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Ask to Join Mexico Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Hecotoro, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. @Tudor21G @EmoKitty21 @kyuukestu
    "Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokemon. My name is Professor Poncho. I am a researcher who dedicates to the study of Pokemon." Prof. Poncho releases a Nidorino. "Pokemon are wonderful creatures that live side by side with. Some use Pokemon for battle, some as pets and others for their everyday life. Now, tell me about yourself. Are you a boy or a girl? What is your name? I see. Well your very own adventure is about to begin, see you soon!" Prof. Poncho disseapers.

    Chihuahua City "Just a big ranch."

    Chihuahua city is in the middle of mountains. It has really hot weather during the day and cold during the night. It is currently rainy season. It is a very historical place, so it's buildings, plazas, streets and culture dates back to 100 years ago. The combination of technology with this antique looking city is what gives it it's charm. There are Pokemon ranches all around the outsides of the city, which is what gives it it's fame of being one big ranch. Those Pokemon are not catchable.

    Important locations: Normal GYM, Sport City, Cathedral, Chihuahua University.

    Very common: Pidgey, Pidove, Rattata, Sentret
    Common: Cacturne, Pineco, Spinarak,
    Rare: Starley, Beduw, Poliwag, Pluse, Minum
    Very Rare: Charmander, Ditto

    RP Start

    Maker rushed through the people in the university. She was anxious to get her first Pokemon and she had to be at Prof. Poncho's lab by noon. She sprinted across the green campus, one of the greenest areas in the city, second to Sport City. After, a long run she reached the outside of the lab. She checked her Pokegear.
    "Five minutes early! Yes!" She raised her arms in victory, while trying to catch her breath.
  2. Rowena had been walking around Chihuahua City, trying to find sport city. Being from Kanto this place was a lot bigger then most towns that she had been in. Though she had to say it did look pretty.

    Rowena eventually found what she was looking for. Once inside she found a girl already there. "Hello my name is Rowena Blackwell."
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  3. "Hello Rowena Blackwell!" Maker said, feeling embarrassed they might have seen her victory cheer. "I'm Maker Towers, are you here to see the Professor? I'm here for my starter Pokemon, its so exciting! Do you have one already? Oh we should battle after this!" She shook Rowena's hand, wether she offered it or not. "I'm also getting a Pokedex! I heard they have the new models!"
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  4. A short-haired girl soon arrived at the lab, her small bag bouncing at her side and her brown bangs blowing in the light breeze. She halted, catching her breath.
    She noticed two other people present, and bounced up to them, smiling joyfully.
    "Hi guys! My name's Paige. Paige Evans. Are you guys here to get your starter too?"
  5. Rowena opened her mouth to answer the question about her starter when the pokeball on her belt started to shake. Out the light came an Eevee. Rowena leaned down and the eevee climbed up on her shoulder. "Well it is nice to meet you Maker. This is my starter, Eevee. She has been with me since I was younger. She is also only in her pokeball to get away from most people."

    Turning to the new girl, Rowena also answered her questions. "Hello Page, my name is Rowena. This is my starter Eevee. I more or less just here to pick up a pokedex for this region."
  6. Nate was walking through Chihuahua City, trying to find the lab. "Where could this thing even be?" He mutered to himself, getting impatient. He looked around desperately, then spotted Professor Poncho's lab. His eyes lit up and ran towards it. He opened the doors, revealing a room with three girls and an Eevee talking. He stared at them for a second, but decided not to interrupt their conversation. He walked over to the wall and leaned againts it, waiting for Professor Not A Tree to come.
  7. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Sylva ran to the lab, feeling a bit late. She could not help it! She was helping her mother with Nenufar, her mom's Ludicolo. She hoped that she was not late, and if she was she hoped that she could at least get one Pokemon. She made it to the lab, huffing as she bent over. She looked around, seeing more people than she thought. She knew that they would not want to talk to her, besides she was the youngest one here. She sat down in a chair quietly. Did anyone notice? She thought not, she never gained any attention other than some from her parents. She sat while she waited, afraid to even talk to anybody else in the room.
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  8. Yame didn’t care if he was late or not. Honesty he didn’t care about mostly anything. He knew that 19 was an older age to first get a Pokémon, but again, didn’t care.
    Yame pinpointed the lab and continued to walk towards it, the breeze ruffling his white hair. He noticed one girl rush in, and followed in after her. The doors opened, and Yame looked around. All of them were taller than himself. He grunted as a greeting, and then proceeded to lean on a nearby wall, waiting for the so called “professor” to show up.
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  9. "Hi Paige! Wow look at all the trainers. This is going to be awesome!" Maker wiggled in happiness. She looked like a Weedle using struggle.

