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Ask to Join MHA Roleplay

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by MemoryDoner, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. MemoryDoner

    MemoryDoner Previously Creeps You Don’t Need It

    The sun was just coming up, still mostly dark a boy walks, alone. His hood up, hands in pockets, eyes not leaving its glare on the ground. He still walked forward, there was nowhere else to go. He kept on walking, finally deciding to look up he saw it. It was till far but it was there; My Hero Academia. It took him tons of test and training to even ask someone to recommend him. But luckily he got in. A strange women saw him training and boom, he was accepted. It was weird, he sent an application and was accepted in minutes. But none the less he was in, his life was changing. For the better this time. He was going to be hero! Before he knew it, he was there at the school. It looked huge, 500x his small apartment. The school wouldn’t open for hours. He knew that, but he could take a look through the large gate. Nothing interesting. He saw training grounds, and an amazing front hall. But it was a school, a school of dreams.
    “Dang, a time-moving quirk would help..” Yamou stated, taking a seat on the beach. He began to notice the shivers he was creating. He lit his hand on fire and brought it close to himself.
    “Gotta stay warm.” Don’t wanna die before my adventure begins...

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  2. "Congratulations brave hero! for saving the entire world! what could we have ever have done without you?!" Said a tall man in a suit standing by a podium on large stage. He looked over at Ren with a smile as he held out a medal of honor ,and placed it around Ren's neck, "Would you like to give a speech brave hero?" The man asked. Ren nodded and walked over to the podium and as he began speaking he heard a feint beeping sound. The medal he was wearing was beeping which slowly became louder ,and as it did an earthquake came out of nowhere. Moments later Ren fell out of his bed onto the floor. He looked around to see his alarm clock on the night stand going off. He laid his head back on the ground and sat there and ignored it. His brother on the other side of the room listening to his music player after a few minutes got annoyed and threw his pillow at Ren, "turn that thing off will ya! im trying to focus here!" Yelled Shen. Ren caught the pillow and threw it back hitting him square in the face. As the pillow fell Shen had a facial expression of pure hate and rage he jumped from his bed to meet Ren's foot push him back. A few moments later their mother Minh came in angrily kicking open the door, "Turn off that alarm clock already will ya?! and stop fighting you two! you both are the reasons why im getting wrinkles and grey hair! now get up cause its a school day you'l miss breakfast!! so hurry and eat!" She yelled with an angry scowl as she turned and massaged the side of her head as she left. Lin and Gwen were just a few steps behind her, "wow... I swear you two clowns really do enjoy getting in trouble cause this is the fifth morning you guys did this in a row... tsk tsk" Lin said smugly grinning as she walked by. "Thankyou for the breakfast mama!" Yelled Gwen as she skipped behind Lin. Ren turned off the alarm clock and got dressed before heading downstairs to eat. At breakfast Ren drank the last glass of white grape juice ,and Shen glared at him while eating his eggs. As Ren glared back the mom stared at both of them with a cold terrifying look stopping them in their tracks. They finished their breakfast and waved. Before Ren could leave the house his mother made him come back so she could kiss him on the cheek before sending him off to go to school, "remember your lunch box is already in your backpack! and don't forget to go to the bathroom!" Minh shouted to Rens surprise, "Be quiet mom!... I know how to-" Ren said before getting Interrupted, "Don't you sass me or I'll come over there!" Minh shouted and as she did Ren began full on sprinting down the sidewalk. After he made it down to the end of the street he began casually walking to school with a grin on his face.
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  3. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Manuel woke up to his alarm clock going off, which he set to the most annoying alarm he could find so he could be sure he’d wake up. Getting up with a yawn, he got dressed and brushed his teeth, before heading downstairs to have breakfast. His mother was setting the table while waiting for the bread to toast, while his father was working on yet another invention.

    “Ready for today?” Nori asked as she put two sandwiches on Manuel's plate.
    "Sure am, mom." He replied, taking a glance at his father, Akyura's, invention. His dad had huge technological prowess, a genius with high intellect. As such, he commonly pulled all-nighters coming up with new ideas or fixing broken machines. After a few minutes, Manuel finished his breakfast, grabbing his backpack and saying goodbye before heading to school. Even though he was quite a bit early, he couldn't help but hurry to the school, being really excited. As such, he picked up the pace.
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  4. As soon as Ren was confident his mom wasn't going to come after him in a fit of rage he grinned and began walking at a relaxed pace. He looked up as he walked ,and as he looked at the shape of the cloud in the shape of a cat, a fish, a dolphin, tree... and a plane fly by! Ren enjoyed flying on planes because he could look out the window and he never really argued with his brother on a plane. Partially due to the fact that his mother was a scary woman when she was angry and Ren knew better. He then saw the school as he walked around the corner. He then began running to see some other students already in the courtyard walking to the school. Some were talking however Ren didn't know any of these people so he wasn't sure who he would speak to. Ren then paused at the courtyard and looked up at the entrance sign "UA" as he walked through the gate.
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