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Private/Closed MHA: The New 1-A (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Frontier Master, Jan 16, 2019.


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  1. Welcome to the newest year at U.A Highschool, your have been in enrolled in Class 1-A a short three years after Midoriya first entered the school. The rp will begin on your first arrival to home room, Home room teacher will be chosen by the group before we start.

    • The normal Pokecharms rules apply.
    • In a battle with another participant's character, please discuss who's going to win in the battle.
    • Romance is allowed.
    • Swearing is fine as long as it's minor words, and occasional.
    • Your Quirk needs a setback. Mention that in your bio.
    • Please write proper length paragraphs with correct grammar punctuation, I will ask you to change it if it not up to standard

    • You may not usually control canon characters, the exception being if you ask me first. Though I'm not going to allow control of people like Deku and All For One.
    • If you want to use a fan-made Pro Hero, that's fine, but have a student please.

    Hero Name:
    Age (Year):
    Hero Costume:

    Quirk (Type):

    Name: Kazumi Sawatari
    Hero Name: The metal master Orion
    Age (Year): 15
    Appearance: 6’2 with short choppy silver hair, and slate computed eyes. He is very athletic with a strong physique, though not overly buff, his muscles are for use not for show.. he is lightly tanned when not in his metallic form.
    Clothing: a steel grey t shirt with an insignia of interlocked gears of gold, copper and tungsten. With a black leather hooded vest and lightly distressed dark jeans.
    Hero Costume: a nanotech body suit designed not to hinder Orion’s metal-morphosis, with a layer of lonsdaleite to help protect Orion while he transforms
    Personality: Occasionally cold but extremely determined and hard working, Orion doesn’t understand why some of his class mates don’t take the responsibility of being the next generation of heroes as seriously as he does

    Quirk (Name & Type): Metal-morph (Transformation)
    Explanation: Orion can convert any part of his body into a specific metal and manipulate this metal into various shapes or tools. Provided he thoroughly understands it’s properties and chemical make up. Can fire off small shards of metal as projectiles which will melt down and return to him on command though this takes some concentration
    Setback: When Orion takes on a specific metals qualities he also takes on its weaknesses. I.e the increased density of tungsten means he will be significantly slower to move.
    Extras: new metals take much longer to replicate though through practice this becomes easier
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  2. Name: Naki Naru
    Hero Name: Buzz
    Age (Year): 15
    Appearance: Naki's pretty average as far as size, never been too big no matter how much he tried to gain muscle mass. He stands at about 5'9 and tends to be more on the slender side, weighing around 150 pounds. The boy has creamy, olive colored skin that often changes tone depending on how time he spends outside daily. Naki sports rather sharp features, with prominent blue eyes sparking from behind the shadow cast by a pair of thick, dark eyebrows. His hair is a sort of sandy brown mix of dirty blonde and bleached almost white shades, with everything in between; his hair is shaved on the sides, fading into skin while left longer at the top where a Mohawk has formed that is usually kept in a french-braid style that runs to his shoulders. When unbraided, his hair will stick straight up about 4 inches to form a wave of a Mohawk.
    Clothing: When not in school uniform, Naki can be spotted in a pair of black and white sweatpants, one may wonder if it's the only thing in his closet, paired with a bright shirt. He also tends to wear expensive, collectible sneakers and baseball caps.
    Hero Costume: A slick, dark blue jumpsuit is tight but flexible across his whole body, including limbs and neck. This dark base is decorated by flashy dots of a reflective material, making him glisten in the light. He matches this suit with a thick, bright orange belt around his waist made of thin fabric, matching the material that is crafted into a mask wrapped around his eyes. Finishing off his costume is a pair of white and orange shoes with a thick, rubbery bottom; the bottom of these shoes were made specifically not to rub off during high speed friction.
    Personality: Naki has always had a sense of rather overwhelming pride, which branches off into two pain personality traits. One of which, is the boys cockiness and confidence in himself; often keeping him calm in seemingly difficult situations. The downside to Naki's pride is his incapability to fail, or at least his horrible reaction to failure. The boy gets easily frustrated with himself upon losing, typically ending in him either doing something stupid or just completely giving up. He can seem a bit lazy at first, giving up when things get hard- but he just lives on a sliding scale of overly tenacious to unmotivated. Naki is a bit of a jokester, preferring to go through life like a game than anything as serious as it is supposed to be; he is extremely lighthearted and it takes quite a bit to truly upset the boy.