    The glass doors to the lab opened. A medium sized man with tanned skin, a big white mustache and white hair, came out.
    "Hello there! You all must be the new trainers. Welcome! I have the Pokemon that will be your partners ready for your and your Pokedex. It took me a while to have everyone settle down. Now, come on in!" He signaled for the others to follows as he lead the group inside.
    The lab had several machines and many bookshelves. But the glass roof allowed everything to be showered in natural light. As he they walked, at the end the Pokemon could be seen. Each Pokemon had it's own Pokeball hanging from a necklace on its neck. The fire types had a premier ball, the water types a Lure ball, the grass types a friendship ball and the rest a luxury ball. The Pokemon were lined up, sniffing and looking at the trainers with curiosity, each waiting to see who they would choose.
    "Well, go ahead, choose. Remember, the Pokemon has to choose you back."
  10. Rowena looked around at all of the pokemon to be chosen from. Though she had around gotten her starter, she would be happy to journey with any of these pokemon. The eevee on Rowena's shoulder snuggled up to her neck and seemed to cooing happily. She was glad to have a friend with her seeing as Eevee had been with her since she was born. "Yeah I am glad to be starting my journey with you Eevee. Do you think we should talk to the Professor?" Eevee just noded, so Rowena walked over to the professor. "Hello sir, I was wandering if I could get my pokedex. Eevee is my starter. She has been with me since we were kids and promised to journey together when we was able to start our own journey."
  11. Lysia-Ann stepped into the Professor's laboratory, noticing a plethora of people and Pokemon. She'd arrived mere seconds after the professor, and that meant she'd caught the last parts of his speech.

    "Good Morning, and sorry I'm late. So we just need to choose a Pokémon that chooses us back?"

    That seemed...easy enough. Lysia-Ann began walking down the line of Pokémon. She was looking for one that would fit her. She came to a stop at one of the premier balls and the timid mousey fire type in front of it.


    "Well...would you like to come with me little one?"

    Lysia crouched, putting herself closer to the Fire-Type's level. She thought the Cyndaquil's timid appearance best reflected her own, and because she looked as timid as it did, it would be more likely to choose her.

    Her bet paid off when the fire-mouse leaped into her arms and made itself comfortable in her sweater. Smiling, she stood up and took the Premier ball. She turned around to face the other trainers:

    "Oh my, where are my manners? I'm Lysia-Ann, pleased to meet you, and this—" she gestured to her new partner "—is Sicily."
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  12. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Jade ran into the lab, and slowed down to see people choosing their Pokemon already. She blended in with the group, thinking she had already been scheduled to be here so she could go ahead and get her Pokemon. She learned about this process in school.

    She immediately looked for Pichu. But, her attention was caught by a pair of beautiful blue eyes looking dearly at her. She met the gaze of a Piplup and Jade's heart melted for it. She walked over, still struggling to breath, and kneeled down to get closer.

    "I feel a very strong connection here. Sir Piplup, would you like to be my partner?" Jade said as she offered her hand to it.

    The Piplup chirped joyfully and hugged Jade. "Prriplipup!"

