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Private/Closed MHA: The New 1-A

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Frontier Master, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Kazumi was less than indifferent when he received his acceptance letter briefly glancing it over before continuing with his training. He had never doubted he was going to be accepted, but the confirmation did help bolster his slightly fractured confidence.

    Kazumi Sawatari
    U.A. Student
    Class 1-A (Hero)
    Placing 4th

    He had struggled to maintain control over his new neodymium format during the entrance exam and was kicking himself for only placing 4th overall. He had been aiming for top 3 but at least he hadn’t been placed outside the top 5. None the less Kazumi had seen his soon to be classmates and rivals during the entrance exam, motivating him to train harder than ever to hone his skills and outshine even the best of his classmates.
    Kazumi now stood at one end of an abandoned basketball court; tires, barrels and various barriers scattered across the former court
    “45 seconds to finish the course or we run it again” said the slightly raised voice of Kazumi’s father “Go!”
    Kazumi raced forward from his starting position in human form, hopping his way though the tires and jumping over barriers with ease. Morphing only his fists in order to crush or smash the variety of barrels filled with various materials.
    *RATTLE* ... *SHNICK*
    Kazumi let out a sudden cry of surprise as a razor sharp shard of metal grazed his thigh “What the hell was that for!”
    “You were too focused on speed that you stopped being aware of your surroundings. Do it again! We are not leaving until you can finish this course unscathed and under the time limit, you need to be able to morph at less than even a seconds notice!”


    The U.A. Building was even now breath-taking in its grandeur, Kazumi stood at the gates just soaking in the Atmosphere “I’m here and this is real now” he thought to himself as he took the first step and joined the growing throng of students moving to their home rooms. Kazumi slipped into 1-A as silently as possible taking a seat three rows back as a neutral starting position for his new life. Half looking out for some of his more impressive classmates from the entrance exam, Kazumi must have been lost in his own thoughts because it wasn’t until about 5 minutes of sitting at his new desk flipping though his welcome pack that he realized who his home room teacher actually was. ‘It’s EraserHead!’ Thought Kazumi, his heart pounding with anticipation.
  2. Tamaki relaxed on the sanctuary that was the living room couch as he watched TV and stroked his pet cat, Sakura. "Tamaki!" His father called. "You've got a letter, it looks important!" He added, Tamaki raised an eyebrow before he remembered what he did when he wanted to get into U.A; how something so important to him slipped his mind was anyone's guess. Tamaki turned off the TV and walked up to his father, a somewhat chubby man who handed him the letter, he went to sit down at the kitchen table before he opened and began to read it, not realizing the cat jumped on to the table to take a peek at the letter.

    "YES!!!" Tamaki shouted which caused the cat to jump and fall off the table, Tamaki was quick and activated his quirk to reverse the gravity for a few seconds to break Sakura's fall, then released it and let the cat land safely on to the floor. "Heh... sorry Sakura." Tamaki said as he scratched the back of his head whilst his father rushed into the kitchen. "What happened?" He asked as he picked up the cat and looked at the letter. "Oh my god! My son's gonna become a hero!" He said with clear delight as he went to give his son a one armed hug.


