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Ask to Join Mha: Life as a hero

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Lord_Explosion_Murder, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    Discussion/sign https://pokecharms.com/threads/mha-life-as-a-hero.20268/
    Hayate was skating down the hall with his friend from class 2-A, Kaito Suzuki, who’s quirk is Nitrous; a quirk that can turn body gases into a propelling force. They were running away from one of their teachers attempting to skip class. While they were both looking back at their slow teacher, their home room teacher was right in front of them when they both ran into him. They both fell and recieved all day detention for 3 days straight. @Aether Ace
  2. Kasai groaned in disbelief, while those two were put in detention for three days, he along with two other members of Class 3-A were chosen to watch them and make sure the weren't plotting anything remotely sneaky, and we're doing as they were told. Kasai regretted volunteering to babysit the first and second year, in fact, he only did it because he assumed that how crush was going to babysit them as well, and this could've lead to some possible interactions between he and her. Unfortunately, he was wrong, while it looked like she was to volunteer to babysit, it turned out she needed to finish some other task. He sighed once again, "what have I gotten myself into," Kasai grunted. He was to take shift one, and watch them in the morning from about 8 AM, to 11
    12 AM, before switching out with someone else who volunteered. Kasai didn't think either three of them were content in this either.
  3. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    (Just one thing, I changed myself to a second year because I made a typo on the 1-A) Hayate looked up at the older boy and sighed. “What was I thinking,” he muttered to himself. He gave Kaito the idea and it got them both in detention. He sighed again and continued his assignment.
  4. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    Okurimono, the third year, was flying high in the air as Tamaki Amajiki (one of the Big Three) was running after him. Both Tamaki and Okurimono seemed to be bleeding, and they were running out of a building ushering everybody to step away. It was supposed to be the beginning of the third period, but for Tamaki and Okurimono it was the beginning of one of their first battles as a Pro-Hero. "We should have left this to the Pros," Okurimono said as he fell onto the ground as his wings contracted.

    Tamaki wiped the blood from his head away and cleaned off his hands, "Well, it's our problem now." Tamaki grabbed Okurimono and created a turtle shell in front of them as an explosion was set off in the building. Three villains came rushing out, one with a gun, the other was made of steel and had a spinning buzz saw on his head, and the other was a boy with shark-like features and a wetsuit on. "Wheres Nejire!" Tamaki said as he grunted in pain.

    Okurimono stared at him with a blank expression as his wings grew out. "Rest. May the Lord lend me his strength for the final minutes." Okurimono said flying off right into the one with the gun.

    "Pros? Never seen bird brain anywhere? Doesn't matter to me," The man said as he pulled the trigger hitting Okurimono in the left wing.

    Okurimono was sent flying into a car as the one made of steel through the buzzsaw from his head towards Tamaki. Tamaki reacted quickly creating a shell behind him. The saw got wedged into the shell as Tamaki stood up, "I'm not done." Tamaki sighed as he removed the shell and broke the buzzsaw in half with his foot. He was bleeding from his head and back severely, but was still going. Tamaki ran towards the steel villain as he was shot in the leg. The boy that looked like a shark grew his teeth sharper and leaped toward Tamaki.

    "You heroes don't know who you're messing with, do you?" The boy said as he swiped Tamaki across the chest. The boy stood up only to be jabbed in the stomach by some kind of ghost.

    "Oh, weren't expecting me to pop up were you?" Mirio flew up from the ground and landed in one big motion. Mirio was also severely injured as his left arm was completely broken. He was bleeding from his chest and his armor was cracked. "So, what's new Tamaki?" Mirio said grabbing the shark boy by the leg. "He seems to be out. What my luck..." A bullet went right through Mirio as he ended his sentence. Mirio laughed as Nejire arrived shortly with two other people. One boy, and one girl.

    "Mirio! I'm gonna take Furīzo back to U.A!" Nejire said holding a boy about her age on her back. "He saved me back there! Now it's my turn!" Nejire said as she wiped the blood from her hands. The other girl she as with laughed and ran towards Mirio.

    "Mirio, we secured the other three so all we have left are these two!" The girl said laughing.
    She inhaled some air and then quickly let out a gust of wind from her mouth. As the rubble and the two remaining villains were blown away she and Mirio ran towards them.