    Both of them snuggled. "I shall call you, King!" Jade said as she held her new Pokemon in the air. She picked up the LureBall and put it in her pocket. Jade noticed the other trainer who had her Pokemon already.

    "Hello! What a lovely Pokemon you got. My name is Jade, this is King." Jade looked at the Piplup on her arms.
  13. Yame watched another girl come in. She was shorter than him. Well then...he thought.
    He decided that he may as well chose his starter, but he had a different way of choosing than the others. Yame walked up to all of the Pokémon and stood there. His eyes seemed to find its way into them, making them uncomfortable, or at least he thought so. The only one who stared back, was the Torchic. He grinned and walked closer to it. “You aren’t afraid are ya? Wanna come with me?”
    Torchic chirped in approval.
    The small Pokémon hopped up onto his arm like Tame was a hawk trainer.
    “I’m gonna call you...Takanawa” Yame stated. He headed back to his spot not bothering to greet anyone. He didn’t care.
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  14. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Sylva hated to draw attention to herself, but it was one of those times when she had to. She nervously stepped forward, looking at all of the Pokemon. She liked them all. She found that she could not choose. So, she just hung back, happy to get any option. One of the starters noticed this and smirked. She walked straight up to Sylva and tugged on her pant leg. Instead of Sylva choosing a Pokemon, her Pokemon chose her. She gave a small smile and picked up the Snivy, knowing that there was no turning back. At least the Snivy liked her. Though, she did not choose the Snivy first.
  15. Maker watched with excitement as the others chose their Pokemon. "Now I want to try!" She stepped up and went directly to the Chimchar. "Hi! My name is Maker. I really love fire type Pokemon and having a Chimchar was always like a dream for me. I was wondering if you would like to be my partner. I promise to care for you and train you and help you become the greatest Chimchar in the world!" Maker grinned and held up a peace sign at the Chimchar.

    The fire Pokemon looked terribly confused as Maker spoke. But when he saw her dedication, he began jumping up and down happily.

    Maker began jumping also. "Yes! Maker and Chimchar! The dynamic duo, the unstoppable two, the incredibly good looking team!" She picked up the Chimchar and the fire monkey climbed on her head.

    Maker turned around and she met Nate's gaze. "Hi!" She said with a warm smile and then skipped over to the other trainers who had their Pokemon already. "I got the world's cutest Chimchar!"
  16. "Oh? Nice to meet you. I'm Lysia-Ann...though, you already know that. Your Pokemon is quite the cutie too."

    Lysia offered a handshake to Jade but kept a bit of her attention on the other trainers around her. Some of them were hyper-active and others...not so much. They all seemed ecstatic to earn their first Pokemon, and Lysia was excited to earn her second...though...

    "Do you know where we could get Pokeballs?"

    She turned to Jade, voicing the question.

    "Maybe the Professor will give us some along with the Pokedex."
  17. Paige looked through the Pokemon inquisitively, unsure of which one to pick. However, her eyes soon landed on a small yellow mouse-like Pokemon.
    Pichu, she thought. She'd seen this Pokemon many times before.
    The small Electric-type stared up at her, looking almost confused at the stranger who looked so interested in her.
    Paige kneeled down. "Hey Pichu, I was wondering... would you like to come with me on my jo-"
    "Pipipipipi!" Pichu squeaked, hugging Paige's leg.
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  18. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "I think they come with the Pokedex." Jade explained as she hugged her Piplup. "I can't wait to go out and catch Pokemon! Hey, do you want to, maybe, go together? I think we can make a good team and it is always better in numbers."

    King jumped off and landed on his feet, shaking his body and chirping loudly. "Prrriplup!"
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  19. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli ran into the lab, very late. He was ready to start his journey, but had gotten held up at his house, by coses of clothes of all things "Sorry, I'm, Late" He panted
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  20. "Slow down there. Of course, we can head out together, but we need to get the Pokedex and Pokeballs first."

    Lysia gave a giggle at Jade's excitement. "No point in waiting though, so let's go get them."