    Once Tamaki arrived outside the U.A. building, he widened his eyes in awe at the look of it. "It looks better than in the pictures." He said to himself before he began to join the crowd and head into the academy, he checked his schedule to see which class he was in. "Hmmm, class 1-A huh? Doubt I'll forget that anytime soon." He joked to himself as he went into the classroom and looked for a place to sit, he chose to sit at the desk in the second row both horizontally and vertically close to the door before he looked back and nodded with a smile in greeting to the other student who arrived before him and turned his head back to look at EraserHead and any other student who had yet to arrive.
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  3. (OOC: too lazy to write the whole 'before school scene')
    Naki released a low groan at the crowd of students who flooded through the gates of the school. "Is it always this crowded?" the boy muttered. He stood on his tippy-toes to look over the crowd before shrugging mockingly, "1-A. I don't have time to wait with losers like this." Naki grinned before he took a step back and activated his quirk. Beside from the occasional bump, which hardly even went noticed, Naki made it through the crowd in a matter of seconds and stood at the door. He soon realized what was the hold up at the entrance to the school: the amount of students who were lost and seeking assistance from staff. Naki huffed, these wanna-be heroes couldn't even find their way around the school.
    After a scornful yet playfully competitive glare, Naki continued to activate his quirk and rapidly maneuver between bodies to end up at the door to his classroom. An overall empty classroom, it still sort of upset the boy that he wasn't the first one there. With a huff, the boy tightened the grip on his bag- the people sitting in this room were the one's who he was going to have to compete with. Class 1-A of U.A. High School, the best of the best. Naki looked up at the pro-hero, his homeroom teacher. Eraserhead was a well-known hero overall, but Naki; who was more interested in power than anything else, never found the man to be anything super impressive. With a shrug, Naki decided to sit down without saying anything.
  4. The letter was here, as suspected. Obviously she’d get a letter. Whether it was an acceptance or denial.. that part was debatable.
    Ren Otsuka had been impatiently fidgeting for the past week or so, positively dying to see that envelope. Now that it was in her hands, she kind of wanted to do everything other than open it. But her family was watching, holding their breaths, almost more scared than Ren herself. So, reluctantly, she picked at it until she got it open.
    “To the Otsuka family...” she read aloud, mumbling as she skipped around to the important part. “We are... pleased to announce your acceptance into U.A High School!” The more she read along, the higher and louder her voice got, until she shouted the ending, tiny honey-colored quartz spikes erupted from her cheeks. Elated, her family cheered, her older brother barreling into her for a hug. Nothing could damper her mood.


    Oh, God.
    A sickening pit of worry planted into her stomach. Shaky breaths stuttered from her mouth, her grip on her bag tightening.
    This was it.
    U.A High School.
    With unsure steps, she slowly passed through the gate, attempting to take a steady breath.
    Jesus, Ren. Calm down.
    Wringing her hands, she ducked her head and slowly entered the building. Class 1-A... this class was the most famous about three years ago, producing more top-ranking heroes than U.A ever had. And now she was in that class, having to live up to that expectation.
    She stood before the massive door, tilting her head up. Tiny green crystals formed on her hands. Stress, anxiety, nerves.
    Crushing them in her palm and chipping them off, she slowly pushed the door open. Only a few other people were there before her, and she slowly took a seat towards the front, studying the room.
  5. Ryoko was sitting alone at home, taking a break from her training at the backyard. It was usual for her to spend time alone, since both of her parents were pretty busy people. Ryoko's father was a doctor, meaning he was barely home most of the time, and her mother a secretary for the chairman of a big company, so both of them left early. Shaking her head, she laid down on the cool tiles of the floor and brought a hand to her mouth to start biting her thumbnail, waiting for U.A's letter was harder than she expected.

    The very second the doorbell rang, the blue haired girl ran to open up and greet the delivery man, wrapping the towel she was previously using around her neck. After retrieving the letter from said man, and him wishing her good luck, Ryoko went up a small coffee table to rip it open. A loud sigh of relief escaped her lips the moment she read that she got in, not in first place but that wasn't the most important. She could only imagine her parents reactions, they would certainly be proud of her.


    Standing in front of the massive gates of the U.A High School everything felt more real, she was accepted into U.A and in class 1-A no less. Making her way through many new students, none was any face she recognized from the entrance exam. The girl stopped in front of the great door to her new classroom, trying to calm down thinking about any other casual things. Gripping the strap of her bag tightly, she walked in and noticed there were a few people in the class already. Facing down, she moved four rows back, on the far right of the room. Once she hung her backpack on the side of the desk, she noticed that the homeroom teacher was no other than the pro-hero "Eraserhead", a hero she admired. This year sure looked promising.
  6. Shao was busy eating ice cream and chips when his acceptance letter arrived. “Let’s see here...” he said, opening it up. His straight face became a grin, and a large one at that, and he raised his plasma arms to the sky. “Heck Yeah!!!” He yelled.
    Shao Tahko
    Class 1-A (Hero)
    Placing 5th
    “Top five...” he muttered under his breath as he walked back through the gates to the school. “UA... I cant believe it... crazy...” he said, wiping his brow. He remembered his mom, dad, and older brother’s reactions. “UA! Seriously!?” “Son, I can’t belive it!” “Even I didn’t get into UA! That’s insane!! And class 1-A!?”
    He walked through the busy halls and waded through the crowds of people. “Class 1-A... that’s something to be proud of...” he said, grinning as he walked in, setting his bag on husband desk and seeing that none other than Eraserhead was the homeroom teacher.