    Quirk (Type): Enhanced Speed (Transformation Type)
    Explanation: The ever iconic Super-Speed shouldn't have to be explained. Naki can move his body at incredible speeds with little to no effort at all, not even severe training can get a regular human to even compete with Naki. The most obvious use for this quirk is quick transportation, making for enhanced reflexes and hardly traceable attacks.
    Setback: Just like a regular human, Maki gets tired. The boy's speed enhancement only last for a set amount of time, depending on his condition and energy at the time. Upon trying to push past that limit, Naki's speed will cut off completely until he feels recharged. The young male can typically tell when he is running out of energy, but his power cut off is typically sudden and tends to come up at the worst moments. With tarining, Mali can enhanced the set time he can use his quirk for, but as of now he ranges 5-10 minutes before the shut off.
    Extras: Naki may become frustrated with his quirk easily, being unable to master it at the most crucial of moments. This mindset tends to only worsen his grip on the speed, creating a cycle that he often only gets out of by quitting.
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  3. So... Naki is The Flash?
    Given how OP The Flash is I'm going to have to ask for the removal of the ability to phase through solid objects, may add a specific top speed for him at this point which can be improved as the RP continues
  4. I'm not sure how OP the flash is, but I am familiar with the character. I researched his ability actually to compose Naki's quirk XD. I was having some trouble trying to think of a setback. At first I was going to say that he could only get his speed based off of extra proteins in his body from eating, so he has to eat in order to move fast- more he eats the faster he move/ more he runs hungrier he gets. Then I figured that it was pretty lame XD. I don't know about specific top speed, maybe he can only run a certain amount before getting tired and begin unable to use his ability. If you really want, I can change it completely and use a different quirk- I don't mind, just say so.
  5. The super speed is fine, but the tiredness set back would be great.
    Maybe he’s a bit like kaminari where he has a set limit and after he goes over it he loses his speed
  6. Okay, thanks. I editted my form, tell me if thats alright.
  7. Name: Shao Tahko
    Hero Name: FUSEBOX
    Age (Year): 14
    Appearance: Shao is slightly tanned with golden yellow hair. He has green eyes. His arms are a yellow energy that acts as hands and a conductor of his power.
    Clothing: He usually wears a black jacket with an orange shirt underneath. He wears slightly ripped jeans and black tennis shoes.
    Hero Costume: A sleeveless black jacket. Down it is a yellow lightning bolt with an orange outline. He wears black pants that are the same material as his jacket. He also wears black boots to compliment it.
    Personality: He’s quick to a laugh or joke and is overly eccentric and overconfident. He always seems to be playing at a joke, and isn’t hesitant to get serious at all.

    Quirk (Type): Hyper Arms
    Explanation: His arms are a sort of electrical energy, but not truly voltage. He can use them to punch and do high damage or shoot energy blasts that vary in power.
    Setback: When used or overused, holes in husband arms appear and the more he uses or the more percentage of His power he uses, the holes grow. After using all the power, the arms dissolve completely and take some Time to materialize back.
    Extras: Power varies depending on feeling.
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  8. Great accepted

    @Jodie.xox welcome to the New 1-A sign up
  9. If I may make a suggestion for an alternative hero name, FUSEBOX, cause the more power he uses the more likely his arms are to completely dissolve.
    So his arms are made of electrical energy? Correct?
  10. Name: Mirai Kensaku
    Hero Name: Third Eye
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Mirai has extremely pale skin and looks a tad malnourished, weighing about 143 pounds. He stands at about 5'10" and has long, dark grey hair that extends down to about his shoulders. He has grey eyes that look almost black, and also has a third eye in the middle of his forehead. The third eye only opens when he uses his quirk, otherwise, it stays closed.
    Clothing: Mirai normally wears a black turtleneck sweater that's too big for him, with a light grey shirt underneath. He wears grey jeans and black boots with a soft furry lining.
    Hero Costume: Mirai wears a black choker around his neck with a metal symbol resembling an eye in the middle. He wears a dark purple scarf that is wrapped around his neck and extends down to give the illusion of a cape. He wears a black suit cut off at the forearms and calves, which have white eye patterns on the sleeves, and black vambraces that are pointed at the ends. He wears black sweatpants that are tucked into his normal boots. Gives off the overall appearance of a mage.
    Personality: Mirai is somewhat of a pacifist, willing to talk things out before engaging in hostility. He gets embarrassed easily and is a tad self-conscious about how he presents himself to others. He prefers to support others in combat rather than fight himself.