    "Nice job, Toppū!" Mirio said sliding into one of the villains. The steel villain dug his buzzsaw into Mirio's left arm. "Nice try, but it's already broken." Miro jabbed the villain in the face with the metal saw and knocked him into the ground. Two were unconscious and there was only one left.

    The last villain pulled out a grenade full of BB gun bullets. "Step away, and I'll leave with this. Unless you want to live this life with it." The villain said as he pointed his gun at the girl.

    "Don't worry, Mirio." She whispered as she inhaled air into her mouth. She opened her mouth but closed it as she fell back.

    Mirio's eyes widened as right before him someone was shot right in their lungs. Mirio looked at the villain with a petrified expression. "Why," Mirio said backing up.

    "Mirio, no! Keep going!" Tamaki said hanging onto Nejire. "Don't lose!"

    "I won't," Mirio mumbled as he charged at the villain with intensity. The villain rapidly shot his gun, but they all just went through Mirio as he pushed forward. "I won't."

    "Goodbye, Lemillion." The villain said pulling the pin on the grenade. Just as that happened Okurimono swooped in grabbing the grenade as it blew up in the sky with him. "Dammit!" The villain said as he was knocked out by Mirio's jab to the head.

    "Were all leaving together," Mirio said as he ran to catch the falling angel.

    The six of them arrived at the school as the police, students, and teachers surrounded them as they smiled and waved. "We did it again," Mirio said as he carried Okurimono on his back.

    "Right," Nejire said blushing.

    "Thank you, Mirio." Furīzu said walking with Nejire.

    Toppū grabbed Mirio shoulder and smiled.

    "May the Lord bless you," Okurimono said smiling.

    "You did it again," Tamaki said almost tripping on the stairs.
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  5. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    (That was a lot to read. It took me like 5 minutes) Hayate noticed the older boy watching over them wasn’t paying attention and started to crawl towards the door only to be caught by another third year who picked him up by his hood. He sighed, and murmured “I forgot about the other two,” to himself. After the day of detention was over he headed down to the second year dorms. For trying to escape, Hayate recieved another day of detention, with a different person watching over him. He layed in his bed and talked to himself, “I have three more days of this sh*t.” He eventually dozed off and fell asleep. (Also my quirk is different than I stated, the wheels as feet part is just the simple stage)
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  6. "I'm sorry, Cementoss. But it was funny" Naya said with a smile. That only made things worse.
    "You're not here to have fun. You're here to learn to be a responsible hero. If you're going out there to be a hero with that attitude, there are high chances you'll only end up hurting yourself and others" Cementoss said. Naya didn't understand what he meant though.
    "Does that mean you're still giving me detention?" Naya asked.
    "Yes. And we're here" Cementoss said. Naya saw the door to the detention.
    "Alright. Wel'll see each other later then. Bye" Naya said and walked in through the door. In here there were two other boys and some third graders that were keeping watch. He found a seat and sat down
  7. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    Hayate was doing his assignment; making hero costume designs for other people in class 1-B. Hayate saw another student from class 2-A come in and sit down. “What are you in here for?” He asked him.
  8. "I made our classroom shake and yelled 'earthquake'. When everyone had gotten out of the classroom they noticed it was only the classroom that was shaking and only I can control the metal in the walls and the floor that way. So they knew it must've been me" Naya said and smiled mischievously. "What about you two?".
  9. Kasai groaned in disappointment, "another second year." He groaned, coming his hands though his hair, trying to boil with rage, and keep his stress down. "Oh God... How many days are you in for detention," he asked Naya, who walked into the room. He glared at her with his eyes which dilated, and hands still in his hair. He honestly wasn't surprised someone else had gotten detention, he knew it would happen, as much as he didn't want to have to take care of a third kid.
  10. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    Nejire burst into the door with a few bandages on her left arm, but other than that she was fine. "Guess who's here to watch you for detention!" Nejire said staring at Kasai, "Kasai? I didn't know they sent you here too?" Nejire looked at the students once more and shouted, "Introducing the Big Four!" Nejire stood next to Kasai as Mirio and Okurimono burst through the door.

    "Why hello students! It is I, Mirio Toga of the Big Four!" Mirio said phasing through the door. Mirio slammed his palm onto Naya's desk, "What are you in here for?" Mirio's left arm was in a cast and he had bandages in most places.

