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Mha: Life as a hero

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Lord_Explosion_Murder, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    Link to Rp: https://pokecharms.com/threads/mha-life-as-a-hero.20269/
    you can create your own OC or be one of the characters that already exist.
    Oc forms:
    Hero/Villain name:
    Quirk: (ideas: https://www.deviantart.com/artgazer12/art/BnHA-Character-Quirk-Masterlist-695645007 (BnHA Character Quirk Masterlist))
    (If student)class:
    Hero costume design:
    Stat chart(optional):
    Crush(not required):
    Other(also optional):
    Characters (non-OC): all Open

    -Pokecharms rules (obviously)
    -Quirks must have a drawback or limiter so either it isn’t super strong or it has something to limit your usage. (Such as Bakugo needing to sweat to use his quirk)
    -nothing beyond kissing romantically
    - you can own up to 3 characters and control any character that isn’t currently owned

    My character:
    Name: Hayate Sato (goes by Hayate by people that know him)
    Hero name: bladedge
    Role: student
    Quirk: Wheels- instead of feet has wheels (like roller blade wheels just bigger)These wheels provide for higher agility, quicker and softer turns, and quicker acceleration.
    Class: 2-A
    Appearance: short black hair, dark brown eyes, light skin, 5’11 (180cm), wears a black hoodie with the hood up and dark blue jeans.
    Hero costume design: helmet looks like an upside down roller blade with no wheels and has long iron shoulder pads coming of his shoulders and also has a short sheath for his katana.
    Personality: happy-go-Lucky
    Traits: clumsy
    Stat Chart:
    power 3/5
    Speed 5/5
    Technique 4/5
    Intelligence 4/5
    Cooperativeness 2/5
    Gender: male
    Age: 17
    Sexuality: heterosexual
    Crush: none
    Other: once had a race with Tenya Iida from class 1-A and lost because he fell over right behind the finish line. Also uses a short specially made katana and has learned how to use it nearly flawlessly and learned every place to strike so he won’t kill or cause permanent damage to the villain.
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  2. Yes, a BNHA RP I can sink my teeth into >:3

    Name: Kasai Doragoni
    Hero Name: Dragon
    Role: Student
    Quirk: Dragon - Dragon allows Kasai to change parts of his body into that of a Dragon. This quirk works somewhat differently then the quirk of Pro Hero: Ryukyu. For starters, Kasai is able to breathe flames, nothing massive, but he's able to start fires, or use them to ward off foes. Kasai has the ability to turn his skin into Scales, similar to Hiryu Rin from Class 1-B, the slight differences being that Kasai's scales are a red color, and cannot be fired off like Hiryu's scales. Also, Kasai can sprout wings, horn, or a scaly tail, similar to all dragons. To top it all off, Kasai can turn into a full grown dragon, although it has it's limitations. Kasai grows as tall as Ryukyu in her dragon form, and has similar abilities such as greater durability, and stamina, but Kasai can only hold said form for about five minutes every hour, so he chooses to reserve it as a final resort.

    A drawback is that Kasai's flames aren't the strongest, and against someone who can control elements such as water, or wind can easily put the fire out. Kasai should also keep focus, if he manages to loose focus during battle, his scales will revert back to skin, and he will lose his draconian like features, because of this Kasai attempts to keep his mind a clean slate most of the time, but sometimes he can't help but lose focus.

    Class: 3-A
    Appearance: Kasai has fair skin, and brown hair. His eyes are blue, although he would like his eyes to be red sometimes. Kasai wears regular blue jeans, and red shoes, similar to Midoriya's shoes. He wears a classic white t-shirt, and wears a grey button-up shirt over that, although he prefers to keep it unbuttoned and roll his sleeves up to his elbows most of the time.

