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Private/Closed MHA: Heroes Forever

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by ToshiThenAgain, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. Snooze Introduction:

    As the world becomes more overrun with villains each day, more heroes rise up to face the fear just beyond the horizon. UA is one of the most prestigious schools of all time, and its next year is soon to start! It has been known to bring out the best heroes of this superhuman world, and now it's time for these heroes to rise up. Will you join our new class or fight the world as a villain? The future is in your hands.

    Important Parts:

    Hello everyone, yes you! I have been thinking about interesting roleplay ideas and this is the only topic I thought it could jump into fully and make something creative out of. So what's my main goal here? What makes this roleplay more interesting than others? Let me tell you:
    - As the story progresses, what happens in the story is heavily effected by every choice, and I'll make sure to make that happen.
    - The storyline will be divided into arcs, so we won't get lost going too slow or too fast.
    - I want everyone to have fun and express their character as unique as possible.

    I'll go into more detail now if you're wondering. So as I said, the story will progress and any action impacts the story and characters very heavily, so arcs may even change in the future. On the topic of arcs, I will have arcs planned out three series ahead of time so we will know what is to come from it. When it comes to an MHA roleplay, I would love to also express the idea of the untapped power of everyone's quirks and what makes them special from one another.

    If you have any questions please let me know and I'll put it down in the Q/A below as well, thanks and I hope you all enjoy it!

    Q1. Are any of the main characters from the show or manga included in this story?
    A1. No, although there are a few pro heroes still in there (excluding most important U.A. teachers or pro heroes seen often like All Might or Endeavor)

    Q2. If All Might and such Pro Heroes don't exist, what does that mean for most of the main story plots in the show?
    A2. Well, because All Might doesn't exist, I'm also going to erase the quirks All For One and One For All and replace all villains associated with said story.

    Character Sheet: (Detail please ^-^)

    (High School Age if you're a part of a UA class)
    Role: (Student or Villian (Unless specially requested through private message))
    (Don't mention hero costumes yet)
    Background: (Optional)
    (Name, Ability, Details.)
    Weakness(s): (Of said persons quirk)

    My Character:

    Toshi Kora
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Role: Student
    Personality: Toshi was always a laid back kid with a super supportive attitude. He may not have had the fighting spirit, but he loved to help others, so with that spirit he turned it into the need to become a hero to help everyone. Over time he became super against villainy and everything surrounding it due to some event in his life. His goals towards becoming a hero have never been stronger and now he has a strong sense of pride when it came to becoming a hero and took a vow never to give up. Other then his hero side, he actually has a completely another side when it comes to love. He isn't a perv, but he actually becomes super friendly around the people he likes, although he never makes a move because he doesn't trust himself or he thinks he is never 'worthy.'
    Appearance: He has black hair that is roughly pushed back his head. He has light blue eyes and large eyebrows. His roundish face gives him that kind look all the time. He has a fair tan all around him too. When it comes to clothes, he is very boring with only white, grey, and black color pallet.
    Background: Probably one of the most important events in his background was when he ran into a villain while he was all alone walking home from one of his middle school classes. He walked past a strange man who he only noticed odd until he walked past. He turned around to see a gun pointing out of the man's pocket. He randomly shouted at the man telling him to stop. The man confronted Toshi and threatened him with the gun. What happened after that is a mystery to everyone but himself.
    Skills: High reaction speed and can easily climb trees or steep surfaces.
    Name: Tri-Phase
    Ability: Toshi can boost one of three different physical powers while also decreasing the opposite of that power.
    Detail: Tri-Prase gives Toshi the ability to boost his attack, speed, or defense at his will with different debuffs in the opposite of that power. This is most easily explained through a chart, but here is the rundown. (+Attack -Defence) (+Defence -Speed) (+Speed -Attack)
    Weakness(s): The cooldown and speed at which he can change his boosts cause strain on his body depending on the circumstances. If he is able to boost one power more, the other is majorly decreased, making him super weak in that field.
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  2. Name: Micheal Sillvion
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Role: Student
    Personality: Micheal is a fun loving spirit with quite an amazing ability to stay positive. Perhaps it's his stupidity or stubbornness that keeps the boy so optimistic, but it's hard to catch him in even a second a despair. It's hard to keep Mike down once he's set his mind to something, he had trouble accept loss and tends to keep at things a bit too long. Though over-enthusiastic and a bit naive, Micheal has unchanging values. He believes that the only way to achieve anything is through staying hopeful; and he'll do everything in his power to make sure everyone around him stays hopeful so that they can all succeed. Mike is a bit, admittedly, immature in his thinking about fairness and inequality; but there's really no use trying to tell him differently.
    Appearance: Thick, spiky hair reaches out in every direction, Mike's messy hair is hard to miss. A sandy collage of browns and tans with a dark coffee brown coloring towards the roots slowly blend out to a softer tawny shade, and is decorated with the occasional streak of a more natural-toned strand of hair which is all too blonder to completely blend in with the rest of his head. Micheal also sports smooth white skin, so pale it's hard to believe how much time the young male spends outside. The young man's build is small overall, standing just an inch or so short of average at 5'6, Mike is skinny. The type of skinny of a 7 year old who is too busy playing to have any time for luxuries like food, but at the same time he probably couldn't beef up anymore no matter how much he ate. His round face, which radiates positive energy, is bright and youthful. He almost always sports a smile on his pink lips; and large, round eyes are pale blue. One almost wouldn't notice them at first, but they are a sort of soft color they relaxes you when you look into the round pools of his pupils.
    Skills: Persistent, works well under pressure
    Quirk: Take Apart
    Ability: The user can separate any one thing into two or bind any two things into one
    Details: By placing both of his palms on something and spreading them apart, Micheal can pull any object apart as if it were made of two puzzle pieces. He can create holes in walls or rip cars in half the stronger the object the harder it is to pull apart. In contrast, Micheal can also fit any two things together by pushing his palms together one any two object, they would merge together as if they were glued. His quirk does not work on living objects, which includes plants and animals.
    Weakness(s): Just like it takes energy to rip things, it takes energy to merge and separate things. His muscles get fatigued the more he uses his quirk, and though it won't stop his quirk he will feel extremely sore. He also has to touch anything he wants to use his quirk on, meaning it's only valuable in close distance situations.
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  3. @Barefoot_Kittens good looking character with a good looking quirk, I'll let you stick around for a while. You're accepted!
  4. @ToshiThenAgain hehe, this is awkward, I was just gonna edit her onto Mike's post, but you responded too fast. Oh well, here's #2.