    "You're scaring them." Okurimono walked in the door with crutches and bandages over his left wing. "I'm Okurimono, no I'm not apart of the "Big Four" (which isn't even a thing) I'm just a student." Okurimono perched himself on the desk as Mirio still stared intensely at Naya waiting for a response.

    Tamaki walked in, also in crutches, staring at the floor. As soon as he lifted his head he turned away slamming his head against a wall.
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  11. Akiko walked into her homeroom class, 3-A, and plonked herself down on a desk. She put her backpack down on the floor, looking to the front to start. So far, she couldn’t see anyone else, so she just waited patiently.

    After a little while longer, Sumiye walked in with a backpack slumped over her shoulder. Akiko flashed a smile at her, as to which Sumiye responded with a grin. She took a seat near the back, as far as she could, then also put her backpack on the floor after pulling out a packet of bubblegum.
  12. "I'm here because i made our classroom shake and made everyone in it believe it was an earthquake. And i think i'll be here for five days. I don't know though. I didn't pay attention to what Cementoss said" Naya said still with his mischievious smile. He turned back towards the other two detention students.
    "What about the two of you? Wasn't it you that were skating through the hall earlier?" he asked
  13. Benjiro sighed lightly as he made his way to class 3-A. He looked around at the other students in class and made his way to a desk, once there, he sat informally in his chair while he waited. "Another day, another boring assignment and a rare chance to hone my skills... perhaps I should try and see if I can make friends. With the right people of course." He thought as he looked around once more for anyone who looked 'promising.'
  14. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    “Yeah that’s me,” Hayate replied to Naya. “Also, why are all four of you here? We don’t need that many people watching over us, we aren’t villains or anything like that.” He looked at the big three and Okurimono. He noticed Tamaki not looking at any of them. “Why are you just staring at the wall Tamaki?” He asked him.
  15. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    Tamaki looked at Nejire and Okurimono as they stared at them, "It still doesn't help if I see them all as potatoes. They're still human to me." Tamaki turned to the wall again and shuffled outside still near the wall.

    "Sorry, about that," Nejire said laughing. Nejire whispered something to Mirio who still was leaning on Naya's desk with his palm on the desk. "Mirio?" Nejire questioned standing up.

    "Right!" Mirio let go and moved back in one large leap. "You kids better be good, but Hayate's right why are we all here?" Mirio said sitting in a chair across from Kasai.

    "What else are we going to do?" Okurimono asked flapping his wings. Okurimono looked at the students for a second then turned to the door. "Tamaki and I will step outside if they get past you or anything," Okurimono said walking to the door. He closed it quickly and started whispering to Tamaki.

    "I'll come too!" Mirio said diving into the wall. Mirio phased right through it and made a heavy sound as he hit the floor.

    "Kasai and I will stay here!" Nejire said standing up. "Kasai! It's duty time!" Nejire said sternly looking at Kasai.

    "Bad judgment. Wanna go get lunch?" Mirio said leaping from the floor.

    "First we go to class right? To get our stuff?" Tamaki shaking as he slid farther and farther down with his back to the wall.

    "...Tamaki." Okurimono said staring at Tamaki. Okurimno picked Tamaki up as the three of them headed to class 3-A.

    (Extra: "Oh isn't it cool we don't have to go to class because of hero work, huh?" Mirio said with wide eyes.

    Tamaki pointed at his left leg and Okurimono pointed to his left wing.