    “Sweet!” He said with an undying grin. This was his class. It was time to show everyone his Hyper Arms.
  7. Asuka's letter had arrived.

    That wasn't too much of a shock. After all, UA had to reply somehow. Whether it was good news or bad news, however…

    The vulture girl jabbed her talon-like fingernail into the top of the official-looking envelope, slicing it open in one swift motion.

    …That was for her to find out.

    She waited with bated breath as she haphazardly took out the enclosed sheet of paper, only for it to—rather anticlimactically—slip out of her hands. Asuka caught it mere moments before it connected with the floor, straightening it out and reading it.

    "Are you… are those tears? Damn, I didn't think you could feel emotions anymore. Well, aside from whatever emotion made you want to stack all of my books on top of the roof."

    Hayato had a moment of realisation as he set down his bag, glancing at the UA seal on the letter in Asuka's hands and then back at her face. Perhaps his joke had been poorly timed.

    "Oh, oh sh… uh, sorry. What happened? Is it b-"

    "I got accepted!" Asuka rushed over to her brother, embracing him with tears streaming down her cheeks.

    Hayato joined in wholeheartedly, tears of his own beginning to fall from his yellow eyes.

    "I'm so proud of you!"

    Asuka desperately tried to disguise the proverbial knot in her stomach as she arrived at the school's pearly gates. This was the UA after all. The UA that had turned out the largest class of successful pro heroes known to date just three years before. The legendary Class 1-A.

    The same class she would soon be attending.

    As she wandered the halls of UA, any and all odd stares she'd formerly gotten thanks to her quirk had diminished. If anything, she was in good company: a guy she saw earlier had tusks reminiscent of an elephant, and a girl with a second face in her stomach had rushed past, muttering something about having to quickly get to class.

    Regardless, she kept a straight face as she kicked the wheels on her shoes open, carefully pulling the door to class 1-A towards her and rolling in.

    Unlike everyone else, Asuka didn't so much as glance at the teacher's desk. Instead, she wheeled over to the back of the classroom rather recklessly, taking a seat at the very back in the leftmost corner. She peered over the heads in front of her at the clock—there was at least a bit of time before class started. She propped her feet up on the desk, glancing over her shoulder to check her backpack for a piece of gum.

    For better or for worse, this was certainly going to be an interesting year.
  8. “Alright everyone, sit down shut up, and pay attention , I have no idea who you are, where you’re from or how good you think you are, and I don’t care. The people you were outside these walls means nothing now. From this moment on you are Class 1-A. Your belongings have already been moved into your allocated dorm rooms and we will be doing your first round of physical assessments shortly you have 10 minutes to get changed into your gym uniform and meet me on the practice fields, go” A simple monotone voice called out from the front of the room, Eraserhead stood in front of the class making his declaration before casually exiting the room and slowly making his way toward the fields
    Kazumi was a little taken back by the simple declarative nature of Eraserhead’s first announcement but the young hero-to-be soon caught on and followed his teacher out of the room.


    “Now the first series of tests will be to determine your physical endurance, strength and speed, there are three parts to this test. See those weights over there, all you have to do is stand holding the weights until you can’t hold it anymore, you will be scored on who can hold on the longest. The second is your chance to show off your offensive power, you need to smash progressively thicker slabs of wood, until you can't get through. Finally is a simple test of speed, in pairs you will do a 100m dash and run a mile, Those of you with levitation abilities must still follow the course route ,you’re racing against the clock for this test not your peers.” Eraserhead has raised his voice only slightly from that of the classroom to the field, taking out a small clipboard as his class gathered in a semi circle around him.