    Quirk (Type):
    Foresight (Emitter)
    Explanation: The user is able to foresee what any living organism will do 5 seconds to 20 seconds into the future. The user must touch the target with at least two fingers to activate. The user only projects the vision in their mind shortly, but is able to analyze the information. Mirai's third eye opens when the ability is in use.
    Setback: The user is unable to move while having their vision. Depending on how far the user sees into the future, the longer the vision will be. If the user sees 5 seconds into the future, the vision lasts 2 seconds. If it is 10 seconds, the vision lasts 4, etc. (Not being able to move being a major setback in a battle.) Excessive use causes to user to be afraid everything and have a major defense decrease for about 5 minutes. After the user has successfully used the ability, the user can't activate it again for another minute.
    Extras: Once the user has seen what the target will do, the user can attempt to manipulate the outcome of said action, such as avoiding a punch when the user sees that the target will punch them. The quirk is mainly used as support to avoid attacks.
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  11. Could you please further explain the ability to "Manipulate the outcome of said action". Because at this point it sounds like its just waiting to be abused, and it also seems to lean heavily toward Autoing
  12. Okay, I feel like I should add a lot more setbacks, but I did a bit of editing.
  13. i should really be learning to restrain myself with superpower roleplays. but its BNHA..!

    Name: Ren Otsuka
    Hero Name: Crystalline
    Age (Year): 14
    Appearance: Rather small in nature, Ren stands at maybe 5’2 and weighs in at around 116lbs. Her skin is rather tan, especially around her shoulders and such. Her hair, black and wavy, ends just below her shoulders. Her eyes are a deep, murky green.
    Clothing: A long sleeved, light pink blouse with sleeves that slightly puff out before the wrist cuffs, similarly to how a sweatshirt does, but with a smoother material. Paired with this she wears a pair of lightwash jeans, with a leather belt in the middle, as well as a pair of dark red tennis shoes. Usually seen with a gold locket.
    Hero Costume: Because her Quirk can’t be assisted much from a costume, Ren’s is designed to just allow her to use it to her full potential. A thin, black turtleneck bodysuit promoting mobility, with sleeves ending just below her elbows. On each of her forearms is a pink, protective plate to use as a makeshift shield. Similar plates reside on her legs, like shin-guards. Around her hips is the generic utility belt, with the basic medical gear and such. For shoes, she actually wears a pair of what seems like cleats, with small spikes to aid her balance, in the same light pink hue.
    Personality: Despite knowing its faults, Ren is incredibly emotional, and isn’t too good at hiding it, especially with her Quirk (See: end of ‘Extra’). She can be rather blunt, and usually only notices after she’d spoken, which usually ends in fervent apologies. Forever an optimist, she always urges people to look on the bright side. This ever-hopeful nature makes her a bit of a hopeless romantic, but not so much that it gets in the way of her hero work.

    Quirk (Type): Quartz Spike; Transformation
    Explanation: Ren has the ability to produce spikes of quartz on her body, due to the amount of oxygen in her body. The quartz is fairly sturdy in most cases, often used offensively when she grows them as sharp daggers connected to her hands. Being able to manipulate her quartz at will, she can also bend it when it is off her body. For example, if she were to make a wall of quartz to defend something, she could grow a spike on her forearm, chip it off onto the ground, and raise up a wall from that point.
    Setback: Because the quartz is formed from the oxygen in her system, overusage leaves her incredibly winded and in desperate need of a recovery time before using it again. Additionally, the quality of the quartz worsens over time. Initially, for example, the quartz would be incredibly sturdy and hard to break; if she were to use it relentlessly over time, it would slowly become more brittle. Essentially what this means is that Ren specializes in short term, up close battles. Fights requiring endurance often leave her gasping for air.
    Extras: The quartz’ color reflects Ren’s emotion, but not perfectly. Regular, clear quartz usually, but if she is incredibly embarrassed or furious, rose quartz and smokey quartz might make an appearance. Sometimes when she’s overly emotional, she loses some control of the crystals, as well. If she were super flustered, those aforementioned rose quartz crystals would sprout along her elbows, cheeks, and spine. These little shard outbursts make her incredibly easy to read.
  14. Love it accepted
  15. On second thought I’m not sure a quirk like this would fit well in this rp, would it be possibly to change it
  16. Love the name “FUSEBOX!”

    Also it’s some sort of plasma-like energy that flows like electricity. His arms can still act like actual arms by solidifying the plasma.
  17. Ok thank you for clarifying

    @Azelfie Are you still interested in this rp?
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  18. Hey hey, can I join?