    "Right," Mirio said pointing to his left arm. "The left side of our bodies are cursed!")
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  16. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    “Okay...they didn’t answer my question but who cares.” He finished one of the designs for the costumes he was making. Their quirk turns them into steel which is similar to a creature in a video game he had played a little while back, which it just kept raising its defense and did nothing else. So he designed it to look like a solve one of those without the cone on the bottom so they could walk. (You should know what creature I’m talking about) “there I finished one,” he said to himself. “Just 19 more to go.” He looked over to Naya and showed him. “What do you think of it?”
  17. "Looks good. Who's gonna have that?" Naya said. He agreed on that there were too many third graders watching over them. But three of them left the room anyway so he didn't mind. In his boredom, he took off his dragon rings from his arms with his quirk and started to make random things and aninals with them in the air. A shark that ate some fishes, a 'haunted' knife that flew around killing metal-people and a lion eating a gasell. He decided he could try to befriend those two other guys in detention.
    "So uh, wanna go skating when we're done here?" He asked
  18. Akiko saw another student enter, and lightly waved over to him, she decided it was better to make friends now than to wait for later. She slid her chair out to get nearer to him, leaning her feet against the desk to tilt her chair slightly, with Akiko herself laying on the back of it, "Hey, there! Welcome to homeroom!" @Red Gallade
  19. As Benjiro slowly began to zone out through sheer boredom, what brought him back into focus was the sound of a girl who started to move toward him, he shot her a very short wave which was little more than a short raise of the hand. Although he couldn't help but smile at the fact someone noticed him... and a lady to boot. "Hey." He said concisely as he began to lean back and put his feet up on the desk, he looked back to see her 'sitting position' and was honestly amused by it. "Comfortable?" He joked.
  20. Akiko started laughing, "Yeah! Why'd you ask?" She joked, almost making her chair tip right over to the floor. She heard some echoing footsteps, then looked to see another girl behind her, who appeared to be holding in a laugh at seeing Akiko. It was Sumiye, and she popped a piece of gum in her mouth, then put a hand on Akiko's chair,
    "Careful you don't fall, there." She said with a smirk, blowing a small bubble. Akiko put a thumb up,
    "We're all good here, actually!" She chuckled again, eyeing the boy that she was talking to. Sumiye briefly glanced at him before looking away and walking back to her seat laughing. Akiko was now on the floor, looking a bit dazed. She lifted her chair back up, then turned round to Sumiye, "What did you do that for?" She asked, appearing to have some puppy eyes forming on her face. Sumiye shrugged and gave her a smile, then went back to blowing bubbles.
  21. Benjiro raised an eyebrow with curiosity at Sumiye, but turned his attention to Akiko who had now began to lay on the floor. "Need a hand?" He asked as he held his hand out to her. "Name's Benjiro, by the way." He added as he didn't notice the small smile form on his face; the first smile he expressed at all today. Perhaps the lady he was going to help up might be a good friend who could take his mind off of the nearly unbearable boredom of being at school.
  22. Akiko had a small smile on her face, "Akiko. At your service!" She threw an arm up in the air, then jumped up to sit on her desk. "No more chairs for me today." She joked, curious about the girl at the back,
    "Sumiye." Akiko tilted her head,
    "What?" She said, confused.
    "My name." Sumiye said, pointing to herself.
    "Nobody asked!" Akiko said, looking at Benjiro. Sumiye shrugged,
    "I saw you were curious." Akiko turned back to Benjiro, then placed her hands on her legs and put a happy expression on again, "So, what's your quirk? Some people like to keep them for strategic reasons.. buuuut, you'll guess mine from my hero outfit."
  23. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    As Akiko started ended her sentence Mirio burst through the door with his hand by his ear, "Turn that frown upside down because I am here! Who am I?" Mirio waited for a response, but instead hopped onto one of the desks and shouted Mirio from the top of his lungs. Mirio activated his quirk and slipped right through the desk and the floor. As he fell Okurimono walked in waving his crutches around.

    "Greetings. May the Lord be at your side at all times." Okurimono perched himself in front of his desk and Tamaki shuffled in hugging the wall.

    "Potatoes..." Tamaki said slowly slouching farther down onto the floor.

    All of them left a weird impression that morning since Mirio was constantly leaping from under the floor, Okurimno was perched on his desk praying a what seemed the whole Bible, and Tamaki was shuffling and slouching around the room while still hugging the wall.

    Mirio flew up for the last time and right through Sumiye and onto her desk. "Oh? Why hello there." Mirio said with wide eyes.

    Tamaki ended up back at the door and shuffled outside.

    Okurimono was now sitting on his desk with the Bible in his hand. In fact, he had a whole bag full of versions of the Bible.

    "I bet you know us right? Our quirks too?" Mirio said patting Akiko on the head. Mirio turned to Benjiro then looked at Akiko, "Oh?" Mirio looked at Sumiye then pointed to the two. Mirio quickly did a backflip through the wall and out.

    "Sorry, for the time. We will be back soon." Okurimono said flapping his wings as he stepped out leaving his Bibles in a neat stack.
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  24. Konyo was drawing away in a sketchbook, awaiting whatever was next period. He was practising how to draw a human, and he kept getting certain features, such as a nose, wrong. It was unknown if his Quirk could cause something living to appear, any every time he had tried doing it, the drawing had just burned up. Maybe it was impossible to make life with the Quirk. But, then again, maybe it was. As he looked up, he spotted Mirio, showing off a bit, before him, along with a winged person that Konyo had never got the name of, and then another 3-A student that was the same, having an unknown-to-Konyo name. He didn't even know his Quirk.