    Name: Alyssa Green
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Role: Student
    Personality: Alyssa is a timid girl, though it's more of a fear of failure that holds her back than any other insecurity. She isn't shy, per say, but she had a big idea of how other's expectations are too much to live up to for her. She makes up excuses to not have to do things because she never feels like she'll be enough, but once in the moment Alyssa almost always enjoys herself. Her doubtfulness has led her to be extremely thoughtful because she is constantly thinking of what may go wrong. Though sheepish and immature at times, Alyssa tends to think things through despite her actions seemingly coming out of fear. Easily spooked and rather self conscious, Lyss honestly doesn't seem like the hero type; she's timid and will only get physical if it's her only option- but don't be fooled by her lost puppy-like appearance. Alyssa is actually rather confident in her ability to handle her quirk- and she's actually pretty darn good at it. When in battle, Alyssa turns into a completely different person- she is very comfortable when using her quirk and often forgets about everything except her and her opponent.
    Appearance: Alyssa is an overall small girl, not quite developed even at her 'teenage age'. She stands at around 5'1 and has a rather flat figure, overall skinny and fragile with the slightest curve at her hips. Alyssa pretty much looks like you would break her from hugging her too hard. Lyss dons rather fair skin, with a visible pink undertone that flashes when she is embarrassed or flustered. The occasional freckle inhabits her limbs and body, though her face is clear except a single beauty mark below her left eye. Her round face sports a set of rosy, thin lips; large, sparkling, violet green eyes; and a button-like nose. Alyssa's eyes glisten with any emotion she chose it to, she's a fairly good actor. Her eyes are large and ovular, with over-sized clear purple pupils and dark lashes. The girl's hair is thick and very dark purple, contrasting form the rest of her fair body, It is one solid shade but thick and shiny in body and full in shape. Her hair is bluntly chopped off about an inch below her shoulders and typically parted in the middle then simply left down.
    Skills: Extremely good handle on her quirk, lying
    Quirk: Shadow
    Ability: The user can manipulate darkness
    Details: Alyssa has three main ways of using her quirk, which is simplified as manipulating the darkness. She can either use the darkness and shadow to bend at her will either creating things for her like swords of armor, or use it directly to attack by changing it into dark energy blasts. She can also travel through shadows and darkness, but she can't jump between two figures of shadow unless they are connected. Lastly, Alyssa can hide herself in the darkness, by standing completely still she would blend into any shadows and be nearly unnoticeable.
    Weakness(s): Obviously, Alyssa need darkness in order for her quirk to quirk. If it is a sunny day then all she would be able to work with if her own shadow. The darker and area is, the stronger her quirk is. Also, if she spend too long manipulating or traveling through shadows, her body begins to fade. This can easily be undone simply by staying away from darkness and in the light for a bit- she is unsure of what would happen if she faded completely.
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  5. @Barefoot_Kittens sorry on my end too, I fell asleep right after, my bad. But before I confirm or deny this character, is this your second character alongside Mike or are you replacing Mike?
  6. Name: Takumi Kaito
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Role: U.A. Student
    Personality: Kaito is normally seen as a calm and laid back individual with and equal sense of sass and humor, often making jokes or puns with people he likes or talking back to and/or roasting people he doesn't. He has a small sense of anxiety due to his different appearance compared to many other humans and tries to laugh it off with puns. He is kind enough to try and help people with certain tasks so long as he has the capabilities to do so, however when up against bad guys, he displays a terrifying sense of cruelty that he tries to keep under wraps for the sake of being a hero.
    Appearance: Kaito stands at a height of 5'8" with dull light Blue skin, he has short Black hair swept to one side, his facial features make him appear somewhat handsome to some people, his teeth have fangs, his eyes are sky Blue with jet Black sclera and his body build is slim with neither signs of fat or muscle, though he seeks to gain the latter with training. His casual clothes consist of a White button up shirt under a dark Blue knee long jacket, Black pants and brown shoes, his other choice of upper clothing--mainly used when it's cold--is a light Gray hoodie with a squid design on it under a Black peacoat. When in school, he wears the normal school uniform.
    Background: Kaito tried his best to live a normal life despite his "tenta-cool" appearance only to be made fun of by a few people throughout his school years because of his appearance and how he didn't manifest his quirk yet--and his tendency to talk back or sass didn't help very much. One day, he met a girl who was being mugged in an alleyway and as if by instinct, he charged toward the robber and knocked him out... although it wasn't with his hands, it was with a series of tentacles that suddenly protruded from his back. The girl he saved was briefly horrified at the creature only to discover it was the boy who saved her, her gratitude wasn't just a simple thank you, but helped reassure Kaito about his appearance and quirk, saying that he's "exactly like everyone else, but better." Those words inspired Kaito to try and become a hero, proving that his different appearance is something people can see with hope.
    Skills: Very perceptive of even the smallest details, adept at juggling and spinning things on his fingertips or tentacles. He can use his tentacles to climb up vertical surfaces very quickly as if he was a spider.
    Quirk: Tentacles: Kaito has the ability to protrude up to 2-6 black tentacles from his back, each one can grow up to around ten meters and can hold anything slightly heavier than the average human's body weight, something he seeks to improve.
    Weakness(s): He has a habit of relying on his tentacles for many tasks out in battle, if his tentacles get cut, they can recover, but it only takes a centimeter a second. While he does train to be stronger without his tentacles by practicing martial arts, without his tentacles he is only human.
    Other: He "modified" his clothes by adding six neatly placed holes in the back to put his tentacles through.
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  7. @Red Gallade the more the merrier, in this case, it's armed! You're accepted.
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  8. @XanthousXatu there are no walls keeping you out of UA, you're accepted!
  9. I might add a little something extra in Kaito's personality, make his battles seem more... interesting.
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  10. Go ahead, you can change a characters description whenever you want, just announce the specific change in the thread here, and try not to make it too often though
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  11. *Gasp* I didn't even ask for permission to have two characters. That's my fault, sorry. Don't ask why, but I also main as two characters. I just can't RP with only one- I planned on her to be a second character but if you're only allowing one then I'll ask for your advice. Which one do you think I should keep?
    Also, I like your dad jokes. The puns are just enough to make me breath out my nose.
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  12. @Barefoot_Kittens I'm glad you like the Dad jokes and I appreciate your concern. To be honest, I'm completely fine with anyone having two characters, just at least have both characters be a little unique and put effort into them both. In this case, you have all of those requirements so having both of them is fine by me. And just to confirm and cause no confusion, both are accepted.