    Name: Ryoko Sasaki

    Hero Name: October Rain

    Age (Year): 15

    Appearance: Ryoko has shoulder length, wavy dark teal hair that's usually loose, or in a half ponytail, and deep blue eyes. She is 5'6" tall, with a slim build and lightly tanned skin. She also has a scar around most of her neck from an old accident, which she keeps hidden almost all the time.

    Clothing: When she's at school she wears the normal U.A uniform, the only difference is the white turtleneck shirt underneath the normal school one. Her normal attire consists of a sleeveless coral turtleneck shirt under a wide-shoulder teal sweater, along with grey skinny jeans and teal sneakers to match her sweater. She wears jellyfish earrings and a matching pendant neacklace.

    Hero Costume: Her costume consists of a black mid thigh bodysuit that covers her neck with no sleeves underneath a knee length, navy blue dress with a silver belt covered in water capsules with a printed star and black combat boots. As an accessory, she has a small beaded coral hairpiece pulling back a few bangs of hair.

    Personality: She's a calm, quiet girl and kinda shy around around new people. Ryoko gets nervous pretty easily, due to a constant fear of failure. She's very self-conscious about a few things: her bad memory, how common is her quirk, and specially of her neck because of an old scar that she doesn't like people to see. Ryoko actually doubts a lot of heroes, thinking a lot of them are in the business just for the money or fame. She is a very neutral type of person, prefering to listen to both sides of a story before deciding on which side she stands. This partly fuels her doubt of heroes by thinking that maybe the "bad guy" had a good reason or point. Even so, she's always wanted to help people and being a hero has been a long time dream of hers.

    Quirk (Type): Hydrokinesis (Emitter)

    Explanation: She can create and manipulate water, it can be from around her (including the atmosphere) or from herself. Although it's pretty simple, she knows it's posible to control the different forms of the liquid, she just can't yet.

    Setback: Using the water around her depends a lot on the environment and weather, so it could be not always convenient. However, using her own for too long can cause dehydratation.

    Extras: Ironically, she can't swim. Looking at people in the eyes intimidates her. Has a bad habit of biting her nails and scratching her arms when nervous.
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  19. This is your roleplay, I guess? I’ll join!
  20. Name: Nova Colt
    Hero Name: Star Bear
    Age (Year): 15
    Appearance: Nova has blonde hair with purple highlights and shading like a galaxy. She also has purple eyes, and a slim body. With her quirk, she gained fluffy, round black bear ears on top of her head. Her hair normally covers her human ears, so nothing looks weird. She has claw like nails on her fingers. Fair white skin.
    Clothing: She usually wears a crop hoodie which has the pattern of a galaxy and a black bear face outline. She has black denim shorts, ripped at the bottom. She has black sneakers and transparent black tights.
    Hero Costume: A black top with one long sleeve on her left arm, and a short sleeve on her right. It lets her extend her claws to attack enemies, and grab them with her left hand. She has a purple feather-like skirt and black roller skate boots with purple wheels so that she can skate around fast.
    Personality: This girl has a rainbow coloured personality, and loves to be friends with everyone. She has a bit of intellegence, and just prefers working as a team with people.

    Quirk (Type): Bear (Mutation)
    Explanation: Nova has the powers of a bear, the strength, the speed and all their other abilities.
    Setback: With this mutation, her sight backfired. She sees moving objects better than stationary ones, and still pretty much sees like a human. This means if a villain stays still, she may not be able to defeat them so easily.
  21. Both accepted
  22. After watching all of MHA, I can tell that I really dig this kind of stuff, I'm in.

    Name: Tamaki Shirahama
    Hero Name: Graviton
    Age (Year): 15
    Appearance: Stands at 5'8" tall with slightly tanned skin, Dark blue eyes and Medium smooth Grey hair with a few Wine red streaks along the front.
    Clothing: He wears the traditional U.A uniform along with his White scarf. Outside of school, he wears a Black tank top under a Charcoal hoodie, Beige jeans, Black shoes and his White scarf.
    Hero Costume: He wears a Black long coat almost resembling a bishop's robe, Silver gauntlets, Silver boots, a bigger white scarf that covers his mouth and a Black mask with slits instead of eye holes that covers his eyes.
    Personality: He is a calm and friendly person who tends to go with the flow. However if anyone is rude to him, he wouldn't hesitate to talk back or be even ruder to them. He tries his best to comfort someone whenever he thinks they may need it and can be very cruel when angry.