    Hero Costume: Ace's Hero Costume resembles that of Ban from the Seven Deadly Sins. He wears red boots instead of shoes, and now wears dark red pants. His hero costume doesn't include a shirt, but instead, a long crimson trench coat that reaches down towards his knees. He uses a brown belt which keeps the trench coat closed for the most part, up to his chest, which is fairly exposed. On the back of the costume is a giant hole lined with a metal ring, exposing his back: the hole is to provide space for Kasai's rings to grow, otherwise he'd rip up the trench coat every time he sprouted wings. He also has two smaller metal rings on his collar, but there are no holes to that collar, he simply likes the aesthetic of them, and said collar is kept up. Kasai's hero costume was made to stretch and grow with Kasai if he were to turn into a Dragon, similar to Ryukyu's hero costume.
    Personality: Kasai is preferable quiet, but even he tends to want to talk with others sometimes. He stutters on his words sometimes, and when given the option to speak with others, he happily does so, although he is very quiet. He thinks that training is a necessity when you're in Class 3-A, but also believes that breaks are needed.
    Gender: Male

    • Power - 5/5 A
    • Speed - 3/5 C
    • Technique - 5/5 A
    • Intelligence - 3/5 C
    • Cooperativeness - 5/5 A

    Sexuality: Heterosexual (Though he does lie about being Bisexual)
    Crush: Nejire Hado (One of the Big 3)

    Other: Kasai Doragoni has meaning to his name. Kasai is the Japanese word for Fire. And Doragoni is close to the Japanese word for Dragon, simply adding the I to the end of Doragon.

    (Fun Fact: Kasai is actually the fourth strongest student in Class 3-A, falling behind the Big 3. He states he doesn't want to kick any of the Big 3 out of their spot because he'd feel like he'd be unethical to support such a role and be a role model for the rest of the school. And another reason he doesn't want to is because he feels as if him moving up would kick Nejire Hado out of the Big 3, and he would never wish to do that.
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  3. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    First of all you are in and second, you added a bunch of things I didn’t and I appreciate it.
  4. Oh, thanks ^^'

    But you should try making the 5 trait character chart thingy. Everyone from the Anime has one, and it wouldn't hurt to add it to the form, you could make it optional so others who want to join the RP don't have to make it if they don't want.

    Also, do you mind if I tag a few people. I feel like they'd in interested in this RP. :)
  5. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    Feel free to tag whoever you like ^_^ glad you’re interested!
  6. Yus~

    Also, I'm sorry for mentioning the Pro Hero: Ryukyu, even though she wasn't introduced in the anime yet, it's because when I first created Kasai, I had no idea Ryukyu existed since I didn't read the manga, but now that I have, I can make changes to Kasai to even him out more. I'll do my best to not spoil anything else from the manga when I'm talking here, to responding to the RP.

  7. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    I wish I could find somewhere to buy the manga but I can’t ;-; also I don’t really care about spoilers since I pretty much ask my younger brother what happens in the series later on because I was always behind him on it.
  8. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    I never thought to check online... I’m so dumb.
    Oh I forgot to mention you can have up to 3 characters and control any character that is not owned (you can create them at different times)
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  9. It's fine dud, to be honest, I'd think it'd be taken down if shared online.
  10. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    Well, I guess I'm up for it. So sign me up doc.

    Name: Kami Okurimono
    Hero Name: "The Disciple Hero: The Angel-Gabriel!"
    Role: Student
    Quirk: Angel's Flight- This quirk allows Okurimono to produce wings with white feathers. The only extent of his quirk is flight and control of the feathers as the Pro-Hero: Hawk does (just a bit simpler). When flying, his wings act as a body part (since he has them out most of the time) so he usually has to rest after a quick or long flight. When controlling his feathers he is only able to shoot them towards a target, but he rarely uses it because it can take a while for his feathers to grow back.