    A public question, should we start the roleplay now and give others some time to come around and join in? I'm planning on the first arc is a quick version of the entrance exam, but beforehand is like a little introduction to meet everyone and a little bit of training. It wouldn't hurt, right?
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  13. I think that's a good idea. RP's tend to pick up more applicants once they get started, we can start off with more individual posts and less character interaction so that people don't feel like they are already behind. Will the entrance be the same as the one in MHA, with the robots worth points, or do you intend to create an original entrance exam?
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  14. I'm going to be unoriginal and try to keep if fairly simple as to not confuse anyone, so I'll be keeping the same aspects as the shows entrance exam. As for the pre-entrance exam, I believe anyone can interact with each other as long as it doesn't heavily affect the plot, which is close to impossible for introduction arcs. If anyone wants to talk in here about interactions go ahead as well, I highly encourage that. For me, I'll just say Toshi came out of "Middle School 1" for simplicity and if anyone wants to canonically friends or acquaintances with him just let me know and we can set up relationships ahead of time.
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  15. One: Edited appearance and personality a bit.
    Two: I don't mind starting the RP, as for what happens, I'm cool with a bit of pre U.A. stuff happening alongside anyone knowing Kaito.
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  16. https://pokecharms.com/threads/mha-heroes-forever-rp.22142/
    Alright, everyone! It's time to get those fingers moving because it's roleplay time! So this is fairly simple, the only rules right now are to not time skip past the day we are on unless voted upon, communicate to others about specifics like relations to other characters and to have fun. Again if anyone has questions please let me know, I'm around to help. Reminder, this arc is not necessary so unless if someone really wants to read through it you can just ask.