    Quirk (Type): Gravity Manipulation (Emitter)
    Explanation: As said; he can manipulate the gravity around himself or anyone he wants to either help himself float, walk on vertical areas or make enemies extremely heavy.
    Setback: He can only manipulate gravity around one living being (himself included) at a time, anyone within ten to fifteen meters of himself and for a maximum of fifteen minutes. If he tries to manipulate gravity over his time limit or on more than one being, he will be prone to extreme headaches.
    Extras: He is also quite skilled in hand to hand combat.
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  23. Accepted

    I’ll have the first post up soon guys
  24. Really? I wasn’t even bothered to watch past the middle of season 2! I had other stuff I liked, so.. you get the idea!
  25. There's a lot of people here now, do you have room for one more?

    Name: Asuka Nakano
    Hero Name: Gryphon
    Age (Year): 15
    Appearance: Thanks in part to her quirk, Asuka tends to stand out from the crowd. At a fleeting glance, she might appear normal—fair skin, a bit on the tall side, perhaps, standing at around 5' 8". Her chin length hair is a bit messy, appearing to have been very poorly bleached blonde, but that's not too odd. Then again, in a superhuman society, what is normal? In addition to a cream-coloured, feathery ring around her neck, Nakano sports a pair of black wings, folded inwards in an attempt to not knock anyone over. Each of her fingers are tipped with a curved, sharp talon. The bird-like resemblance doesn't end there. On her face are two piercing yellow eyes ringed with red, each sporting a black marking that runs from her lower eyelid to the centre of her cheeks. Rather surprisingly (everything else considered), she lacks a beak, instead possessing a mouth full of wickedly sharp teeth.
    Clothing: Even in her normal, day-to-day clothing, Asuka could be described as a bit eccentric. Most of the time, she wears something simple—typically a white graphic tee with dark grey jeans, albeit with the addition of something more unusual (an obnoxiously bright pink pair of knee-high socks worn over her pants, or an impractically large, jet black trench coat; for example).
    Of course, while attending UA she wears the uniform as expected (albeit modified slightly to accommodate her wings). Then again… no one would notice if she wore roller shoes to school, right?
    Hero Costume: Unfortunately, her concept for a magical girl style outfit was more or less completely vetoed by her brother before she sent it in, who claimed it was "extremely impractical" and "would go against [her] strengths of being a stealth hero". Deciding to take some of his input (not all of it, of course, where would the fun in that be?), she ended up with a racerback-style shirt for easy accommodation of her wings, a pair of night vision goggles, brown shorts, and a pair of shoes with bronze, talon-like claws for gripping onto surfaces. Of course, because she wasn't about to take away all of her additions, she has a pair of cream, fingerless gloves that come up to her elbows and a pair of black coloured leggings. Over her shirt and shorts is a kind of half-coat, as to not impede her wings, the coattails of which fork and vaguely resemble a bird's tail. Luckily, the costume designers made all of such to minimise drag and noise, in addition to choosing a more muted colour palette, otherwise this would probably hinder her abilities more than help them.
    Personality: Disregarding the visual whiplash that is her physical appearance contrasted with some sort of pastel sweater, her personality is a whole other animal in itself. She tends to be extremely spontaneous, not taking even a second to consider the consequences that her brash actions might have. Unfortunately this makes her highly uncooperative; not necessarily a great trait for a pro hero. Asuka has excellent control over the display of her emotions, tending to preform the previously mentioned plethora of bad decisions with a completely straight face. She's fairly clever, albeit not in the way that would be described as "book smart". The vast majority of the time, she tends to remain cheerful, although the wording of her optimism is often counter-intuitive. She tends to keep a lot of her personality hidden behind a facade of knee-jerk decisions and pessimistic optimism—unfortunately, that facade doesn't seem like it's about to break any time soon.

    Quirk (Type): Vulture (Mutant)
    Explanation: Her quirk is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. A pair of wings grant Asuka the power of flight, she has a high resistance to numerous pathogens, her eyesight is top-notch, she can turn her head ever so slightly farther than most could otherwise, and she can secrete a highly corrosive acid from her stomach. Not sure what the use for those last two would be, but vultures have them so they exist, I guess.
    Setback: Unfortunately, all the ups of being bird-like in nature also come the downs. For one, her ability to fly is granted in part by brittle, hollow bones. Her overall lightweight frame makes her easy to toss around, which—when combined with the previous point—makes her bone breaking potential rival even a certain green-haired protagonist if she doesn't stay on the sidelines. Given her personality, however, she's not about to watch whilst everyone else fights the villain directly. Of course, although it goes without saying, she gets exhausted just like anyone else would—flapping wings requires quite a bit of energy, after all.