    A simpler drawback for Okurimono's quirk is just as Hawks. When using too many feathers his wings begin to grow smaller because of the decreased feathers. They are able to grow larger, but this usually must use large amounts of coated feathers to achieve larger wings. The largest they have ever been is about the size of a small part of the moon.
    Class: 3-B

    Appearance: Okurimono has light brown skin and dark black hair. His hair is often combed to the side and he wears usual clothes that we would wear today. The only exception is that they say phrases such as, "Gripped by Grace", "From the Heavens Above", "Beleive on our Lord and Thou Shalt be Saved". He usually wears athletic shoes and a necklace with a tungsten cross on it.

    Hero Costume: Okurimono wears a white and tungsten armor outfit that has a small tungsten cross on the back of it. He always wears his necklace in battle, and there are two slots for his wings to come out of. He has armor for his wings which make them sharper and more durable in a fight (also made of tungsten).

    Personality: Okurimono is very loud and enthusiastic, but still while following the Bible's guidelines. He is very friendly and inviting to newcomers, but doesn't agree kindly to uncooperativeness and arguing. Okurimono will begin to train when it is time to but usually doesn't prefer to, and is sometimes confident enough to go into a battle with no experience or knowledge.
    Gender: Male

    • Power - 4/5 B
    • Speed - 5/5 A
    • Technique - 3/5 C
    • Intelligence - 5/5 A
    • Cooperativeness - 5/5 A

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Crush: Shiozaki Ibara (of Class 1-B)

    Other: Okurimono's name literally means, (Kami Okurimono) 'God's Gift'. Which is referring to how the angels usually spread the news of the Lord's arrival or gifts.
    (Fun Fact: Okurimono can usually be seen walking home with Ibara and often praying with her. Okurimono also went to the same middle school as Tokoymai, and at one point defeated him in a match. Although Okurimono seemed to be stronger then Tokoyami back then Tokoyami has seemed to be stronger currently, and the name 'Dark-Fallen Angel' for Tokoyami's ultra move is based on a name Okurimono used to call him from time to time.)
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  11. I will join. IF, this is a big IF, you don’t spoil anything for me, I’m in season two at the start of the fight with midoriya and purple hair guy who I do not know the name of, xD And I already have a power.. heh.. :3

    But I have never in my life needed to make a Japanese name, so won’t this be fun!

    So, for a villian I would do they are able to make portals to different dimensions and places, and for a hero probably something to do with animals.. like shape shifting, unless you guys had another ideas, I was just thinking of the powers of an animal like the frog girl, but I don’t know
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  12. Would you mind trying to clean the first post up a bit? I want to join but I can't tell what's what. Sorry!
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  13. Uh... i think i'll join, but if this RP gets as hyperactive as some other RPs, i won't have time for it and therefore, drop out

    Anyway, I'll post my OC soon. Might take a while though
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  14. Do I have to know MHA in order to join or can I just make my bio? (I ask because I haven’t watched it... yet) Also, I may have to agree with @Killerbunny on the whole too active thing.
  15. @Red Gallade And here you are joining another roleplay I’m in, how does this keep happening?? xD
  16. Idk, perhaps we have a similar desire to expand our creativity and make new ideas.
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  17. Purple hair boy is called Hitoshi Shinsou, he's one of the best~

    You don't need to make their name Japanese, just make it English if that's what you're comfortable with! :3
  18. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    Okay... that’s a lot of posts. I will try my best to get all of them. First @J-DAWG you are in, @Jodie.xox I will try my best not to spoil it,@Killerbunny I am not going to be too active either so hopefully we don’t go too fast. @Red Gallade you don’t have to know much but you should know some simple facts. And lastly, @GalacticDeg how might I be able to clean it up, do you have an idea?
  19. Name: Benjiro Shinigami
    Hero name: Smokescreen
    Role: Student
    Quirk: Smokescreen - Smokescreen allows Benjiro to transform his entire body into a cloud of black smoke that he can freely move around as. While in this form, Benjiro is able to pass through the smallest of gaps as flat as gaps between doors and avoid attacks that may seem unavoidable and go right through him.