    I'll announce what part of each Arc we are on in the roleplay but here is the order to the Arcs to come:
    - Entrance Exam
    - Quirk Apprehension Test
    - Team Trials: Capture the Flag
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  17. Can't promise how often I'll post.
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  18. Ooh, I want in. I mean, I have my own MHA RP, but it can't hurt to be apart of another one, can it?
    Name: Akari Dashio
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Role: Student
    Personality: Akari is one of those hyper, energyless girls thats is always bouncing around. She, most of the time, will try to be nice to others, but sometimes she can be blunt and/or sarcastic, but remaining blissfully unaware of what she said. She can be a bit forgetful sometimes. She enjoys tricking people and pulling pranks, and while doing these she is also training her quirk too. She will become serious if her friends or family are hurt or in danger, a side of her only select few people have seen.
    Appearance: Akari has long, light purple hair pulled into a low ponytail, secured with a yellow bow. She wears a crisp white blouse with a yellow bow tied around the collar, and a pair of black jeans and white trainers. She has deep blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. She stands at 4'11 and weighs 109 lbs
    Background: Akari was raised in a mixed training dojo that her parents owned. As a baby, they always had her around the infants training, always watching her so the 4-year-olds didn't hurt her. Of course, they didn't and were well behaved. When she was older she would always be in the dojo, her fighting skills and swordsmanship. She was a natural at it thanks to her parent making sure she spent most of the time training. Akari was seven when her quirk started showing. She was about to do some sparring with her friend when she got nervous. She squeezed her eyes shut. She then clutched her hands and a faint dark blue light emitted from them unintentionally. Duplicates of herself were made and started to fight her friend for about 20 seconds, but then disappeared into thin air after. Akari opened her eyes to see a swarm of shocked and impressed people around her, with her not knowing what just happened.
    Skills: Advanced fighting and sword-wielding skills, as well as being skilled at athletics and gymnastics. Amazing at pranks and tricks. She's small but speedy.
    Name: Duplicate
    Type: Transformation
    Details: When Akari touches something, a dark blue glow will surround her fingertips, making her able to duplicate whatever she is touching. She can use this on any part, or her whole body, as well as on any living being or inanimate object. She can create these duplicates with ease, but the more she focuses on the duplication, the stronger it will be. She can control these duplications by giving them orders.
    Weakness: How long or how many duplications she can make won't affect her, but if a duplication is destroyed by another being, and not herself, it can harm her body. For example, if she makes a duplication weak, she will barely feel anything, but if she makes a duplication strong, and it gets destroyed, it will make her retaliate by vomiting blood.
    Other: Prefers being called by her last name. She can often make upset people happy just by being there. She has a Border Collie named Aki. He is her emotional support doggo.
    And that should be it. If you need me to tone down her quirk a bit, just tell me. ^-^
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  19. @~Xero~ It looks good, although the only small thing I would change is that she would only carry around the sword when she is in a hero costume or in a situation with it on hand like at a sparring place or other fighting area. Other than that it looks good so you won't have to make another one, you're accepted!
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  21. Alright, cool thanks! You can start interacting in the roleplay if you wish.
  22. Hiya!~