    Other: She has a twin brother named Hayato who manifested a quirk fairly similar to hers, albeit not exactly the same. Instead of pursuing the path of a pro hero, Hayato has continued his high school education as normal in hopes of applying to a medical school in the future. Regardless, the two of them—rather unfortunately—often get mistaken for villains.
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  26. Am I the only one with a non Japanese name?
  27. I was also thinking as the RP story progresses that my char learns a few new tricks e could do with his gravity quirk.
  28. I think all of the charcters will do that. I know Naki, who basically just runs fast as of now, will soon learn a thing or two
  29. I kind of want something different but I have unoriginal power ideas and can’t think of anything. Any idea I make is already taken, anyways! By TV!
  30. accepted

    It would seem so, though mine is lifted directly from another Japanese Superhero Show, so its nothing to worry about
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  31. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Name: Manuel Stone
    Hero Name: Azure Striker
    Age (Year): 14
    Appearance: Manuel stands at 5"2, has white skin, short black hair, brown eyes and blue glasses.
    Clothing: When not wearing the school uniform, he usually wears a blue jacket with a white shirt underneath, blue jeans and black shoes.
    Hero Costume: A black suit with cyan lights, accompanied by black gloves and military-style boots. A neck brace covers the back of his neck, and he also has two shooters on his wrists that shoot dart-like electric bullets that barely do damage, but they automatically make Manuel's Quirk attack the target whenever activated. This costume also has a heater that helps overcome one of his Quirk's setbacks.
    Personality: He's calm, kind and friendly, but he can be serious when the situation gets rough. He is observant and often plans situations before jumping in.

    Quirk (Type): Thunderclap (Emmiter)
    Explanation: This Quirk covers the user's skin with a very thin, low-voltage electric field when not in use. When activated, Manuel is surrounded by a spherical electric field that damages anything inside of it. Manuel can also use this Quirk in less efective small bursts of electricity released by his hands. When the darts that his costume's wrist shooters hit a target, they atract Manuel's electric field when deployed for about 5 seconds before wearing off.
    Setback: If the field is deployed for too long without letting him rest, Manuel enters an overheat state, where he can't use his electric abilities for a few minutes before being able to use his Quirk again. Any attempt to use this Quirk while underwater in rain or when too wet shocks Manuel himself, rendering him almost useless in these cases.
    Extras: Manuel is skilled in martial arts, so he's not defenseless when it comes to fighting without his Quirk.
  32. Kazumi Sawatari; Metal Morph
    Naki Naru; Enhanced Speed
    Shoa Tahko; Hyper Arms
    Ren Otsuka; Quartz Spike
    Ryoko Saksaki; Hydrokenesis
    Nova Colt; Bear
    Tamaki Shirahama; Gravity Munipulation
    Asuka Nakano; Vulture

    Okay, is that everyone? Tell me if I missed someone, just trying to keep it more organized. Also, @Frontier Master , if you need any extra characters (Staff Members, Villains, Pro Heroes) anything; I'm totally open to creating one of those. I actually was going to make another student until realizing how many we already have XD. So if you ever need any help with a teacher of opponent, I'd gladly do it.
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  33. You forgot mine.
  34. Unfortunately I think this rp is at maximum capacity right now.
  35. Thank you

    The thread is now live

    Jsut for ease of understanding Kazumi has quite a strong internal monologue, so I will use single speech marks (‘ & ’) for thoughts and double speech marks (“ & “) for speech

    [===] | (that left thing is the teacher's desk, the downwards line is the door)

    0 0 0 0
    0 0 0 0
    0 K 0 0
    0 0 0 0
    0 0 0 0

    (seats are like that, so the one that's K is where Kazumi is sitting)
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  36. [===] |

    0 0 0 0
    0 0 T 0
    0 K 0 0
    0 0 0 0
    0 0 0 0
  37. [===] |

    0 0 0 0
    0 0 T 0
    0 K 0 0
    0 0 0 0
    0 0 R 0
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  38. Oh lord XD. I thought I did the full scan through. Well I added him to the original post I made, he's in the character list now. Sorry about that.

    I"m excited to start this thing! Hopefully I'll get to post in the next few hours.
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  39. P.S. I made my sitting place bold so people know it's their char sitting there.
  40. [===] |

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    0 0 R 0

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