    The drawback of this power is he can't physically attack/touch anyone in this form, he cannot pass through liquids and can only go through small gaps that have a way through to begin with.

    While his Smokescreen isn't normally a quirk used for attack, he uses it for other situations and is exceptionally skilled in martial arts.
    Class: 3-A
    Appearance: He has Pale skin, Light grey eyes with thin Black eyeliner, stands at 5'10 with a slim and somewhat muscular build. His main attire consists of a plain Grey t-shirt underneath an open black long coat with a tail that reaches his knees and a collar that reaches halfway up his head, Dark olive jeans and Charcoal slip on trainers.
    Hero costume design: He wears an even longer closed Black long coat that reaches his ankles with Silver streaks along the edges, a fur mane and Silver metal plating on the shoulders and elbows, Black baggy pants tucked into Charcoal boots and a simple looking Jet black mask with Silver streaks around the eye holes.
    Personality: Benjiro mainly comes off as a calm, stoic and laid back person who barely shows interest in anything. He is also a 'go with the flow' kind of person who would help fellow students whenever he felt like it. Once you get to know him, he can actually be seen as a friendly individual with a sarcastic sense of humor. However, he hates getting dirty and despises losing. He can also be very cruel when angry.
    Gender: Male
    • Power - 3/5 C
    • Speed - 5/5 A
    • Technique - 5/5 A
    • Intelligence - 4/5 B
    • Cooperativeness - 3/5 C
    Sexuality: Straight
    Crush: None? (Yet)
    Other: His mask makes his voice deeper with a metallic echo to provide a sense of intimidation. He can bake an amazing apple pie.

    Lemmie know if anything needs changing.

    P.S. I may edit and think about making another char who has a 'connection' with my char.
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  20. @Lord_Explosion_Murder I don't mind anymore, I get it now. I will have my character up soon. :blush:

    Though, you might want to look at caps, seperation methods and stuff if you do want to work on presentations
  21. Name: Kitsuki Nayano (Naya is his nickname).
    Hero/Villain name: Metalate (a mix of 'metal' and 'manipulate').
    Role: Student.
    Quirk: Magnet. He can control any type of metal in a 30 meter radius (even in liquid form). His quirk can be affected both negatively and positively with a magnet, electricity or the mix of those two (which would have the greatest effect); an electromagnet.
    Class: 3A
    Appearance: 5'9 or 177 cm tall. Have the body of a swimmer (so he have muscles, but they're not that big). Dresses in whatever t-shirt he can find in his closet (mostly rockband t-shirts) and torn jeans. He have messy short brown hair. He have grey eyes. He have a scar on his right arm and left palm because of a knifeattack that he wasn't prepared for (if he would've been prepared, he wouldn't have been cut thanks to his quirk lol). He also keep two metal, dragon shaped 'rings' that slither from his elbows down to his palms which he reshapes when he's in battle with someone.
    Hero costume design: he doesn't really have one. If he need to protect himself, he can just use his dragon rings to form a shield.
    Personality: He's a trickster and often get's into trouble. He likes to fight without his quirk because he thinks it makes him way too overpowered.
    Gender: if you haven't guessed it by now, he's a guy xD
    • Power - 5/5 A
    • Speed - 4/5 B
    • Technique - 4/5 B
    • Intelligence - 3/5 C
    • Cooperativeness - 3/5 C
    Sexuality: pansexual (like most of my characters :))
    Crush: none (yet)
    Other: nah
    I hope this one works. If i need to change anything, just let me know :)
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  22. @Killerbunny Naya is pretty much a Plus Ultra Peridot...
  23. It took me a while to properly make my char after I had a look at the heroes and what types of quirks there were, because I wanted to make my char a bit more unique and less like it was copied off of another hero.
  24. @GalacticDeg i don't know much about My Hero Academia. Could you tell me what you mean by that?
  25. Plus Ultra is the motto to U.A.
    Peridot is that cute green gem that Jodie.xox loves, off Steven Universe. She can pick metal up.