    So, I've never seen MHA, but I have a basic understanding of Quirks and the like. How much about it do I need to know to be able to participate in the RP?
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  23. @EeviumZ You actually don't need to know anything about MHA besides quirks in order to participate. I'm basically removing all story aspects of it and rewriting it, so if you have any questions about MHA in general please feel free to ask.
  24. Okay! I'll do a bit more research on exactly how Quirks work just to get a feel for it, then I'll write up a character =D
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  25. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Name: Keiji Kazama.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 15.
    Role: Student.
    Personality: To some Keiji might not come off as the most likeable person in the world, he’s overly confident, cocky and impatient: not the best combination. But beneath all of those flaws he’s just really passionate about becoming a hero. He also tends to push himself too hard in order to win at something, the feeling of losing is something that he hates.
    Appearance: Keiji stands at around 5’10 with a fairly lean build. He has pretty scruffy jet black hair (Gintoki’s hairstyle) accompanied by piercing gold eyes which are most likely his defining trait.

    He wears a wide array of outfits from time to time, but he usually wears some white shorts, a red polo shirt and red trainers. In terms of accessories he usually wears a black body bag stretching right across his torso, and he has his left ear piercing with a small golden earring, though he doesn’t always have it in.
    Background: As a child he was constantly being compared to his siblings by many people, though it was mainly his father. Keiji’s dad wasn’t exactly a good man, in fact he was a straight up criminal. So his dad was never really around too much as he was usually out gambling, drinking or doing whatever he wanted in order to make money. But when his dad was around, he made Keiji feel terrible. He would constantly belittle his son no matter what he did, and this would go on to effect Keiji for a while. You wouldn’t notice it at all upon meeting him, but Keiji has a pretty bad inferiority complex due to being put down by his father for so many years, and he’s never really got over it.
    Skills: He’s fairly athletic and is pretty good at a few sports, but he’s most proud of his cooking abilities.
    Name: Animalistic.
    Ability: Keiji can gain the physical attributes and abilities of any animal of his choice as long as he has done extensive research on them.
    Details: Keiji can boost many of his senses and abilities with the use of his quirk. For example if he were to use the power of a Wolf he would gain enhanced smell and hearing, and if he were to harness the abilities of a Cheetah he would gain enhanced speed.
    Weaknesses: As previously mentioned, extensive research must be done on each animal in order to be able to fully utilise their abilities, and this can take a long time.
    Another weakness is that although he gets the enhanced abilities/senses of the animal he chooses, he also gets their weaknesses. For example if he were to gain the enhanced strength of something like a Gorilla he will have to sacrifice his speed for that, making him very sluggish.
  26. @JayTaku he checks out, although the class will have to bear with Keiji's attitude. You're accepted post whenever you please.

    Also another public announcement, as far as the speed of this roleplay, I really don't care how fast or slow this goes, as long as everyone has time and isn't rushed I'm fine at the pace. Just keep in contact as well if someone might become busy. Thanks again.
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  27. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Oof, this is taking off and I still haven’t contributed to the RP... time to get writing, I guess.
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  28. You don't have to post now if you don't want to, and just as another reminder, this can go at whatever pace everyone is comfortable with. Although if you want to post now that's also fine.
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  29. @ToshiThenAgain I've decided to have the dog Aki in my posts to be Dashio's emotional support dog due to a traumatic experience in her life i'll explain in the rp. That's why he'll be in most of my posts, if you allow it.
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  30. I allow it, also, unfortunately, I took to long editing my post that you posted yours almost as soon as I was about to post myself. I'm almost done my new post now so just hang tight for one second and I figure that out xD
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  31. Okay, I posted in this earlier but then I deleted the post but now I feel better and I wish to join this rp but I’m work atm so I can’t really write a character. I can write him when I get home however so if that’s okay could I have a little spot saved for me? ;p

    Also would telekinesis be allowed as a quirk? I plan to make it more interesting through the character who has the quirk. I ask because telekinesis is a pretty basic super power and quirks are typically so creative and different. If it’s not okay I still have another character with another quirk in mind.
  32. Can i join too?, i have watched a few MHA eps, but i'll read about how the universe and how the quirks work, in fact i already have a character in mind.
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  33. Her quirk is quite powerful but I tried to give it a sufficient weakness.