    She began to walk over to the Professor, gesturing for Jade to follow her.

    "Professor Poncho, could we have a Pokedex, please? Oh, and some Pokeballs, if you'd be so kind."

    Lysia put on her best, award-winning smile as she made her request.
  21. Prof. Poncho chuckled. "Well yes of course! But give the others a chance to get their starter Pokemon." He looked at Eli. "No worries, please go ahead and choose your Pokemon." He turned back to the girls. "Once everyone is done I will hand out Pokedex and Pokeballs."

    Maker overhead the conversation about traveling in a group. She looked around and saw the shy girl with the Snivy. "Yo! She called out to her. "Hey since both are Pokemon make a good team, cuz you know, you defend my weaknesses and I defend yours, maybe we could hang out... Like forever. Wait no, not FORever, just during this journey. What do you say?" She moved her body as if dancing from side to side while Chimchar looked at Sylva and Snivy with curiosity.
  22. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Even though Sol had been following his pokenav+ he still found a way to get lost. “Ugh sorry Tyrogue, I could’ve sworn it was this way.” He sighed as he apologized to the irritated baby Pokémon.
    “Whew I am thirsty though.” The young boy proclaimed as he rolled back his sweatshirt sleeves and rubbed the sweat off of his forehead. He pulled out a bottle of water from his backpack and prepared to take a sip when Tyrogue jumped up, kicking the bottle out of his hands and catching it mid air before landing and drinking it all.
    “Hey what was that for!?” Sol exclaimed as the small karate Pokémon giggled, covering his mouth as he laughed. Sol noticed the time on the pokenav+ “Jeez we’re already 5 minutes late! We gotta go!” He shouted and picked up Tyrogue, sprinting in the direction he hoped was the lab.

    Sometime later.... “Ahhhh, sorry we’re late!” Sol announced as he burst through the front doors of the lab. “Professor, my names Sol, I’m here to get my Pokédex and pokeballs.” He noticed the other trainers who were all matched up with Pokémon.
  23. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Sylva tensed up, knowing that she would probably run the girl off. Besides, she had no qualities that would help anyone. She tried answering but only was able to say "um" repeatedly. Snivy got fed up with this and took charge again. She saw the benefit of having a traveling buddy, especially one that was a fire type. Though, she would have preferred a water type. She turned around and nodded firmly to Sylva. Sylva, being the huge doormat that she was, did what Snivy told her to do. "I-I guess so," she said just loud enough to hear.
  24. "Well then...looks like it'll be a while before we can leave."

    Lysia looked around for a chair and then took a seat. She crossed her legs, making herself comfortable and wondered how many trainers were left to arrive.

    If she remembered correctly, Chihuahua City was home to the normal type gym. Now that she had a Pokemon, she could take on the League challenge, which would surely be a good way to grow stronger while exploring the region.

    "I think I'll be taking on the League Challenge, what about you, Jade?"

  25. Rowena knew then that she would not get her answer from the professor. Knowing she needed to wait she decided to strike up a conversation with someone, but who should it be. They all seemed to be a bit nervous and excited to get their first pokemon.

    Haveing grown up around pokemon her whole life, and watching two siblings take off on their journey, Rowena knew the drill. Though they seemed to be doing it a bit different then Kanto. Walking up to the guy who had a Tyrogue with him, she said. "Hey if you are waiting for the pokedex you will be awhile. The professor wants everyone to get their pokemon first. My name is Rowena by the way. This is my partner Eevee."
  26. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "Oh yes definitely! I want to challenge the league and become champion. I know, it´s cheesy and cliche, but it is a really great achievement and I want to be part of the hall of fame!" She petted King. "You think I´m going over board here? People tell me I´m asking too much of myself."
  27. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Oh well that’s a relief, I thought I was late.” Sol replied as he let out a deep breath. “I’m Sol, this is Tyrogue, nice to meet you!” He extended his hand to pet the Eevee, while Tyrogue crosses his arms and gave a disapproving look, trying to appear cool.
  28. "Well then. I guess that makes us rivals! You might as well aim as high as possible right?"