    Seeing the bibles, Konyo did a small sigh. The winged student evidently was a Christian, a very devoted one. Konyo didn't really believe in religious stuff, he preferred science, and sure, a bit of magic. Not long after the sigh, a grunt of fustration came from the student, he'd done a large line, a mistake, and quite thickly, too. After some furious rubbing, he just decided to pull the paper out, and put his sketchbook back in his space-patterned backpack. Then, he put his head on the desk, with nothing to do.

    Seconds later, he pulled it up, quickly drew a fluffy pillow with his finger and his Quirk, and put his head on the pillow, on the desk.
  25. Sumiye looked curiously at the new person in front of her, "Hi.. person who went right through me.." Akiko chuckled,
    "I don't know you, actually.. what's your-" Before she spoke, the students all bounced out the room again in a flash. "Potatoes? Bibles? These people are mad!" She said to Benjiro, making a swirly sign with her hand. She leaned on her chair again, "So, Benjiro, about your quirk? The thing I asked before they all.. bounced in on us. Of course, it's okay if you prefer not to say, don't let me make you do stuff you don't want to." @Red Gallade
  26. Benjiro looked at Akiko with a small smile. "Don't get the wrong idea; as cute as you and your outfit are, I don't feel comfortable on sharing the info of my quirk with someone I literally just met. Give it a lil time and perhaps I'll tell you what it is." He said with a light shrug and nodded in agreement in regards to the crazy students that broke the sweet silence with crazy talk of... potatoes...? The religious person was less crazy, so he didn't mind the latter as much.
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  27. Akiko shrugged, "Maybe we'll do a physical lesson and you'll get to see my costume, but I want to tell you what I can do- or rather, show you!" She stood up from her seat, then turned into a fluffy white cat and circled round on the spot, fluffing up her tail a bit and stretching two paws up to Benjiro's chair. She did a small mewl before turning back to herself and taking a seat again, "I can do bigger, just not in here.." @Red Gallade

    Sumiye looked over at the other student who appeared to be doodling in a note book. "Doodle guy, what are you drawing?" She said, already peering over his shoulder at his notebook. She saw him draw up a pillow, then poked a finger at it, "Interesting. Can I get one of those?" She sat back in her hard chair and grunted, he looked comfy with his pillow. @GalacticDeg
  28. One of the students who was located at the back of the classroom, just like himself, had just talked to him. It was like a victory, he didn't often get anyone talking to him unless it was necessary, such as a team versus team lesson.
    'Oh, yeah sure.'. Konyo repeated the same action he'd done earlier to make a pillow. He attempted to make the white, fluffy pillow to appear, using his Doodle Quirk, but he accidentally dragged his arm down, making a triangle with a line at pointing out, and it burned up. 'Oh, no! Sorry, it's really easy to mess up.. here, I'll try again.'. This time, the pillow was successful, but he'd forgot to add the detail of fluff inside. It was just a regular pillow. Now, Konyo was panicking, getting embarrassed, and made a failed line next to the pillow, causing it to burn up with the mistake. Now, he managed to make the pillow correctly, with the right details, and passed it to the girl.

    'Really really sorry! I... mess up sometimes. I'm usually not that useless! I mean, I got into U.A., hmm! Anyways, isn't your name Sumiye?'. Hopefully she didn't find him as an idiot who got into U.A. on pure luck, is what was in his mind at the time.
  29. Sumiye took the pillow, chucking. “You can draw, huh? That means you can make weapons, and literally anything else, that’s helpful enough alone.” She put it behind her back and leaned into it, “Sumiye, indeed. And yours?” She took a liking to him, especially with his useful quirk. She hoped to be on his team in lessons, hopefully she could conjure up some good ideas of things for him to draw, anyway.
  30. Benjiro's eyes widened slightly and let out a whistle in amazement when he saw Akiko disappear only for an adorable cat to take her place. "Well, if that's what your quirk is, then I'll give you a hint about mine: My quirk is similar to yours as I too can transform." He said with a sly smirk as he put his feet up on his desk and turned his head to the boy who managed to materialize a pillow straight from an accurate drawing. "Nice quirk, only downside is how much time you'll need in order to perfect it." He said with a sigh as he patiently waited for the teacher... and the lesson to be over and done with.
  31. 'My name, Konyo Rikimaru.'. Was it so easy to have made a friend? All two years, and no proper friend, and he'd probably have one, within time. And then, another student noticed his drawing Quirk.
    'Thanks! I'm usually good at my drawing, I practise a lot, but... I don't know, I lose my train of thought a lot.'. He turned his head back to Sumiye. 'Wait, what is your Quirk? And actually, do you know when the bell for next lesson goes off? I have... no idea, I'm a bit tired. What even is next?'.
  32. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    Mirio was thrown through the wall as he finished a french fry. Mirio quickly stood at the front of the room in his school uniform. Tamaki soon stepped in shuffling to Mirio while repeating the word potatoes and Okurimono trodded in flapping his wings. Mirio stood at the front of the room as they're homeroom teacher ran in shouting.