    Kiara Willow Ryder
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Role: Student
    Personality: Shy yet brave, Kiara's a kind and loving soul. She's very reserved and nonconfrontational, yet still excels in social situations. She's very friendly once she opens up to you, but getting her to come out of her shell is difficult.
    Appearance: She has long pale-blonde hair and slate-grey eyes, with a slim build and a height of 5'5. (I haven't decided on her clothing yet.)
    Skills: Survival, empathy, communication, her Quirk, controlling her emotions
    Name: Transfigure
    Ability: Grants the ability to transform the user, other creatures or objects.
    Details: Kiara is capable of transforming herself into any creature (real or fictional) or object at will. She can also limit this to simply gaining the qualities and features of the creature/object.
    - She can also transform others, although she cannot turn objects into living things.
    - When using Transfigure on another human, she can only sustain so much at once and they can break out of the Transfiguration if they have enough willpower.
    - She cannot transform herself accurately into another human. She can change her features slightly (hair color, eye color, the like), but only one feature can be changed at once.

    (for self-transformations only) Kiara's ability to sustain a self-transformation depends heavily on what she is transforming into. Her physical state, the size and power of the creature or object, and the complexity of the creature's biology (for living things) all are factors. If she is wounded, her wounds will remain when she transforms.
    - Kiara occasionally messes up the Transfiguration and changes either herself or whatever she is transforming into something she did not intend. This cannot be controlled.
    - For fictional creatures, she must know a great deal about them. She must know what they look like and what their abilities are. They also take some time to transform into. She only gains a weaker version of their abilities, and cannot gain godly powers via transfiguration.
    - Kiara cannot transfigure more than three beings or objects at once (excluding herself).
    - Kiara occasionally loses control of her power and transfigures herself or other things by accident.
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  34. @Martin Pine go ahead, I don’t plan on being strict on the quirks, just make sure that they are realistic to the whole “1:1” weakness factor.

    @Ironic_Man go ahead, we are still open.

    @EeviumZ looks good, looks like you don't have to change your character. You’re accepted. You may also post.
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  35. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    I been mulling over my character's quirk and finally landed on something good I think. I'll be posting my character bio as soon as I can, wanting to put as much detail in as I can.
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  36. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    So what would be good a first post? Are the characters training?
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  37. Well, for everyone else who is wondering, the basics that everyone needs to know is this:

    Most characters already introduced are just doing their own thing. It's early morning before noon, and some are still waking up while others are training, like a specific trio: Toshi, Mike, and Akari. That trio is currently in a fight with an unknown figure. I wouldn't completely recommend interacting with that group at the moment because a group of three people at just the prologue scene is kinda cramped already, but just do whatever you feel like makes sense for your character.
  38. @JayTaku if you want to interact with someone, Alyssa is open :D
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  39. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Name: Ashi Hiyaku

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Role: Student

    Personality: Ashi can easily be described as a hyper active, exciteable kid. He's always thinking about how he can use his quirk in new and exciting ways, and how he can team up with others, thinking up cool new 'duo attacks' as he calls them. Behind that excitement does lie an analytical mind however. He's always analyzing his surroundings and threats, knowing that his quirk puts him at a disadvantage if he isn't aware of whats happening around him.

    Appearance: Ashi looks like a fairly typical highschool student. His hair is cut short, but still pretty wild in apperance, not really having rhyme or reason to it. His hair is a deep red, while his eyes contrast it, being a light blue color. He keeps in shape to maintain his quirk training, so he has a fairly fit body shape. He has something like a runner's body, with his top half being lean, with strong legs

    While in his UA uniform, Ashi mostly keeps to standard, besides having his top button undone with his tie slightly loose, and wearing his red running shoes. His casual outfits consist of jogging pants, a t shirt, and zip up hoodie, usually having a speed based hero's logo on them.

    Skills: Situational Awareness, Leadership Training, Slight Martial Arts Training.

    Name: Leap

    Ability: Ashi is able to jump much higher and farther than normal. Because of this, his legs are also naturally stronger, so most of his fighting style revolves around kicking.

    Details: To use his quirk properly, Ashi needs to crouch down, effectivly charging up his legs. The longer he's crouching, the further he'll be able to move with his leap, and more powerful whatever kick he's using will be. Without charging, he can still move more than the average person, but nowhere near as much as when he's charged up.

    Weakness(s): Ashi can't be reckless with his leaps and kicks. Even with his legs being strong, if he doesn't land or kick properly, he can end up breaking his legs. Of course, he needs time to charge up his leaps, and has no real means of defending himself while doing so.

    Other: N/A
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