    ‘Ok well, my quirk will be great for the first two but no help at all for the speed test, I know there will be more tests after but if these tests are supposedly the physical ones I can probably afford to go all out this early, still I did pretty well in the entrance exam but I’m not sure how the classes were decided so I could have those that beat me as peers now, so I’ve got no real idea how any of these tests will play out. I guess titanium would be a good metal for the first test if all I have to do is support a weight.’ Kazumi’s mind raced as he continued to strategise for the tests to come.
  9. Naki watched the room fill up with all different kinds of people. From the shiest kitten in the corner to the cocky grin of a number of students, he scoffed at each one and turned his attention towards the ticking hands of the clock. He was impatient, his quirk pretty much shaped that trait in the boy, but he simply couldn't wait to get started. Still, Eraserhead's speech took the boy by surprise. Whether the prohero had simply taught his job far too long, or really had a subliminal message; Naki could care less, but he took it as a challenge.
    The boy waited for the others to pour out the door before he followed in the back of the line, he only stayed there for a moment before racing up to the front using his quirk. Once outside, a grin formed on the boy's face at the mention of a series of tests. This much, his quirk was made for. Unfortunately, though, it seemed more of the tests were based of strength than speed. This much, he had absolutely no hope of winning. "I can't do the first test." Naki stated plainly, though he doubted anyone could hear it. He was better off quitting now than embarrassing himself on the test. There it was: Naki's less than persistant attitude, and his knack for giving up. The boy never saw it as a bad thing, he'd rather retreat the battle and win the war.
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  10. Nova got out of bed late, yawning. Her alarm clock was ringing, and she still had to get ready. She would just use her powers, it would be fine, right?

    After Nova had done her morning routine, it was even later, and she would’ve missed homeroom. She quickly used a portal to go to the outside grounds, and found the class there. She waved over, “HI! Sorry I’m late!” She ran in with everyone and stood next to someone with a very.. easily given up attitude. She smiled at him, “You can atleast try the test things, right?” @Barefoot_Kittens
  11. Listening to Aizawa’s introduction speech was surprisingly daunting. Maybe it was the dullness of his voice or the displeased, annoyed look in his eyes, but something about it sent shivers down Ren’s spine.

    Hundreds of thoughts were running through the girl’s head as she slowly tugged on the gym uniform. Sure, the girl’s locker-room was filled with conversation, but it couldn’t compare to what was going on in her head. Which, at the current moment, was a one-person pep talk.
    Okay, Ren, calm down. You placed 11th on the entrance exam, that’s not bad at all. You’re right in the middle; not bad, but definitely not good either. C’mon, deep breaths.
    Besides, shouldn’t this go better than the exam? You get breaks in between each test. It’ll be fine, you’ll do okay.

    Taking a quick, stabilizing breath, she followed the other girls in the class out to the field, where Aizawa-Sensei was giving everyone a rundown of what tests they’d be doing. The small green crystals had returned in her palms, but she made no effort to chip them away this time, as she tried to give the lecture her full attention. Which obviously didn’t work; she looked occupied, distracted, brow knitted in stress. No matter how many deep breaths she took she couldn’t calm her nerves.
    You’ve already made it in! You got through the hard part! For the love of God, Ren, calm down!
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  12. Shao rubbed is ams a bit and walked outside with what he thought was the coolest person in the world. 'He seems like the guy not to take bullcrap from anyone... I like it.' he thought with a smile, being one f the only people to be doing so right now made him stand out a little bit. "Yes sir mister Aizawa, I wild these tasks with precision. No, I will not try to do these tests well, I will do these tests well." he said with a salute.

    Placing 5th on the exams. No small feat. His hyper arms had come in handy then and they would now. No way would he let his first day at UA be a drag, even if the teacher was about as enthusiastic as potato starch. He was the opposite of calm. He was raring! Raring and fired up to train!!
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