    "Up, and change into your gym uniforms! We will have a class tournament today!" The homeroom teacher said as he quickly stretched his arm to turn Konoyo's head around. "You will be having a battle against one of your classmates and it will work similar to the sports festival's third round."

    Mirio raised his hands and shouted, "Everybody, let's go 'Plus Ultra'!" Mirio leaped through the wall after their teacher gave a long speech about sportsmanship as everybody rushed out of the room (there were more students in there, twenty in total). Mirio flew through the halls as Tamaki and Okurimono rushed after him with everyone following.

    "This again..." Tamaki said tripping onto the floor. Tamaki picked himself up as everybody rushed past him. He slouched to the floor and curled up into a ball as he mumbled potatoes.

    "Ok..." Okurimono said flapping his wings and accidentally knocking down a few people. Okurimono grabbed Tamaki and slowly flew to the locker room as Mirio dashed through everyone.

    (Extra: "These are the pairing for the first round!" Their homeroom teacher said stretching out his limbs into a circle. He showed us a screen which had our pairings on the screen: [This is regarding our characters, but the other students will fight as well]
    Sumiye vs Mirio!, Kyono vs Okurimono! ,Benjiro vs Akiko! ,Tamaki vs Kasai! ,and Nejire vs Yūsa [O.C I will be controlling]!)
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  33. Sumiye nodded, then silently opened up a small portal to a dimention with a dark background, no gravity, and nothing except random items, such as chairs, floating around all over the place. She closed it, still leaning back in her pillow. “Dimensions. My costume is quite simple, it’s better than being complex.” She glanced at the bell on the wall, “Gym..” It suddenly started ringing, and she opened a big portal between the chairs and tables, jumping in and pulling Konyo with her. They landed at the lesson, where the other class was already preparing. Sumiye walked off to get into her gym uniform, then returned to Konyo. “Who’s ‘Mirio’?” She asked, looking at the board.

    Akiko chuckled, “Okay, then..” When the boy turned round to someone else. She was surprised to see the other girl talking to him, since she seemed like she didn’t want to talk to them earlier. When the bell rung, she grabbed her bag, “Let’s go get changed before the teacher gets there!” She told Benjiro, then rushed off to the changing rooms. Once she came out in her gym uniform, she waited to meet Benjiro in the field, shocked to see who she would be fighting. Benjiro himself. She nudged his arm, “I guess I’ll get to see your quirk.. huh?”
  34. Benjiro sighed. "About time." he thought as he followed everyone to change into their gym uniforms whilst he clearly heard what Akiko said. Once changed, he then followed everyone -mainly Akiko- outside on to the field. When he saw who he would be fighting, he saw it as bittersweet, yet he showed Akiko a smile and put his hands in his pockets. "That you will, sooner than you expected as well, and as this is a duel, I'll warn you in advance: I. Hate. Losing." Benjiro said with an almost stern look.
  35. As Sumiye opened up the portal, he stared in awe. 'Wow, that's a really cool-'. The homeroom teacher shouted commands for them to get dressed for gym. Finally it was time for a lesson, a... tournament... lesson.

    After seeing the matchups on the board, Konyo took a massive gulp. It was the religious winged person he was up against. Whilst he was getting dressed, after walking down to the boys locker room, he decided to think about a plan. He had a decent one, if Okurimono wasn't too fast. Hoping for the best, he got out of the locker room, now in his dark blue U.A. Gym outfit, and met up with Sumiye.