    By that, I mean Naya's like Peridot if she was in BNHA.
  26. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    @Red Gallade @Killerbunny you’re both in. Also, should there be a number of people I let in, should I close it soon, or should I just keep it open?
  27. Oooohhh. I see what you mean now. Yeah i knew about the motto but i don't watch Steven Universe so no wonder i didn't understand xD

    I think some more can join if they want to. But it's up to you @Lord_Explosion_Murder
  28. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    @Killerbunny Im just asking because I haven’t done this before and I’m wondering about opinions, especially because of not wanting the roleplay to go too fast.
  29. You seem to have most of it figured out actually. But i understand what you mean. I was very anxious when i made my first roleplay. That one didn't last very long because i didn't really have a plot in mind. Heh :p
  30. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    Okay, if that’s what you think. I just don’t want too many people in but not too few.
  31. Lord_Explosion_Murder

    Lord_Explosion_Murder Previously Bakugone

    I added the link to the rp if you want to go ahead and put something there.
  32. @Red Gallade I’ll help you in the roleplay! This is coming from someone only in season 2 of the animè, but I know some stuff, just not names, and I bet you I’ll forget all these Japanese character names, I do it with the English ones, so yay for me! XD
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  33. @Killerbunny YOU MADE A PERIDOT POWERS OC, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! His personality isn’t too far off, either.. :3
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  34. Name: Akiko Midori

    Hero name: Pawsy

    Role: Student

    Quirk: Animal Transformation: She can transform into any animal. Yup. Not much else to say about it, really.

    Class: 3-A

    Appearance: Bright, slightly curly blond hair down to the waist with a white lily at the top. She has bright, blue shorts with dark tights and brown boots with fluff. She has a white crop hoodie with a black crop top underneath.

    Hero costume design: A black body suit with a hood. The hood has ears on it and fluff inside resembling something like a mane. It has some grey stripes on it around the legs. She wears big, grey trainers with a paw design. She has a small bell on her neck.

    Personality: A fluffy, happy sort of person. She would usually help anyone in trouble rather than think of herself, and just lives to help the world around her. She loves meeting new people, and can sometimes go a bit over the top from the start. She sometimes just thinks of everyone as a friend - or a potential one, even if they don’t like her.

    Gender: Female.

    Sexuality: Straight.

    Crush: None yet.

    Other: She is very athletic and loves being outdoors the most, and is usually graceful in her everyday life like the animals she can turn into.

    Name: Sumiye Mirai

    Villain name: Dimention Demon

    Villain / Student

    Dimention Portals: She can create portals to different dimensions or places, they are black ovals with a red ribbon around them, along with a red aura.


    Black hair with red at the bottom that turns purple in different lights (Just below her shoulders). She wears a black crop top with a short, red skirt and black tights with black knee high boots.

    Villain costume design:
    She wears a tight black top with high leathery red shorts and black sneakers. She has holes in her shorts for a sword at both sides of her waist.

    She prefers not to talk to the heroes, and instead just the villains. She likes to sit at the back of classes and laugh at failure, and she’s happy to mock anyone she wants. She’d do anything to get to a good place in a competition. Although, if she needs to, she’ll pretend to be a nice person to trick people into things.


    Sexuality: Straight.

    Other: She goes to UA after teachers noticing her power and drive, but secretly wants to be a villain, and would rather not talk to her classmates. And she is in 3-A with my other character so that they’re both in the same place more, or it’ll be a massive pain controlling them.
  35. Niko hinata
    My profile pic
    a fox mask with cuff like designs to help focus telekinesis combat boots red shoulderless top and headphones
    Quirky tsundere-ish
    power 4/5
    speed 3/5
    techniec 3/5
    intelligence 4/5
    cooperativeness 1/5
    none (yet...)
  36. Can you sum up what's happened please? I'm confused
  37. Some of us are in detention and @J-DAWG did their own thing i think
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