is pretty easy-going and lazy about most things. He's friendly but not exactly a go-getter. Usually he needs to be motivated by a reward in order to get him to do stuff that's not necessary to function like a normal member of society. He cares about his friends but just to hang out with them. His moral compass isn't too bad despite his laziness as he's against evil actions and people.
    Quirk: Body Shapeshifting (Transformation)
    Nakito can move his body parts externally and internally in whatever way he wants. This includes muscles, organs, bones, blood, etc.
    Setbacks: Can't change it into something that his body doesn't have. Like he can't grow a tail or turn into anything that is non-human. Also he turns into a puddle of goop with a mouth, eyes, and arms that can move around when he overuses his ability. For some odd reason he actually usually is in this way even without overusing his quirk?

    Basically lazy shapeshifter boi. Also for his "goop" form basically imagine a slime with arms but the color of the outside is tan.
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  18. Just wanted to note this would be a Transformation Quirk, seeing as the whole thing has to do with altering your regular form.
    Unless his body is constantly in an unusual state due to the quirk, its not a Mutation.
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  19. I come back to so many replies hoo wee
  20. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Thanks I was confused on what to put it as
  21. I'll start working through all your bios soon
  22. Name: Alyssa Green
    Hero Name: Gum Girl
    Age (Year): 14 (First Year)
    Nationality: American
    Appearance: Alyssa is an overall small girl, not quite developed even at her 'teenage age'. She stands at around 5'1 and has a rather flat figure, overall skinny and fragile with the slightest curve at her hips. Lyss dons rather fair skin, with a visible pink undertone that flashes when she is embarrassed or flustered. Her round face sports a set of rosy, thin lips; large, sparkling, emerald green eyes; and a button-like nose. The girl's hair is thick and dark purple, contrasting form the rest of her fair body, it is bluntly chopped off about an inch below her shoulders and typically parted in the middle then simply left down.
    Clothing: When not in uniform, Lyss sports a t-shirt. Either plain or with some sort of pun or picture on the front, that always makes her chuckles but never seems to catch the attention of anyone else. She matches said shirt with a range of colorful skirts and white sneakers, which are the only sneakers she owns.
    Hero Costume: Alyssa decided to have a lot of fun when making her costume, but it was completely rejected by her father, a pro hero, who claimed it would get in the way. After getting rid of all the fluffiness and lace- Lyss was left with a bright pink jump suit with blakc stripes down either side of her shoulders. She then layers a tight and short tutu over it, and straps over her shoulders connect to the skirt, holding jars which are intended to store her glue for easy access so she doesn't have to make it during battles. Lastly, the costume consists of a bright pink helmet, like a motorcycle helmet that exposes her face- which is typically decorated with pink-warpaint.
    Personality: Alyssa is a loud girl, happy-go-lucky but also dangerously tenacious. Though immature and obnoxious at times, Alyssa tends to think things through despite her actions seemingly having no point. The girl can be rather manipulative and cunning, though she's outright friendly to everyone anyways. Fear is something that Lyss might have never experienced, but she loves a good challenge and never backs down form anything; she's rather cocky but also tends to give props to others who preform better than her. Alyssa is a hardworking when it comes training time or a sparring match, but she tends to goof-off before hand, finding herself easily distracted and bored until competition is brought up.

    Quirk (Type): Gum (Emitter)
    Explanation: Alyssa can virtually stick any items together. Whether this be gluing together few pebbles to make a rock, or actually forcing people to stick to there environment. With just her fingers applied to any object, Alyssa can create a gooey, bright pink substance that dries in a matter of milliseconds. This glue is not impossible to break, but depending on the amount of time spent of the applying the glue, it typically take 10-20 minutes to break out of without a quirk.
    Setback: Alyssa can't produce her glue-like substance if she is either too cold or too hot, it also takes time and she must make actual contact with both objects to mend them together.

    Name: Marcus Vidal
    Hero Name: Chameleon
    Age (Year): 15 (First Year)
    Nationality: Spanish
    Appearance: Marcus has a slender build, with unlikely skinny features and an overall tall appearance. Long legs and arms are matched by an even torso, wrapped in tanned skin. He typically sports a mark of some kind; from practicing with quirks, at the very least. He has a long face, with sharp features and a constant tired sort of look. Marc's eyes are soft, a light grayish color with hints of honey-brown towards the inner iris. He sports an attempt of stumble, that makes it's way across his jaw line- matching the mahogany locks upon the top of his head. Marc has rather curly hair, reddish-brown in color, it reaches his jawline when down- but is usually pulled back in one form or another.
    Clothing: Marcus always wears shorts, no matter the weather. Typically a set of khakis that are darker than most, matched with similarly colored boots. He sports a plain white t-shirt, on most days he'll be covering that with a thick, green bomber jacket that adorns a small pin of the Spanish flag on the left side of the chest.
    Hero Costume: Due to the variety of Marc's quirk, a hero suit that was super compatible was hard to come by. He could care less about designs or extra accessories, so he decided that simply was the best way to go. A tight, long-sleeved, black shit is tucked into a pair of rather baggy, brown pants. Underneath both pieces of clothing is a set out thin braces to keep his body together when he uses transformation quirks. He sports a thick, bullet-proof jacket- which often slows him down so he'll just drop it off before a fight. Most often, when in costume- he sets his hair in a bun with a head-band to keep it out of his face.
    Personality: A bit on the hot-headed side, Marcus tends to be a bit arrogant and he pays fastidious attention to other's failures. Marc had always been ahead of the game as far as quirks go, especially in his home country of Spain- where superheroes and villains weren't quite as popular as they are in Japan. When he moved to Musutafu, Marc never quite lost his entitle nature. He's quicker to judge a mistake than praise a job well done. What's not as obvious as his cocky attitude, is how hard Marc is on himself. He tends to not take losses very well; and behind the angry outburst that he focuses towards others, he is really just upset at himself.

    Quirk (Type): Quirk Copying (?)
    Explanation: Marc has the ability to recreate any quirk he sees; he must see it live (over any electronic won't cut it). Whether it be a physical metamorphosis or energy creation, once Marcus has witnessed the use of said quirk- it's his just as well as his opponent's. He can copy enhancement quirks, but is unable to directly copy someone's moves, or combative capabilities.
    Setback: Marc uses excess energy in his body to recreate any quirk he has recently seen; therefore his body may not be used to said quirk. Each quirk would have it's own consequences, but the most obvious ones happened quickly- sometimes even while he's in the middle of using it. He can make fire, for example, but it would burn his skin and cause his body temperature to rise; and often times body enhancements are temporary, and injuries from scratches to broken bones would appear after it wore off. He can also only copy one quirk at a time; he must see another quirk before being able to change whatever he was using. And if the memory of the quirk is not fresh in his mind; he'll often lose the ability to use it.
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