    'Sumiye? You don't know who Mirio is? He's one of the Big Three, that big blonde muscular guy who phases through stuff. If you don't know the Big Three, you might need to know they're the top of U.A., and they have the highest chance of success. That Tamaki guy who keeps muttering about potatoes, and keeps his head to the wall is one, and I there's a blue-haired girl who always seems to smile too.'. He then remembered about Okurimono. 'I'm up against the winged Christian. I have a plan though.'.

    Konyo had his book out and was doodling away, practising multiple different objects.
  36. Akiko gulped, “B-but, isn’t it all about having fun?” She did a wide shrug with a big smile, trying to hide how terrified she was inside of the new Benjiro. “How much do we attack eachother? Do we hurt eachother? Oh, boy..” She slumped down to the ground and turned into a hedgehog, then rolled up into a ball. She rolled around on the spot for a bit before returning to herself and being slumped back on the grass.

    Sumiye sighed, “Just my luck. Do you know Mirio’s quirk?” She saw him practising his doodles and peered over his shoulder, “You need inspiration. Look around.” She stopped looking, then looked around for this ‘Mirio’ that she had to battle. She wanted to succeed, no way would she let this long shot do it before her. She wouldn’t hold back, either.
  37. Konyo sighed at Sumiye's first question. 'I told you in my explanation, he can phase through stuff. From what I've heard, I think he goes blind, deaf and everything else whilst he does it, and it can be a big effort. Yet, his muscular body suggests he's also strong..... wait a second.'. He'd just thought of something.
    'How are you going to fight him?'
  38. Sumiye’s eyes almost flared red as she smirked, “I have my tactics.” She strolled up to the homeroom teacher, “When are the fights starting? And where’s Mirio?” She held in a laugh as Akiyo turned into a hedgehog, then tried to hide in a ball. “I want to see these guys fight.” @J-DAWG
  39. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    The Homeroom shouted at stretched his limbs everywhere as the students rushed to their gym area. "Are you all ready to rumble?" The teacher shouted stretching out a finger pointing to Sumiye and Mirio. "You two...out their!" The homeroom teacher said ushering the rest of the students back to watch.

    Mirio walked to the arena (which was similar to the Sports Festival), "I'd like to have a good battle, one where I win." Mirio laughed as the teacher began to talk.

    "Just as the Sports Festival, if you are pushed out fo the arena Cementos has provided. You are automatically out. The homeroom teacher stretched his arm out and slashed it between Mirio and Sumiye, "One of the Big Three and the closest to the number one Pro Hero vs the powerful, terrifying, student from Class 3-A, Sumiye! Start, the battle!"

    Mirio slipped right through the floor as the matched started. "Goodbye."

    Okurimono looked at Konyo, "Whatever plan you have I suggest you reconsider. I can retract my wings." Okurimono shot a light feather at Kyono. "Let's have a God-honoring battle." Okurimono said leaning down to pray, "Join me,"

    Tamaki looked at Akiko and Benjiro, "Sumiye's gonna lose. Mirio, the closest to number one. He always wins." Tamaki said shuffling away.

    Nejire caught him as he began to fall, "Come on Tamaki. I need a plan I'm up against that snake girl from our class!" Nejire dragged Tamaki away as he rapidly repeated Potatoe.

    Mirio appeared below Sumiye and jabbed her in the stomach. He fell right back into the ground and burst through in different places shattering the battled field into rocks. Mirio ran towards Sumiye as her attacks (if you use any, @Jodie.xox ) went straight through him. he grabbed her by the neck as he silently smiled and began to push her back as her legs we being knocked against the jagged rocks Mirio had broke. "Thank you for the win." Mirio laughed running towards the edge of the arena as he got ready to toss her out. (@Jodie.xox)
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  40. Swiftly grabbing Okurimono's feather, he responded with a accidental low temperature in his voice. 'Let's not describe it that way, at least from my view it's just gonna probably be a regular tournament battle. Also, for your matter, my plan isn't as puny as you think.'. That was followed by a loud exclaim from Konyo. Mirio was... over-doing it, from Konyo's view. 'GO SUMIYE! GO SUMIYE!'. He really wanted Sumiye to win, especially with Mirio's sudden creepy personality. He also overheard Tamaki, and shouted over.
    'Yeah, but Mirio's opened himself up for a simple loss from Sumiye, hasn't he?'.

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