    Lysia didn't see anything wrong with aiming high, she herself figured she'd aim for the title of Champion. In fact, to start out their league journey...

    "Don't you think we should start out with a battle?"

    Lysia-Ann smiled mischievously and pointed at two trainers who seemed to have paired up together; a Snivy and Chimchar at their sides.

    "Think they'd be up for a double battle?"
  29. The eevee loved the attention. Rowena had to smile at the guy. It was nice to see someone else who was just there for a pokedex as well. For awhile it seemed like she would be the only one. "Well it is nice to meet you Sol." Eevee rubbed up to the hand that was extended to her.
  30. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "Yes! Let´s do that! I can´t wait to see King in action!" Jade ran over to the two trainers Lysia mentioned. "Hey! You two want a battle? We were thinking of having a double battle."
  31. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Yeah you too.” Sol was then quickly distracted upon hearing someone say “battle.” He sprinted over to the small group that was forming. “Did one of you say battle? I wanna battle! Me and my Pokémon are gonna become the champions of this region!” He confidently proclaimed for everyone to hear.
  32. "...oh dear."

    Jade was off faster than Lysia could stop her; she'd already challenged the two trainers by the time Lysia could react. She had at least wanted to get a feel of Sicily and King's moves, but it seemed she might have to go in blind. She looked down and gave a wry smile at the Cyndaquil nested in her sweater.
  33. "Battle? I'm in! Me and Chimchar are fired up!" Maker stepped up. She looked at Sylva. "Wait for me okay? I promise we will become bestest friends!"
    She joined Sol. "Me and this dude versus you two! How about it?"
  34. Lysia-Ann raised an eyebrow, a bit surprised by Sol's sudden appearance.

    "That's fine with me. I'm Lysia-Ann, and my eager friend here is Jade."

    Although this turn of events was surprising, she didn't mind it. Any battle was a good battle in her book. She unzipped her sweater, allowing Sicily to jump out.

    "This is my partner Sicily, and we're ready when you are, right Jade?"
  35. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Sylvia was petrified. She did not want to battle, especially when she just got a traveling companion. But then she went with someone else. Sylva gave a sigh of relief. Snivy looked up angerly at her, but Sylva did not notice. She was just given a pass out of embarrassing herself in front of everyone, and she was going to take it.
  36. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "All right! Let´s do this! Fire and water!" Jade ran outside, with King following quickly behind her. She looked around and saw an open field.
    "Over here!" She waved at the others.
    King puffed up his chest. "Priplup pri!"
  37. Rowena was not upset when the guy went to go battle. Being someone who prefers to go slower then others, she noticed one of the others not wating to battle either. Walking up to the girl with a Snivy, Rowena said. "Hey my name is Rowena. This is my partner Eevee."
  38. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Alright Tyrogue let’s go!” Sol shouted while pumping his fist. Tyrogue jumped out in front of him “Ty-ty!” He shouted as he flexed his muscles and entered a karate stance.
  39. Following Jade, Lysia stepped out of the Lab and onto the open field. She looked around, particularly taking note of the grass. She definitely didn't want to start any fires, so they'd need to be careful, especially with two fire types on the battlefield. Sol's shout broke her out of her reverie and she turned to face the Tyrogue and trainer.

    "Alright Sicily, light 'em up!"

    Sicily jumped into a battle stance, flames kindling on its back until a healthy fire was burning.
  40. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Sylva nodded in greetings. Snivy glared at her again, wanting her to stop being to inconfident to do anything. It was one thing to be a doormat, but another to be so insecure to the point she could not have a normal conversation. "I'm Sylva," she said at last, to Snivy's relief. Then Snivy realized that she was forgotten. She shouted in protest until Sylva introduced her as well. "And this is Snivy, I don't have a name for her yet." She gave a small nervous laugh.

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